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It’s almost impossible for students to sue a for-profit college. Here’s why.

How New England students are taking fossil fuel divestment a step further

Organizing for radical change beyond the ballot box

Sanders May Be All but Finished, but the Fight for a Better Future Is Not

Why we need to stand united against governments cracking down on dissent

The ongoing fight over seismic testing for Atlantic oil and gas deposits

First quarter doldrums hit lobbying outlays for most, but pharmaceutical industry bucks the trend

Climate change to widen range of disease-carrying mosquitoes, says study

Case Builds Against For-Profit Colleges Denying Students Legal Rights

Energy issues roil race for Senate

Planned Parenthood On Cruz/Fiorina Ticket: ‘The Most Loathsome Pair In America’

Death from the Sky
Searching for Ground Truth in the Kunduz Hospital Bombing

Pentagon disciplines 16 for deadly attack on Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan

Jordan grapples with the environmental consequences of its refugee crisis

Baltimore police investigate officer's shooting of teen who had replica gun

John Boehner Describes Ted Cruz as ‘Lucifer in the Flesh’

Why Solidarity in the 21st Century Means Understanding Race and Class as One Entity, not Two

Inequality Will Get Worse Until There’s a Revolution

The Scam of Charter Schools Starts to Show Cracks in New Orleans
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

rabble.ca interviews Preempting Dissent co-director Greg Elmer

Groups Mull Suits Over Police Stings Aimed at Immigrant-owned Stores

West Coast farmworkers gear up for a long fight

Ecuadorians Come Together Online to Help Those Affected by the Earthquake

Georgia GOP Approves $2 Million for Anti-Choice Pregnancy Centers

Israeli propaganda stunt exploits Gaza children

Murder of LGBTQ+ editor highlights danger facing all rational voices in Bangladesh

We Live in a Democracy, Not a Theocracy

The Faltered Dreams of Two Rebellions

Announcement of Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Workstoppage for Sept 9, 2016

Why Portland, Maine Is Currently Exhibit A in How Austerity Can Make America's Opioid Crisis Even Worse

Big Oil Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

Hillarybots, You Blew It! Thanks for Another Decade of War, Misery, and Scandal

SF College Faculty Strike for Justice

Ten inconsistencies in Donald Trump's big foreign policy address
How closely the Republican frontrunner’s first big foreign policy speech stands up to detailed scrutiny is already the subject of fierce political debate

Honoring Prince's Legacy Of Boundary-Breaking Greatness

Iranian Hardliners vs. Reformists: The Future of the JCPOA

After Bitter Tuesday, Progressives Ask Democratic Party What It Stands For
'What I want to know from my Democratic Party is...when will our voices be effective, legitimate, equal leaders?'

US ruling over compensation for 1983 Beirut bombing riles Iran

Nursing home records may have been falsified

Northeastern Primary Landslides for Trump and Clinton and What's Next

Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina As Presidential Running Mate

Mainers poised to vote on marijuana legalization in November

Valeant CEO to Tell Senate He's Really, Really Sorry for Raising the Price of Life-Saving Heart Drugs 700 Percent

Number of civilians killed or injured by explosives rises 50% in five years

Ted Cruz to name Carly Fiorina as VP

William Rivers Pitt | Tuesday Night Massacre: The Looming Trump v. Clinton Debacle

GOP Leaders Are Preparing to Submit to Donald Trump

Prince’s Legacy of Philanthropy Beautifully Portrayed by Van Jones
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

How Capitalism and Racism Support Each Other

Former Reagan Official Calls For "Complete and Total Destruction of the Republican Party"

Clinton wins 4 of 5 states; Trump sweeps Republican races

Flint and America's Corroded Trust

Chris Christie, wife may need to work on a poker face

How the CIA Writes History

Robert Reich: Those who expect Sanders supporters to switch to Clinton may be in for a surprise

The Right Rises Up as Latin American Left Faces Setbacks

Israel puts poet under house arrest

Fast Food Industry Looks To Skirt Labor Law, With An Assist From Scott Walker

Chernobyl, 30 Years On

Judge Orders Recount of Tennessee Vote That Opened Floodgates for Anti-Choice Laws

Dahr Jamail | Temperatures in 2016 Approach Limit Set at Paris Climate Conference

You’re more likely to see an oil industry ad than a climate report on CNN

Arizona Anti-Choice Lobby ‘Not OK’ With FDA Update to Medication Abortion

Why Does Happiness Inequality Matter?
According to a new report, income inequality isn't the only thing we should be concerned about.

