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Trump looked at the solar eclipse without glasses on

Black caucus has had it with Trump, plans to discuss impeachment

Charles P. Pierce | What I Saw in Boston on Saturday

White House officials are terrified of what Trump would do on his own
Why they’re not quitting: “You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill."

Doctors Warm to Single-Payer Health Care

Trump's Wink and Nod Ensure There Will Be More Blood
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Legal Battle Brewing as Trump's HHS Prepares to Ax Free Birth Control Rule

Liberty University Alumni To Return Diplomas Over School Official's Trump Support

University of Texas removes 4 Confederate statues overnight

The Fundamentalists Holding Us Back from a Climate Change Solution

Breitbart staffer: If Trump breaks campaign promises, we’ll help impeach him

Ranking Member Cohen to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against President Donald Trump After Comments on Charlottesville

USS John McCain, a US Destroyer, Collides With Tanker Off Singapore; 10 Missing

The Economy of an Ecological Society Will Be at the Service of Humanity

Here’s another way businesses are taking advantage of undocumented immigrants

Heather Heyer Picked Her Side

Can these Cities Block Texas’s Vile Anti-Immigrant Agenda?

Birmingham’s Fight For a Living Wage

The Alt-Right and the 1%
By praising the many “fine people” who were “innocently protesting” as part of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Trump sent a dangerous message to the Nazis in the streets -- and to those at the top of US society who wield much more power.

Meet the LGBTQ Prison Abolitionists Leading the Way to a Better World

Troubled Waters: Tennessee Families Stand Up for a Clean Environment

Bad Jobs And No Welfare Give Rise To A New Type Of Charity: The Diaper Bank
A network of diaper banks now alleviates some of the suffering caused by the 1996 gutting of welfare.

Blackstone’s New Pipeline Asset Is Wreaking Environmental Havoc
Federal filings show more violations than other big pipelines.

Democrats prep for next round of health care fight

Confederate Statues Were Built To Further A 'White Supremacist Future'

Israel Minister: Preserving Ties With Trump Bigger Priority Than Denouncing Neo-Nazis

Photos: Pennsylvania Residents in Path of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Brace for Fight Over Construction

Evangelical students returning university diplomas to protest Trump

Humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza
The over 10 year-long blockade of Gaza is having a devastating impact on the lives of people living in the strip, affecting health care, water systems, and the ability to live and work.

Gas flaring in North Dakota's Bakken Shale oil field has been creeping back up, blunting the state's efforts to tame a problem that came to symbolize the excesses of the oil boom.

"Hidden" hunger crisis in Congo pushing it closer to famine

Al-Araqeeb Village: Palestinian Bedouins Refuse to Surrender 116 Times

Juggalo and Pro-Trump Rallies May Converge on the National Mall in September

Donald Trump Has Been a Racist All His Life — And He Isn’t Going to Change After Charlottesville

States Are Using Social Cost of Carbon in Energy Decisions, Despite Trump's Opposition

Falwell Jr.: Trump had ‘inside information’ about how ‘very fine’ white supremacists are

The Case for Naming and Shaming White Supremacists

Missing in the US desert: finding the migrants dying on the trail north
Last year, 322 deaths were recorded along the US border with Mexico. The real number could be a lot higher.

The Clever Games Tax "Reformers" Play

Amid Cabinet Approvals, Iran Leader Push to Keep Nuclear Deal

Charlottesville Was a Preview of the Future of the Republican Party

Big Pharma Can Be Beaten: This Union Proved It

Counter-Protesters Outnumber White Nationalists in Vancouver

RNC raises millions more than DNC in July

Trump is making headway on at least one campaign promise: cutting regulations.

Two Ex-Florida Prison Guards, Both KKK Members, Found Guilty in Murder Plot of Black Prisoner

Arpaio keeping his calendar clear for possible Trump pardon
The former Maricopa County sheriff said Monday that he doesn’t know whether the president will pardon him at Tuesday's Phoenix rally.

The Trump Family's Travels Have Broken the Secret Service's Budget

The Absurdity of Corporate Tax Cuts During the Corporate Pillaging of the Middle Class
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Dick Gregory in His Own Words: Remembering the Pioneering Comedian and Civil Rights Activist

Why the Democratic Party Can't Save Us From Trump's Authoritarianism

Women Are A Huge Reason Why Trump's Poll Numbers Are So Bad

"Too Bad": Trump Ridiculed for Two-Word Response to Devastating Naval Accident
Breitbart, naturally, blamed McMaster.

How Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump have restarted the war on drugs

Explaining, Again, The Nazis' True Evil

The world's largest floating solar farm has begun producing energy atop a former coal mine

Counter-protesters swarm rally against illegal immigration in Laguna Beach

Trump plans to ask for trust of Americans on Afghanistan: report

The Shadow of the Moon Will Cross the Earth Today

Is Liberia Outstripping Louisiana When It Comes to Health Care?

World Famous Tourist Destination A Dumping Ground for Raw Sewage

Illinois Wage Theft Bill Actually Made Things Worse

Military bases' contamination will affect water for generations

Deepening drought hits Ethiopia herders as millions go hungry

Trump 'Wave of Destruction' Continues With Decision to Disband Key Climate Panel

Ireland’s tough lobbying rules spark cries for similar laws elsewhere
Regulations require those seeking to influence policy to register meetings, letters, emails and tweets.

Teenagers Keep Going to Town Halls and Owning Republicans and It’s Amazing

The Untold Stories of Women in the 1967 Detroit Rebellion and Its Aftermath

North Korea warns of 'merciless strike' ahead of US-South Korea drills

Trump increasingly unpopular in the states that made him president

Hong Kong protest: Thousands march for jailed activists

Dozens demonstrate in Detroit against white supremacy, Christopher Columbus

Republicans want to stop talking about white supremacists so they can cut taxes for rich people

Tanzania's ghost safari: how western aid contributed to the decline of a wildlife haven

Trump Is Using Old Jim Crow Tactics to Usher in a New Era of Racist Violence

Can Campaign Funds Pay for a Criminal Defense Lawyer? Maybe

Climbing Cost Of Decades-Old Drugs Threatens To Break Medicaid Bank

Confederate Statues Have Been Invisible to Most White People

How A German City Found An Absolutely Genius Way Of Handling Neo-Nazis

"Trump TV": How the Sinclair Merger Would Move Media Further Right

Overt racists are easy to spot; insidious racism is a greater challenge
Racial terror and violence are built into the fabric of the country – and Trump has given licence to white supremacy.

Building a Campus Antifascist Network
Given that college campuses have been central to activism by the so-called alt-right, is it time for a campus-based counter-movement? Scholars behind the proposed Campus Antifascist Network think so.

Film: The Tiny West Virginia Town Haunted by an NSA Secret

Net Neutrality Reduced to Mogul vs. Mogul in Corporate Media’s Shallow Coverage

Ice and fire: large blaze burns in Greenland for two weeks

Bannon departs – but ‘Trump whisperer’ could have more influence from outside
Despite his exit from the White House, Trump’s longtime ally retains plenty of power – and a war with Republican leaders in Washington is firmly in his sights.

Serpico, others from NYPD, rally in support of Kaepernick

Dick Gregory, who rose from poverty to become a groundbreaking comedian and civil rights activist, dies at 84

The US Spy Hub in the Heart of Australia

Charities dump Trump: More than a dozen groups cancel fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago
So far, 16 charities have pulled out of holding their events at Trump's club.

Charlottesville rally organizer calls Heather Heyer’s death ‘payback’

Boston Mayor thanks counterprotesters for coming to city