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Is Climate Change to Blame for Increased Number of Shark Attacks?
-- Cole Mellino for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Big Money Battle to Sway Americans’ Food Choices

What's in your soda? An oil dispersant that might make you fat

Global warming may cause sex changes in lizards

Powerless in the Face of White Supremacy and a Gun

India’s tech hub gasps for fresh air

After Greece Cuts a Quarter of Its Budget, WaPo Asks if It's Willing to 'Trim Spending'

Episcopal church votes to divest from fossil fuels: 'This is a moral issue'
Warning of threat to \u2018human life itself\u2019, Christian denomination commits to re-investing in clean energy following pope\u2019s pastoral letter on the environment.

Thomas Piketty: Germany Shouldn't Be Telling Greece To Repay Debt

California’s rural poor hit hardest as massive drought makes remaining water toxic

Dahr Jamail | Mass Extinction: It's the End of the World as We Know It

It May Be Even Worse for the Polar Bears Than Previously Thought

Emanuel continues shakeup of Chicago Police Board

A year after the war, Gaza grieves for its child casualties
At a school where six boys were killed during last summer\u2019s Israeli offensive, the loss is an open wound. For other young Palestinians, the scars are psychological.

Hawaii, Vermont Set Ambitious Examples for Renewables

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: China, US and the Balance of Power

Inequality isn’t just bad for the economy — it’s toxic for the environment

Deaths mount as Pakistan heatwave is linked to climate

U.S. Sided With Tax-Avoiding Companies Over Contracting Ban

GOPers run from Trump on immigration stance

Growing Evidence That Charter Schools Are Failing
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Iran Readies for a Possible Game Change After the Nuclear Talks

1,400 Dead Children and 5,782 Dead Adults in 2015 and NRA Thinks Gun Owners Are Victims?

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton, the 99% vs Bankers, here in the US and abroad

Corruption On The Border: Dismantling Misconduct In The Rio Grande Valley

The Greeks said No – but to what exactly?
This was a national vote but the issue is Europe-wide. We\u2019ve yet to discover whether Greece can remain in the eurozone, or even in the EU.

Chemists hope to make paving green

Divided Mexico unites against Trump: 'He has no respect for human beings'
From the country\u2019s wealthiest to those struggling to get by, people raise their voices against the real estate mogul following his comments on immigration

Greece debt crisis: Finance Minister Varoufakis resigns

Confederate flag's last stand at S.C. State House

"No" Vote Against EU Austerity Measures Wins by Landslide in Greece