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Bolivia and Peru Indigenous Defy Borders, Link Arms

In Photos: Women's Marches on All Seven Continents Demand 'A Better Future'

Corporate America is Inching Even Closer to a Constitutional Convention

Ordinary Citizens Help Drive Spread of Solar Power in Chile

Climate change will hurt crops more than it helps them, study suggests

Greensboro city workers form a union

Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent Than the Bottom 60. Find Yours.

Yes, Trump Is President. We Can’t Compromise in the Fight Against Criminalization.

Trump's nominees face ethics, divestment challenges

Zambia tries new way to beat drought: solar grain mills

The GOP’s Healthcare Plans Have Awakened the Wrath of a Powerful Constituency: Older Americans

US Border Patrol Claims It Would Take 96 Years to Reveal How Often They Seize Property

Wyoming Bill Would Outlaw Renewable Energy

Health Care Repeal Is a Stealth Tax Break for Millionaires

Labor Organizing in 2017: Looking Beyond Trump's Lies on Jobs

Life After Exoneration: Alison Flowers Discusses What Comes Next

Indigenous Erasure in Plain Sight: Place Names in New England

The Keystone Pipeline Network Could Soon Be Completed Under Trump, but Will It Be Safe?

Trump, the Banks and the Bomb

What Does the Environment Have to Do With Diseases That Affect the Immune System?

London university admits to monitoring student emails under pressure government anti-terror program

Trump’s WhiteHouse.Gov Disappears Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights
The minute Donald Trump was sworn into office, the White House’s web site changed -- dramatically.

Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the fight against superbugs.

Quake of 8.0 magnitude strikes off Papua New Guinea

Israel's Netanyahu to speak with Trump on Sunday, Iran on agenda

Trump’s bleak inaugural speech was actually co-authored by a white nationalist

As Trump Was Being Inaugurated, Walmart Began a Round of Corporate Layoffs

Trump's First 24 Hours Bring Global Protests, a Dark Speech and Uncertainty

State of Rebellion: How California Is Taking on the Trump Administration
On immigration and other issues, the state’s legislature has signaled it does not intend to cooperate with the new president.

Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Impact Study Could Take 2 Years, Possibly Halting Work

On His First Day in Office, Trump Raises Taxes on Middle-Class Homebuyers

Wisconsin city at forefront of ‘water wars’
This city has become the battleground for one of North America’s fiercest water wars, one that is taking the Great Lakes region into more uncharted legal territory in 2017.

EPA works to remake troubled Office of Civil Rights

Are US labor unions finally speaking out on Palestine?

Momentive Workers Strike as Trump’s “Jobs Forum” Pick Cuts Wages

The Scramble to Protect Climate Data Under Trump
Fearing what might happen to the data that catalogues the details of climate change in an administration with so many climate deniers, researchers rush to save it.

Four ways to save our food system if bees disappear
If a region’s farms were to lose the free labor they rely on, what could we do to keep crops growing -- and how much would new methods change the way we eat?

The Hypocrisy of Puzder’s Perks
While fighting basic worker protections, Trump’s Labor Secretary nominee has enjoyed special executive rewards on a grand scale.

A village's first female chief ended illegal logging with spies and checkpoints

Dangerous Straits
Two 63-year-old pipes lie exposed at the bottom of the current-whipped Straits of Mackinac, determined by one expert to be "the worst possible place" for a spill in all the Great Lakes.

Brazil Indigenous Groups Fear Law That 'Deeply Undermines' Land Rights

Court reinstates EPA rule to allow pumping dirty water unchecked

Iraqi sheep, locals, environment suffer ISIS oil fires

On an Apache reservation in Arizona, a toxic legacy and a mysterious history of chemical spraying

Kansas and Puerto Rico Show How Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Hurt Us

Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry after sharing plans
After telling border agents their plans to march, group’s cars were searched and phones examined, and each person was fingerprinted and had their photo taken.

Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Welcome Donald Trump to Washington

Demonstrators rally in Boston after Donald Trump’s inauguration

What Can Artists Accomplish by Saying No to Trump?

