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  • The US From Abroad: Still Seen as a Strange Liberator

    The US From Abroad: Still Seen as a Strange Liberator

    By Pierre Guerlain, Truthout | Op-Ed

    The US can sell itself as a "land of the free" and home of democracy only domestically; outside its borders, this propaganda is either ridiculed or accepted as necessary hypocrisy to achieve a higher goal.

    In 1967, Martin Luther King Jr., in his famous "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence" speech, said: "They must see Americans as strange liberators." Things have not changed that much almost 50 years later.

  • "Disposable Futures": Critique of Violence

    "Disposable Futures": Critique of Violence

    By Brad Evans and Henry A. Giroux, City Lights Books | Book Excerpt

    Imagine a world that proclaims an end to the brutality of colonialism, all the while continuing to consciously vilify, target, incarcerate and kill those of a different color. Imagine a world where the forces of militarism have become so ingrained that they are inseparable from the daily functioning of civic life.... It is a world most people experience on a daily basis - a world we understand as neoliberalism.


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