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  • Thanksgiving Distorts History and Sugarcoats Continuing State Violence Against Indigenous People

    By Jaskiran Dhillon, Truthout | Op-Ed

    The celebratory zeal of Thanksgiving is part of the state's machinery that allows us to abdicate political responsibility and turn a blind eye to the persistent colonial violence.While often valorized as a time of celebration characterized by the benign coming together of friends and family, Thanksgiving is also a holiday that actively elides the genocidal violence that has made the US. (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout, after Jean Leon Gerome Ferris)

    Though promoted as a time for celebration and warm family gatherings, the Thanksgiving tradition is yet another distortion of the genocidal settler colonial history of the United States. When we celebrate the day, we participate in the state's campaign to abdicate political responsibility for the continuing violence inflicted upon Indigenous peoples, their culture and their land.


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