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"Zombie" Homes Haunt Florida Neighborhoods

How states have gamed Medicaid for hundreds of millions of dollars

Ray Rice set to appeal against his indefinite suspension from the NFL

Dahr Jamail | Senior Employees "Screwed" by BP

500 feared dead in Mediterranean migrant shipwreck

Israeli military to discipline intel veterans over public refusal to spy on Palestinians

US, Ukraine or Middle East? Ferguson Images Made It Hard to Tell

Former Bush Lawyer John Farren Sentenced in Attempted Murder of His Wife

There's a Place in the World That Is Fighting Poverty With Solar Power
Solar power is taking off in villages where connecting to the grid is seen as a bad joke.

Dean Baker | Obamacare and Family Values: Parents Get to Stay Home With Children

Views from Alongside a Border: Heart-Brimming-Over-Brokenness

72 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Republicans in Congress

California Wildfires Cause 1,000 to Flee

New Zealand Launched Mass Surveillance Project While Publicly Denying It

Sweden Shifts to Left in Parliamentary Election

Bernie Sanders May Seek the Presidency in 2016, Testing the Waters in Iowa

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