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In the famous Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman movie Casablanca, the character Captain Renault of the French police is famously played by Claude Rains. Upon walking into Rick's (the Humphrey Bogart character) bar near the beginning of the movie, he famously says: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!" And so, the reaction among many on all sides of the political spectrum to the Libby commutation has been: "shocked, shocked" to find that it has happened.

How could Bush do this? After all, he has always been so strict on the question of commutations, and pardons too. It is so obviously political, or a payback, or a payoff, or a coverup, or a bone for his "conservative" base, or he is reaching out at least halfway to Sean Hannity (who is saying that well, it's OK, but now Bush should really go and do the right [in both senses, I guess] thing and pardon the guy." Yes, it is obviously most of those things and probably all of them.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007 04:49

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 10, 2007


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Subject: Watergate Plus 30

by Danny Schechter

Would someone please remind me when the next Presidential election will be held? I sure don't want to miss it? A genie even told me it's not until November 2008. Can it be that far off? Could have fooled me.

by Michael Winship

One of the curiosities of life in the freelance scrivener's trade is that you find yourself in the oddest places, writing about the oddest things. Over some 25 years or so, I've taken assignments writing television shows about everything from grizzly bears to defense policy, from Native American history to the bossa nova music of Brazil.

by Dave Lindorff

Austin -- I just spent the weekend in this state capital, talkin' impeachment at a meeting organized by the Texas Green Party, World Can't Wait, and Austin Impeach, and was flying back home via Atlanta. As I was boarding my flight, the pilot, an Air Force veteran like many commercial pilots, looked at the bold "Impeach Bush and Cheney" emblazoned across my chest, smiled and said, "I like your shirt." Some 20 minutes later when the flight attendant came through serving drinks and I asked for a bottle of red wine, she handed me a bottle and then waved away my proffered five dollars. "With that shirt, you don't have to pay," she said to me. The Texas and Georgia passengers sitting around me laughed appreciatively.

The White House says, "Stand up against the insurgents!"
To each and every Iraqi resident
And yet the man in the Oval Office is clearly too afraid
To stand up to his Vice President.

Hmm ... lemme see: he
Promoted compassion
Back in the day when it
Wasn't exactly in fashion.


I wrote a series of poems about someone who died recently ... someone close to me ... and about my perception of the human race ...


As I sit here in the darkness
I wonder whence man's travesty will ever end
Death, murder, suicide, hunger, depravity, poverty
All ignored as we make this journey thru life

by Harvey Wasserman

At last our dying Mother Earth has taken center stage.

Thanks to Al Gore's global concert, the major media are finally filling with coverage of the climate crisis. It all comes with a dire dual realization: our economy will collapse, and we could all die, if something drastic is not done. But what?


Instead of painting herself into a corner and forever being remembered for saying that "Impeachment is off the table"-- it's time for Nancy Pelosi to say to the Republicans in Congress, "We're ready when you are."

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