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2014 828 iraq fwSmoke rises from American airstrikes in the village of Resala in Iraq as Kurdish peshmerga fighters watch at an overwatch position near the Mosul Dam in Northern Iraq, Aug. 18, 2014. (Photo: Lynsey Addario / The New York Times)

Make no mistake about it: by any vaguely human measure, the situation in Iraq is a US-made disaster of historic proportions. Millions dead or wounded, millions more displaced, and all overseen by a kleptocratic government more interested in grinding old enemies into the dust than governing...and of course, yes, a seemingly endless cycle of violence that claims new victims every day.

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Thirty-five years ago, California prisoners founded Black August, a holiday to pay tribute to African-American history in the context of an ever-expanding carceral state. In a kind of secular activist Ramadan, Black August participants refused food and water before sundown, did not use the prison canteen, eschewed drugs and boastful behavior, boycotted radio and television, and engaged in rigorous physical exercise and political study. Through Black August, prisoners sought to demonstrate the personal power they maintained despite incarceration.

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