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Holy Fallujah! Sheesh! Words fails me.
I mean -- what the heck?
Bush isn't just playing the fear card
He's using the whole deck.

The photo that accompanies this story
Seems like an odd one to pick:
Instead of the parents, Mary & Heather,
It's the baby with Lynn & Dick.

Yeah, they're proud of their grandchild
But don't feel this is the place
To bring up the, uh, whole lesbian thing
And upset their GOP base.


Summaries are excerpted from the source articles; the featured article follows the summary section. A recommended "site of the day" will also appear occasionally following the summaries.

1//Asia Times Online, Hong Kong

Myanmar's military leaders have never made a secret of their interest in developing a domestic nuclear-energy industry. Plans to buy a nuclear reactor from Russia have been in the pipeline for years, and this month in Moscow the two sides formally resurrected those controversial plans.
Myanmar's move notably comes at a time when both Iran and North Korea have raised US hackles through their nuclear programs. Washington in recent years has referred to Myanmar as an "outpost of tyranny" and maintains trade and investment sanctions against the military regime. Some political analysts are already speculating whether Myanmar might try to use the threat of re-gearing its nuclear test reactor to reproduce weapons as a way to counteract US-led pressure for political change. ... . In recent years, Myanmar has sent emissaries abroad to explore different options for developing a nuclear reactor and avenues for acquiring nuclear technology, according to Western diplomats tracking the junta's nuclear plans. They contend that this year Deputy Foreign Minister Kyaw Too made a low-profile visit to Iran in the regime's search for nuclear technology and materials. Myanmar's close contacts with Pakistan have also recently come under diplomatic scrutiny. Western diplomats based in Islamabad say they are convinced that the junta's desire to acquire nuclear know-how has been a central focus of the budding bilateral relationship. Pakistani officials have fervently denied that they are in any way abetting Myanmar's nuclear ambitions. But widespread rumors that two Pakistani nuclear scientists accused of nuclear proliferation were given sanctuary in Myanmar in 2003 still linger. More ominous have been the growing contacts between Myanmar and North Korea - last month the countries formally re-established diplomatic relations.


The arguments that are put forth by the conservatives on my program are the arguments that progressives encounter constantly out there in the world.

Thursday, 24 May 2007 09:59

Larry Beinhart: Profiles in Cowardice

by Larry Beinhart

I live in New York. I called my Senators and Representative.

Hillary Clinton

I called Senator Hillary Clinton's office to ask how she was going to vote on the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill without benchmarks. The staffer at the other end of the line said she was studying the bill.

by Peter Michaelson

Democracy beware! TV titans and the marketing industry are gearing up to sap our will and make Americans more passive than ever. Their ultimate goal: the breakup of American character followed by the commercialization of the American soul.

by Cindy Sheehan

On the very early Saturday morning, eight days before Casey was killed in Baghdad, I received a phone call from him. He was still in Kuwait. He talked about the heat, about heading to Baghdad the following week; he was on his way to mass, then he told me about stopping in Shannon Airport, Ireland on the First Cav's way to Kuwait.

Thursday, 24 May 2007 04:11

BuzzFlash Mailbag for May 24, 2007


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Climbing on the war bandwagon, "Mitt Romney on Wednesday sharply criticized an ABC News report on a classified U.S. program about covert action inside Iran, saying such reporting has the potential to jeopardize the United States, and its citizens." His criticism is a whole lot of political hot air -- if he really wants to give somebody a talking to, then go directly to the source, go to the guy who is really jeopardizing the United States and its citizens -- go tell it to George Bush, and then tell him to get the hell out of Iraq and Iran before any more Americans die! 

Oh. My. God. Did You Hear Monica Goodling's Voice?

She's a Valley Girl; who could
Have forseen a
Thing like this? Gag me with
A subpoena.

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