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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Notes on a Wretched Election Season
-- Akira Watts for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Marching Nationwide, Activists Demand Full Data on Americans Killed by Police

Startups and the Fight Over San Francisco’s Public Spaces
The city’s tech culture has thrived by monetizing commodities that were once free. It’s no wonder that the Parks Department wants in on the action.

Ferguson Protests: Amnesty Report Criticises Police Excesses
Rights group raises concerns about heavy-duty equipment, ammunition, curfew and children affected by teargas

The Spectacular Implosion of GOP’s Senate Hopes in Oregon

Portland Infant Formula Has Pesticide-Resistant GMOs

Doctor at New York Hospital Tests Positive for Ebola Virus
Preliminary test confirms virus in Craig Spencer, a physician with Doctors Without Borders who had been working in west Africa

Physician Suspected to Have Ebola in New York City
A physician is currently being treated at Bellevue Hospital in New York City for Ebola-like symptoms after returning from a recent trip treating patients of the outbreak in West Africa.

That Time the Reagan White House Press Briefing Erupted With Laughter Over AIDS 13 Times

Burns' Series "The Roosevelts" Gives PBS a Ratings Milestone

Fracking Threatens Millions of Californians
-- Anastasia Pantsios of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

William Rivers Pitt | The True History of Blowback in One Sentence

Goldman Makes It Official That the Stock Market Is Manipulated, Buybacks Drive Valuations

Blackwater Founder Remains Free and Rich While His Former Employees Go Down on Murder Charges

The Republican Who Sacrificed Over 22,000 American Lives to Win an Election

The mayor of South Miami is fed up with Florida's refusal to address sea-level rise, which threatens to wipe out the southern end of the state.

Social Security benefits will increase by 1.7% in 2015

Police Officer Jailed For Forcing Sex On Inmates

Mexican Radio Journalist Atilano Román Tirado Shot Dead Live on Air

Solar Homeowners Battle Their Electric Companies

Canadian Police Say Ottawa Attack Was by Lone Gunman
A day after police said there may have been two other assailants during an attack in which a gunman shot and killed a Canadian soldier, the authorities said they were satisfied there was only one attacker.

Pentagon Admits ISIS Nabs US Weapons

The Cornerstone of War Is Dehumanization: One My Lai a Month
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Making of the Warrior Cop
Drones, sniper rifles, armored vehicles, and a billion-dollar credit line. 72 hours with the nation's top SWAT teams.

Gohmert: Gay Massage Will Make Our Soldiers Vulnerable to Terrorism

Reagan Aide Wants the South to Secede and Form Anti-Gay "Reagan" Nation

Mexican Government -- Tell Us the Truth -- Where are the Ayotzinapa 43?

Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women

Senator Ron Wyden Blasts CIA for Censoring Torture Report
"The intelligence leadership doing everything they can to bury the facts," said Wyden, D-Ore., a Senate Intelligence Committee member.

Venezuela: Twitter Users Detained After Socialist Party Deputy Is Slain
Robert Serra's assassination shook the country's increasingly embattled political leadership and further stoked the already-high tensions between authorities and opposition party members.

BP Flak: We Didn't Ruin Gulf, Louisiana Caused Oyster Losses

Chevron Greases Local Election With Gusher of Cash
The corporate giant is pouring money into a city council race in Richmond, California, site of one of the state's two largest oil refineries – both owned by Chevron.

Mary Poppins, Elizabeth Warren and the US Banking System
-- Jane Stillwater for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Predatory Lenders Overcome the Military to Roll Back Restrictions

The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers Are the Most Misinformed

Arrested for Singing? This Is What NYPD Officers Are Doing With Their Time
Recent videos illustrate what happens when "broken windows" policing is the law of the land.

Environmental groups say EPA underestimates methane leaks from fracking

Big Oil Spending Millions to Kill Local Anti-Fracking Measure
Santa Barbara County the site of another David vs. Goliath fight in local initiatives

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen Acknowledges Rise in Income Inequality
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Jury Convicts Blackwater Guards in 2007 Iraq Deaths

Why Are We So Bad at Talking About Homelessness?
We have to realize that most of us are not that far from bankruptcy or foreclosure. Any of us could be laid off. And then what - where would we be?

