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Democracy after Sanders

Columbia River salmon recovery plan invalidated

Argentine President Mauricio Macri Will Repatriate Savings From Bahamas

Why Hetch Hetchy is staying under water
A judge ruled in favor of San Francisco water needs over the valley\u2019s restoration.

Children caught in the firing line as airstrikes target Syrian city

Here’s How Hospitals Can Improve Health Care for Trans People

Recording Spurs Anticorruption Minister to Resign in Brazil

Why You Won’t Hear About Abortion From Arizona’s Largest OB-GYN Network

Why Is Antarctica's Sea Ice Growing While the Arctic Melts? Scientists Have an Answer

Will Hillary Clinton's Comments on Coal Hurt Senatorial Candidates in Ohio and Pennsylvania?

California to allow transplants between HIV-infected people

Many Northeast, Midwest States Face Shrinking Workforce

Marijuana Infraction Enforcement Nearly 4 Times More Severe for Black Californians and 1.5 Times More Severe for Latino Californians than for Whites, Finds New DPA and ACLU Report

A Shockingly Easy Way to Avoid Wasting Thousands of Gallons of Water a Year
A small change to something you do every day can make a big difference\u2014and save some money, too.

The Next Boom for Worker Co-ops?

Supreme Court refuses to review death penalty over two justices' dissents

Beyond Awareness: Mental Illness and the Ableism of Capitalism

Trump’s Kitchen Cabinet: What The Media Needs To Know About The Nominee’s Top Advisers And Supporters

Underemployed College Graduates Still A National Crisis

UNFPA Funding Cuts Threaten Women’s Health in Poorer Nations

Dahr Jamail | Mangroves in Crisis: Why One Man Works to Save the Plants That Fight Climate Disruption

Democratic Leadership Is Missing in Action on Mass Incarceration

Hillary Clinton needs to tell us where she stands on the death penalty for Dylann Roof

Chile's red tide outbreak recedes, giving fishermen a break

How chemical found in plastic food containers can weaken children's teeth irreversibly by stopping enamel developing properly

Caustic ash keeps about 2,000 people from going home to Fort McMurray on schedule

I’m a black man. Here’s what happened when I booked an Airbnb.

The Many Unreported Dangers of America’s Slaughterhouses

idea to change the world: What if we gave kids a good start in life?

Trump at war with press over vet money

University Of North Carolina Reverses On Complying With HB2

How Good Are We at Saving Animals From Extinction?

Five Things You Need to Know About Donald Trump's Pitiful Plan for the Planet
-- Michael Brune for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Number of Displaced Afghans Has More Than Doubled Since 2013

The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret

Still Selling Neoliberal Unicorns: The US Applauds the Coup in Brazil, Calls It Democracy

Iraqi troops seize control of districts of Falluja from Isis
The emergence of an older homeless population is creating daunting challenges for social service agencies and governments already struggling to fight poverty.

Old and on the Street: The Graying of America’s Homeless

Glyphosate Found in Urine of 93 percent of Americans Tested
-- Organic Consumers Association for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump's popularity inexplicable and Brexit spells disaster, says Stephen Hawking
Scientist repeats backing for remain in EU campaign and says US presidential candidate is \u2018demagogue who appeals to lowest common denominator\u2019

Refugee deaths intensify call for safe EU passages

Unaccompanied Migrant Children in Greece: IOM Report

America’s atomic vets: ‘We were used as guinea pigs – every one of us’

Big Gains for Striking Verizon Workers in New Agreement

Hoopa Valley Tribe Slams San Luis Settlement Agreement

‘He Brutalized For You’
How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trump\u2019s mentor.

Inequality and the Cash Register
Flacks for grand fortune would like us to believe the rich are performing a public service every time they go shopping. Our wallets tell a different story.

Danger Below? New Properties Hide Abandoned Oil And Gas Wells

Libertarians name former Republican governor as presidential pick

Problem Solved? Australia Succeeds In Stripping All References To The Great Barrier Reef From Climate Change Report

Obama Administration Approves Resumption of Offshore Fracking in California

Family of driver killed in US strike on Taliban leader file criminal case
Relatives of Mohammad Azam, killed while driving Mullah Mansoor across Pakistan, lodge a first investigation report for murder

Obama Continues to Ignore Pleas to Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera