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DJs Against Climate Change Create Localized Cap-and-Trade

Sunday, 18 December 2011 17:33 By Yana Kunichoff and Jared Rodriguez, Truthout | News Analysis
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Let's say... you're a DJ. And you're pretty progressive, so you think about things like the carbon footprint you leave, flying between gigs. DJs Against Climate Change has a green solution to the dilemna. The group calculates the carbon emissions you generate, and helps offset those emissions by contributing to projects that remove or prevent greenhouse gases.

Though DJs Against Climate Change focuses on DJs, the idea of a voluntary, industry-localized version of cap-and-trade could be applied to any business that generates greenhouse gasses. It can also be implemented without a super-majority in Congress, and would allow individual awareness to be translated directly into action.

To learn more, watch the video below: 

DJs Against Climate Change 2011 from sammy bananas on Vimeo.

Jared Rodriguez

Jared Rodriguez is a designer, photo editor and videographer at Truthout.

Yana Kunichoff

Yana Kunichoff is a Chicago-based journalist covering immigration, labor, housing and social movements. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Reporter, Truthout and the American Independent, among others. She can be reached at yanakunichoff at

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