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U.S. says Exxon under Tillerson violated Russia sanctions in 2014

Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ is arriving just when we need it

Sessions will stay on as AG 'as long as that is appropriate'

What the Insanity of Mass Incarceration Has Done To Us

Under Trump's Orders, EPA Considers Gutting Lead Rules Even as Water in Schools Tests Positive

Namibia ratifies ban on import of toxic waste

World's plastic waste could bury Manhattan 2 miles deep

The ACA Has Been A Lifesaver For Those With Eating Disorders — What Happens If It Goes Away?

The Aftermath of Ghost Ship and the San Pablo Fires

On Trump, transparency and democracy

What Pittsburgh homeowners need to know about curb box inspections for lead service lines

The women confronting California’s farm conditions

Natural gas building boom fuels climate worries, enrages landowners

Is the CIA Reformable?

First it was threatened, now could Hanford Reach expand?

Why were Facebook, Google, and Amazon so quiet about net neutrality?

Whose freedom does Radiohead support?

Trump's NAFTA Renegotiation Goals Are Corporate Friendly
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Meet the Congressman Asking the FBI to Investigate Ivanka Trump

Shocking Federal Report Details Continued Use of Solitary Confinement for Mentally-Ill Inmates

Who’s funding the Red Tape Initiative?

Locals Fight to Keep Public Utilities Public

Fraud and billing mistakes cost Medicare — and taxpayers — tens of billions last year

How conservation programs can be strengthened by meeting family planning needs

Killing Trumpcare Before It Kills Us: Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis on Connecting Social Issues to Build Resistance

Trump's Travel Ban Won't Affect Grandparents, SCOTUS Rules

Stealth bill targets Palestine supporters in Massachusetts

Making the inevitable impossible – winning at the fossil fuel frontlines

Trump supporters still fixate on Clinton as mood darkens

Trump’s Weaponized Base Is Going After Academics — I Know Because I Was Targeted

Indigenous weavers organize for collective intellectual property rights

Advocacy Groups Say Senators Should Have One Word for Trump Immigration Pick: ‘No.’

Why Did This Crisis Pregnancy Center Advertise on a Public School’s Graduation Tickets?

How the Supreme Court Handed Trump a Free Pass for Discrimination and Abuse Against Detainees

Whistleblower Case Shows How Trump Tries to Silence Science

Governors in Western States Are Trying to Seize Power Over the Endangered Species Act
-- Julia Travers for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Red Scare Redux 2017: From Right-Wing Radio to Brooklyn

Residents challenge council plans to demolish their homes
Central Hill housing estate in South London is threatened with demolition. Residents are challenging the \u201cregeneration\u201d.

Naomi Klein: Overcoming the Trumpian Nightmare

In State of Emergency, Turkey Jails Six Human Rights Defenders Pending Trial

Texas Redistricting Back in Court

Fracking firms tell government the industry is ‘struggling’ as finance dries up

Rising seas threaten scores of species on Pacific islands with extinction

Monetary Sovereigns, Monetary Subjects: Modern Money & The Criminal Legal System

Feds Concede Can’t Search Cloud Data at Border for US Citizens

B&H Workers Fight to Save Camera Warehouse Jobs

The Torture-Friendly Trump Administration

The USDA is Helping Industrial Hydroponics Water Down the Definition of Organic Farming

Civilian Death and the Language of War
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Afghanistan occupation leads to war crimes

Leading scientists warn logging in DRC could cause environmental disaster

Greenstein: Harsh House GOP Budget Resolution Asks Most from Those Who Have Least

US Judge Halts Deportation of 1,400 Iraqis

The Hidden Bearers of Mass Incarceration: Women

Not Just Numbers: Migrants Tell Their Stories

A Real Plan To Make The Affordable Care Act Even Better

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: Trump sounds like Nixon

Trump regrets hiring Attorney General Jeff Sessions

US ends controversial laptop ban on flights from Middle East
Block affecting nine airlines flying from 10 airports is lifted, but restrictions remain on flights from region to UK

Reflections on my thirty-four years as a Black man with mental illness

The story behind the Jerusalem attack: How Trump and Netanyahu pushed the Palestinians into a corner

Building a Mass Movement to Stop Mass Killing

Trump Terrible 10 — Made in China Edition

Brazilian Indigenous Group Occupies Amazon Dam, Halts Construction To Demand Rights

How Newsrooms Help Destroy Black Lives

Charleston workers renew region's ties to Highlander Center

Teen Girls Stage Incredible Quinceañera Protest at Texas Capitol Against Vile Anti-Immigrant Law

Corporate Media Largely Silent on Trump’s Civilian Death Toll in Iraq

Trump threatens electoral consequences for senators who oppose health bill