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Beyond the Sound Bites: Election 2016

As we enter the thick of the 2016 election season, much of the dominant media has become mired in a play-by-play game of campaign narration. At Truthout, we view our role a little bit differently. Our election coverage provides the context, history and investigative substance necessary to hold officials - and the system as a whole - accountable to democracy. We will dive into the money behind the politics, revealing how corporate funding and other major influencers are driving candidates' positions and decisions. We will investigate voter suppression and deception. And we will highlight candidates' platforms on specific issues, and assess how their talking points match up with their records. Join us, as we travel beyond the sound bites!

For regular, incisive commentaries related to the election, make sure to check out Truthout's BuzzFlash Commentaries page as well!

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