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No Extra Time for FIFA Caribbean Officials as US Justice Department Lays Indictments

More Money, Fewer Grasslands: Corn Ethanol's Impact on Rural America

Reading the Duggar Police Report

Ohio Lawmakers Urge Easing Wind Power Rules

George Pataki announces 2016 presidential campaign

As stock valuations swell, market outlook sours

Even Before TPP And TTIP, US Already Being Forced To Change Laws By Trade Agreements

Military Accidentally Sends Live Anthrax to As Many As 9 States

Pentagon plans to arm Sunni fighters vs. ISIS

Congress Is Probably About To Get A Whole Lot Whiter Thanks To The Supreme Court

Taking Action to Combat State-Sanctioned Violence Against Women Worldwide

Fox News Host Has Outrageous Reason Progressive Ideas Are Getting More Popular

Activists tell officials to file criminal charges against Plains All American

Paradise Lost: What the Texas Floods Swept Away
The Blanco River overflowed its banks in Wimberley, tearing the heart out of the community.

Lawsuit: Michigan Discriminates Against Transgender People in Issuing State IDs

The Assault On LGBT Rights In The Texas Legislature Failed

Ogdensburg woman says border patrol agent shocked her with stun gun (VIDEO)

To Collect Revenue, Some States Put Tax Scofflaws in Virtual 'Stocks'

State's abortion ban illegal, 3 judges rule

Bill Moyers: The Challenge of Journalism Is to Survive in the Pressure Cooker of Plutocracy

Rising Student Debt Creates an Ivory Tower Only for the Wealthy
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

A Theology of Liberation to Inspire White Anti-Racist Organizing

Amy’s Kitchen moves to fast food

Climbing That Ladder: Will Graduate School Help on Capitol Hill?

How one N.Y. museum is already prepping for the next big flood

Immigrants Seeking Asylum in the US Face Insurmountable Obstacles

In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders takes aim at Hillary Clinton on trade

The Populist Agenda: The Fight for a Just Society

Man Threatens Suicide, Police Kill Him
Justin Way was in bed with a knife. His girlfriend called a non-emergency number to try to get him into a hospital. Minutes later, cops shot him dead.

First head of state backs campaign to save the planet

Can the Democratic Party be used for good?

Factory Farms Are a #LoadOfCrap, Says New Report
-- Anastasia Pantsios for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Look, a Deficit!: How NPR Distracts You From Issues That Will Actually Affect Your Life

Dahr Jamail | Oscar Lopez Rivera: Will Obama Pardon This Political Prisoner?

Terror on Trial: Family of Drone Victims Vows to Fight German Court Ruling
Faisal bin Ali Jaber, whose relatives were killed in 2012 strike, says he 'will not give up... it is\u2014quite simply\u2014a matter of life and death for us.'

Texas floods: cities brace for more as officials warn of rivers overflowing
Houston area gets respite from weather but rain still making way downstream as crews continue searching for nine people feared dead.

Migrants Between Scylla and Charybdis

The most racially segregated cities in the South

Disgusted With Tory Government, Brits March in Force Against Austerity Madness
Buoyed by election win, David Cameron poised to implement harsh cuts.

Two fired New Mexico cops could face charges in jail cell beating of handcuffed man (VIDEO)

Given Rampant White-Collar Crime, FIFA Raid Raises Questions About DOJ Priorities

Have Democrats Pulled Too Far Left?

Cleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People After DOJ Exposed their Dangerous Habit

#SayHerName Shows Black Women Face Police Violence, Too—and Pregnancy and Motherhood Are No Refuge

Bush's busy role on corporate boards could become 2016 issue

Putin accuses US of meddling into FIFA affairs

US army says 22 possibly exposed to anthrax at S. Korea base

Rivals lash Rand Paul on security

Faculty call on New York University to reveal Israel investment

Creating a Nuclear Bomb Free World Today​
-- Robert C. Koehler for Buzzflash at Truthout

Via Campesina denounces the takeover of the World Expo by corporate interests

Canada wildfires rage on, intensify near oil sands sites

Progressives Win Big in Spain as ‘Anti-Eviction Crusader’ Ada Colau Is Elected Mayor of Barcelona

Congressional Republicans are outraged that the EPA wants to protect our drinking water

Poverty-linked heart risks greatest for poor black women, younger adults

President Obama asserts power over small waterways

“Every single cop in Cleveland is here”: Arthur Chu’s shocking stories from inside the Tamir Rice/Michael Brelo protests
It wasn't my plan to take to the streets. But when the protest found me, there was only one honorable choice.

Life After Nebraska’s Death Penalty
How other states dealt with their death rows after killing capital punishment.

The tar sands sell-out