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Michael Eric Dyson exposes Giuliani: It’s ‘the defense mechanism of white supremacy in your mind’

'No Deal' as Iran Nuclear Talks Face Deadline

The CIA Wants to Destroy Thousands of Internal Emails Covering Spy Operations and Other Activities

Our militaristic leaders are the problem: “Railing against vets in the face of this madness is cowardice”
Our leaders start the next wars with drones and wanton agendas. No wonder vets return with PTSD and we get divided.

Records in Michael Brown Grand Jury Not Been Approved for Release

Police: N.Y. officer fatally shoots 'innocent' unarmed man

A 12-year-old boy shot by Cleveland police has died

When a Bank Owns 100 Oil Tankers, It Can Mess With the Price of Gas

Five ugly and uncanny parallels between lynchings and police killings in America

40% decline in polar bears in Alaska, western Canada heightens concern

Gay veteran has hand and part of arm amputated after brutal attack in North Carolina

Whitewashing Imperialism
When the media erases the crimes of US imperialism, they make future atrocities more likely.

Washington State to Sue U.S. Government Over Nuclear Cleanup

Minimum-Wage Workers: Where They Work and What They Are Paid

Journalists in Turkey Sentenced to Prison for Reporting Corruption in Government

On Keystone and the NSA, Hillary Clinton Remains Quiet

UK police are to get powers to force internet firms to hand over details linked to IP addresses in order to help them help identify criminal suspects online.

Vote in Switzerland to Abolish Tax Break for Rich Threatens Status

Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education

Israeli Cabinet approves Jewish nationality bill
The bill, which opponents decry as racist, defines Israel as Jewish nation-state and delists Arabic as official language.

Truthout Interviews Dahr Jamail on Electromagnetic Radiation War Games in Washington State