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Iowa's nightmare revisited: Was correct winner called?

In NH Debate, Hillary Clinton Touted Henry Kissinger, War Criminal, as Character Reference
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Iowa Democratic Party reviewing results in caucuses

Talia Buford on EPA and Environmental Racism and Carey Gillam on Food Coverage Conflicts

This Map Helps Explain Texas' Planned Parenthood Blunder

Fracking the Everglades? Many Floridians Recoil as House Approves Bill
For the third year in a row, a bill to allow the controversial practice passes the state house, while many communities vote to ban it.

Regulatory showdown in California wheat field
A wheat farm pockmarked with pooled water here has become a launch pad for an agribusiness legal assault on a major Obama administration rule that redefines the scope of the Clean Water Act.

Independent voters play key role in New Hampshire primaries

Canada Strikes Landmark Deal to Protect Over 9 Million Acres of Rainforest

The 2016 Elections: The Questions Virtually No One Is Asking, Much Less Answering

India may decide on GM food as China makes big leap with Syngenta buy

Hunger Is Bad, Especially for Kids
The Obama administration recently announced two new initiatives to reduce childhood food insecurity. Here's why that's a really, really good thing.

Single-payer health plan wouldn't cost US more

Sorry, Hillary: You are the establishment

Iowa Democratic party altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night
Shift of one delegate from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton raises questions about Iowa Democratic party\u2019s management of first-in-the-nation vote.

Is the US ready for a socialist president? Sanders might be about to find out

In New Hampshire, TV Station Partners With Interest Groups That Push Candidates on War and Austerity

Scientists trace cancer-linked pollutant to oil sands stockpiles

340 Brazilian Companies Fined for Modern Slave Labor Conditions

One of the United States' oldest stock exchanges has just been sold to China

Tackling Climate Change in the Caribbean: Natural Solutions to a Human Induced Problem

Denmark’s justice minister admitted on Friday that the US sent a rendition flight to Copenhagen Airport that was meant to capture whistleblower Edward Snowden and return him to the United States.

The Guantánamo in New York You're Not Allowed to Know About

Heavy metals, petroleum and nitrite has contaminated soil and groundwater in a Vancouver Island watershed that supplies 12,000 people downstream from a controversial polluted-soil dump approved by the province.

Brazil Wages War against Zika Virus on Several Fronts

Dean Baker | The New Yorker Shooting Blindly at Bernie Sanders

Memories of FGM: 'I was screaming in pain and fear'
Assita Kanko, a politician in Brussels, recalls when she underwent female genital mutilation as a child in Burkina Faso.

A federal judge on Thursday hit Freedom Industries with a $900,000 criminal fine for the January 2014 Elk River chemical spill, but acknowledged that the bankrupt company is unlikely to ever pay the penalty.

Six Facts That Erase Any Doubt US Officials Know They Are Deporting People to Their Deaths

Syria warns Saudis against incursion, says will be resisted

Ahead of Primary, New Hampshire Workers Declare: Want My Vote? Raise the Wage!
Fast food workers walk off the job before protesting at the GOP debate in Manchester.

After 20 Years, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Still in Political Limbo

Lead poisoning in Pennsylvania, New Jersey may be worse than Flint

Ted Cruz’s Promise That Big Donors Will Match Campaign Donations Could Break Rules

Why the US presidential primary system is no way to run a democracy

Women of Haitian Descent Bear the Brunt of Dominican Migration Policy

Emails Reveal Early Suspicions of a Flint Link to Legionnaires’ Disease

China Has Finally Told Hong Kong It Is Holding the Three Missing Booksellers

What Would Happen If an Entire Nation Stopped Eating Meat?

Cruz and Rubio: Heirs to Bush-Obama Militarism

Contaminated water kills 37 kids in Colombia, community sues
Indigenous and Black communities in Colombia filed a lawsuit against the government Wednesday after 37 kids in the region died in less than a year from drinking water contaminated by mercury, a chemical used in a local mine.

The number of Syrians trying to cross into Turkey amid an upsurge of fighting in northern Syria has nearly doubled, a Turkish official says.

Washington State moves to protect mobile-home buyers

Uganda's Press Crackdown Is Likely to Worsen