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Let's begin today a national letter writing campaign sending hundreds of thousands of letters to every newspaper in America, calling for front page coverage of the dangers of another Constitutional crisis from another questionable election, and editorial campaigns to prevent this travesty while there is still time.

by Brent Budowsky

Thomas Paine and his fellow traitor to the Crown and champion of democracy George Washington must be standing at the Gates of heaven and pounding the table while they call down to us with outrage about what we do.


Karl is doing in Washington precisely what he’s been doing since he came to Texas ... which is that he finds out who the players are -- the people with the money who want political power and influence -- and then he uses them. ... There’s no way Rove would let Abramoff go around Washington flinging money hither and yon without some sort of design and guidance about where that money needed to be placed. This is a complex and intricate relationship ... and the White House has thus far been successful at covering it up. -- James Moore

Monday, 18 September 2006 11:09

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 18, 2006


Subject: Beyond Daddy's Help

All of Dad’s horsemen
And all of Dad’s men
Couldn’t put Dub-yah together again.

The President has finally hit a place in the road where he can no longer count on history to repeat itself. Throughout his career to date, when the situation got this bad, he could count on Daddy’s name, Daddy’s business connections, or Daddy’s political associates to bail him out, buy him out, or set him up with a nice new situation.


1//Azzaman in English, Iraq--IRAQ, IRAN TO DEVELOP OIL FIELDS STRADDLING INTERNATIONAL BORDERS - MINISTER (Iraq and Iran will develop oil fields straddling their international borders, according to Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani. Some of Iraq's largest, but still undeveloped oil fields are located close to the borders with Iran. The gigantic field of Majnoun, believed to be holding massive reserves, is situated very close to the international borders. Experts say portion of reserves maybe located on the Iranian side. ... The minister said Iraq would pump crude oil to Iranian refineries to further bolster bilateral relations. Previously, Shahristani had accused Iran of extracting crude oil from joint oil fields without Iraqi permission.)

Monday, 18 September 2006 08:44

Barbara's Daily Buzz for September 18, 2006


How in hell do you compromise on torture and abuse??? If this goes the same as everything else Bush has done, get ready for more death and destruction! These guys haven't a clue what they are doing to America by supporting an administration gone amok! This once great nation has been reduced to an aggressive war-mongering bunch of lunatics seeking to dominate the world. And if that ain't fascism then what exactly is it? Ever since Bush and his cabal stole the presidency we have been sliding into an unrecognizable abyss and the most frightening thing in all this is to remember, "what goes around, comes around"! We must get off our behinds and demand change in November if we are to regain even a semblance of "freedom and democracy" for America.

Monday, 18 September 2006 06:46

George Lakoff: Twelve Traps to Avoid

by George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute

For progressives to succeed in taking back this country, we need to stay true to our values and communicate them effectively. To accomplish this mission, we need to be aware of the traps that have often tripped up progressives in the past.


Remember Afghanistan? You know, the country we invaded when we actually did have international support and, more importantly, reasonable justification. It turns out the mission is far from accomplished there after all, and it's not just because Bush let Osama bin Laden get away. Both the Taliban and al-Qaeda are alive and well in Afghanistan, and they are growing stronger.

Monday, 18 September 2006 04:07

Will Durst: The Victims of 9/12

Written by

Now that Labor Day is over, it took stores about 14 seconds to get rid of their "back- to- school" displays and replace them with shelves of Halloween regalia. And never missing a beat, Karl Rove had George W Bush take advantage of his Secret Service Platinum Card to get an early start on the pagan celebration by donning the most frightening disguise available and heading out to spook the countryside in a week long variation on the old "trick and treat" trek. This "fear and smear" tour featured the President digging deep into the pockets of his Pumpkin King costume, tossing seeds of dread and horror to all who watched while in the cross hairs of the media deluge of mourning in America on the 5th anniversary of 9/11.


Book Says Rebuilding Of Iraq Was Done By Young, Inexperienced GOP Loyalists

by Tony Peyser

The end result was theft and chaos
Laid at the feet of these lackeys:
One staffer told a reporter, "I'm here
For George Bush, not the Iraqis."

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