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GAO Report: Drinking Water at Risk from Underground Fracking Waste Injection

Armed Militias Massing at Border to 'Protect' America From Small Children

Fox News' "War on Christianity": How rRght-Wing Hacks Created a Sect of Victims

" Israel unleashed its heaviest air and artillery assault of the Gaza war on Tuesday, destroying key symbols of Hamas control, shutting down the territory's only power plant and leaving at least 128 Palestinians dead on the bloodiest day of the 22-day con

Poor Baby: Ted Nugent Lashes Out at "Unclean Vermin" After Idaho Native American Tribe Cancels His Concert

Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired Employee Due to Pregnancy

Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence
With the July 17 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine turning a local civil war into a U.S. confrontation with Russia, former U.S. intelligence veterans urge President Obama to release what evidence he has about the tragedy and silence the hyperbole.

Campus Sexual Assault: What Are Colleges Doing Wrong?

Charles P. Pierce | The Snowden Effect: This Is Still Not America

Topless Texan Explains Why She Plans to Keep Confronting Gun Activists

Appeals Court Strikes Down Law, Saves Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic

Is the FBI Creating Terrorists to Pad Counterterrorism Conviction Rates?
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Detroit Water Department Placed in Mayor's Hands

McDonald's: Regulator Says It's a "Joint Employer"

Hundreds of Thousands of US-Supplied Weapons Missing in Afghanistan

"Are We Going to Be Afraid of Children?"
The mayor of Syracuse, N.Y., told President Obama she wanted to help undocumented immigrant kids. She didn\u2019t expect the reaction she got.

The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests
The costs of criminalization: billions of dollars spent on law enforcement and lives destroyed by harsh penalties.

GOP Laughs At Impeachment — But Here's How It Could Get Real

The Centerpiece of Obama’s Energy Policy Will Actually Make Climate Change Worse

Wall Street Journal Reporter: “The Entire United States Market Has Become One Vast Dark Pool”

Louie Gohmert Joins Ranks of Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists

Margot Adler, an NPR Journalist for Three Decades, Dies

George Zimmerman "Patrolling" Central Florida Shop After Gun Theft

Obama’s Coal-Leasing Program Is Costing Taxpayers More Than $50 Billion

California Passes Bill to Legalize Complementary Currencies

Leading Gun Zealot Wants Guns to Scare Members of Congress to Death
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Alabama Officials: Pray That EPA Doesn't Disrupt God's Coal Industry

William Rivers Pitt | All the Blood in Your Body

Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk Democratic "Scam"

Liberia Suspends Football Games to Contain Ebola Outbreak

NSA Surveillance Causes Journalists to Have to Act Like Drug Dealers to Protect Sources

We Can’t Stomach the Real Cost of Food

Donors Pay to Test Seawater for Traces of Fukushima Radiation

Ominous Drying Up of Groundwater that Supplies Nine States

The Children of War: A Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolds in Gaza

The Senate Has a New Plot to Thwart NSA Spying

The Shadow Banking System Is a Great Big Ticking Time Bomb

US Is No Safer After 13 Years of War, a Top Pentagon Official Says

Iraq Is Already Splitting Into Three States

Eugene Robinson | Time for Republicans to Put Up or Shut Up on Immigration Reform
-- Eugene Robinson on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Grieving Parents Hit With $200,000 in Student Loans After Daughter's Death

The IRS Says It Will Finally Enforce the Rules Barring Pastors Endorsing Candidates From the Pulpit

How to Read a Government Commission Report: An Inquiry Into the 9/11 Commission's 10th Anniversary Report

White House: EU, US to Impose New Russia Sanctions

A Bill to Get the Labor Movement Back on Offense
Representative Keith Ellison wants to make forming a union a civil right.

The NRA's Murder Mystery
His Murder Conviction Was Tossed Over Bad Police Work. Now He's the NRA's Top Lawyer.

Fox Cheerleads US Companies Moving Overseas - Because Obama

SATIRE: Osama bin Laden Brought Back to Life (to Boost GOP's Sagging Polls)

Bomb Trains: The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail

Court Upholds Florida Law That Punishes Doctors for Talking About Guns, Because Florida

Iran Leader Calls for Arming Gaza to Fight Israel

Two Billion Poor, One Billion Hungry

North Carolina Republicans Let People Die to Prove a Point
GOP opposition to Obamacare puts ideology above saving lives.

Official: Over 100 Palestinians Killed On Tuesday in Gaza

Lack of Oversight, Damaged Tankers Caused West Virginia Chemical Spill

Market Basket Revolt A Sign of Fed-Up Times
Make no mistake about it. What\u2019s happening at Market Basket\u2019s 71 stores throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine the past several days is nothing short of remarkable.

Greenpeace Report: Obama Administration Exporting Climate Change by Exporting Coal

An Open Letter to John Boehner and House Republicans

Inside the Kerry-Israel Meltdown
The Secretary of State has been furiously working on a Mideast ceasefire, but his ad hoc efforts were dealt another blow Monday when Israel rejected his latest peacemaking plan.

Unist’ot’en Camp Evicted a Fracked Gas Pipeline Crew from their Territories

Ebola Outbreak: Liberia Shuts Most Border Points

US Surveillance Programs Threaten Freedom of Press, Report Says

Obama Mulls Massive Move on Immigration