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Well, maybe Lieberman got some supportive advice from Hillary Clinton about what script to use ... so far, she's escaped scrutiny. Of course, it's like déjà vu all over again, or the reality is that the media, prompted by the Bush GOP, again will try to choose who runs against the GOP.


The Democratic Party showed once again why they are considered the "progressive" party by voting to bump Nevada and South Carolina up to the front of the primary season. Iowa and New Hampshire have long been the earliest deciders of presidential nominations, but the change would squeeze the Nevada just before New Hampshire and South Carolina shortly after.


Subject: Lamont and Lieberman

Wolf Blitzer on CNN today stated that Ned Lamont has been dropping in the polls since Joe Sleezerman filed as an independent.

Joe Lieberman's reaction to losing the election reminds me of the oft-related tale of the scorpion which, having stung to death the rabbit which had carried him across the river, explained "That's just the kind of s.o.b. I am!"


Hmm, what does it say about someone's "intellectual" capacity if they have to ask the question, "Is Bush an idiot"? Observation, analysis, and just plain old common sense over the last 6 years should be enough to know Bush is an idiot! Just in case there's a need for something tangible to support the facts, take a look around, check out the results of the Bush policies, his "stratergies," his preemptive wars, his lack of methodology, his incompetence, his arrogance, and his life history, and then you'll know for sure, yep, Bush is an Idiot! My grandmother always said, "It doesn't take intellectual capacity to be arrogant, wicked, evil, devious, cunning, unscrupulous, crafty, conniving, sneaky, deceitful, scheming, and Machiavellian, it only takes ignorance and an insatiable ego"! 

Monday, 21 August 2006 02:33

Larry Hawes: Enemies of The State

by Larry Hawes

Enemies of the state are easy to identify. They don't come in a special color or wear special clothes. They don't speak funny and they don't practice a certain religion. They don't blow things up and kill people either. Enemies of the state strike at the only thing that can truly do any lasting harm to this country. That thing is the Constitution and our unalienable rights as citizens and as human beings.

Monday, 21 August 2006 02:31

Bill Burkett: America's Center of Gravity

by Bill Burkett

I've been termed a "nutcase" by those wanting to discredit me without an ounce of substance. Rush Limbaugh has chosen to make me a standard by which he makes comparisons with the false belief that he has discredited me and defamed me substantially as to now make me a poster child for "radical behavior".

Monday, 21 August 2006 01:53

World Media Watch for August 21, 2006


1//Asia Times Online, Hong Kong--‘MISUNDERESTIMATING' BUSH'S IRAQ (... Amid all these problems, there is the danger of the "Hezbollah model" being adopted in Iraq. Muqtada, who has been a nightmare for the Americans since they invaded, has all the credentials to create such an organization in Iraq, modeling himself after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Muqtada is young. He is well connected in the religious establishment, he hails from a prominent Shi'ite family and he has a large following among Iraqis. Like Nasrallah, he is opposed to both the US and Israel. Like Nasrallah, he is an Arab nationalist at heart who does not want to see Iraq divided. The only difference is that Muqtada wants to establish a theocracy in Iraq. He lacks Nasrallah's charisma, however, and the flow of money and arms from Iran. If he pulls the right strings, though, and makes wise alliances, he could receive strong support from the mullahs of Tehran - something that the Americans wish to avoid at any cost. If it happens, and Muqtada decides to end all restraint, he could immediately bring down the Maliki cabinet. Or he could withdraw his ministers from the government and replace them with non-entities, and transform the cabinet into a political dwarf unable to make any real decisions. In this event, what would govern the state of affairs under Muqtada would be the power of the sword on the Iraqi street. ... The Americans want to control his rapidly rising popularity. They see the bitter reality that now they have to deal with Lebanon's Hezbollah. ... And with Iraq in such civil strife, it could in all likelihood become a battleground for the entire Persian and Arab neighborhood. The Saudis would support the Sunnis. Iran - and Lebanon's Hezbollah - would support the Shi'ites. The United States would be trapped in the middle. It would be unable to side with any one party against the other. Supporting the Sunnis would mean supporting former Ba'athists. Supporting the Shi'ites would mean allying with Iran. And the Kurds, with whom the US gets on, are not very strong anyway and do not represent large numbers in Iraq.)

by Ray McGovern

Who can forget the chutzpah of President George W. Bush as he bragged to Bob Woodward, "I'm commander in chief.... That's the interesting thing about being president...I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."

Over 100 Military Recruiters Cited In Sexual Attacks

by Tony Peyser

For a long time, anti-war teachers
Have all bitterly insisted
That they didn't approve of how
High school recruiting has persisted.


Okay, BuzzFlash is going to "catapult" some more truth here.

If the Busheviks are so concerned about national security, why are the British intelligence agencies furious that the White House is leaking information that compromises efforts to stop terrorists?

If the Busheviks are so concerned about beating terrorists who Bush says hate us for our liberties and freedom, why is Bush working so aggressively to curtail our liberties and freedoms? Isn't that accomplishing what the terrorists seek as a goal, according to Bush's own words?

If the Busheviks are so concerned about terrorism, why did they abandon the battle against bin-Laden -- despite Bush's vow to catch him dead or alive -- and start a war in a nation state that posed no immediate or imminent terrorist threat to the United States?

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