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Pennsylvania Makes Public 243 Cases of Fracking Contaminated Water

Guantanamo Defense Lawyer Resigns, Says US Case Is "Stacked"

Study: Citizens United Elected More Republicans

The True Meaning of Labor Day

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Says UK Rogue State, Danger to World

Lawmakers Profit From Stock Boom

Restaurant Industry's Low Wages Leave 40 Percent of Workers in Near-Poverty

Rubio's New Tune on Immigration

The Vilification of Teachers

US Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order on Anti-Abortion Law

Back to School, and to Widening Inequality

As Bombs Go Silent, Testimonies Mount That Israeli Soldiers Used Gazans as Human Shields

US Urges Israel to Reverse Appropriation of Land for West Bank Settlement

Russian Foreign Minister Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Ukraine

Three killed as police battle anti-government protesters in Pakistan

Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.

Impending casino closures foreground Atlantic City’s great divide

Colorado Town to Ask Higher Court to Uphold Its Fracking Ban

India’s Living Bridges: A fascinating Look At Sustainability

Iraqi forces break two-month siege of Amerli - officials

NYPD under investigation for another restraint-related death

This Is What a Farmer Looks Like

Islamic State militants behead captive Lebanese soldier

California lawmakers send governor a ban on single-use plastic bags

Inequality and the USA: A Nation in Denial?

Ellis Island in reverse: Where deportees go when they get home to Guatemala

US operations in Iraq costing $7.5m a day as Obama deliberates strategy

Is Blackwater Finally Going to Be Held Accountable for Civilian Deaths?

Yet Another GOP State Is Moving to Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

Rick Santorum: "The Highest Freedoms" Not Necessarily "Right for Society"
Rick Santorum, clearly intending to run for president again in 2016, had a few thoughts about liberals and how their ideas are wrong for America.

Surfers Defy Wealthy California Oceanfront Property Owners Denying Beach Access
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

California’s Drought: What Losing 63 Million Gallons of Water Looks Like

This 3D-Printed Vertebra Is a Huge Step Forward for Medicine

Israeli Company Targeted by Oakland Blockade Imports Ammunition Into US

Bummer, Elizabeth Warren, Bummer
The newly minted voice of the progressives strikes a sour note with her defense of Israel's shameful overly-zealous bombing of Gaza schools and hospitals.

Netanyahu Meets With House Armed Services Members

Obama Administration to Reward Student Loan Company Accused of Cheating Troops

Ben Stein: Michael Brown "Wasn't Unarmed. He Was Armed With His Incredibly Strong, Scary Self"

The Courage to Disarm
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Losing Ground
In 50 years, most of southeastern Louisiana not protected by levees will be underwater. The state is losing a football field of land every 48 minutes.

Judge Clashes with Defense Dept. over Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Remember This Moment When the Next Financial Crisis Strikes

Tax Dollars for Oil Wars and Weapons Should Be Spent on Improving the Common Good
-- Jacqueline Marcus for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Ebola Outbreak: Senegal Confirms First Case

How Trayvon Martin’s Death Launched a New Generation of Black Activism
A host of new groups are reviving the grassroots fight for racial equality.

Ferguson Protesters Sue Missouri Police for $40 Million

Top Immigration Court Hands Huge Win to Battered Women Seeking Asylum. Conservatives Freak Out.
Women's rights groups call it a win. Fox News calls it a path to "instant US citizenship."

Students at the Barricades

Samsung Supplier Factory Found to Use Child Labor, Watchdog Says

Second American Dies Fighting for the Islamic State After Abandoning His Nine Children

Connecticut Man Charged After Friend Loses Game of Russian Roulette

Assault-Rifle Sales Plummet as Scare Over Gun Control Fades

US Officials Reach Deal With Pennsylvania on Medicaid

Memorandum for Angela Merkel: Beware of Fixed Intelligence on Ukraine - Think WMDs

GOP's Labor Day Scorecard: Here's How They're Flunking and Hurting Us All

Why White Men Hate Unions: The South, the New Workforce and the GOP War on Your Self-Interest

Putin Talks About "Statehood" for Eastern Ukraine

Housing Group: 20 Years to Rebuild Gaza After Fighting With Israel

At Least Five Ferguson Officers Apart From Brown Shooter Have Been Named in Lawsuits

McCain Demands Obama Lays Out Policy to Defeat ISIS, But Can't Give Specifics Himself

Top Ten Working Class Hero Films

Labor History: The First Factory Strike

How Does a 9-Year-Old Come to Shoot a Fully Automatic Weapon?

