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Trump is teaming with "Apprentice" producer Burnette for "helicopter grand entrance" at Inauguration

Two juveniles charged with arson in East Tennessee wildfires that left 14 people dead

United Airlines will begin charging to use overhead bins in 2017

Trump Taps Pro Wrestling Magnate for Small Business Association
No, really.

Jim Hightower: Augustus Trumpus
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Oil Pipeline Shut Down After Spill, Just 200 Miles From Standing Rock
-- Dan Zukowski of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Election 2016 recount: Where 5 states stand

Trump appoints Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of Environmental Protection Agency

Report: Trump Transition Team Sworn To Secrecy By Non-Disclosure Agreements

Hill Democrats Vow To Win War Against Medicare Privatization in 2017

War On The Homeless: Cities All Over America Are Passing Laws Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need

A Chance to Invest Millions in the News and Information People Need

Trump Refused to Denounce Extrajudicial Killings of "Drug Suspects" by Philippines President
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

William Rivers Pitt | Donald Trump Can Erase Your Rights With a Bar Napkin

Housing Advocate: It's Scary That Trump HUD Secretary Pick Ben Carson Thinks Poverty Is a Choice

Roe v. Wade may be doomed. Dark days are ahead for reproductive rights.

Charles P. Pierce: Republican Superstars Are Already Fluent in the Language of White Supremacy
They've spoken it for years.

Hospitals warn Trump, Congress of massive losses with Affordable Care Act repeal

800 Climate Scientists Warn Trump Presidency Could Be Defined by "Denial and Disaster"

Our Dreams for Bresha Meadows Begin With Freedom
Bresha Meadows's case thoroughly illustrates how wholly ill-equipped the criminal justice system is to provide any real support for survivors of abuse -- a shortcoming that overwhelmingly results in the further punishment of survivors.

UnKoch My Campus: Opposing Billionaires' Efforts to Infiltrate Higher Education

Here's What It's Like to Be Arrested While Covering a Pipeline Protest

House GOP Eyes Food Stamp Overhaul, Possible New Eligibility Requirements

Emboldened by Trump win, Ohio passes "heartbeat" law banning abortion at six weeks

Sandy Hook denier arrested after death threats made to parent of victim

Donald Trump picks Gen. John Kelly for Department of Homeland Security secretary
Another general.

For trans women killed by Oakland fire, struggle for respect continues in death

Openly gay Connecticut politician targeted by anti-LGBTQ group

How Pizzagate went from rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire
What brought Edgar Welch and his assault rifle to a Washington restaurant was a choking mix of false accusations, political nastiness and technological change. It\u2019s a tale of scandal that never was, and of a fear that spread through channels that only recently existed.

Ex-CIA official on Trump, Flynn: "I'm watching a clown show"

The Strange Career of American Exceptionalism

Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He's About to Hand Trump

GOP adds measure to aid Mattis' confirmation to stopgap bill

Florida voters sue for recount

The Contract: Chicago's Police Union

The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act would damage free speech rights on campus

"He got up there and lied his ass off": Carrier union leader on Trump's big deal