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Friday, 03 August 2007 04:06

Will Durst: The center left, right?

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Does anybody know what happened to the center? I remember hearing about it in the old days, but it seems to have disappeared like a wisp of mist in a solar wind. All anybody talks about is the left and the right. We're so polarized these days, I'm surprised our compasses still work. They should be stuck on due daft. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan speaking about the Democratic Party: I didn't leave the center, the center left me. And you can blame Uncle Ron for triggering the seismic shift that shoved the center to the right.

For instance:

by Norman Solomon

This week, the U.S. media establishment is mainlining another fix for the Iraq war: It isn't so bad after all, American military power could turn wrong into right, chronic misleaders now serve as truth-tellers. The hit is that the war must go on.


Exactly where is it written that “the least of these” should give it all to the rich??? Since when did Robin Hood rob the poor to give to the rich??? Somebody up there in Washington has gotten their values really mixed up, can anyone say George Bush? Obviously he believes the “have nots” should give to the “have mores” so they can have even more! America is being polarized between the super-rich and the sub-rich everyone else …. the share of pretax income going to the top 1 percent of American households has risen by 7 percentage points, to 16 percent. At the same time, the share of income going to the bottom 80 percent has fallen by 7 percentage points ... 'It's as if every household in that bottom 80 percent is writing a check for $7,000 every year and sending it to the top 1 percent.'" “Compassionate” --I don’t think so -- “greedy conservative” is more descriptive of those guys perched in today’s White House!

It is just me or has this behavior struck you
As one big ongoing White House f**k you?


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by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

The illegal destruction of federally protected 2004 election materials by 56 of 88 Ohio counties has become a fraudulent "dog ate my homework" farce of absurd justifications and criminal cover-ups.

Thursday, 02 August 2007 08:44

Cindy Sheehan: The Other War

by Cindy Sheehan

I was sitting behind the stage at Union Square the other day when a young woman with a cameraman in tow approached me and asked me if she could ask me a "question." Seldom when I am approached to answer "a" question does it turn out to be just one question and this person looked like she was about 14 years old.

by Stephen Crockett

The kind of money being spent by the Bush Republicans can result in saved or lost lives. We all can see the results in the case of Iraq. Launching his optional war against Saddam Hussein, in the way he did, Bush has directly cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and maybe a hundred thousand mostly innocent Iraqi civilians. We have failed as a nation to come to terms with the massive costs that are less direct and obvious but just as real.


If Bush won't fire Gonzales, and Gonzales won't resign, the only avenue left for Justice to truly be served is to IMPEACH Gonzales and then proceed onward and upward!

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