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Dems want ObamaCare subsidies funded in exchange for $15B to military

Chobani sues InfoWars for spreading xenophobic conspiracy theories

Growth returns to Caribbean Basin, but recovery is uneven

New Brazil pension bill draft ready for passage, minister says

Why Drivers Who Strike and Kill Pedestrians and Cyclists in NYC Go Uncharged

Bunkerville standoff case ruled a mistrial

Why We Are Joining the March on Harrisburg

Wildlife Trafficking is Threatening Nearly Half of All World Heritage Sites

Environmental Activism Started at Home for My Immigrant Family

States Introduce Dubious Anti-Pornography Legislation to Ransom the Internet

Corporate Siege and Trade in the 2018 Elections

Private Prison and Border Security Contractors Lobby Congress Over Trump's Border Wall

Trump’s Child Care Plan Doesn’t Help the Families that Won Him the Election

New York City Seeks to Create a ‘Craigslist for Food Pantries’

Thick ice formations in Arctic rivers are melting earlier in summer

New Campaign Urges Walt Disney Company to Leave U.S. Chamber of Commerce
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump's Climate Cuts Could Result in Half-Billion Extra Tons of CO2 in the Air

Many of Trump’s Temporary Political Appointees Now Have Permanent Jobs at the White House

Gorsuch Is Already Channeling Scalia on Life-or-Death Decisions

EPA to Shut Down Open Data Service Friday
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

‘Many Banks Are Problematic, but Wells Fargo Is the Worst’

“Poor man’s kebab” is Gaza’s most treasured food

The Wash. Post Has A Lobbyist As A Writer; Here Are 12 Times They Didn't Disclose Conflicts Of Interest

Invasion of the Zombie Elk — Chronic Wasting Disease Spreading Fast, Nearing Yellowstone Herds

Secret Service Permanently Closes White House Sidewalk

Scientists Worldwide Speak Truth to Power
-- Stefanie Spear for BuzzFlash at Truthout

What is “white supremacy”? A brief history of a term, and a movement, that continues to haunt America

Elk Hunting Group Wants to Expand Wolf-Killing Derby into Montana: $1,000 Bounty per Wolf

Carbon dioxide may worsen hog farmworkers’ breathing problems.

Workers don bulletproof vests while taking down New Orleans’ Confederate monument in middle of night

Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strike

A crumbling political order in France's election

Illinois ‘Pro-Choice’ Republican Governor Suddenly Changes Stance

The Struggle to Explain Things That Didn't Happen: The Non-Existent Shift Away from Wages

Post Nation Arkansas carries out country’s first back-to-back executions in almost two decades

In both Europe and the United States, fascism still isn’t very popular
Ethno-nationalist parties have made significant gains, but they’re now running into fierce opposition.

Public pans Republicans’ latest approach to replacing Affordable Care Act

Trump’s first 100 days anything but presidential

Taxcast: The Panama Papers, One Year On

Dahr Jamail | Great Barrier Reef Reaches "Terminal Stage" as CO2 Levels Rise at Record Rate

A tidal wave in anti-Semitic incidents has many concerned

100 days of Trump Resistance: the wins so far and battles to come

Remembering the Armenian Genocide

Democrats Head to Campaign School

Senate Trump-Russia Probe Has No Full-Time Staff, No Key Witnesses

Donald Trump has worst poll approval rating at 100 days than any President since 1945

Anti-Science Trump Administration Draws Thousands to the Streets Worldwide

Israel punishes hunger strikers for demanding their rights

Why Water Privatization Is a Bad Idea for People and the Planet
As climate change drives water scarcity, there may be more efforts to privatize water systems.

Daily Solidarity Rallies Show Support for Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners

Exxon's Opposition to Climate Fraud Probes Gets Less Sympathy From NY Judge

Displacing the Unprofitable and "Undesirable" in California’s San Jose
The policing of the Fountain Alley area -- and by extension, downtown San Jose -- targets the very people who need the most help and protection.