An Impulsive Authoritarian Populist in the White House

Obama says farewell at same moment Trump signs first executive order

How the town of Whitefish defeated its neo-Nazi trolls — and became a national model of resistance

March canceled in Chicago, rally goes on as crowd overwhelms planned route

At least 25 killed, over 65 injured in Parachinar market blast

5 Disturbing DAPL Developments You Need to Know

Gambians await Jammeh's exit after pledge to go

Women's March on Washington, London and global anti-Trump protests
Rolling coverage of events in the US and around the world as more than 20 countries host solidarity marches in wake of Trump inauguration

Photos: President Trump’s inaugural parade attracted relatively few people

Trump, in Oval Office, signs first order on Obamacare

The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun

Trump's Speech Gave Us America the Ugly. Don't Let It Become Prophesy

Senegal troops enter The Gambia as election victor Adama Barrow is declared President in exile

Trump signs first bill and actions as president

In Trump We Trust: Inauguration prompts celebration in Russia

All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website

Women Are Already Being Punished for Having Abortions

It Happened: Donald J. Trump Is President of the United States

Villagers are knitting jumpers for elephants to protect them from near-freezing temperatures

It's up to us to resist Trump

My Inauguration Day Vows to the Work

The Resistance Begins

We could’ve avoided President Donald Trump. Now, we must learn the lessons
There were hundreds of opportunities to stop the Republican demagogue. That should focus our minds as he takes the oath of office

Protesters make their mark on Trump's inauguration

GMO Arctic Apples to Hit Shelves Next Month Without Clear Labeling
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

ACLU files its first FOIA request ("first of many") for info on Trump's conflicts of interest

Nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers now skipping Trump's inauguration

The Women's March on Washington Has Spread to 57 Countries Worldwide

Progressive Power: Rally Over Inauguration Weekend

A 'Justice Nightmare': 32 Years in Texas Prisons
The case of a man not officially guilty of anything, not officially sentenced to anything, yet languishing for decades behind bars.

Stocks stumble ahead of Trump inauguration

Obama Denies Pardon Request for Former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman

Congress Gutted Researchers' Ability to Study Gun Violence. Now They're Fighting Back

The DNC Contenders Are Not Interested In Your Populist Moment

Le Pen Moves Into Lead in French Race, Le Monde Poll Shows

Associates of Trump Scrutinized Over Links to Russia
U.S. intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and data in a broad inquiry into the possible association between Russian officials and at least three Trump advisers.

What the Chicago Press Corps Could Teach DC Pundits About Interviewing Obama
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest

Where to Find Better Candidates? Oregon Unions Are Growing Their Own

Mayors to Trump: ‘Don’t get in our way’
As Trump takes office, leaders of the country’s biggest cities are preparing to continue the climate fight.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Suing Native Hawaiians for Ancestral Lands

Popular Selfie App Sending User Data to China, Researchers Say

UK Labour Party Proposes a Maximum Wage Gap

Inequality (II): “It Will Take 170 Years for Women to Be Paid as Men Are”

“Fire up the bulldozers,” says Trump’s biggest fan in Jerusalem

Are Tube Strikes In London Setting the Course for U.K. Labor Unrest To Come?

Pacific Islanders Call for U.S. Solidarity on Climate Change

Another Activist Murder Linked to Canadian Mining in Guatemala

Republican Plan to Replace Obamacare Would Turn Medicaid Over to States

Whatever Trump does, Dreamers likely to be deported soon

Battle for the Amazon: Tapajós Basin Threatened by Massive Development

The White House Lied to the American People During It's First Press Conference

The Turkish parliament has backed a plan to strengthen the powers of the presidency, paving the way for a referendum on the issue in spring which, if passed, could allow President Tayyip Erdogan to stay in office until 2029.

The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing Navient Corp., the nation’s largest student loan servicer, accusing it of 'systematically and illegally failing borrowers at every stage of repayment.'

Trump and Team Officially Withdraw From TPP

Standing Rock Council Approves Order to Evacuate Demonstrators

Petition calling for release of Donald Trump's tax returns reaches 100,000 needed for White House response

Trump Promised to Resign From His Companies -- but There’s No Record He’s Done So

Kentucky's New Fetal Pain Law, Like Most Abortion Restrictions, Is Based on Junk Science

With Trump in Office, Feds May Alter Course in Texas Voter ID Case

Marine Le Pen claims ‘Anglo Saxon world waking up’ as Europe’s far-right parties meet after Trump inauguration
‘Yesterday, a new America. Today - a new Europe,’ anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders tells cheering crowds.

