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Trump halts big-money fundraising, cutting off cash to the party

Comb Ridge parcel sold to highest bidder

First-Time Voters
Twenty Americans describe why they are voting in a Presidential election for the first time and which candidate they will choose.

We Don't Know Much About Clinton's Proposed "Intelligence Surge," and That's a Problem

EPA executes search warrants related to Dicamba

Calais refugee camp to be dismantled
Migrants and refugees are being shipped to 450 different centers in France.

Israel Cracks Down on Palestinians for Facebook Posts

Justice Department replaces New York team investigating Eric Garner’s death

In Peru, this young activist is sparking a movement for climate justice

Opposition leaders murdered in Honduras while US supports government

How the Trump Campaign Exposed The US's Sleeping Authoritarianism

Vatican to Act as Mediator Between Venezuela’s Dueling Sides

Get It Right – Portraying Abortion Providers on TV

Republican Aaron Schock fined for excessively soliciting super PAC funds

Sometimes You Need to Dig a Little to Unearth the Point of an NYT Story

People Vs Big Oil, Part I: Washington Victory Over Shell Oil Trains Signals A Turning Tide

Central American migrants showing record levels of mental health problems
Nine out of 10 migrants seen by psychologists showed anxiety or depression symptoms caused by rape, assault or kidnapping, MSF survey finds

650,000 American Children Attend School Within 1 Mile of a Fracking Site

In Pennsylvania, One Senate Seat With Big Climate Implications

What Does Voter Suppression Look Like? Here Are 6 Examples

EPA releases new oil and gas pollution guidelines

Famine fears rise after hurricane wrecks Haiti's bread-basket

French Nuit Debout Movement Creates New Paradigm For Horizontal Democracy

CA boasted of tighter pesticide rules. But Dow got what it wanted

The Census Wants to Add a Middle Eastern Category, Making Some Uneasy

Why Overturning Citizens United Isn’t Enough

Fact-checking Clinton and Trump is not enough

Curbing Use of Solitary Confinement in NJ Correctional Facilities

In Alabama, Local Bureaucrats Decide Which Formerly Incarcerated People Get to Vote Based on “Moral Turpitude”

Harvard and Dining Workers Reach 'Tentative Agreement'

CalaisResearch: 40 companies profiting from the eviction and border violence

Students, Solidarity and Sweatshops

Donald Trump Wants to Set Immigration Policy Back 90 years

Think U.S. agriculture will end world hunger? Think again.

Quetta attack: Pakistan reels as more than 50 die in assault on police academy
Terrorists explode suicide vests after storming into Balochistan police college firing machine guns and throwing hand grenades, say cadets and authorities

Norway Has 68 Wolves Left—and It Wants to Kill 47 of Them

Hawaii’s Mauna Kea protectors remain steadfast in opposition to giant telescope

We Are Ignoring the Worst Dangers of Trumpism at Our Own Peril

The People Versus Arctic Oil: The Case That Could Stop Arctic Drilling

What’s happening with all the global trade deals?

US politics The history of 'rigged' US elections: from Bush v Gore to Trump v Clinton
The battle over Florida ripped a veil off a dysfunctional system and offered an opportunity for meaningful electoral reform and new forms of political warfare

Drifting to Donald

Paul Krugman: It’s Trump’s Party

Donald Trump faces foreign donor fundraising scandal

Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero

Reid: 'I have set the Senate' for nuclear option regarding Supreme Court filibusters

Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds Up Pipeline Construction

SATIRE: FEC Extends Election By 7 Months To Give Nation Chance To Better Get To Know Candidates
... just "The Onion," folks. Breathe easy.

Election May Be a Turning Point for Legal Marijuana
Opinion polls point to the possibility that voters in California and four other states will legalize marijuana in what some call a vast experiment in public health.

Bernie Sanders Says WikiLeaks Would Find ‘Less Than Flattering’ Things About Clinton In His Emails

Push to delay speaker election puts Ryan in political jam

Three Massive Mergers -- Millions for One Bank and a Disaster for Food, Water and Climate

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Could Be the East Coast's Dakota Access Pipeline

Why US Cut Poll Observers, Despite Fear of Intimidation
A decision to send observers to only four states worries civil rights advocates, but officials say their hands are tied by a Supreme Court ruling.

Venezuelan Congress Declares That Maduro Has Staged a Coup

The Stories Behind America’s Transgender Progress In The Law

A Potential Disaster for Republicans

Luntz: Some Trump Voters Won't Vote Republican Down Ballot To Send Message To Establishment

Secret requests to conduct electronic surveillance surges in federal courts
But only one in a thousand of applications from law enforcement ever becomes public

After Prison, the Exonerated Face a Different Kind of Hell
"We open the door and let them out and mostly turn our backs on them."