How the Murdochs took a multimillion-dollar gamble on Bill O’Reilly -- and lost
Fox News brass knew about harassment allegations but wagered they’d remain secret.

We Just Breached the 410 PPM Threshold for CO2
Carbon dioxide has not reached this height in millions of years.

Only Two Percent of Americans Who Voted for Trump Regret It

Riley Hancey, who was denied a lung transplant from the University of Utah after traces of marijuana were found in his system, has died.

Trump push for border wall threatens to cause government shutdown

Protesters Confront Anti-Islam Party Conference in Germany

Sun Rises Over the Bluegrass State
Making way for renewable energy in the heart of coal country

The GOP’s Overtime Reform Plan: Fraud Masquerading as Flexibility

Trump's Industry, Real Estate, Poses Hurdle to Tax Overhaul

Angela Merkel reportedly had to explain the 'fundamentals' of EU trade to Trump 11 times

Britain powered 24 hours without coal for first time in 135 years in 'watershed moment'

Surgeon General Dismissed By Trump Administration

GOP Rep Tells Mom Her Son On Medicaid Should Just Get A Better Job If He Wants Health Care

Trump eyeing second Supreme Court seat

Pope Francis: Europe migrant centers 'concentration camps'

Destroying EPA Protections Will Disproportionately Hurt Children

Google's controversial groundwater withdrawal sparks question of who owns South Carolina water

In 11 Years, More Than 250 People Have Died While Being Restrained By Texas Police

"Spies of Mississippi" Reveals Extent of White Supremacy in the South During Civil Rights Era

Trump wall faces skepticism on border
Trump's tough rhetoric on border security has met expected resistance from Democrats, but many border Republicans have also questioned the need for a border wall.

GOP lawmakers told they’re inching closer to ObamaCare repeal deal

Far-Right German Faction Enters State Parliament After Recruiting Neo-Nazis

When Rising Seas Transform Risk Into Certainty
Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.

Coal Miners’ Futures in Renewable Energy

Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding

We found all of those paid protesters -- they work for the GOP

US women pay an average $1,000 in medical bills after being raped

Donald Trump fails to mention climate change in Earth Day statement

All-Male Panel Fails to End Maryland Law that Forces Women to Share Custody with Their Rapists

European pollution helped cause one of India's worst-ever droughts, researchers show

US judge blocks Trump order to cut funding to sanctuary cities

Abortion bill clears Illinois House despite Rauner vow to veto

Western cities try to cut light pollution

What does it take for activists to get your attention?

Trudeau called out on opioid crisis

The Seeds Could Guide the Sun: Facing Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Ag

New York Landlords Exploit Loophole to Hike Rents Despite Freeze

Sub shortage leaves schools scrambling when teachers call in sick

Trump’s Education Pick of Betsy DeVos Could Fail Native Kids

Will Trump’s cuts inspire more DIY foreign aid?

Trickle Down Devastation: A Single Mom Responds to Trump's Tax Plan

Students Sue the University of California–Berkeley Over Canceled Ann Coulter Talk

Faith and environmental stewardship on the farm fields of eastern Iowa

Mexico Worries That A New Border Wall Will Worsen Flooding

"We Are Going to Shut It Down on May 1": Caravan Against Fear Mobilizes the Masses

Big Business Asks Congress for Protection From Local Paid Leave Laws

Campuses Wrestle With Wave of Hate-Based Incidents Since Election

Trump Is Said to Seek Cutting Corporate Tax Rate to 15 Percent

Other Viewpoints on the Science March, ‘Big Agro on Campus’

White House rejects Oversight request for Flynn documents

U.S. Government Can Resume Deporting Haitian Migrants in January

Florida Teen Uses Her Prom Dress as a Tribute to Black Lives Lost to Police Violence

Reported Amendment to House ACA Repeal Bill Guts Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

In crisis-stricken Somalia, no safe haven

Review: Black Subjugation in America

The future of our university is at stake

Now is not the time to despair

Trump's immigration policy splits children from their mothers

ICE grabs another victim in Maine

Would Trump supporters elect him again now?
For some Trump voters in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, their new president has already done more than Obama – but others have had enough

