Adeshina Emmanuel

Adeshina Emmanuel

Adeshina Emmanuel is a 23-year-old writer and reporter whose work has been published by local, national and international news outlets. You can call him Ade (like "ahday"), which is less of a mouthful, but still hard for some people to pronounce.

An African-American mother and Nigerian father raised him in Uptown, and he currently lives in Rogers Park, where he studied journalism at Loyola University Chicago.

Before joining DNAinfo Chicago, Ade was reporting on federal policy and social issues in Washington, D.C. as the New York Times' 2012 David. E. Rosenbaum Fellow.

He spent his senior year at Loyola working as a crime reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, which hired him in late 2011 at the tail end of a three-month internship there. It was the longest year on record.

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