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GOP Withholds Autism Aid To Allegedly Reform The National Institutes Of Health

by Tony Peyser

They ignore immediate needs
Of kids with problems traumatic
To instead focus on matters that
Are basically bureaucratic?


Remember that Rove's last known diversion will be Saddam's death sentence, coming up in a few days. And expect the whole nine yards of orchestrated and choreographed media reviews of Saddam's evil deeds.

But remember, he isn't responsible for the estimated 600,000 Iraqis killed since the Bush invasion, nor is Saddam responsible for the nearly 3,000 GI deaths. Nor is he responsible for the hundreds of billions dollars that have been spent on a fiasco of a "war." Bush is.

Don't forget that when the Saddam sentencing media "pageant" begins.

He may have been a diabolical man, but there are others in this world. Some of them live within our shores.


by Burt Hall

It is time to put aside all the campaign rhetoric on which political party will keep Americans secure and review the facts.

The Republican image of strength on national security is actually an illusion based on tough talk, cover-up of serious mistakes, and wizardry used by campaign strategists. Republicans allege that keeping our country safe is their greatest strength -- actually, it is their greatest weakness. As a result, our nation's security is more vulnerable now than ever before. This will be illustrated as we review performance of the current Administration.

Tuesday, 31 October 2006 04:01

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 31, 2006


Subject: Kerry's comments

While I do think John Kerry speaks with his foot in his mouth, the president usually has both feet in his mouth and we hardly hear any media backlash.

For the wingers to scream what an insult it is to the soldiers for Kerry's remarks, I never heard a peep out of any of them when they insulted and demeaned every person that has ever served in the military with their despicable display of the bandage with the purple heart they seemed so proud to show off at the Republican convention.



When I see polls like this, I'm suspicious. Judges today are not independent, at least those appointed by the GOP. Bush would not be squatting in the White House if it weren't for partisan judges on the Supreme Court who got their payback. Even Scalia's son got a job. We've seen that those who have been appointed by the Republican Party keep giving back to the GOP. People are still brainwashed by the very word of judge. We've been brought up that way. At least, I'm using myself as an example, because before Bush was illegally put into the White House, I actually thought judges appointed to Federal Courts and the Supreme Court took their jobs seriously ... and, I was right, they do and they pay back those who put them in those jobs ... that's how serious this whole judge situation is.


On this the eve of All Souls Day, with all the "tricks" and no treats coming out of the Bush administration, we are living a constant negative state of Halloween! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

by Danny Schechter, Mediachannel.org

New York, New York: Ok, class. No talking. Pencils up. All eyes on the exam. Here's the first multiple-choice question:
The Iraq War is Bad Because:

a. It is illegal, immoral, and criminal.


Texas Republican Is Holding Up $900 Million For Autism Research

by Tony Peyser

Rep. Joe Barton must feel that
He's right now sitting pretty
As Chairman of the House Energy
And Commerce Committee.

by Michael Winship

When I was in the second grade, there was a girl in another second grade classroom who had cerebral palsy. When we passed by the door on our way to assembly or the cafeteria we could see that, unlike all the other pupils, she sat behind an enormous electric typewriter -- to kids of our era, a contraption as sci-fi as time travel.


We are constantly amazed to find even our most progressive friends fall into the "moderate Republican" trap.

"Oh," we will hear, "He (or she) is such a nice person and good on choice and Head Start and things. We need to encourage moderation in the Republican Party."

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