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  • Single-Payer: A Reproductive Justice Value

    By Katie Klabusich, Truthout | Report

    (Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout)(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout)

    Ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, background, gender or ZIP code has access to adequate health care is a reproductive justice priority. Only single-payer would specifically address the systemic inequalities faced by marginalized people -- a group of most concern to the reproductive justice movement -- who are most likely to fall through the cracks of any other system.



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  • Republicans Want to Pay for Tax Cuts by Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    Republicans Want to Pay for Tax Cuts by Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    By Mike Ludwig, Truthout | News Analysis

    Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski advanced a resolution this week that would open the pristine Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling to help pay for the Republican tax plan. However, Murkowski has something else her fellow Republicans want, and it's not oil revenues.

  • Capitalism Is Not the Only Choice

    Capitalism Is Not the Only Choice

    By Penn Loh, YES! Magazine | News Analysis

    Since the breakup of the Soviet bloc and China's turn toward free markets, many economists have pronounced an "end of history," where capitalism reigns supreme as the ultimate form of economy. Indeed, free markets are glorified in popular culture -- but many of us in the 99 percent are not feeling so happy or secure about this economy. Are we trapped in capitalism?


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