Section of damaged pipeline removed after 55,000 gallons of gasoline spill into Susquehanna

Hundreds in Los Angeles protest climate change, North Dakota pipeline

The United States Has Still Not Acknowledged It Committed Genocide Against Indigenous Peoples

Pennsylvania Ruling on Eminent Domain Puts Contentious Pipeline Project on Alert

Brown administration applies for permit to take endangered species in Delta Tunnels

84, and living in fear: Mexican LGBTQ residents still face backlash, even after reforms

Electric car revolution may drive oil ‘investor death spiral’

From Higher Education to Water Treatment, Financialization Is Harming Our Economy

Colombian Women Say Yes to Peace

"I Work Like an Independent Worker, and I Feel Happy"

Detroit incinerator is hotspot for health problems, environmentalists claim

Tensions high inside 'Jungle' refugee camp as demolition nears

Lawsuit: ICE Withholding Information on Asylum Seekers

Appeals court considers claim against agent in fatal cross-border shooting

Yemen war resumes as both sides ignore UN call to extend ceasefire

Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down city’s minimum wage hike

People are hunting primates, bats, and other mammals to extinction

Meet the people Trump referred to as “bad hombres” 
Many of whom are victims of a harsh system and the unforgiving nature of American immigration law.

How mega-donors helped raise $1 billion for Hillary Clinton

The Student Protests Roiling South Africa
What began as a dispute over university fees has become a referendum on the government’s failure to redress the imbalances wrought by apartheid.

Factory Farms Get Bigger, Pollution Grows, but Regulators Don't Even Know Where They Are

Evidence Is Mounting That a Koch Brothers-Owned Paper Plant Is Poisoning People in Arkansas (Video)

Poll: Clinton far ahead in Electoral College race

New research shows 8 percent of African-Americans are disenfranchised by prison voting bans

Watch Donald Trump Praise Hillary and Bill Clinton in Uncovered Tape

Reckitt Benckiser sued by 35 US states for 'profiteering' from opioid treatment

Why Are Police the Priority in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago?

Here’s how to fight Trump’s ballot bullies

Almost no one attended Curt Schilling’s Trump rally in Boston

56 memorable moments from a wild presidential race

Former Egyptian President Mursi Sentenced to 20 Years

Arizona Residents Call Trump’s Wall a ‘Waste of Money’

Sunoco rep says 55,000 gallons of gas spills into Susquehanna River tributary

‘If I could afford to leave, I would.’ In Flint, a water crisis with no end in sight

'High threat' Texas border busts aren't always

Petulance Isn’t Presidential

As Rural America Ages, Volunteers Give a Hand

Is the International Criminal Court Reinforcing Racist Stereotypes?
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Religious day cares get freedom from oversight, with tragic results

AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal

Electoral College Follies: How Tim Kaine or Mike Pence Could Become Our Next President

As Diesel Spill Spreads, So Do Fears About Canada's Slow Response

Mexico Does US Dirty Work Detaining Central American Children

After Bernie: Will "Our Revolution" Deliver on Its Promise of "Political Revolution"?

Turkey: 107 Journalists in Prison, 2,500 Others Left Unemployed Due To Closures

Virginia Board of Health Votes to Remove Abortion Clinic Restrictions

Triple homicide shocks Argentina reeling from women's killings

Despite crackdown, BDS makes gains in France

Judge approves Volkswagen's $15-billion emissions settlement

Blue cities in red states, Republicans, Obama, and the minimum wage

The Two-Tier Provision in the Chicago Teachers Union’s Tentative Agreement, Explained

Chart: Presidential Candidates' Tax Returns

After Nearly a Decade, School Investments Still Way Down in Some States

Insurers give big to races determining their regulators

At long last, The US's racist, tough-on-crime prosecutors are losing elections

Korean Workers Launch Major Wave of Strikes, Winning International Support

Jim Hightower: A Tale of Two Pipes
-- Jim Hightower for BuzzFlash at Truthout

October 2016: The Month Political Journalism Died

Why This ‘Latina Contra Trump’ Shirt Makes a Big Statement About Trump and Millennial Latinas

New Jersey Lawmakers Vote to Forgive Dead Students’ Loans

SNAP Spending Continued to Fall in 2016

Health professionals to be exempted from Border Force Act

Will Central Asia fight over water?

Protests Escalate as Flooding at Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Project Imminent
-- Stefanie Spear for BuzzFlash at Truthout

One Year and 97,100 Metric Tons of Methane Later: The Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Why Trump's Racism and Misogyny Represent the Global 1%

All Tricks, No Treat in Peeps Candy Strike

Privatization the Problem, Rarely the Solution

Voices from Solitary: Sad Flutes

The revolution in Rojava: an eyewitness account
An interview with the three authors of a new book — “Revolution in Rojava” — about their experiences and observations witnessing the birth of a new society.

Drones in Rwanda: Might There Be a Hidden Agenda?

Climate Emergency: Global Insurgency

Public food forests build community, improve food security, and increase access to healthy foods.

