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Monsanto 0912wrp opt(Photo: EcoWatch)India is steeped in a synthesized controversy created by Monsanto on the first GMO crop, supposedly approved for commercialization. Engaged in litigation on many fronts, Monsanto is trying to subvert our patent laws: Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Right Act, Essential Commodities Act and Competition Act. It is behaving as if there is no Parliament, no democracy, no sovereign laws in India to which it is subject. Or it simply doesn't have any regard for them.

In another theatre, Monsanto and Bayer are merging. They were one as MoBay (MonsantoBayer), part of the poison cartel of I.G. Farben. The controlling stakes of both corporations lie with the same private equity firms. The expertise of these firms is in war. I.G. Farben, Adolf Hitler's economic powerhouse and pre-war Germany's highest foreign exchange earner, was also a foreign intelligence operation. Hermann Schmitz was president of I.G. Farben, Schmitz's nephew Max Ilgner was a director of I.G. Farben, while Max's brother Rudolph Ilgner ran the New York arm as vice-president of Chemnyco.

Paul Warburg, brother of Max Warburg (board of directors, Farben Aufsichtsrat), founded the U.S. Federal Reserve System. Max Warburg and Hermann Schmitz played a central role in the Farben empire. Other "guiding hands" of Farben Vorstand included Carl Bosch, Fritz ter Meer, Kurt Oppenheim and George von Schnitzler. Each of them was adjudged a "war criminal" after World War II, except Paul Warburg.

Monsanto and Bayer have a long history. They made explosives and lethally poisonous gases using shared technologies and sold them to both sides in the two world wars. The same war chemicals were bought by the Allied and Axis powers, from the same manufacturers, with money borrowed from the same bank.

Monday, 12 September 2016 06:55

Five Deadly Sins of Big Pharma


Capsules 0912wrp opt(Photo: Sage Ross)For Mylan, it was a perfect plan -- diabolical, unstoppable. The company made changes in its anti-allergy EpiPen dispenser in 2009, enough to give it patent protection. Then, in 2012, it began to give away free pens to schools, gradually making school nurses at least partly dependent on them. Meanwhile the company was successfully lobbying for the "Emergency Epinephrine Act," commonly referred to as the "EpiPen Law," which encouraged the presence of epinephrine dispensers in schools. Most recently, after raising the price from $100 to $600, Mylan announced a half-price coupon, making itself appear generous even though the price had effectively jumped from $100 to $300.

This is capitalism at its worst, a greedy and disdainful profit-over-people system that leaves millions of Americans sick...or dead. These are the sins of the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Gouging Customers

The Mylan story is just one of many. An American with cancer will face bills up to $183,000 per year, even though it hasn't been established that the expensive treatments actually extend lives. A 12-week course of Sovaldi, for hepatitis, costs Gilead Sciences about $84 and is priced at $84,000.

This is an industry that can suddenly impose a 60,000% increase on desperately ill people. Yet the pharmaceutical industry's profit margin is matched only by the unscrupulous financial industry for the highest corporate profit margin.


Sacred 0909wrp opt(Photo: EcoWatch)A first round of motions was passed Tuesday by the 1,300 government and civil society members of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) at its World Conservation Congress taking place in Hawaii. These include a ban on gillnet fishing in Mexico that threatens the vaquita porpoise and also restrictions on the illegal trade of pangolins.

Among the 85 motions like these that are up for a vote this week are some involving the direct and urgent needs of people too, including indigenous people whose sacred sites and lands face destructive forces. One need only look at the Dakota Access Pipeline battle here in the U.S., which would disturb sacred sites as well as water sources of the Standing Rock Sioux, to imagine that this sort of injustice happens to indigenous groups everywhere.

That's why many representatives from such groups are in Hawaii lobbying IUCN delegates to support Motion 26, which would declare their sacred natural sites to be "no go zones" for developers. As a resolution, it would be non-binding on governments, but would be one more tool for groups to use in pushing for policy changes at a local and national level. It is due for a vote by the delegates, probably on the last day of the Congress, which ends Sept. 10.

NGOs have also lined up strongly in support of the motion (the progress of which can be followed on Twitter via the hashtags #Motion26 and #VoteForIUCNMotion26), including Women's Earth and Climate Action Network and also Amazon Watch, whose Andrew Miller, when asked why, said ...

Friday, 09 September 2016 05:51

Big Bad Big Banks Continue to Behave Badly


wellsfargoBig banks continue to get slaps on the wrist for illegal practices. (Photo: Mike Mozart)

If you think that big banks only behave badly in the derivative and sub-prime mortgage markets, you've only noted a few of their financial misdeeds -- in this case two reckless behaviors that were key to the 2008 meltdown of the economy.

Many people aren't aware that some of the big banks have also been knowingly involved in accepting cash from drug cartels. For example, Bloomberg News reported in 2013,

HSBC Holdings Plc’s $1.9 billion agreement with the U.S. to resolve charges it enabled Latin American drug cartels to launder billions of dollars was approved by a federal judge.

HSBC was accused of failing to monitor more than $670 billion in wire transfers and more than $9.4 billion in purchases of U.S. currency from HSBC Mexico, allowing for money laundering, prosecutors said. The bank also violated U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma and Cuba, according to a criminal information filed in the case....

The bank, Europe’s largest, agreed to pay a $1.25 billion forfeiture and $665 million in civil penalties under the settlement, prosecutors announced in December.

A Guardian US article noted at the time of the financial penalty,

Mexico’s narco nightmare now counts 100,000 dead and some 20,000 missing; there is no overstating the misery of its export -- hard drugs -- around the world. Yet only one stepping stone connects HSBC to this carnage and misery: the bank acted as the cartel’s financial services wing....

2016.8.9 BF Koehler(Photo: Samantha Celera)ROBERT C. KOEHLER FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT

The paradox of democracy is that it depends on the integrity of those who have the most to lose if an election goes the wrong way -- you know, the people in power.

That's a particularly thorny dilemma when the "fourth estate" -- the speakers of truth to power, the public's counterforce against political hackdom -- are basically corporate wimps who view their job as the voice of public relations for the status quo, the defenders of our conventional beliefs, e.g., that God's in his heaven and America is the world's oldest, greatest, most secure democracy.

But in 2016, even the mainstream media are trembling with uncertainty. As Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis recently wrote: "Now 16 years after the theft of the presidency in Florida 2000, and a dozen since it was done again in Ohio 2004, the corporate media is approaching consensus that it is indeed very easy to strip millions of legitimate citizens from the voting rolls, and then to hack electronic voting machines and computerized central tabulators to flip the official final outcome."

I'm sure the party to thank for this late mainstream awareness that our computerized voting system is painfully vulnerable is Donald Trump, who has dragged the election process into territory more puerile, racist and reptile-brained than even the corporate media can tolerate.


Article reprinted with permission from EcoWatch.

Clean power superstar Costa Rica has hit another renewable energy milestone. The Central American country's electric grid has been powered entirely by its mix of hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass for 150 days this year and counting.

Impressively, as Mashable reported, the country has not used fossil fuels for electricity for the last 76 days, from June 16 to Sept. 2, according to data from the country's power operator, Costa Rica Electricity Institute (ICE).

According to an ICE report, hydropower contributed about 80 percent of the country's electricity needs in August, followed by geothermal (12 percent), wind (7 percent) and solar energy (0.01 percent).

Costa Rica hasn't needed to rely on fossil fuels for electricity since June 16. "Since then, it's been 76 consecutive days in which all electricity has come from plants that use renewable resources," the ICE said.

"We are a small country with great goals!" ICE wrote on Facebook. "We remain committed to the goal of carbon neutrality for 2021."

Costa Rica is becoming well-known for its renewable energy accomplishments. Last year, the country generated nearly all of its electricity from renewables.


The other night, I was watching a historical documentary on World War I. That conflict, which was supposed to be "The War to End All Wars," resulted in the deaths of approximately 38 million people: soldiers and civilians. Barely 20 years later, the rumblings of the World War II had begun, which would result in the murders of more than 70 million people.

At the end of the First World War, the British government undertook a propaganda campaign to justify the senseless and barbaric bloodletting that had occurred, resulting in approximately one million British soldiers killed and more than two million wounded. The government built a series of monuments honoring "The Glorious Dead" -- using a memorial slogan invented to justify the war as a great worthwhile "sacrifice." Architects were contracted to build memorials around the British Empire with either that phrasing or the more embracing slogan "Our Glorious Dead."

