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  • As Confederate Flags Fall, Columbus Statues Stand Tall

    As Confederate Flags Fall, Columbus Statues Stand Tall

    By Michael I. Niman, The Public | Op-Ed

    There are Columbus statues and place names around the United States; only George Washington has more infrastructure named after him. As more people continue to become historically literate, the continued existence of these tributes has become more controversial and offensive to larger segments of the population.

  • The Sixth Mass Extinction

    The Sixth Mass Extinction

    By Anne Elizabeth Moore and Laura Ķeniņš, Truthout | Graphic Journalism

    Growing Season's comics exploration of the links between public health, race and food policy continues with "The Sixth Mass Extinction," in which we meet Claire Pentecost, an artist who works with food and soil and has watched as the drive to wipe out bacteria has taken a toll on public health. It's our first strip with Canada-based comics creator and journalist Laura Ķeniņš.


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