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  • In the Midst of Worldwide Water Scarcity, an Artist Reminds Us, "We Are Water"

    By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

    Installing Desert Fountain at the Albuquerque Museum. (Photo: Basia Irland)Installing "Desert Fountain" at the Albuquerque Museum. (Photo: Basia Irland)

    As anthropogenic climate disruption and human development progress, rivers are drying up and water scarcity has become the new norm. This climate dispatch features author, poet, sculptor and installation artist Basia Irland, whose work and activism eloquently weave in the critical threads of conservation and education, along with her reverence for water and its role in life and on Earth.



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  • Fifteen Years in Iraq: There Was No Place Safe There, or Here

    Fifteen Years in Iraq: There Was No Place Safe There, or Here

    By Robert F. Sommer, Truthout | Op-Ed

    It's been 15 years since the Bush-Cheney administration launched the US into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with an ingenious marketing campaign. Now the quagmire they created is wider and deeper by magnitudes but the US continues its pattern of self-destruction. A military father reflects on the cost of those wars to his family and to the country.

  • What Standing Rock Gave the World

    What Standing Rock Gave the World

    By Jenni Monet, YES! Magazine | Op-Ed

    This Indigenous-led disruption, the awakening resolve that was cultivated at Standing Rock, did not dissolve after February. Rather, it spread in so many different directions that we may never fully realize its reach. The spirit of resistance can easily be found in the half-dozen or so other pipeline battles across the United States. Beyond that, the movement amplified the greater struggle worldwide.


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