Huge crack in Antarctic ice shelf grows by 6 more miles

Women's marches draw estimated 3 million people across US

750,000 Flock to Downtown LA for Women's March Los Angeles

Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue

White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds

Michael Winship and Bill Moyers | At Trump Inauguration, His Hollow Rhetoric Collides With Reality

Turkey Orders More Than 400 Arrests in Post-Coup Probes
The arrests are the latest action in a post-coup crackdown that has jailed some 40,000 people who await trial.

Internal List Shows President Trump Was Sworn In Next to His VIP Donors

Used to whizzing bullets, Kashmir border farmers now hit by drought

US intervention in Syria? Not under Trump

Why Your Urine Is Too Good to Waste
Almost all of the nitrogen and phosphorous we ingest comes out of our bodies -- what if we could return it to the soil?

As Trump takes power, the House targets regulations
At stake is the power agencies have long used to protect people and nature.

Strikes by Janitors and Dining Hall Workers Inaugurate Trump Era

How local elites earn money from burning land in Indonesia
Slash and burn is big business in the archipelago country.

Monsanto, EPA Seek to Keep Talks Secret on Glyphosate Cancer Review

ACA repeal may affect black lung patients, families
The health care act added two amendments that make it easier for coal miners to get federal benefits for black lung.

Trump, Betsy DeVos and the Plan to End Democratic Education
Trump has already pledged $20 billion to expand voucher programs nationwide, and his appointee for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, views dismantling public education as a mission from God.

Dean Baker | The Economics of the Affordable Care Act

Trump's EPA Pick Hasn't "Looked at the Scientific Research" on Lead Poisoning

Overfishing driving dozens of species into extinction threatening African food crisis, warn experts

New California Carbon Trading Legislation Answers Big Oil's Call to Continue Business as Usual

Austin Police: 40,000 people attend Women's March at Capitol

Atlanta protest takes on importance after Trump insults civil rights leader

Beyond the Wall
Talking with former U.S. ambassador Antonio Garza about what Trump means for Mexico—and Texas.

William Rivers Pitt | American Carnage: The Obscenity of Trump's Inauguration

Trump Nominates a Secretary of Agriculture (and, No, It’s Not Wendell Berry)

Laying the Ground for Resistance to Trump on Day One

Can the Trump-Pence Administration Overturn Roe v. Wade?

Hours Before Women's March, Trump Administration Bars Interior Department From Twitter

Virtual march helps people with disabilities join the Women's March on Washington

Pink Hats Flood National Mall, As Women's March Descends On Washington

Illinois, feds take on abusive student loan practices they say trap young people

American Fascist

The Next Four Years: Turning Grief Into Action

White House website promotes Melania Trump’s modeling and jewelry line

Trump’s Inauguration and the Legitimacy Fetish

Nigel Farage to become commentator on Rupert Murdoch's Fox News

Trump Is In; Now Where Does Standing Rock Stand?

Pro-Marijuana activists hand out 4,200 free joints to Anti-Donald Trump protesters

Protesters barricade Uber offices: 'No business as usual' on inauguration day

Chicago Inauguration Protests Begin With Student Walkouts

Trump's New Budget Slashes Funding for Arts, Women's Safety and Civil Rights
The proposal is aimed at reducing spending by $10.5 trillion over the coming decade, but the cuts seem likely to come with incalculable human, cultural, and societal costs.

On His Way Out the Door, Obama Bombs Libya One Last Time

The Dalai Lama's guide to the next four years

"American Carnage": Highlights of Trump's Inauguration Speech

Protesters out in force at entrance to National Mall

A Worker Is Someone to See, Not See Through
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

More Than 150 Trump Protest Banners Are Being Dropped Over Bridges Across The World

An Inaugural Celebration That Rings Hollow
Commentators love to praise the peaceful handover of power—but this year, it stands as a reminder of the system’s fragility and shortcomings.

Charles P. Pierce: The Day That Gave Us Donald Trump
Emails, servers, and a burst of hope.

The Obamas Greet Donald Trump at the White House

Can Europe Save The Iran Deal?

Wayne Barrett, Fierce Muckraker at The Village Voice, Dies at 71

Donald Trump Is Getting the Nuclear Football Today

Anti-Trump Protesters Pepper Sprayed on Eve of Inauguration Outside DeploraBall in D.C.

Larsen ice crack continues to open up

Anti-Fascists Will Fight Trump’s Fascism in the Streets

Trump team prepares dramatic cuts
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.

Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue

Michael Moore Leads Massive Anti-Trump Protest in New York City

Hastert to assault victim: Pay back $1.7M in hush money

William Rivers Pitt | The Last Day Before Donald