Ottawa on lockdown after three shooting incidents, including Canadian parliament, manhunt unfolds

Holiday Shopping Season Kicks Off With Temp Workers Who Have No Rights

CDC to monitor West African travelers for 21 days

Mitch McConnell Offers All-Expenses-Paid-Trips to Volunteers for Filling Out His Bus Tour

The problem with the United States' abandoned mines

Wealth of Congress Jumps $150 Million

Government ups air bag warning to 7.8 million vehicles

Middle-class people in the USA have a median of $20,000 saved for retirement, far short of the $250,000 they think they'll need during that time of their lives, a new survey shows.

Top Corporate Lobbyists in 2014

Cuban medics arrive in Liberia to fight Ebola
More than 50 doctors land in Monrovia as WHO officials say they hope to develop serum from recovered patients' blood.

The Money Midterms: A Scandal in Slow Motion
The elections on November 4th are on pace to be the most expensive midterms in history.

A former Kentucky correctional officer who admitted to sexually assaulting prisoners where he worked will not be going to prison.

War on marijuana unconstitutional, doctors testify in federal court

The truth about torture is Obama never wants you to find it
If the US is so opposed to Bush-era atrocities, why does it keep covering up the evidence to protect the CIA?

The United States' Most Important (and Wackiest) Referendums This November

Hong Kong Students March on Chief Executive's Residence

Dark Money and Our Looming Oligarchy
Hundreds of millions of untraceable donations are flowing to candidates, and at some point soon untraceable ‘dark money’ will likely overtake the system.

American Right-Wing Fans the Flames of Ebola Hysteria

Dark Money Spending in Key Senate Races 'Shattering' Records: Report

The Mouse That Roared: Stand With the Marshall Islands

Former Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee Dies at 93

Obama administration withholding 2,100 US military torture photos

Indiana Sex Slayings Highlight Society’s “Throwaway Women”

Ebola Arrives in New York; Cable News Clears the Decks for Rolling Coverage

Few People Killed in US Drone Strikes Identified as Terrorists
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Can a "Homeless Bill of Rights" End the Criminalization of LA’s Most Vulnerable Residents?

How Native Americans Could Save the Democrats' Senate Majority

David Swanson | War Culture

50 Ways to Describe the Repulsiveness of Pat Robertson

It’s 2014. Why Do We Still Need Laws Banning Coerced Sterilization?
California has banned sterilization as a form of birth control in state women's prisons, only after a long hard fight by people inside and out.

"God Never Sends You More Than You Can Handle," By a Drone Operator

Charles P. Pierce | Nice While It Lasted

Teenagers Take Climate Change Lawsuit to the Supreme Court

Big Insurance Won’t Prep or Pay for Climate Change, Fails to See Irony
You'd think insurance firms have a strong financial incentive to get ahead of climate change-induced trouble. Think again, says a new report.

Don't Ask the Pentagon Where Its Money Goes

Transgender Federal Worker Wins Historic Discrimination Case

Expert: My Michael Brown Autopsy Analysis Was Taken "Out of Context"

Farce of US Multibillion Dollar War on Opium in Afghanistan Exposed by Record Crop
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

New Koch Super PAC gives GOP last-minute boost

Boko Haram raids Madagali, kidnaps 45 girls

Austin Police Officer Shot ‘Point Blank’ Into Car Of Women Fleeing Attackers

Fracking Companies Use Loophole to Avoid Permits for Dangerous Chemicals, Report Says

Election to Cost Nearly $4 Billion, CRP Projects, Topping Previous Midterms

Confused NYPD Officer Kicks Fellow Cop in Head Thinking He's a Suspect

For the Bottom 90% of Americans, Financial Security is Slipping Away

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Change Her Tune on Running for President?

