Thursday, 19 October 2017 / TRUTH-OUT.ORG
  • Trump's First DC Circuit Nominee Thinks Waterboarding Can Be Okay

    Gregory Katsas has been picked to fill a vacancy on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, which is the only appellate court with nationwide jurisdiction.

  • Steve Bannon's Armageddon

    William Rivers Pitt of Truthout: Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is fomenting a "revolution" against a number of Republican officeholders, and against the Republican party itself, with President Trump as his unspoken partner.


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Fighting for Our Lives: The Movement for Medicare for AllIt's crucial to push back urgently against Republicans' dystopian health care vision. Inspiringly, progressive forces have met this threat not only with a growing resistance, but also with a vision for something bold: Medicare for All. The House of Representatives' single-payer plan now has more co-sponsors than ever before, and activists and politicians alike are increasingly approaching Medicare for All as a real possibility -- not just a far-flung dream.

As the struggle builds, Truthout is diving in with our new series, "Fighting for Our Lives: The Movement for Medicare for All." In this ongoing series, we'll cover the front lines of the campaign for single payer, the history behind it, its practical implications, its intersections with other movements, and the millions upon millions of lives it will affect. We hope you will join us!

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