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Trump says he won't attend White House correspondents' dinner

Partisan Divide in Congress Wider Than Ever on Environmental Issues, Group Says

Arizona Lawmakers Pass ‘Cruel’ Anti-Choice Law

Amid Constituent Backlash, GOP to Punt Repeal of Popular Obamacare Benefits to Agency
Congressional Republicans seem unwilling to take on more heat about their embattled goals to repeal the ACA and defund Planned Parenthood, leaving the dirty work to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Bees are even smarter than we realized

China Is Creating an Unprecedented ‘Security State’ in Xinjiang

Israel denies work permit to Human Rights Watch

Tom Perez elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party

Fearing Attack on the Endangered Species Act, Groups Make Plea to Governors
Nearly 300 groups issue a call to continue protecting species, as California takes steps to protect the federal standards in its state.

Newest Trump Executive Order Pushes His Anti-Regulatory Agenda Further

Why can’t Democratic leaders say they support Palestinian rights?

Trump and DeVos Hatch a Deceptive Scheme to Push School Vouchers

Trump said Friday that his predecessor's health care law covers "very few people" as he minimized the impact of replacing it. That's only true if you consider more than 20 million people to be very few.

ICE is actually trying to deport Puerto Ricans

Trump falsely claimed during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that lines to get in stretched back “six blocks.”

Are the Courts the Solution to Ensuring Disability Rights During the Trump Era?

Idaho judge rules attack on high school football player was 'not a rape' or racist
Former football player gets light sentence for assaulting his disabled team-mate in a case that has drawn comparison to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner