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Despite Warnings of Future War, Obama to Impose New Russian Sanctions

LA Sheriff's Department Agrees To Federal Oversight To Settle Abuse Suit

Out of Control Fracking Well Forces Evacuations
Official said Tuesday blowout at the Ohio well remained a threat.

An Actual Positive Foreign Policy Move: US to Recognize That Cuba Exists
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Kansas Congressman MIA After Tucking Wall Street Bailout Into Government Spending Bill

Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks

Seven Reasons Right to Work Is Wrong for Warren County, Kentucky (and Everywhere Else)

‘God Loves Women Who Have Abortions': The Religious Abortion Advocates That History Forgot

After Duo Created CIA Torture Methods, Did World's Largest Group of Psychologists Enable Abuses?

People With Mental Illnesses Are Scapegoated as Cause of Mass Gun Shootings
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Six States to Watch for Anti-Choice Laws in 2015

The return of subprime lending
Loans that helped trigger 2008 economic crisis begin to make a comeback.

Here They Are: The Vincent Rue Emails the Texas Attorney General Didn’t Want You to See

From Ferguson to Freedom, Part 2: Institutional Racism in America

El Salvador Imprisons 17 Women Who Lost Their Newborns as Murderers

Glenn Greenwald | US TV Provides Ample Platform for American Torturers, but None to Their Victims

Four indicted in West Virginia chemical spill case

Walmart Guilty of Illegally Intimidating Workers, Judge Rules

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
CIA operations follow the same recurring script.

13 Years for Two Joints? Louisiana Gov. Jindal Needs to Correct Injustice With Clemency

Obamas on Race: We've Been Treated Like the Help

How Congress Snuck Changes To U.S. Environmental Policy Into New Budget Bill

There’s Even More Plastic on the Ocean Floor Than on Its Surface

Obama declares waters in and near Bristol Bay off limits to oil and gas leasing

GOP senators: Climate skeptics? Or deniers? No, Big Oil lobbyists

Where's the outrage? Congress changes savings accounts and retirement funds, and the US sleeps

A Racist with a History of Lying Was a Witness in the Darren Wilson Grand Jury

Torture: Why the uniformed military balked at ‘enhanced interrogation’

Jeb Bush may be 'the smart brother' – but he's as much of a climate denier as any conservative

Cheney Offers Tortured View of History In Defending Waterboarding

How the CIA Covered Up Its Lie on Torture and bin Laden

Seeds of Truth: Vandana Shiva and The New Yorker

Bolivia to Host 2015 Meeting of Social Movements to Fight Climate Change

Abolishing the CIA
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Los Angeles Becomes Largest City In America To Implement Police Body Cam Policy

CNN's #AskACop triggers anti-police backlash