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My Republican friend "Bob"
(Who is one of my best)
Just told me he's decided
To give the GOP a rest.

Even though the Clintons
Made him snide & shrill
"Bob" said in 2008
He'll be voting for Hill.

Friday, 05 October 2007 01:51

Brent Budowsky: Born In The U.S.A

by Brent Budowsky

In an upcoming 60 Minutes, Bruce Springsteen will advance a profound debate about the true nature of Americanism.

It is time for progressives to light up the sky with patriotism, to rewrite the rules of our current debates, to rekindle that timeless spirit that has made America for more than 200 years.

by Mary Shaw

As promised, George W. Bush has vetoed a highly popular bipartisan bill that would provide health care for uninsured low-income American children.

by David Swanson

When Republican Senator Pat Roberts chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee, he refused to conduct an investigation into how Bush and Cheney misled the Congress about the case for invading Iraq. The investigation, part of what was known as Phase II, had been agreed to, but Roberts refused to do it prior to the November 2004 elections on the grounds that it could impact the elections. After the elections, he refused to do it on the grounds that it didn't matter, what with the elections already being over.


Legislation Introduced to Ban Lead in Toys for Young Children

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Citing recent recalls and the longtime failure of the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect children from hazardous levels of lead in consumer products, Rep. Henry A. Waxman, together with Reps. Bobby L. Rush, Christopher P. Carney, and Keith Ellison, today introduced the Lead Free Toys Act to ban lead from toys, toy jewelry, and other products used by children under age six. Sen. Barack Obama introduced the companion bill in the Senate today.

Thursday, 04 October 2007 05:47

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 4, 2007


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Subject: Political Whores


Ironic that Repuglicans are raging over health care for children, and nothing is said about taxpayers' monies going to big business! “Earlier today we looked at Giuliani's typically Republican pseudo proposal for solving the very real health care crisis in this country. Giuliani's approach, identical to Bush's, is to further enrich big corporations that offer little or no value to people in need of medical treatment and no value to people providing care (doctors). HMOs, unhealth insurers, Big Pharma ... putting billions of dollars into the pockets of the managers of these corporate entities -- who in turn bankroll Republican politics -- is the GOP approach to the crisis in health care.” Repuglicans are all about stuffing their own pockets while allowing the children of America to suffer the lack of health care.

Watch soon for Bush's numbers
To again dive low
Even more than they did with
Terri Schiavo.

Thursday, 04 October 2007 02:11

Dave Lindorff: Making Iraq into Vietnam

The Bush/Cheney administration seems hell-bent on making President Bush's seemingly ludicrous analogy of Iraq and Vietnam into a reality.

A few weeks ago, the president drew hoots of derision from critics and pundits for claiming the U.S. lost the war in Indochina because it pulled out of Vietnam too early. His implication was that even though the country had killed several million Vietnamese and had lost 58,000 of its own troops in years of escalating fighting there, if we had only stayed on and killed and lost even more people, we would have eventually prevailed, and that thus, it would be a mistake to pull out of the quagmire in Iraq.

by Danny Schechter

I was at the opening party for the Fox New Channel in a studio complex carved out of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp headquarters on Sixth Avenue in just 16 weeks. I wanted to videotape the event, but were denied access. We had the only crew outside, a distance from the entrance, to document who was there. I was surprised that top network anchors, including Barbara Walters and Walter Cronkite, were among those who responded to the fancy invite to pay respects to the Evil Empire and what we all then thought would be, as advertised, a News Channel.

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