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Tuesday, 19 December 2006 00:47

Will Durst: Crocodile Tears

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The latest form of political theater descending on DC is the crying of crocodile tears. And this season's nominations for biggest mock drops are destined to be swept by Beltway players in their demonstration of their fake concern for South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson. Phony sanctimony has long been a staple of the American way of life. Each of us had an aunt whose major talent was feigning fawning sympathy. Usually she had a mole.


"Postcards From Buster," Criticized For Briefly Showing A Lesbian Couple, Is Still On The Air & Doing Fine

by Tony Peyser

Perhaps all of those loony right wingers
Who said this PBS show was for commies
Had a change of heart since Dick Cheney's
Next grandchild will have two mommies.

by Norman Solomon

When Colin Powell endorsed the Iraq Study Group report during his Dec. 17 appearance on "Face the Nation," it was another curtain call for a tragic farce.


If [torture] never worked at all, people would never use it…The problem is that you never know whether the information you’ve got through torture is reliable or not. But it is useful for other things as well. It’s useful for extracting confessions. Sometimes it’s even better than getting the truth because it means getting someone to admit to something you want them to admit to. -- Stephen Grey


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1//Arab News, Saudi Arabia

A senior Iranian diplomat called for strengthening relations between Riyadh and Tehran in order to boost political efforts to solve regional problems. The diplomat made his remarks following talks with Prince Naif, interior minister; and Prince Salman, Riyadh governor. The Iranian Ambassador, Mohammad Hosseini, said: "The present tension in states such as Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine make political efforts vital and necessary." ... Iran and Saudi Arabia signed a security cooperation accord during the visit made by Prince Naif to Tehran in 2001. ... On the commercial front, Riyadh and Tehran have forged closer relations. ... At the moment, there are 18 joint venture projects with a total capital of more than SR1.2 billion. This is in addition to the growing bilateral cooperation in oil sector. Iran has 7.5 percent of the total world's oil reserves and the two countries have already upgraded their relations substantially since bilateral ties were restored in 1991.

by Cindy Sheehan

As dissatisfaction with the occupation of Iraq soars and the carnage seemingly continues unabated, the new Democratic Congress is on board with staying the disastrous course that BushCo and the Republican dominated Congress set for our nation.

Monday, 18 December 2006 05:02

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 18, 2006


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Subject: No Character. No Smarts.

I have theories about GW Bush’s resistance to set a timetable on Iraq and they are related to stupidity and lack of character.

Even though Bush privately knows he made a big mistake by invading Iraq, he refuses to admit it. He has a track record for never saying he made a mistake. Being under the influence/control of right-wing war hawks and their Project for the New American Century, GW knows the hawks were dead wrong, but lacks the character and backbone to say so.

by Ray Coughenour, Colonel (Ret)

The President now says in his newest “buzzword diplomacy” that we need to stay in Iraq until we finish the "Job." Well I have a question: Exactly what is this “Job” that we need to finish?


Conspiracy Theory To Really Annoy President Ahmendinejad

by Tony Peyser

That worldwide, anti-Jewish conference
Was something he was long engineering
But that Holocaust denier event didn't happen
Is the rumor that we have been hearing.


Note: Barbara is taking a holiday break with her family until January 3rd. She prepared the following for you on Friday.

Finally an optimistic outlook for Senator Tim Johnson. If indeed, accumulated blood can be evacuated before the pressure damages the brain, then chances for recovery are good!!! The fact that he was in surgery within hours after the first symptoms is a good sign. Our hearts go out to him and his family during this a most difficult time!!

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