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In 1947, my father, along with his mother and older brother, boarded a northbound train in Greenwood, Miss. They carried with them nothing but a suitcase stuffed with clothes, a bag of cold chicken, and my grandmother’s determination that her children — my father was just 2 years old — would not be doomed to a life of picking cotton in the feudal society that was the Mississippi Delta. Grandmama, as we called her, settled in Waterloo, Iowa.

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Birds of Washington ]]> Art Fri, 11 Jul 2014 08:56:27 -0400 Netanyahu's War: What It Is Good For?

The administration knows full well that it has various levers to pull to respond to the Gaza crisis, manufactured by Benjamin Netanyahu for political ends, but it lacks sufficient public political pressure to end the killing, says Robert Naiman.

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Economic Update: Banks and Other Outrages ]]> News Thu, 10 Jul 2014 15:22:28 -0400 Experts Say NSA Surveillance Compromises Internet Security; Here's How to Protect Yourself

Unless you are a skilled hacker or programmer, it's difficult to guarantee total protection from the prying eyes of the government and others online, but there are many tools out there that can help.

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How to Leapfrog Carbon ]]> Opinion Thu, 10 Jul 2014 14:17:17 -0400