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The Majority of American Medical Doctors Think Marijuana Should be Legal

Brooklyn Landlords Forcing Black Tenants Out in Favor of Whites

Everything You Need to Know About the Polls and Polling Firms, Leading Up to Midterms

Obamacare is working. Now's the time to start talking about making it better.

Glenn Greenwald's new book to contain 'new stories from the Snowden archive'

US Has a 'Secret Exception' to Reasonable Suspicion for Putting People on the No Fly List

Nineteen Reasons Latin Americans Come to the US That Have Nothing to Do With the American Dream

If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats

Justice Scalia Tells Law Students ‘Perhaps You Should Revolt’ If Taxes Become Too High

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, boxer wrongly convicted of murder, dies

Paul Krugman | Obamacare Versus the Wusses

Meet the North Carolina officials who promoted a far-right conspiracy theory to discredit environmental sustainability

The Rise of the Digital Proletariat
Astra Taylor reminds us that the Internet cannot magically produce revolution.

Telltale Rainbow Sheens Show Thousands Of Spills Across The Gulf

The Selective Subservience System

Mistake in Shutting Down a US News Source
US intelligence, best known for collecting information about people including Americans, did have one agency that gave the public access to its translations of foreign news articles - until this year when the sharing was shut down.

Five Things to Know About How Corporations Block Access to Everything from Miracle Drugs to Science Research

Coal Company Cuts Off Ex-Miners From Their Health Benefits

Cold War II: Evil Russkie He-Men Turn Us Into Fracking Hell

White supremacist’s genocidal paranoia: Inside the mind of the White Man March founder

The Populist Wave: Politics and Pitchforks

Edward Snowden | Vladimir Putin Must Be Called to Account on Surveillance Just Like Obama

US documents detail another delayed GM recall
Government auto safety watchdog also failed to seek action despite investigating crashes caused by the problem.

Paul Krugman: What the 1% Don't Want You to Know

Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Imperative
The mainstream US news media is flooding the American people with one-sided propaganda on Ukraine, rewriting the narrative to leave out the key role of neo-Nazis and insisting on a “group think” that exceeds even the misguided consensus on Iraq’s WMD.

The Corruption of Mainstream Media
The United States' mainstream media still pretends it is the custodian of "serious journalism," but that claim continues to erode as the corporate press shies away from its duty to challenge propaganda emanating from various parts of the US government.

US Tribe Looks to International Court for Justice

Keystone Advocates Inject Ukraine Into Pipeline Debate
Controversial project included in wish list of actions industry says would send more oil and gas to vulnerable Ukraine and Europe.

David Sirota | Chris Christie’s $300m pension proposal broke state anti-corruption laws

24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America

Tech Companies Adopt Astroturf to Get Their (Wicked) Way

EU Makes Bold Commitment to Sustainable Fishing

Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen

Program Fights Double-Edged Stereotypes About Muslim Domestic Violence

Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It's Not a Democracy
A new scientific study concludes that America is basically an oligarchy.

Mitch McConnell Says He Stood Up for Women in a Senate Sexual-Harassment Scandal. The Real Story Is Damning

Limbaugh, Right-Wing Pundits Try To Blame Max Blumenthal For Kansas Rampage

What if Bundy Ranch Were Owned by a Bunch of Black People?
How would conservatives react if these were black farmers—or black anyone—defending “their” land against federal officials?

Watch Elizabeth Warren Go After Paul Ryan for Blaming Unemployment on the Unemployed

Protecting Classrooms From Corporate Takeover: What Families Can Learn from Teachers’ Unions
The "education reform" movement represented by No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top blames teachers for the problems in our public schools.

Long-Term Unemployment May Be Unresolvable in Current Economic System

Pope Francis: Government Has a Role in Addressing Inequality and Injustice

EPA Gives BP ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ on 4th Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster

Glenn Greenwald: To Be Vilified by Powerful Is 'Enormous Badge of Honor'

A 12-Year-Old’s Trek of Despair Ends in a Noose at the Border

High Tech: How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in on cannabis

New Report: More Than 100 Hate Crime Murders Linked to a Single Far-Right Website

The Irony of Cliven Bundy's Unconstitutional Stand
The Nevada rancher isn't just resisting the Bureau of Land Management - he's also fighting against his state's unusual constitutional history.

Four Bad Things We Learned About The Epic California Drought This Week

With sales now legal, cannabis lovers take Denver's 420 weekend to new highs

Drill, Spill, Repeat? Opposition mounts to seismic testing for Atlantic oil and gas reserves

Training for an Uncertain Military Future in the California Desert

Was the police state that was Mississippi a model for the nation?

Gun attack shakes Easter truce in Ukraine

Why Facebook and Google are buying into drones

California TV station films dog calmly playing with kids after cop shoots himself trying to kill it

Five Protests Blooming in Washington DC This Spring

Elizabeth Warren's "growing clout could shift the caucus to the left"

Anti-Drone Protesters Arrested Outside US Air Force Base

'Moccasins on the Ground' Aims to Shield People from 'Black Venom' of Keystone XL

"Russia with Love": Alaska Gas Scandal is Out-of-Country, Not Out-of-State

General Mills Shifts Policy on Public’s Right to Sue

Bangladesh Factory Owner Charged With Murder

Six Ridiculous Right-Wing Declarations This Week: The Phyllis 'Expand the Gender Pay Gap' Schlafly Edition

Feds Quietly Toughen Standards for Immigrant Asylum Seekers

Missouri GOP: Federal agents who enforce gun laws would be denied future state employment

Reza Aslan on why he loves being on Glenn Beck's "chalkboard of crazy," and why Jesus would raise the minimum wage

The mentality of J Edgar Hoover’s FBI undergirds today’s surveillance state

100 Years On, Charlie Chaplin's Legacy Looms Large

The Underground Railroad Was One of America's First Co-Ops: A Black History Tour of Cooperative Economics

Nevada Ranch Stand-Off Was One Big Promo for Rustic Right-Wing Millionaires
The right-wing media machine jumped at the chance to support Cliven Bundy's fight to graze his cattle on public land for free.

Big Profits in Not-for-Profit Charter Schools

International Lawyers Seek Justice for Iraqis

Why Jeb Bush's Greatest Political Achievement Could Sink a White House Run

Including the Young and the Rich
Obama administration holds summit to find "common ground" between public sector and the so-called next-generation philanthropists.

Tennessee Set to Criminalise Pregnant Women Who Use Illegal Drugs

BillO Gives A Good Friday Sermon: Moochers, Lefties And The Pope

California Students Feel UC Admission Squeeze

Wealthy Elite Influence Government Policy More than Average Voters, Study Finds

USC Shooter Breaks Down in Tears After Getting 40 Years to Life
Through tears, the 21 year old asked the judge for a second chance.

Cliven Bundy’s Ailing America: What a Wingnut Rancher’s Rise Says About Our Waning Democracy