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by Mary Shaw

Last November, the American people voted for change. We were fed up. So we sent more Democrats to Washington with the expectation that we would finally see some positive change, some real efforts to reverse the direction in which this country has been led (and misled) over the past 6 years.

Monday, 24 September 2007 04:59

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 24, 2007


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Subject: Secretary Robert Gates Lies To Congress

Monday, 24 September 2007 04:33

Jeff Cohen: Senate Clown Show

by Jeff Cohen

This past week, the U.S. Senate put on a clown show.

With most Americans wanting troops out of Iraq, Democratic leaders in the Senate failed to get enough Republican votes to overcome GOP filibusters for fairly tepid change-course measures. They could get only six Republican votes even for a Jim Webb proposal simply requiring that U.S. troops spend as much time at home as they spend deployed in Iraq.

Monday, 24 September 2007 03:56

Elliot D. Cohen: Congress Betray Us

by Elliot D. Cohen

To the vast majority of Americans, today may seem like just another day -- work, coffee, TV, and the family dog. But there is now something chillingly different about America. The "Democratic" Senate has just officially sanctioned the end of democracy in America with the passage of a resolution condemning MoveOn.org's ad accusing General Petraeus of cooking the books for the White House to show that the "surge" in Iraq has been working.

by Larry Beinhart

The War in Iraq has cost about $453,000,000,000 (four hundred and fifty-three billion dollars) to date.

That's pretty hard to grasp. Especially on my income and probably on yours. Let's bring that home and make it a little more understandable.


Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity can only wage the war of insults and innuendo; they would never go outside the safety and security of home to get the real story! They are what is commonly known as the “wusses” of the world and they offer up nothing but tripe! They sir, are the driveling idiots that fuel the hatred on the radical right side of the political aisle!

This alone is something that'll
Prove Bush is all hat & no cattle.

Let's give the Iraqi puppet government some credit: At least they had the sense to delicense and order the Blackwater mercenary outfit out of the country.

The real question is why we allow them here in the U.S.


A Brief History of Neoliberalism
by David Harvey
Reviewed by Thom Hartmann

Here's the bad news - most Americans don't know what "neoliberalism" is.

But the good news is that David Harvey has written the most brilliant, concise, and clear history of neoliberalism I've ever found. It should be required reading in every civics class in high-school and college in America, and everybody who votes or considers themselves informed about politics and economics (and the intersection of the two) should have a dog-eared copy next to their bed or favorite chair for regular re-reading.

Harvey begins with the imposition of neoliberalism - a radical economic/political theory that everything will work out optimally if only the power of democratic governments are reduced to virtually nothing and the power of economic elites (known as "the free market") hold most power in society - in Iraq and Chile. Iraq was going to be the Great Example for the neoliberals - they were so convinced of their theory that they didn't have a Plan B for any time after the invasion - and it utterly failed. Which is why you only read about the Iraq experiment in neoliberalism in books written by the few people, like Harvey and Naomi Klein, who have noticed it.

In Chile it was forced on the people, through the dictatorship of Pinochet. In The United States it came into being through subterfuge, through an alliance of big business and inherited wealth funding think tanks and media to change the minds and thinking of Americans to accept the notions of the "free market" and the idea that "big government" is a bad thing. It's being peddled in Europe with considerable success (it started in '79 with Thatcher two years before Reagan put it into place here in the US), with France the most recent country to fall with the election of Sarkozy.

While full of facts and figures and details (at least a third of the pages in my copy of this book are dog-eared and marked up), Harvey's "Brief History of Neoliberalism" is marvelously readable. In some ways it almost reads like a thriller - what will these people do next? And over and over again we see not only how they screw things up, but how they work those screw-ups to their own advantage. Neoliberalism, after all, is all about the economic and power elites taking more and more of the resources, income, and small-d democratic power away from the masses. David Harvey has produced a classic book.

It's an absolute must-read. It'll totally change the way you understand the news (particularly the news you'll find in The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times), and your opinion of the behaviors of your elected officials.

Get at least two copies - it's an inexpensive paperback and you'll want one to read, and one to give away ...

Thom Hartmann is a New York Times bestselling author and the host of The Thom Hartmann Program syndicated nationally by Air America Radio. His website is ThomHartmann.com.


by Linda Milazzo

On Thursday, the corporate media turned out in impressive numbers to cover the pro-justice march in Jena, Louisiana. But last Saturday, just five days before, that same corporate media barely addressed the anti-war march in Washington, DC.

Personally, I'm thrilled the mainstream corporate media covered Jena, but I'm not delusional as to why.

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