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Prince’s Social Revolution

Sanders dominates Clinton in California with 61.25%

A Pro- and Anti-War Dialogue

Mississippi advocates fear abuse ‘epidemic’ after senate kills divorce bill
A bill that would have made domestic abuse grounds for divorce died in the state senate last week, a decision that will affect thousands of spouses

Organizing Principles: An Interview with Rev. James Lawson

Trump turns fire on Obama

Persistent Water and Soil Contamination Found at N.D. Wastewater Spills

Let's Get Serious About Inequality and Socialism

Massive Victory for 7 Kids in Climate Change Lawsuit in Washington State

Liberalism’s Crisis, Socialism’s Promise
Socialism isn\u2019t the negation of liberalism. It\u2019s the realization of liberal values made impossible by capitalism.

Bernie Sanders Challenges The Democratic Party To Keep Its Soul

Will This Be The Most Do-Nothing Year Of A Staunchly Unproductive Congress?

How education became an Israeli political tool

Will Philadelphia Become the Vertical Farming Capital of the World?

Amid hostility, immigrant organizers engage Alabama's growing Latino electorate

The War on Drugs Failed, So Why Isn't It Over?

Kenya Is About to Destroy the Largest Ivory Stockpile Yet

She Who Tells a Story

Protesters storm Iraqi parliament in Baghdad

'You're a sinner': how a Mormon university shames rape victims
Rape survivors at Brigham Young University, considered the \u2018Mormon Harvard\u2019, face penalties under its strict honor code. Now they\u2019re fighting back

Why the HB2 boycott of North Carolina is working

Donald Trump Had to Literally Get Over a Wall to Avoid Protesters in California

Pentagon Claim That War Crimes Must Be "Intentional" Called "Flatly Wrong"
'There are laws\u2014even in the heat of warfare\u2014which must be followed. And no one is above them,' says Physicians for Human Rights

The Racist Roots of Virginia's Felon Disenfranchisement

The ongoing fight over seismic testing for Atlantic oil and gas deposits

US Leads the World in Arms Sales, Profiting Off Death and Destruction
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout