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Top officials unaware Dakota Access pipeline security operated illegally

The Entire Trump Agenda Is Now at Risk

Let’s Start By Talking About a Typical Day Working with Ballistic-Armed Drones

Mississippi counties ordered to stop jailing poor people indefinitely

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Lose Endangered Species Protection
-- Michael Brune of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump Administration Makes Key Decision That Threatens Water Supply of Millions
Repealing the Clean Water Rule will make it easier for polluters to contaminate the water supply for millions of Americans.

Three Chicago police officers indicted in Laquan McDonald's shooting death

McVeigh Worship: The New Extremist Trend
One militia honcho even likened McVeigh to Jesus Christ.

The GOP Health Insurance Bills Are the Real Death Panels
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Six Endangered Whales Found Dead This Month in "Unprecedented Event"
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Meeting the Needs of Homeless Youth: Public Schools Are Doing What Government Is Not

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort files as foreign agent for Ukraine work

Protesters stage overnight sit-in at Sen. Gardner's office over health care bill

She Didn’t Pick the Resistance. The Resistance Picked Her. Now She’s One of Trump’s Most Fearless Opponents

The Misery of Mitch McConnell

The White House Just Declared War on CNN

Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill

Arkansas new Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed

A Time magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake.

California Will Force Monsanto to Label Glyphosate in Roundup as Causing Cancer
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump pretends to care in National HIV Testing Day statement, while cutting funding for treatment

As Recycling Declines and Centers Close, the Homeless Are Really Screwed

Unpaid congressional internships: bad for students, bad for policy

Supreme Court Won’t Take Up R.J. Reynolds Age Discrimination Case

This new disease could devastate our wildlife. Watch the Tories do nothing
Michael Gove has attacked the two main pillars protecting ecosystems in Britain – and his obsession with deregulation is putting these islands at risk

Lessons from South Carolina's overlooked special election

Students win major victory against segregation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Could the lure of trails salvage Alaska’s economy?

Standing Rock, Energy Transfer Partners Square Off

‘Amazon Now Has Monopoly Power in Online Commerce’

Everglades flooding risk could send more water pollution to Lake Okeechobee

Logging in Malaysia’s Ulu Muda forest threatens wildlife and water supplies

Native History: Proclamation Sets Course Toward Sand Creek Massacre

An Open Letter to the GOP: You Are Sentencing Me to Death

EU pledges to help Israel suppress criticism

Does Tom Price Still Belong to Fringe Group Saying Health Care Is Not a Human Right?

Indonesian coal mining firm gets its license reinstated despite a history of violations

More Than 100 Federal Agencies Fail to Report Hate Crimes to the FBI’s National Database

A reflection on the 10th Anniversary of the first U.S. Social Forum

Republican senators hit by calls from voters worried about Obamacare repeal bill

Scott's anti-teacher agenda in Vermont

Donald Trump's Supreme Court Justice have done a lot of Horrible Things already

Of Caesar, Guns and Trolls: The Evil that Men Do
The GOP and right wing will use any diversion to distract us from an agenda of cruelty and madness.

Setting Free the Urban Tomato

Trump Admin Stripping Yellowstone Grizzly of ‘Endangered’ Protection, Opening Door for Hunting

Acting DWR Director Bill Croyle, who led state response to Oroville Dam crisis, retires

Too Big to Control?
The politics of mega-mergers and why the EU is not stopping them

Immigration police grab two more activists

GuideStar's Non-Profit Information Bank Attacked by Conservative Christians
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Fearing border tax, retailers boost lobbying 31 percent

Cambodian female workers in Nike, Asics and Puma factories suffer mass faintings
Sportswear brands review spate of incidents in factories where employees on short-term contracts work 10-hour days in soaring temperatures

Despite its controversies, Uber was more popular than taxis during the 2016 election

Worker Rights and Wrongs: Fair Trade Zones and Labor in the Americas

When Anti-Poverty Programs for Immigrants Are Used to Bolster the Surveillance State

Mississippi Regulators Veto Any More Money for Southern Company’s Kemper Plant in Stunning Vote

Striking Wireless Workers Make Their Voices Heard

Extreme Poverty Is a Humanitarian Crisis — and an Environmental One

Environmental Activist Illegally Detained in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Can people ‘like me’ go to college? Inequality and dreams of higher ed

Renewable Energy Projects Are Uplifting Maasai Women

Shelter and Safety, the Oldest of Ideas

The Relentless March of Drought – That ‘Horseman of the Apocalypse’

A school district is building a DIY broadband network

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Increase Didn’t Reduce Job Opportunities

How One City in Spain Launched a Local Currency

Billions to face ‘deadly threshold’ of heat extremes by 2100, finds study

Environmental groups are taking Norway to court over oil drilling in the Arctic

Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show
Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal Jay Sekulow approved plans to push people to give to his Christian nonprofit, which then paid big sums to his family

Study Finds GOP Bill Will Cause 208K Deaths

Alex Jones Is a Practiced Swindler—Just Like His Biggest Fan

South Carolina political blogger faces potential jail time for refusing to reveal his sources

Why the Russia investigation could be even bigger than you think

Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying 'Internet Taxes,' Which Aren't a Thing
Bezos responded to Trump’s attacks in 2015 by offering to send him into space.