Show Us the Money! Less Than Half of the $6 Million Trump Raised for Veterans Has Been Donated

Battleground 2016: 25 big-spending House races to watch

Contractors Paid Billions in Environmental Penalties

PISA-envy, Pearson and Starbucks-style schools

Fox News Doctor Proposes A Harmful New “Treatment” For Transgender Children

Clean water crisis threatens US

Sowing Insecurity: Food and Agriculture in a Time of Climate Crisis

Roma Slavery: The Case for Reparations

In Portland, mysterious odors, unresponsive regulators

After years of rollbacks, democracy movement making gains in the states

L.A. Community Groups: Parks Are an Environmental Justice Issue

The Republican War to Disenfrachise US Voters Who Don't Agree With Them
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Vote in Virginia

How the Definition of Development Aid is Being Eroded

Can food hubs boost rural farming economies?

Nepal Disaster: How Climate Change Triggers Earthquakes

Turkey Government Wants to Label Kurds and Critics Terrorists

Drones Kill More Civilians Than Pilots Do

Washington-Riyadh Chill: The Sequel

Thirty Ways Chernobyl and Dying Nuke Industry Threaten Our Survival
-- Harvey Wasserman for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The end of oil as we know it

Cleveland reaches $6m settlement in Tamir Rice case

Cities Look for New Ways to Meet Demand for Water Supplies
San Diego offers a look at some possible solutions, including a desalination plant, a raised dam and a program to reduce leaks

U.S. sends F-22 warplanes to Romania

Ted Cruz's Indiana plan: Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks

Guatemala’s campesinos march to demand right to water

For Nebraska’s Poor, Get Sick and Get Sued

Children and adolescents forgotten by HIV policymakers

The Epitome of U.S. Corporate Success?

How Would Bill Restricting School Meals Option Affect Your Community?

DEA Allows Medical Marijuana Trial for Veterans With PTSD

Educators Routinely Ignore a Captive Audience - Schools in Juvenile Hall Get an ‘F’

The Good Food Movement Needs Science, Too

Erika Rocha's Suicide Underscores the Damage That Prison Is Wreaking on Youth

Austria's Treasured National Resource, Its Glaciers, Are Melting Fast

How to get inequality on the global policy agenda

Vermont Will Automatically Register Hundreds Of Thousands Of Voters

Vietnam Vets Push VA to Link Bladder Cancer to Agent Orange

Trump's 'America first' speech alarms U.S. allies

Here Are 10 of Trump's Biggest Foreign Policy Idiocies So Far

How a Worker-Owned Tech Startup Found Investors—and Kept Its Values

Why the Stop Trump movement isn’t working

Palestinians call for boycott of genocide conference in Jerusalem

On Passover, Israel and "Demographic Threats"

Open-Source, DIY Machine Recycles Household Plastic Into New Products

Competence Is Missing From New York City’s Elections Board

We Need to Consciously Spark, Amplify and Harness Mass Protest

Weighing Obama’s Economic Legacy–With a Thumb on the Scale

41,000 Doctors to Join Lawsuit Against Catholic Hospital Over Denial of Care

Debunking Five Myths That Fuel Right-Wing Bathroom Bills

EFF and ACLU Expose Government’s Secret Stingray Use in Wisconsin Case

“There is no doubt”: Exxon Knew CO2 Pollution Was A Global Threat By Late 1970s

Should we worry about arsenic in baby cereal and drinking water?

The world already would be out of water if everyone ate like Americans

House Bill Seeks Backdoor Effort to Boost Defense

Jailed for Resisting Big Palm Oil: Release the MALOA Six!

Ten Fracking Infrastructure Projects Canceled or Delayed in the Last 24 Months
-- Ted Glick for BuzzFlash at Truthout

What will the Bernie Sanders revolution look like without Bernie Sanders?

Harvesting Rainwater to Weather Drought in Northeast Argentina

Vox’s Puff Piece on Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Reveal Goldman Sponsors Vox

Opening the Closed Political Culture
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Obama administration urges states to curb use of solitary confinement
US president has introduced federal-level reforms, but without getting states to do likewise their impact will be minimal

House conservatives push for strong majority of majority rule

Doctors without Borders: At least 14 killed in airstrike on Syria hospital

John Kerry, Vietnam War continue to be intertwined
The secretary of state will accompany President Obama to Hanoi next month, revisiting the site of the war he so ardently opposed.