Peru’s Unhappy History with Surveillance, and How To Fix It

Make Room for Youth at the Table
Young folks are thinking outside the box and building a broader, diverse, and thriving environmental movement

How media outlets from around the world are reacting to the presidential campaign

Jack Chick is dead

Sanders is prepared to be a liberal thorn in Clinton’s side
Hillary Clinton’s onetime primary rival wants to work with her if she is elected, but he will oppose appointments and legislation that don’t pass muster with the left wing of her party.

Campaigns Use "Push Polls" to Manipulate Voters, Extract Payments
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Struggling to Serve at the Nation’s Richest University
We Harvard dining hall workers are on strike because we can’t afford to pay more for health care.

Quetta Police Training Centre under attack

The Youthful Carnage of US Gun Culture

Two men were convicted of raping their daughters. One got a 60-day sentence. The other is to serve 1,503 years.

I Went to a Trump Rally Expecting Violence, What I Found Was Quiet Desperation
Reality is setting in.

New Layers of Dirt on Charter Schools
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The TPP and Free Trade: Time to Retake the English Language
Protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership do more to impede free trade than the modest reductions in tariffs do to promote free trade.

William Rivers Pitt | Stop the Bombing, Stop the Wars

"We've Never Seen the Government Stand Up to the Fossil Fuel Industry": Tim DeChristopher on Our Climate Future

Tom Hayden, 1960s radical who became champion of liberal causes, dies at 76

Cops Fatally Shoot Pregnant Native American Woman On Tribal Land

Police Murders of Native Americans Are Grossly Underreported

Fives of People Show Up For Curt Schilling’s Sad Donald Trump Rally

Obama turns his wrath on GOP Senate hopefuls

How I Found Heaven in a Public Hospital
Britain’s National Health Service is a cosmopolitan, welfare-state utopia—one that conservatives everywhere want to abolish.

Murder of Brazil official marks new low in war on Amazon environmentalists
Luiz Alberto Araújo, a local government official in Pará state, was gunned down in front of his family: ‘It sends a message that no one is untouchable’

Gordon Hamilton, Climate Scientist, Dies in Accident in Antarctica

The 3,000 Other Elections: Trump May Help Democrats Win Back State Legislatures

Venezuela's Economic Crisis: Does It Mean That the Left Has Failed?

Mental health issues raised by immigration advocates

Scott Walker Backers Defend Lead and Wisconsin's Poisoned Politics

Mexico's bloodshed keeps getting worse — homicides hit a new high for the 3rd month in a row

Human Rights E-Carceration: The Problematic World of Being On an Electronic Monitor

Trump threatens to sue women accusing him

It Isn’t Just Donald Trump. The Bush Campaign Plotted to Reject Election Results in 2000

The Smearing of Donald Trump’s Accusers

23 numbers to know about Election 2016
New facts, figures and curiosities that help explain a wild campaign.

More than 100 people treated after chemical leak in Atchison, Kansas

Trump's Views on Science Are Shockingly Ignorant
His statements show a disregard for science that is alarming in a candidate for high office.

Peter Thiel, who gave $1.25 million to Trump, has called date rape 'belated regret'

North Carolina counties slashed their early voting hours and now this is what the lines look like

After Hurricane Matthew, Haitians Hope for Change in US Policy

Private Prison Companies Continue Giving to Senate Candidates
Geo Group's campaign contributions have increased sixfold since 2012.

North Dakota Police "Out of Control" in Crackdown on Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Media’s Debate Agenda: Push Russia, ISIS, Taxes; Downplay Climate, Poverty, Campaign Finance

The WikiLeaks Emails Reveal Why Hillary Clinton Wouldn't Support a Carbon Tax

Could a Socialist Plot Save the Planet?
Nationalization could slow the climate crisis. But email leaks show how hard a sell it will be to a Clinton administration.

Clinton up by 12 points in ABC News poll

The Election That Killed Foreign Policy

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince, Who Got Rich Off of Iraq, Now Backs "Anti-War" Donald Trump

Trump Foundation Paid Activist Filmmaker James O'Keefe

We Are Living in the Golden Age of Defense Waste and Corruption; Trump Will Make It Much Worse

Ari Berman on Rigging Elections, Dean Baker on the Debt Bogeyman

Florida Ballot Measure Could Halt Rooftop Solar, but Do Voters Know That?

Whoops: Pro-Donald Trump super PAC publishes donor credit card numbers

“I was in the rescue boat with them. I saw the dead bodies”: Documentary “Fire at Sea” captures the heartbreak of the migrant crisis

Watch Out For The Coming Corporate Tax-Break Trickery

Mexico Arrests Police Chief Linked to Ayotzinapa Disappearances

AT&T clinches deal for Time Warner in the latest massive media merger

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt New York Subsidies for Upstate Nuclear Plants

Buoyed by rising polls, Clinton shifts to a new target: the House and Senate