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US War Games in Philippines to Escalate Tension with China

Water pricing to spur conservation ruled unconstitutional

Anne Braden's Tireless War on Racism: The South's Rebel Without a Pause

Largest Art Heist in US History Takes a New Twist

State House Passes Bill Rewarding Inmates Who Pursue Education Behind Bars With Shorter Sentences

Stephen Colbert’s “Daily Show” confession: “I don’t want to be the guy to take over for Jon Stewart”
You've wondered too: Why didn't Colbert want "The Daily Show" instead of Letterman's "Late Show." He explains.

“You bastards”: How bedbugs took over our homes — and our minds

Support for the Death Penalty at Lowest Point in 40 Years
New Pew study finds decrease in Democrats' support of capital punishment, while Republicans' views remain unchanged.

Ex-Detroit cop charged in videotaped beating (Video)

Prosecutors drop robbery case to preserve stingray secrecy in St. Louis

FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades

The Canadian Ministry of "Truth": "Reality Is Whatever We Say It Is"

250,000 People Call for Action on Climate Change and an End to Extreme Poverty

Important Lessons for Tsarnaev Case Outcome Come From the Past

Who’s Really Paying for Our Cheap Clothes?

Tragedy of student, 21, who died after accidentally taking lethal dose of diet pills she bought on the internet

Dean Baker | A Simple Progressive Economic Agenda for Hillary Clinton (or Anyone Else)

Dahr Jamail | Gulf Victims Suing BP Disaster's Compensation Czar

Vermont politicians propose ban on alcohol sales until pot becomes legal

The Murder Trial That Could Break Greece’s Extremist Golden Dawn

Don't Let Conservatives Continue to Ban and Censor Library Books
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Long Shorts and Baggy Shirts

A city goes renewable, but raises questions about impact of biomass power

How can I tell if a business is really “green”?

Peru Ex-President Fujimori's Daughter Leads Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates

Another Fight for 15: A $15,000 Dividend for Every US Family
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Republican Party's Ridiculous Parade of Phony Libertarians
Politicians like Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul seem to contradict the ideals of libertarianism.

Meryl Streep funds screenwriting initiative for women over 40
The Writers Lab was announced this weekend at the Tribeca film festival, and will nurture eight screenwriters at a retreat in upstate New York.

Big money in politics emerges as a rising issue in 2016 campaign

Flat tax makes 2016 comeback

Green activist killings up by a fifth
Killings of environmental activists have risen by 20% in the last year, according to campaign group Global Witness.

The Texas "Miracle": Millions Struggling to Overcome Hunger

Sewage crisis threatens Gaza's access to water
The UN warns that if there is no change, there will be no drinkable water left in the Gaza Strip by 2016.

World Bank Fossil Fuel Financing Leapt in 2014 Despite Its Calls to End Subsidies

New Zealand Plotted Hack on China With NSA

California prepares for historic mandatory cutbacks on water

Should Banks Be Bailed Out?

Is South Africa Off Limits to Other Africans?
Recent violence in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Durban is being attributed to comments made by the Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, who allegedly told foreigners to go home. Five people have been killed, including a 14-year-old boy who was shot on Monday. Over 1,000 foreigners have fled their homes.

FBI Can’t Cut Internet and Pose as Cable Guy to Search Property, Judge Says

Texas House Approves Bill That Limits City Bans on Fracking

Cyclone Pam Worsens Hardship in Port Vila's Urban Settlements

Thirty Years On, Scientist Who Discovered Ozone Layer Hole Warns: “It Will Still Take Years to Heal”

Thousands in Germany Protest Against Europe-US Trade Deal

Pope Asks Europe to Do More to Help Migrants Flooding Into Italy

The Political Obsession With the "Middle Class" Hurts Workers

These Apps Are Helping People Document Police Abuse

European Commission Approves Germany’s 30 Billion Euro Investment in Offshore Wind

NYU Blackballs Student Protesters for Handing Out Flyers
Two NYU students say officials intimidated and censored them after they tried to peacefully hand out flyers - the latest free-speech snafu for the prestigious university.