8315146760 79400a5375 m 1(Photo: Defence Images )

6346499271 3f86331219 m copyWorld I monument erected outside Whitehall in London honoring "The Glorious Dead." (Photo: Donna Rutherford)


Fox 0907wrp opt(Photo: EcoWatch)A new study from professors at Oklahoma State University has found that Republicans and Democrats have never been so far apart on climate issues.

"What was once a modest tendency for Congressional Republicans to be less pro-environmental than their Democratic counterparts has become a chasm—with Republicans taking near-unanimous anti-environmental stances on relevant legislation in recent years, especially 2015," the study said.

This distance between the parties was further exacerbated by the rise of the Koch-funded Tea Party, which took the hard line of fully dismissing the climate change threat, often making climate change a lightning rod for voters who were outraged at Washington.

As they stoked fears about the U.S. government attempting to pass legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions, the Tea Party normalized climate denial throughout the Republican Party, according to Oklahoma State University's Prof. Riley E. Dunlap and Jerrod H. Yarosh, and Michigan State Associate Professor Aaron M. McCright.

Another study, cited by The Guardian Tuesday, concludes that the growth of conservative media has cemented this gap.

Conservative newspaper The Wall Street Journal was found to publish inaccurate information on the topic, according to a report by Media Matters for America.


Colin 0907wrp(Photo: Mike Morbeck)San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem as a protest against racial inequality in America is hands-down the biggest sports-related story in America. On Labor Day, in an attempt to keep up with the avalanche of new developments, I posted the following on my Facebook page:

#kaepernickchronicles, #meganrapinoerocks -- Colin Kaepernick is still making headlines in The Bay and The Nation: Latest stories include: him not showing up Sunday morning at SF's Third Baptist Church (presided over by the much revered Rev. Amos Brown), although there are questions about whether he had actually accepted the invitation; more talk about Kaepernick's girlfriend, Nessa Diab, a New York radio personality, MTV star and a Muslim, and what her political influences might be; Kaepernick and Diab's donation of $60,000 worth of school backpacks to kids in Harlem and the South Bronx; and, U.S. women's soccer national-team member Megan Rapinoe kneeling on one knee before the Seattle Reign's game on Sunday night "in a little nod to Kaepernick and everything that he's standing for right now." Rapinoe added that "it's actually pretty disgusting the way he was treated." She went on to say that as a gay American, "I know what it means to look at the flag sand not have it protect all your liberties. … It's important to have white people stand in support of people of color on this."

Just about every day since the media discovered that Kaepernick was protesting racism in America and police murders of black people by not standing for the National Anthem before the start of NFL exhibition games, sports talk radio, the nation’s sports pages, and social media has been ablaze. For Kaepernick, the media, his critics, and his supporters, it has been one heck of a ride. And it doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon.

According to nfl.com, Kaepernick explained to NFL Media's Steve Wyche “that his decision is based on perceived societal wrongdoings against African-Americans and minorities in the U.S. ‘I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,’” Kaepernick said. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."


  2016september6There is a whole vaste industry of professional Hillary haters. (Photo: US State Departmenta> )

If the Hate Hillary Industry has a Godfather, that would be David Bossie. Now, Bossie, who has been toiling in the bone-yard of misinformation and disinformation, digging up skeletons and polishing them with half-truths for years, is ready for his close-up. The man who has been called a political hit man, a dirty trickster, an attack dog, and more, was recently appointed deputy campaign manager of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, tasked with a role he’s being playing for more than two decades; taking down Hillary Clinton.

Trump told The Washington Post’s Robert Costa that Bossie has been “a friend …for many years,” and that he is "Solid. Smart. Loves politics, knows how to win."

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said that Bossie, who will take a leave of absence from Citizens United, “is a battle-tested warrior and a brilliant strategist. He's a nuts-and-bolts tactician as well, who's going to help us fully integrate our ground game and data operations, and help with overall strategy as my deputy."

Bossie is apparently closely acquainted with Trump’s new CEO and former Breitbart News head, Stephen Bannon, talk radio host Laura Ingraham. And according to The Washington Post’s Costa, Bossie is close to the family of hedge-fund investor Robert L. Mercer, who has “funded his organizations and been major backers of Trump’s candidacy.” Costa also pointed out that “Casino magnate Steve Wynn, an influential Trump ally, is also a friend of Bossie's.”

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