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  • What Happens to Innocent People When They Are Freed?

    We have the words exoneration, exonerate, exonerated -- but no word for the people freed from prison, innocent of the crimes that sent them there.

  • The Last Day Before Donald

    William Rivers Pitt of Truthout: "So this is the precipice, I guess, and we're all about to fly out over the edge like Wile E. Coyote holding a sign that reads, 'Was This Trip Really Necessary?'"

  • Noam Chomsky on the Long History of US Meddling in Foreign Elections

    By C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout | Interview

    Supporters watched as unfavorable returns came in during Hillary Clinton’s election night rally at the Javits Center in New York, on November 9, 2016. Many of Clinton's closest aides believe that Russian hacking and information leaks had a profound impact on the election, while conceding that other factors were also important. (Photo: Todd Heisler / The New York Times) Supporters watch as unfavorable returns come in during Hillary Clinton's election night rally at the Javits Center in New York, on November 9, 2016. As Americans grapple with reports of the impact of Russian hacking on US elections, it's important to also acknowledge our own long history of meddling in other countries' elections. (Photo: Todd Heisler / The New York Times)

    For at least a century, the US has been actively interfering in the elections of other nations, says Noam Chomsky in this Truthout interview. The interference has ranged from financial support and propaganda to assassinations and overthrows of elected regimes -- in the name of spreading "American-style democracy."



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