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Trans Surgical Care in Military Is on Hold, Leaked Emails Say
Emails obtained by Broadly reveal that trans-related surgical care within the US military is halted, pending guidance from the administration. A Pentagon spokesperson says there has been no official change in policy.

North Carolina Lawmakers Defend Bill Protecting Drivers Who Hit Protesters

Thousands Of Anti-KKK Protesters March Through Downtown Durham

Steve Bannon out as White House chief strategist

Pelosi endorses censure of Trump over Charlottesville response

Al Gore Calls On Donald Trump To Resign

Courts Everywhere Said Women Can Use Medicaid at Planned Parenthood. This One Just Ruled They Can’t

Mother of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Says She’s Received Death Threats

US Voting Machine Supplier Leaks 1.8 Million Chicago Voter Records

ACLU Will No Longer Defend Gun-Carrying Protest Groups

"Art of the Deal" Ghostwriter Thinks President Trump Will Resign Before the End of the Year

New climate change report likely to be ignored to death

Barcelona van attack: multiple deaths reported in Las Ramblas area - latest updates
Police confirm fatalities and say they are treating incident in Spanish city as terror attack, amid local reports that armed men have entered restaurant

Albert Burneko | Everything Is So Bad
When you accuse Trump of ideological Nazism or Confederate sympathy or whatever, you’re granting him more depth and dimension than he contains.

‘He is stubborn and doesn't realize how bad this is getting’
The Charlottesville furor is the latest example of the chaos that can result from Trump's temper and refusal to back down.

Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania

Another Reason to Ditch Plastic: It Smells Like Food to Fish
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump's Economic Council Implodes as White House Defends White Supremacists
Donald Trump's career has been suffused with racism, but it was his defense of white supremacists that forced CEOs to distance themselves from him.

Trump's "Both Sides" Rhetoric: Liberals Beat Him to the Punch

US forces to stay in Syria for decades, say militia allies

Barcelona terror: Van plows into crowd

The right's hate won't go unopposed in Boston
As right-wing forces organize for another hate-filled protest in Boston, it's crucial for anti-racist activists to unite in opposition.

President Trump Rails Against Removal Of "Beautiful" Confederate Statues

A White House meltdown in the making

This is Sinclair, "the most dangerous US company you've never heard of"
Sinclair is the largest broadcast company in America. But its partisan politics – and connections to the White House – are raising concerns

Why a Drug Policy Organization Needs to Speak Out Against White Supremacy

Arizona doesn’t need any more for-profit prisons

Did you visit this anti-Trump site? The US government wants your IP address

Trump To Make Obamacare Subsidy Payments After Threatening To End Them

"We Just Feel Like We Don't Belong Here Anymore"
Think it's hard for the white working class in rural America? Try being a person of color.

White Supremacist Who Boasted About Being "Ready for Violence" Cries Over Possible Charlottesville Arrest Warrant

As he coddles neo-Nazis, Trump’s political isolation increases

Trump's crisis spurs talk of White House departures

House Dems push to censure Trump over Charlottesville response

Banning transgender troops would cost 100 times more than letting them serve

McConnell: "there are no good neo-Nazis"

Report: Queasy Aussies Killed Trump's Casino Bid Over "Mafia Connections"

WH Source: Trump Is Afraid to Fire Bannon

Is Sessions Already Botching the Charlottesville Investigation?

FBI "reopens investigation into Clintons at Donald Trump's request"

The members of Trump's main business council are reportedly scrapping the group altogether

Pence won't take questions from press in Chile

The Role of Nurses Is Critical in the Fight for Health Care

Neo-Nazi Emboldenment and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy

How New York subways got broke on purpose

Donald Trump, the President of White America

How "Nice White People" Benefit from Charlottesville and White Supremacy

Colin Kaepernick: Anatomy of a Blacklisted NFL Quarterback

Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues in Overnight Operation

South Carolina sues drug manufacturer over opioid crisis

Floods in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh leave 250 dead

Justice Department Accused of Breaching Constitution by Seeking Info on Visitors to Anti-Trump Website

After Charlottesville: Reflections From a Former Skinhead

President Trump's staff left confused and frustrated after he goes "rogue"

Alt-Right Ringleader Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop ‘Motherlode’ If Steve Bannon Is Ousted

Dahr Jamail | Fukushima Plant Is Releasing 770,000 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the Pacific Ocean

Jim Hightower: A Corporate Supercell Spawning a Hailstorm of Special-Interest Legislation
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Steve Bannon could be done, decision imminent - report

The New Normal of US Politics

Florida prisons — all of them — on lockdown
Amid social media planning for a human rights protest in Washington, the Florida Department of Corrections has placed all prisons on lockdown in addition to the ban on visitation this weekend that was announced Wednesday.

White Nationalists Are Feeling The Squeeze After Charlottesville Backlash

Trump Tried to Call Heather Heyer's Mother During Funeral

Suicide rates boosted by easy access to guns, researchers say

Mother of Charlottesville victim says she won't speak with Trump

Bob Corker just went there on Trump's "competence"

Supporting a White Nationalist Goal, DOJ Looks to End Affirmative Action
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump resurrects pig's blood myth after Barcelona attack

North Atlantic Right Whales Extinction Feared After 13 Deaths In 3 Months

Saudi Arabia to open border with Qatar to let pilgrims attend hajj

Carl Paladino, man who wished Obama would die from mad cow disease, loses Buffalo school board spot

Capitalist Economies Create Waste, Not Social Value

Iran Will Change When the US Changes

Why Does North Korea Hate Us?
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Mic is laying off staff as it prepares for a pivot to video

Phoenix Mayor Calls On Trump To Delay Planned Campaign Rally After Charlottesville

Torches Replaced By Candlelight As Thousands Gather For Charlottesville Vigil
Thousands of people converged on the University of Virginia campus Wednesday night in a show of support for the Charlottesville community following last weekend's white supremacist rally.

U of Fla. Rejects Request for "Repugnant" White Nationalist Event

Durham Confederate Statue Protesters to Hold Rally Before Turning Themselves In

How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army

The United States was never immune to fascism. Not then, not now
It has never been more important to acknowledge the history of fascism and neo-fascism in America

Trump Is Just Six Senate Votes Away From Impeachment

After clashes with white nationalists, U-Va. library employee suffers a stroke

NYT: Trump Lawyer Forwarded Email Comparing Washington To Lee

Steve Bannon brands far right "losers" and contradicts Trump in surprise interview

The Arc of Justice Does Not Bend Toward a Robert E. Lee Statue
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Scotland's largest solar farm gets green light

Give It Up, Folks: Confederate Statues Are All About Racism

Trump Thought He Aced That Press Conference

Corporate Chiefs Flee Trump; He Disbands WH Advisory Panels

USAID leader sees 'extraordinary' need

Twitter must suspend Donald Trump for being an "accomplice to domestic terrorism," says Anne Frank Centre

CNN 'Analyst' Michael Weiss Hosted Anti-Muslim Rally with Far-Right Hate Queen Pamela Geller

Breitbart Is Attacking Rupert Murdoch for Speaking Out Against Steve Bannon

No, Mr Trump, we're not the same as the neo-Nazis
In Charlottesville I faced off with men bearing torches and swastikas shouting ‘Jews Will Not Replace Us.’ Yet the president thinks both sides are to blame

Civil rights group sues Nebraska state prisons system

Exactly How Much Does Rupert Murdoch Know About Trump?
An interesting new report has emerged from Down Under.

A Former EPA Adviser on How to Push for Environmental Justice Under Trump

No More Charlottesvilles
The most important struggle in the US today is stopping the growth of the racist right-wing.

Neo-Nazi website banned by Google gets Russian web domain

White House Bible Study Group Led by Homophobic, Climate Change-Denying Pastor
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

How War Pollutes the Potomac River
-- David Swanson and Pat Elder for BuzzFlash at Truthout

University of Florida denies white supremacist Richard Spencer's request to speak on campus

Michigan Democrats push African-American history mandate following Charlottesville violence

Two more protesters arrested for destruction of Durham Confederate monument

WH sends GOP talking points saying Trump entirely correct on Charlottesville

Why is the US still fighting the civil war?
Confederate symbols have become a crucible of racial tension in the US. White nationalists claim they are important monuments – but are they just a way to rewrite an ugly history and revive the battles of the past?

Who is Hope Hicks, the 28-year old reportedly tapped to be Trump's new Communications Director?

Why this Trump moment might be different