Viral Video of River Catching on Fire Prompts Call for Ban on Fracking
-- Max Phillips of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Fears grow about rising US troop levels in Middle East

Mother fatally shot by toddler who found gun in car, sheriff’s office says

Charles P. Pierce | How Donald Trump Got This Far
He was the only one to spot the weakness in the starting pack of unelectable lightweights and has-beens.

Deeply Embedded Racism: Washington, DC, Allowed Slavery Until 1862, and Is Not Yet a State
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months for bank crime related to sexual abuse of teenagers
The former U.S. House speaker, said in court that he was “deeply ashamed” and acknowledged that he “mistreated some of the athletes I coached.”

GOP Mega-Donors So Frustrated by Their Failure to Buy Elections That Some Are Bowing Out

How the Mainstream Corporate Media Get It Wrong on Student Debt
Student loan debt tops $1 trillion in the United States, yet corporate media outlets still aren't always telling the full story on college affordability and student debt.

Why Did Bernie Sanders Run? How The Sanders Revolution Changed As The Democratic Primaries Went On

GOP Voters Strongly Back Trump Ban on Muslims

Charles P. Pierce | What Began at Occupy Wall Street Is Reverberating in Tuesday's Democratic Primary

Dennis Hastert Faces Up to 5 Years in Prison at Sentencing

Columnist quits over ban on him writing about billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Oklahoma Is Going After Abortion Doctors For Doing Their Jobs

Warren Buffett Faces Pressure to Invest for the Climate, Not Just for Profit

Israeli Tourist Map of Jerusalem Rewrites History

Paid Leave and a Different Kind of American Exceptionalism
Here are three things the United States can learn from other nations should policymakers ever decide that it’s shameful to be the largest economy in the world and not have paid leave.

Bernie Surges in Pennsylvania and Connecticut – Tales from Phone Banking

Trapped In Turkey: One Afghan Asylum Seeker’s Quest To Make A Life In The EU

Pens Don't Rob People, Plutocrats Do
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump States as Fact: “If You Collude in the Stock Market, They Put You in Jail.” Seriously?

A Changing Discourse: Why Bernie Sanders' Critique of Israel Matters

Behind the Syrian violence – the peaceful town of Al Qaryatayn

Climate Change Adds Urgency To Push to Save World’s Seeds

Equivocation You Can Believe In

There's An East African Refugee Crisis

Calls for Urgent Response to Environmental Disaster in Vietnam

Ecosystem Conservation Gives Hope to a Vulnerable Community

American Schools Are Criminalizing Black Girls

Solar gardens grow slowly out West

Let’s take a page from the Paris agreement and commit to a personal climate target

This Is Big: Appeals Court Backs Trans Protections

Food Banks Brace for Long Lines as Thousands Lose SNAP Benefits

Mexican Human Rights Defenders Say They Are Target of Smear Campaign

At least 28 killed in violence in Syria’s capital and Aleppo

In Defence of Life
The Struggles and Triumphs of Four Communities Resisting Mining

Are super PACs becoming captive to hedge funders? Six give nearly $10 million to presidential groups in March alone

Why Are Our Elections Such a Mess?

What does justice for slain Honduran environmentalist Berta Cáceres mean?

Hillsborough disaster: deadly mistakes and lies that lasted decades
As the longest inquest in British legal history unfolded, a picture emerged of a callously negligent police force led by an inexperienced commander whose actions directly led to the deaths of 96 people by David Conn

Anti-LGBT law sparks protests in North Carolina, with dozens arrested
What some call ‘Hate Bill 2’ blocks protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and directs which restrooms transgender people can use

Moving forward while celebrating Palestinian art’s past

Beagle 2: most detailed images yet of lost Mars lander revealed
New pictures are most detailed images of Mars ever achieved from an orbiting spacecraft and seem to add weight to theory on Beagle 2’s final resting place

US unions plan attack on Donald Trump in attempt to derail presidential bid
Concerned labor group leaders are organizing ad campaigns and phone banks as Trump’s populist message on trade and jobs draws in union voters

U.S. fight against Zika mosquito depends on local effort

Guns and the US's murder board

What to Watch For in Primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and 3 Other States