Hong Kong Protesters March After Leader Says Democracy Gives Poor Too Much Power

Meet the Lord High Badass of Canada
The NRA's nonsense notwithstanding, every so often the "Good guy with a gun" scenario actually plays out. This was one such time.

Why Republicans Think a Lot of You Shouldn’t Vote

Woman May Be Kicked Out of Her Home Over $95 Overdue Tax Bill She Never Received

GOP’s Maniacal New Vote Scheme: What Wingnuts Are Hatching to Keep the "Riff-Raff" Away
Paranoia reaches a fever pitch in Arizona, where the right has violent nightmares -- and an absurd response in mind

Cheap Solar Power Just Became an Employee Benefit for More Than 100,000 People

Man Apprehended After Jumping White House Fence in Latest Security Breach

Ebola Outbreak Threatens Food Crisis in West Africa

When Black Athletes Stood With Muhammad Ali
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Jeremy Scahill | Blackwater Founder Remains Free and Rich While His Former Employees Go Down on Murder Charges

State Behind the Murders of Students from Mexican Teacher College

Time to Rethink the War on Terror

White House: US officials in ‘close touch’ with Canadian counterparts after shooting

Robert Reich | Getting a Grip on Ebola
The real crisis is the hysteria over Ebola that’s being fed by media outlets seeking sensationalism and politicians posturing for the midterm elections.

State tax incentives for Kentucky Ark Encounter in limbo following hiring dispute

Amid Shootings, Chicago Police Department Upholds Culture of Impunity

These teens are taking their climate lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court

Rooftop solar is just the beginning; utilities must innovate or go extinct

The Big Bank Backlash Begins
Former regulators hired to represent the nation's leading banks assert the government is being way too tough on their clients.

The Seeds of a New Labor Movement
SEIU’s David Rolf—virtuoso organizer and mastermind of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage campaign—says labor needs radically new ways to champion worker interests.

Shots fired inside Canada parliament
Several shots have been fired inside and outside the nation's parliament in Ottawa, leaving one soldier wounded.

Interior Dept. Inspector General Closed 457 Investigations Last Year, but Released Only Three to the Public

A Koch-Backed Group Just Spent $6.5 Million on Senate Ads. Here's What They Look Like.

Complete Failure: Chicago's Speed Camera Traps Fail to Bring in the Revenue Mayor Emanuel Counted Upon

Highway guardrail maker defrauded US government of $175 million, jury finds

States Ease Interest Rate Laws That Protected Poor Borrowers
The overhaul of the state lending laws comes after a lobbying push by the consumer loan industry and a wave of campaign donations to state lawmakers.

Why Oregon Is About to Be the Poster Child for How to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana
25 percent of tax revenues will go to mental health and substance abuse agencies.

Ukrainian military accused of repeatedly using cluster bomb rockets against separatists

Victims of Domestic Violence Getting Longer Prison Sentences Than Their Childs' Abuser?
How 'failure to protect' laws are locking up mothers whose partners commit child abuse.

Big Coal Tries to Control Global Energy Debate

Federal officials warned companies Monday that hackers have stolen more than 500 million financial records over the past 12 months, essentially breaking into banks without ever entering a building.

Top 10 Greenest Countries in the World

The dangerous “partisan” myth: Here’s what (and who) is really dividing us

UN: A child dies violently every 5 minutes; Central America hard-hit

Chevron Greases Local Election With Gusher of Cash

Three Youth, Three Destinies: Which One for Gaza?

The Latin American Disappeared and Repeating History in Mexico

A new mission for Amnesty International: Bringing human rights home

Florida Gov. Rick Scott: I Don’t Know What the Minimum Wage Should Be Because ‘the Private Sector Decides Wages’

Top Five Good News Solar Energy Stories Today

Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai to Obama: Stop Arming the World

George W. Bush's Revenge: A Federal Appeals Court Goes on the Rampage
A court dominated by Bush appointees issues extreme opinions on abortion, voter ID, and the death penalty.