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Alberto, mi hermano, the noose is tightening
Feel free to try this response on for size:
Have your spokesman tell any & all reporters,
"The AG stands by his previous lies."

Wednesday, 25 July 2007 09:27

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 25, 2007


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Subject: Gonzales, the go to guy for obfuscation

by Cindy Sheehan

Journey for Humanity and Accountability, Day 16

Justice should be color-blind, but we all know that it still is not.

Historically, there are many cases, perhaps thousands if not millions, disputing the blindness of justice; but when I think about this contradiction, a few cases jump to my mind.

by Marjorie Cohn

George W. Bush's presidential tenure has been marked by one coverup after another. But the masterful spinning of Karl Rove and a compliant media enabled Bush to get away with it. Now that the Democrat-controlled Congress is investigating Administration malfeasance, Bush's coverups have come cloaked in the guise of "executive privilege."


It’s “ground-hog” day in America! This time around George Bush and the gang have gotten so bold they’re even announcing a “terrorist attack” ahead of time! In some cases the Repuglicans are praying for a terrorist attack! “Homeland Security Michael Chertoff … claiming that the US was at heightened risk of new terrorist attacks.” Chertoff said, he has a ‘gut feeling’ there will be another terrorist attack in the near future. ‘Officials worry of summer terror attack' reads an Associated Press headline today … It was also explicitly expressed in a 2005 GOP memo, which yearned for new attacks that would ‘validate’ the President's war on terror and ‘restore his image as a leader of the American people.’ This past weekend, former Republican Senator Rick Santorum suggested that a series of ‘unfortunate events,’ namely terrorist attacks, will occur within the next year … Last month, the new chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party Dennis Milligan said that there needed to be more attacks on American soil ‘At the end of the day … I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on 9/11,’ Milligan told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "Senior U.S. intelligence officials tell ABC News new intelligence suggests a small al Qaeda cell is on its way to the United States, or may already be here." And this is how the Repuglicans protect the American people! Beware of the danger within!


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It doesn't make much sense that Alberto
Thought to do this or even tried;
It's like expecting Tony Soprano to explain
How Christopher Moltisanti died.

by Phil Vargas

As the evidence accumulates, it is becoming more and more evident that our great leader has blundered like no other. By all indications, as the leader of the free world, he has created one of the most fearsome and dangerous climates ever, most especially for all Americans. He has made us the most hated people in the world and himself the most despised leader, worldwide. For nobody is really safe from the next car explosion or suicide bomber. With his delusions of grandeur and the help of all his lying cronies, viz. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, George Tenet, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, and all the rest, all war criminals, and a complicit Republican congress -- our commander-in-chief has blundered into one disaster after another!


First, kudos to CNN for its groundbreaking presentation of presidential candidates responding to citizens' questions. It was a breath of fresh air compared to most television treatment of politics.

Fourth article in a series; the first article is here; the second, here; the third, here.
by Pamela Troy

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