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Senator Udall Calls for Resignation of CIA Director Brennan for Illegally Hacking Into Senate Computers

72-Hour Ceasefire in Gaza Announced: "At least 1,432 people have been killed in Gaza during the current conflict, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health"

The Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in History Just Took a Terrifying Turn

CNN Anchor Lashes Out at Fox: "You Willfully Ignorant F**ksticks"

NRA Member Who Lost Sister to Gun Violence Tearfully Asks Senate to Protect Women

CIA Admits Penetrating Senate Intelligence Computers

The Carbon Dividend
Chris Van Hollen to Introduce Plan to Auction Pollution Permits

House GOP Struggles With Immigration Monster It Created

"He Could Have Brought Ebola Here": Minnesota Widow on Her Husband

Blow to House GOP Leadership as Border Bill Falters

The Boys of Bundy: Right-Wing Terrorists Spoiling for More Battles
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Poorly Defined Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Used to Blame, Criminalize Mothers

House GOP Pulls Legislation to Address Immigration Crisis at Border

David Swanson | Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming!

A Public Wiki Shines Light on North America's 4 Million Oil and Gas Wells

Medicare's 49th Anniversary for Seniors: Single-Payer Coverage for All by Its 50th
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Peace Corps Removing Volunteers Amid Ebola Outbreak

Liberian Official: Ebola Outbreak "Is Above the Control of the National Government"

The Feds Are Demanding That Twitter Turn Over More User Info Than Ever

UN Rights Chief Slams Israel’s "Defiance" of International Law

Boston Hospitals on the Lookout for Ebola Virus

Republicans Want DOJ to Investigate IRS' Lerner for Referring to GOP "Crazies" as "Assholes"

Senate Bombshell Testimony Today: Citigroup and Bank of America Stock Worthless Without Implied Government Guarantees

People’s Climate March - Largest Climate March in World History - Launched in Times Square

Bush Administration Lawsuit Hearing Scheduled for Sept. 11th
If all goes well, the announcement of a start date to the Bush Administration trial could be just six weeks away

Smuggling and Illicit Trade Have Always Been an Essential Component of the US Economy

Think the Supreme Court Protected Your Cellphone From Warrantless Searches? Think Again.

Meet Carolina, Who Brought Her Daughters 1,500 Miles to the US so They Wouldn’t Be Raped

More Blood Than Water in Detroit, Gaza and Iraq
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Charles P. Pierce | Words Matter
\"When cowards try to make history, history is mocked.\"

Murdoch’s Circle: The Growing News International Scandal

NOAA Prepares for Bakken Oil Spills as Seattle Dodges Oil Train Explosion

Louisiana Chemical Plant With Safety Violations Gets $1.8M Tax Break, No Fine

ReaganBook, "The Facebook for Patriots" Is Already Offline

Soldiers Get $92M in Debt Relief Under Settlement

So Long, Seafood! Ocean Acidification Projected to Slam Alaskan Fisheries

How Loss of Wildlife Leads to Child Slavery

Bikes, Planes and Viruses: How Ebola Spreads

Even Left-Wing Politicians Can’t Quit Israel

The Median Household Is 20% Poorer Today Than in 1984

SATIRE: Space Aliens Really Disappointed in Humanity, Postpone Visit for Another 10,000 Years

Legislators, Corporations Gather for Secret Meeting Against Clean Energy and You’re Not Invited

How Much Does an F-35 Actually Cost?