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Organic Farmer Dealt Final Blow in Landmark Lawsuit Over Monsanto’s GMO Contamination

Who’s funding voter suppression?
Web of conservative funding groups lines up behind key voting rights Supreme Court case.

Obama administration plans to extend Medicaid coverage to Flint victims

Montana Tribe's Water Deal Clears Major Senate Milestone

Will California's "Moderate" Democrats Kill Bankruptcy Reform Again?

Here's What Bernie Sanders Actually Did in the Civil Rights Movement

Brooklyn Youth Create Jobs (and Community Roots) Through Local Compost Program

A maverick hedge fund manager thinks Wall Street is the answer to the water crisis in the West

Washington Post's Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto - Again

Big Money's map mischief in North Carolina

Amid federal gridlock, lobbying rises in the states
Special interests outnumber state lawmakers 6-to-1.

Losing its land to the Gulf, Louisiana tribe will resettle with disaster resilience competition award money

Air Pollution Is Fourth Leading Cause of Death Worldwide: Polluted Air Claims 5.5 Million Lives Per Year

Corporations Killed Medicine. Here's How to Take It Back

A Majority of States Now Have Right-to-Work Laws

Inside the Most Important Supreme Court Case in Human History

How the United States' Two Major Parties Helped Destroy Democracy

Why Maryland Could Become One of the United States' Leading Centers for Drug Reform Overnight

Drought-stricken Zimbabwe declares state of disaster

As the Movement for Black Lives Shifts to Policy, Several Options Emerge

Economists keep saying we should put a price on nature. Now they’ve finally done it

Ted Cruz Has A Really Creepy Mobile App

Richard D. Wolff | On the Meaning of Capitalism, We Don't Agree

Madeleine Albright Pens Mea Culpa For 'Special Place In Hell' Line About Women Voters

The Scariest Cable Merger Nobody in Washington Is Talking About

The Alliance for Prosperity: Solution to the Central American Migrant Crisis or Déjà Vu?

Some States Forging Ahead With Emissions Reduction Plans, Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Demolitions leave dozens of Palestinians without homes or water

France prepares to bulldoze half of Jungle migrant camp

Bernie Sanders Unveils Moving New Ad With Eric Garner's Daughter

Sanders and Clinton Disagree on Climate. Why Won't Debate Moderators Ask Them About It?

How Police Use a Dangerous Anti-Terrorism Tactic to End Pursuits

Florida's largest newspaper endorses Clinton

If this Iraqi dam collapses, half a million people could die
US officials see a growing likelihood of failure for the Mosul Dam and have warned that the devastation could be \u201ca thousand times worse\u201d than Hurricane Katrina.

Mysterious armed groups are on the prowl, targeting migrants in night attacks in Calais and elsewhere in northern France, sowing fear among the displaced travelers living in squalid slums and deepening concerns the city is becoming a tinderbox of anti-mig

Brazilian soldiers to be deployed in 'mega' Zika prevention drive

In Fact, Argue Experts, Sanders' Medicare-for-All Numbers "Do Add Up"

Polar Vortex to Bring 'Coldest Air for More Than a Decade' to Northeast

Police Documents Reveal Why Dashcam Video of Laquan McDonald Shooting Was Missing Audio

Lawyers Speak Out About Massive Hack of Prisoners’ Phone Records

Bank of America CEO gets a potential pay increase of 23 percent