Oklahoma governor signs 'foolproof' nitrogen gas execution method
The state is the first to approve nitrogen-induced hypoxia for use on death-row prisoners, which supporters says is ‘painless’ despite lack of human testing.

At least 16 people a day were murdered in March in El Salvador, a country of just 6.34 million.

World's mountain of electrical waste reaches new peak of 42 million tons

Living on death row in Tennessee: 'The rollercoaster is exhausting'
Thirty-three prisoners are volleyed between life and death as the state grapples with lawsuits on the constitutionality of legal injection and the electric chair.

Did Slaves Catch Your Seafood?

Food Power and Human Connection - Edesia Rising

Tampa police accused of unfairly targeting black bicyclists

No Surprise Here. David Koch Backs Scott Walker, a Sock Puppet, for GOP Nomination for President

Capital Punishment May Become Even More Horrifying in Oklahoma

At Supreme Court, Holder’s Justice Dept. Routinely Backs Officers’ Use of Force

African American Man Dies of Spinal Cord Injury at Hands of Baltimore Police

5 solar and EV partnerships making our world much, much cleaner

“When the occupation is over, then I’ll allow myself to dream”
The dream was a music academy to inspire young Palestinians and keep them away from the soliders. It came true

The largest Buddhist settlement in the world

'Mass Disaster': FBI Formally Admits Flawed Hair Analysis Testimony in Hundreds of Cases Spanning Decades

George Lucas wants to build affordable housing on his land because ‘we’ve got enough millionaires’

Deputy's gun not on approved list or qualifying logs

Officer Who Killed Rekia Boyd Not Guilty of All Charges, Judge Rules

So Far, 2015 Is On Pace to Set Abortion Restriction Records

The Decline and Fall of the United States

Five years after the spill: BP still leaking

Meet 6 of the World’s Top Environmental Heroes

Cruz’s Struggle: This Man Loves to Argue

Rapid Rise in Super PACs Dominated by Single Donors
Super PACS that get nearly all of their money from one donor quadrupled their share of overall fund-raising in 2014.

Nevada Assembly Passes Parental Notification Bill

Walmart Heir Does Not Deserve Assets It Would Take a Worker a Million Years to Earn
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Faux Democracy and the Tea Party: How Far Back Does It Go?

Finally, coffee pods that aren’t the absolute worst

Where Are the Children?
For extortionists, undocumented migrants have become big business.

Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes

These charts show why corn is king

Ignoring the terror within

Republicans who limit what medical students can learn doom us to stupid doctors

Death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray in custody sparks call for independent inquiry

Antarctica Blows Hot and Cold—for Now

Peak Oil, Ten or So Years On

Rescuers Search for Survivors, Bodies in Mediterranean

Black suspect dies after Baltimore cops break his spine in ‘brutal’ police beating

An Oil Spill Near Louisiana Has Been Quietly Leaking for 10 Years

"Stop TTIP": Global Day of Action Draws Tens of Thousands

How the "Gold Standard" of Police Accountability Fails Civilians by Design

A veil of secrecy shields hospitals where outbreaks occur

Jeremy Scahill | Germany Is the Tell-Tale Heart of the United States' Drone War

Chelsea Manning and the Deepwater Horizon Deaths

Scott Walker Caught Trying to Rob Family-Planning Clinics

Up to 700 feared dead after migrant boat capsizes in Mediterranean

How Corporate America Invented Christian America

This Is What It Feels Like to Spend Your Life Working on Death Row

This Federal Report Underestimates Renewables Every Year, and Energy Experts Have Had Enough

Are Republicans Finally Giving Up on Killing Obamacare?

David Sirota | Cities and States Paying Massive Secret Fees to Wall Street: Report

The War on (Poor) Women

Devil's Bargain: A Former Medellin Cartel Official Has Been a DEA Informant for 27 Years - Now He Wants Out

The Banker Behind Hitler’s Shadow Empire

Obama set to utter term 'climate change' in Florida on Earth Day trip

The only people not hit by the drop in oil price are the CEOs running the companies

Will BRICS Carbon Traders Bailout Bankers' Climate Strategy?

Sale of US Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States

Two Years After West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Explosion, Are Workers Any Safer? New Report Says No

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000