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Why Captured Israeli Soldier Raises the Stakes for Israel and Hamas
The IDF is bombing the southern Gaza Strip after a soldier went missing this morning in a clash with Hamas militants. Captured Israeli soldiers can give Hamas significant leverage.

Demoted Exec Shoots CEO, Kills Self in Chicago

The Most Dangerous Moment in Gaza

Charles P. Pierce | The Sad Clownhood Of John Boehner

David Swanson | Drone Protester Aquitted by Jury

Why the Children Fleeing Central America Will Not Stop Coming
At the root of the border crisis is a wave of violence that the United States helped to create.

Michele Bachmann Claims President Obama Wants to Use Unaccompanied Children for Medical Experiments

GOP Senator Blocks Approval of US Ambassadors to Russia and Other Nations

The Next Epidemic
Ebola won\u2019t kill us all, but something else might. Like everything living on Earth, viruses must evolve to survive.

Cease-Fire in Gaza Collapses; Israeli Soldier Is Captured

As World Condemns Attack on Gaza, US Resupplies Israel with Weapons

CNN Anchor Shuts Down Fox Climate Trolls With One Brilliant Tweet
Bill Weir has fighting words for people who willfully confuse weather with climate

Harry Potter and the Battle Against Bigotry
Kids who identify with the hero of J.K. Rowling's popular fantasy novels hold more open-minded attitudes toward immigrants and gays.

Republicans Deliver Another Self-Inflicted Wound

First Ebola Patient Coming to USA for Treatment
One of two Americans infected with Ebola in West Africa will be brought to the United States for treatment at Emory University.

Fighting Near Site of Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Leaves 14 Dead
Deaths shatter brief lull across war-torn region as international experts head to wreckage of downed plane

Moral Mondays Activists Come to the Nation’s Capital to Fight for Health Care for the Poor

Paul Krugman | Knowledge Isn’t Power

Revolt Within GOP Quashes Border Vote
GOP leaders said they would try again today to vote on a bill aimed at coping with a surge of unaccompanied minors at the border.

Cantor to Vacate House Seat Early

The CIA’s Reckless Breach of Trust
The agency will have to go much further than apologies for breaking into the Senate\u2019s computers.