Inequality: A Broad Middle Class Requires Empowering Workers

California Attorney Specializing in Elder Law Charged With Elder Abuse

UN Considers Emergency Mission to Iraq to Investigate ISIS "War Crimes"

On Labor Day, Watch "Brothers on the Line" About the Reuther Brothers

At Ferguson March, Call to Halt Traffic in Labor Day Highway Protest

Charles Koch Personally Founded a Group Protecting Oil Industry Handouts

This 11-Year-Old Was Locked Up Trying to Cross the Border. Read the Heartfelt Letter She Sent Obama

Six Other Excessive Force Complaints Filed Against Ferguson PD

“I’m not someone who operates in the shadows”: An abortion provider on stigma, safety and “coming out” about her job

LAPD names two sergeants involved in struggle with man who died

Keeping the Police Honest

Indefinite Ceasefire in War-Battered #Gaza

Atlantic City losing 2 casinos, 5K jobs in 3 days

CNN Attempts Actual Journalism–But Reverts to Embedded Reporting

Fast-Food Workers Challenge Stereotypes, Globalize Question of Fairness

Obama Weighing Delay in Action on Immigration

Secret McConnell Recording Underscores Need for Reversing Citizens United

Court Rules Texas School Finance Unconstitutional
Dietz says current system fails students, must be rebuilt

Massive Half-Mile-Long Crack Appears in Ground in Northern Mexico

This Guy Was Disowned by His Family For Being Gay So the Internet Raised $50,000 For Him

"I’m Not Your Brother!": Video Reveals Police’s Stunning Double-Standard for Black Americans
In a shocking video posted to YouTube, police tase and arrest a black man picking his kids up from preschool

With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe

Convicted Cold War Spy John Walker Dies in Federal Prison

Blackwater Trial Reaches Emotional and Legal Climax as Prosecution Rests

Should Japan Restart Its Nuclear Reactors?
The untold story of March 11, 2011 is how close Japan came to three more spent fuel pool fires at Fukushima Daiichi and four meltdowns at Fukushima Daini after the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

Missouri Cop Ray Albers Resigns After Pointing Rifle at Ferguson Protesters

Ebola Virus Has Mutated During Course of Outbreak

Seven Disturbing Quotes From the Koch Summit Speeches

What I Learned From Debating Science With Trolls

The White House Is Spoiling for a Fight on Immigration

Patriotic Heresy vs. the New Cold War

Syrian Refugees Top 3 Million, Half of All Syrians Displaced: UN

Food is the First Thing: Hunger in America

Hawaii's GMO Battle: Federal Judge Strikes Down Kauai's Pesticide Regulations

Obama Stops Short of Calling Russia Actions in Ukraine an Invasion

How Does a 9-Year-Old Come to Shoot a Fully Automatic Weapon?
The Uzi tragedy in Arizona, explained.

Global Community Must Face Deeper Roots of Growing Ebola Crisis

David Swanson | Monty Python State Department

California Passes "Yes-Means-Yes" Campus Sexual Assault Bill

Syrian Rebels Surround Filipino UN Peacekeepers in Golan Heights
Rebels have surrounded peacekeepers and demanded they give up their weapons, hours after taking 43 Fijian soldiers hostage

Dog-Whistle Politics: The Humanity of Michael Brown

Ukraine Blows Up Twitter with News of Russian Invasion

Midwestern Wheat Left Rotting as Oil Trains Roll By
Oil boom in North Dakota is delaying massive grain shipments, farmers say