Faking a Time magazine cover is the most Trump thing ever

The Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya's Purge

Trump's lawyers fail to follow through on threats to Comey

John Dean: Frightened Trump Is In Over His Head

McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health care bill by Friday

"It's an Election, Not an Auction": Working-Class Challenger Opposes Paul Ryan and Big Money in Politics

The Trump Team's Poor Arguments for Slashing SNAP

Why are 13 men in charge of healthcare for all American women?
Regressive gender politics are resurgent in 2017, as demonstrated by a Republican bill that would be devastating to women’s health

Springtime for Union Busting?

Advocates: Texas Immigration Law Would Also Affect Black and Trans Communities -

Republicans Now Say Trump Threatening Senate Majority

Boston Holocaust Memorial Damaged; Man Arrested

Gun rights advocates aim to take firearms into zoos

Climate Change Causes Sea Level Rise to Accelerate 50 Percent in Past 20 years

Surveillance at Standing Rock exposes heavy-handed policing of Native lands
The technology TigerSwan used at Standing Rock may be state of the art, but the use of policing to suppress indigenous protest is as old as the United States itself

Marjorie Cohn | Gorsuch Leans Far Right in Muslim Ban Case

Talk Nation Radio: Ajamu Baraka on the Black Alliance for Peace

LISTEN: Raging Wildfires in Portugal, Exotic Plantations to Blame

A New Farm Worker Union Is Born
Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest.

12 books expelled from Tucson schools

Prescription Drug Spending is Consuming a Bigger Share of Wages

What the leaked EU-Japan trade deal tells us about Brexit

Robert Naiman | With Yemen Devastated, Time Is Running Out to Demand US Withdrawal

More than 30 nuclear experts inhale uranium after radiation alarms at a weapons site are switched off

Media Focus on Trump Blindsides the Public from Rising Wall Street Risks

Single-Payer Fight Moves to Massachusetts

Bootcamps, internships train 'climate champions' in Uganda

As Lake Chad vanishes, seven million people are on the brink of starvation

One Year After Supreme Court Decision, Whole Woman’s Health Continues to Center Its Patients

GOP undecided, 'no' votes pile up on ObamaCare repeal bill

Republicans delay Senate healthcare vote

Investigation Exposes Cruelty and Suffering at ‘Free-Range’ Chicken Farm

Nicaragua’s Proposed Legal Reforms Hinder Women’s Rights and Threaten Political Opposition

Conservative MEP looks to derail proposed EU ban on bee harming pesticides

World's Biggest Coal Company Closes 37 Mines as Solar Prices Plummet
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

As Brazil's president races to change labor laws, investigators circle

Northeast U.S. Seafood Industry in Jeopardy From Climate-Driven Ocean Warming, Acidification

Is the Middle Class Being “Disrupted” Into Extinction?

White House Syria Statement Raises Eyebrows

Louisiana Joins Compact Which Brought Out-of-State Cops to Dakota Access Protests

Resistance to the far right takes shape in D.C.

Here's how Singapore provides high-quality health care at low costs

Remembering Native American Civil Rights Pioneer, Lehman Brightman

Religious leaders: Rainforest protection a ‘moral imperative’

National Monuments At Risk

Missouri Reps Vote to Let Your Boss Fire You if You Use Birth Control

Guest post: How new EU rules could ‘hide’ climate impact of harvesting forests

Mourning and marching after the Grenfell fire

The cost of clean: Disinfectants cause birth defects in baby mice

The US Health Care System is Even More Broken than You Think

In Search of Paradise Lost in Tierra del Fuego
In southern Chile, the native Yaghan are all but gone and the region’s glaciers are in danger of following in their footsteps

Elizabeth Warren: "The Next Step is Single Payer.”

How the STRONGER Patents Act Would Send Innovation Overseas

Fight Against “Reparative Sexual Therapy” in Ecuador

Retirement of Boomer Business Owners Could Leave Millions Jobless—Unless Workers Take Over

Inside UAE’s Quest to Reducing Food Waste

Campus Workers Smell a Rat

How Australia’s coal exports industry threatens climate crisis

Thousands of Haitian Workers Are on Strike Against Foreign-Owned Sweatshops

How to Go the Resistance Distance: Pop-Up Schools for Novice Activists

Central banks need to step up and help tackle climate change

Tracking Reports About the Emerging Senate Bill to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

After US-Backed Bombing Sparks Famine in Yemen, WaPo Editor Insists ‘US Not the Problem’

E.U. announces record $2.7 billion antitrust fine on Google over search results