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The 2008 campaign will require more Secret Service resources than expected, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. The article also brings up some interesting highlights on Secret Service coverage for the Bush administration:

edited by Gloria Lalumia

The World Energy Watch presents recent news and analysis highlighting the activities of the players involved in the power struggle for the world’s remaining energy resources

by Evelyn Pringle

The tax dollar funded photo op of Bush landing on an aircraft carrier all dressed up in a flightsuit to announce Mission Accomplished was a desperate attempt to give the illusion that Bush actually did serve his country in the military and to bolster his image as a self-described "war president."

by Tom Wieliczka

On this Memorial Day, I open The New York Times, only to read that our soldiers go out with, and train, Iraqi soldiers by day and then the American soldiers find out at night that the insurgents they have just killed were the same Iraqi soldiers that had been with during the day!

by Michael Winship

As children, death was frightening and foreign; we were taken to faraway towns where relatives had died, but thought too young and impressionable to actually attend the funeral or see the deceased. The first body I ever saw in a casket was when I was a sophomore in high school. It was the father of a friend. The next one I saw was my own father.

What may surprise many of your basic
Right wing Republican second-guessers
Is that so many of the people who heckled
Weren't graduating students but professors.

This guy helped shape & launch the policies
That have caused America's estrangement:
Forget the war, Card even lacked the sense to
Get out of an ill-advised speaking engagement.

by Cindy Sheehan

I have endured a lot of smear and hatred since Casey was killed and especially since I became the so-called "Face" of the American anti-war movement. Especially since I renounced any tie I have remaining with the Democratic Party, I have been further trashed on such "liberal blogs" as the Democratic Underground. Being called an "attention whore" and being told "good riddance" are some of the more milder rebukes.

Monday, 28 May 2007 23:02

Randi Rhodes of Air America, No Holds Barred

Written by


I was a woman and in the Air Force. ... I ... understood that the reason why the American military is the proudest and the most fierce fighting force on the planet is because we feel like we’re doing a legitimate job for a legitimate government.  When you look at why the Iraqis won’t fight, they don’t feel like they’re legitimate, and they don’t feel they’re fighting for a legitimate government.  ... Plus, I can’t imagine being on foreign soil making thirteen hundred dollars a month, with a family at home, car payments and house payments and the whole nine yards, and serving next to a guy who’s getting eighty grand to pump gas.  In my military experience, that can’t happen. You don’t serve alongside somebody who’s making eighty grand to put the gas in the vehicle.  I put the gas in the plane.  I put the jet fuel in the plane.  I put the oxygen in the airplane.  I can’t imagine having to serve with somebody who is making a fricking fortune and is on the payroll of the company, not the country.  That screws up the entire camaraderie, the entire feeling that you are a legitimate fighting force. All of a sudden, you see it’s for profit, and you don’t feel legitimate anymore. 

Friday, 25 May 2007 09:05

Dave Lindorff: Democratic Blood Money

by Dave Lindorff

The Democrats, fresh from selling out the soldiers and marines in Iraq by handing the mad George Bush $120 billion to continue funding his war, are claiming victory.

by Carol Davidek-Waller

When reporter David Gregory asked a simple, obvious question of the president, why Bush should be considered a credible source on terrorism, he was accused by him of endangering the lives of his own children.

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