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What Congress's Reauthorization of Spying Law Means for Americans' Privacy

Medea Benjamin | I Am American, Jewish and Banned From Israel for My Activism

Naomi Parker Fraley, the Real "Rosie the Riveter," Dead at 96

White House says it might start deporting DREAMers on March 5

Five missing in Oklahoma gas well explosion

Trump imposes 30 percent tariff on solar panel imports

Pennsylvania court: Congressional map is unconstitutionally gerrymandered

Democrats get rolled in shutdown standoff

Bogus Voter Fraud Panel Asked Texas To Identify Hispanic Voters

Democrats Make Deal to End Government Shutdown Without DACA Protections

Supreme Court rules against Trump administration on Clean Water rule
In a hit to the Trump administration, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that cases litigating the Clean Water Act should be heard by federal district courts.

The Deportation Machine That Thrives on Terror

Brother of NASA Astronaut Blames Racism For Her Removal From ISS Mission

Bernie Sanders: US would never recover from "stain" of deporting "dreamers"

Newly Released Documents Show Dakota Access Pipeline Is Discriminatory Against Indigenous People

The Corporate Tax Cut Bonanza
Until there's data on the effects of the GOP tax cuts, all the announcements of corporate generosity should be recognized as nothing more than self-serving propaganda.

Trump Administration Plays Down Homegrown Right-Wing Terrorist Threat
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

A white guy allegedly detonated 2 IEDs at a mall and the pro-Trump media shrugged

Team Trump Bypassed DHS Analysts to Produce Bogus Terror Report

Turkey's offensive in northwestern Syria continues, 18 civilians reported killed in three days

Democrats balk at McConnell's shutdown offer

White House on GOP Lawmakers: "They're Not Paying Attention" to Trump's Demands

A U.S. Navy ship is trapped in Montreal until spring due to icy waters

Senate vote scheduled for Monday to potentially end shutdown

Revolution by Drone
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Mueller Talking to Mysterious White House Visitor

Did Citizens United Help Russians Funnel Money to NRA?

Trump’s price to protect Dreamers? No one seems to know

45 Years After Roe v. Wade, the War on Women Rages On

DOE whistleblower hopes his Rick Perry photos inspire others to expose "public corruption"

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reflects on the #MeToo Movement: "It's About Time"

Texas Republicans are trying to purge Democrats from ballots: report

The #SchumerShutdown Hashtag Is Getting A Big Boost From Russian Bots

Inequality gap widens as "world's richest 1 percent get 82 percent of the wealth," Oxfam says

FBI: Devin Nunes Won't Show Us Memo Alleging Surveillance Abuses

Trump to Transfer US Embassy to Jerusalem in 2019, Pence Says

"I don’t know how they live with themselves": Artist Nan Goldin​ takes on the billionaire family behind OxyContin

Trump's ICE just deported a doctor living in the US for 40 years

Fear of a Black Planet: Under the Republican Push for Welfare Cuts, Racism Boils