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  • Story of Incarcerated Teen Shows Injustice of Juvenile Imprisonment

    By Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout | Book Review

    (Image: Ig Publishing)(Image: Ig Publishing)By the time Karter Kane Reed became a teenager, his hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts, had been dubbed "the most violent place in New England" by the FBI. Unemployment and poverty were endemic, leaving most residents of the hardscrabble town -- including the Reeds -- struggling.

    By all accounts, Reed's family life was also difficult. His dad was in jail, serving an 18 to 20 year sentence for attempting to sell cocaine to an undercover officer, and his mom was drinking heavily and providing little guidance to her son. Not surprisingly, Reed was floundering in school, rootless, angry and unsure of himself. He was also a target, a slightly built boy who had been jumped five times before entering high school.

    Karter Reed's response to these attacks was to carry a buck knife, and Trounstine reports that he kept the blade open at all times as he moved between classes at the New Bedford Vocational Technical High School. Still, he was rarely in serious trouble and attracted little notice. But that changed in April 1993.



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