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Global Warming Threatens Colder Climate for Europe

LGBT activists call for new focus on violence against transgender community
While the supreme court victory on gay marriage sparked celebrations, the lives of transgender individuals \u2013 particularly black trans women \u2013 remain in danger

Before It All Goes Up in Smoke

Greek debt crisis: Yanis Varoufakis accuses Europe of terrorism - live
Greek banks deny plan to raid depositors\u2019 savings

Lessons for LatAm from Colombia's Extrajudicial Killings

Coal Is No Longer King in America, Says EIA Report

These isolated towns in dangerous El Salvador are murder-free zones

The Political One Percent of the One Percent in 2014: Mega Donors Fuel Rising Cost of Elections

The Chinese military has a new secret weapon: Lightning-fast trains

ObamaCare win turns up heat on GOP presidential field

Tentative agreement on Iran sanctions relief

Cuba's Environmental Concerns Grow With Prospect of US Presence

These Disunited States

State Department Confirms: More Than Two Dozen Emails on Clinton Server Are Now Considered Classified

Airline Collusion: It's Nothing New and Will Be Difficult to Prove, Analysts Say

What Happens When Oligarchs and Vigilantes Take Over Public Safety in a Big City

Greece Needs Our Solidarity in Its Struggle Against Austerity

SCOTUS Steps in to Prevent Further Texas Abortion Clinic Closures

"Reforms" to Immigrant Jails Aren't Enough, Say Families and Advocates

Healing Is Not Grieving: We Must Not "Move Forward" in the Wake of Massacre

The Senate's Experiment With Cannabis

How Bernie Sanders Fought for Our Veterans

Only Half of Young People's Viewing Is Traditional Scheduled TV

Drought Pushes Nevada Ranchers to Take On Washington

Mexico Police Charged With Torturing Tlatlaya Witnesses

NASA Satellite Images Show the Rapid Expansion of Utility-Scale Solar in China

Record-Breaking Heat Wave Scorches Europe

The Mainstream Media's Bernie Sanders Trap: Deranged Clinton Hate Turns Them Into the US Socialist Vanguard

Could China or Russia Bail Out Greece if Europe Won't?

Think California's Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine's

The Ugly War on Gay Rights: When "Religious Freedom" Becomes "Freedom From Laws"

Ten People Who Turned Against Scientology and Revealed Its Bizarre Secrets

NPR Ombud Responds on "All-Corporate Lobbyist" Alert

A Rabbi's Plea: We Need Slavery Reparations in Order to Move Forward

Greece's Highest Court to Rule on Legality of Referendum

Obama, in Wisconsin, Takes On Scott Walker

"Grassroots Movement Working": Bernie Sanders Gains on the Clinton Machine

Obama Administration Scales Back Deportations in Policy Shift

As Fox News Mourns, the Rest of Us Have an Independence Day to Celebrate

Statement by Bree Newsome: "Now Is the Time for True Courage"