2 wildlife rangers shot and killed by poachers in Congo park

For many PACs, switching horses fast is just good business

Wisconsin seeks to mandate drug tests for Medicaid recipients

Giving NY’s Governor a $783,000 Bribe Is Business as Usual for Rupert Murdoch

Trump signals delay on border wall funding to avoid government shutdown
President tells conservative media his $1.4bn demand could be pushed to September, avoiding a spending freeze on his 100th day in office

Trump’s toxic budget and fighting for the people’s health

Jim Hightower | To Have a People's Government, We the People Must Build It
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

We found all of those paid protestors - they work for the GOP

Noam Chomsky: US Is the "Most Dangerous Country in the World"

Trump's 100 Days of Harm: Enough Is Enough
Rhea Suh of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

A crumbling political order in France's election

Scientists Are Marching Because Things Are Not Normal

GOP Worried Trump Will Drag Down 2018 Ticket

Will the Government Be Open in a Week?
The administration is trying to use Friday’s deadline for government funding as leverage for several of President Trump’s goals. Democrats aren’t so sure that leverage exists.

At Least 61,000 Nationwide Are in Prison for Minor Parole Violations

Gentrification Represents a Geography of Inequality

French election results 2017 - as they come in

California Gov. Jerry Brown picks new Department of Water Resources assistant chief deputy director as Oroville Dam scandal continues

US Justice Department Threatens Sanctuary Cities with Deadline

Remember Those Temporary Officials Trump Quietly Installed? Some Are Now Permanent Employees.

Poll Says Majority of Texans Disappointed by Trump

Widely-Opposed Pipeline 'Confirms Worst Fears' After Two Spills Into Ohio Wetlands

Florida’s First Black State Attorney Received A Noose In The Mail
State Attorney Aramis Ayala challenged the death penalty in the aggressive capital punishment state.

Fearful parents demand schools near gas pipeline release evacuation plans

Largest Charter School Chain in L.A. Raises Millions in Dark Money to Fight Union Drive, State Auditor Finds

US states realign in legal battle over Trump's travel ban

North Korea detains American citizen as Japanese ships join US war games

The Rules Around Opioid Maintenance Would Be Seen as Unconscionable in Any Other Branch of Medicine

Trump sons take helm of company, eye domestic expansion

Hope not Hate sues Nigel Farage for up to £100,000
Thousands of donors backed anti-fascism charity’s online appeal in libel case against ex-UKIP leader.

Dutch boat 'Women on Waves' in Mexico to offer women legal terminations
A Dutch sailing boat offering legal abortions has taken up a position off the west coast of Mexico. It is offering free, legal medical terminations for the victims of sexual violence.

Black employees allege discrimination by Fox, say bosses made them arm wrestle white colleagues

White House official: deal to avoid government shutdown could come today

Nebraska Farmer Politely Schools Fox News Host On Dangers Of Keystone XL Pipeline

Facing a Fake Clinic Escort in New York City

Human Rights Watch calls for end to Egypt military aid

North Korea says it's ready to strike US aircraft carrier

Brazil Moves to Cut Amazon Conservation Units by 1.2 Million Hectares

“Fear City” Explores How Donald Trump Exploited the New York Debt Crisis To Boost His Own Fortune

Study: Nationwide medical marijuana program would save more than $1 billion in tax money, lives too

In Latest Populist Betrayal, Trump Executive Order Unchains Wall Street Greed

'It’s going to hit the poorest people': Zika outbreak feared on the Texas border

Nearly half of Americans want to impeach Donald Trump

Voting Rights Roundup: Georgia lawmaker admits GOP gerrymandered the 6th District to stop Democrats

There’s No Strategy Behind Trump’s Wars -- Only Brute Force

March for Science puts Earth Day focus on global opposition to Trump

Former Fox News head Roger Ailes presided over a panoply of phony “sock puppet” blogs

France votes in presidential election after volatile campaign

Dylann Roof is now on federal death row in Indiana

California doctors, pharmacists charged in $40 million kickback scheme