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If it weren't so depressing, it would be entertaining to watch the loathed, ridiculed, and remarkably unpopular Bush administration continue to run circles around the supposedly ascendant Democrats in Congress.

by Marjorie Swanson

Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman is a traitor. How dare this pompous little man that could not even be confirmed in the Senate attack Senator Clinton for doing her job? Unlike lickspittle Republican Senators and Congressmen and women, some Democrats do what they were elected to do by questioning and investigating how little pimps like Mr. Edelman are doing their jobs. If Mr. Edelman and his ilk are outraged at the very thought of someone turning a bright light on the dark corner where they reside, they must be afraid of what that light will reveal.

Friday, 20 July 2007 06:48

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 20, 2007


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Subject: Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings

He wants to prove he's a tough man
Even when the diaper hits the fan.

Bob Livingston's adultery scandal
Was too much for Vitter to handle.

By Norman Solomon

It was a chilling moment on a split-screen of history. While the Senate debated the Iraq war on Tuesday night, a long-dead senator again renounced a chronic lie about congressional options and presidential power.


If mainstream corporate media, broadcast and cable news really want to know why they are dying, all they have to do is glance right!!! They provide no news that is "fair and balanced," no news that can be "trusted," it's become nothing but mind games designed to influence public opinion and enhance corporate profits! And here's some unsolicited advice to the major newspapers in this country, if you guys don't make some changes you too are in the last throes!!!

by Karen Webb

It is now alright for the Bush administration to do ANYTHING if you disagree with them. They can even out a covert spy. This is no longer a democracy, this is a dictatorship. And the Judge said:


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With Bush Republicans, charity begins and ends at home . . . their home. Have Americans noticed that when Republicans talk about bootstraps, this country becomes strapped with debt, death, and destruction?

If you know anybody who still supports Bush's and Cheney's criminal war against Iraq, have them watch a short news report aired on July 16 on ABC News titled Exclusive Look at Soldiers on the Front Line. (Note: You will have to go to the page and click on the headline) It will sicken you and anyone who watches it.
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