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Domestic Workers Celebrate Women's Day

Sunday, 20 March 2011 08:42 By David Bacon, t r u t h o u t | Photo Essay | name.

Domestic Workers Celebrate Women
(Photos by David Bacon)

A call for passing the California Bill of Rights for domestic workers.

San Francisco - A coalition of domestic workers' and other low wage workers' organizations celebrated Women's Day on March 8, and launched an effort to get the state of California to pass a bill of rights for domestic workers.

The California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights would provide domestic workers with:

  • Equal overtime pay.
  • Equal right to a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Equal right to worker's compensation.
  • Equal right to reporting time pay.
  • Equal right to notice before termination.
  • Right to 5 hours uninterrupted sleep under adequate conditions.
  • Right to cook one's own food.
  • Right to annual cost of living wage increase.
  • Right to paid vacations.
  • Right to paid sick days. 

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