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We've Got Each Other

Monday, 23 May 2011 06:55 By Maya Schenwar and Matt Renner, Truthout | Message
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Dear Reader,

When it comes to upholding progressive American values, most of our institutions are in decline, if not already defunct. It’s pretty clear that we can’t count on elected officials, the courts, the traditional press or the universities to hold the line against the corporatocracy.

What are we left with? We’ve got each other.

Civil disobedience, grassroots pressure at the local level, citizen media and face-to-face political organizing are our last best hope. We’re seeing people around the globe standing against austerity and corruption - and winning!

Help Truthout continue to be a catalyst for this type of change in America. We need your support in order to maintain our services - and we’re $8,500 away from meeting our goal for this fundraising drive. Your support is critical right now, as we strive to meet our goal and end our drive tonight!

Can you help us meet our budget by midnight? 

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to Truthout by clicking the button below:

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Click here to donate.
(Truthout is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. EIN: 20-0031641)

Or donate by check, made payable to:
Truthout, P.O. Box 276414, Sacramento, CA 95827
(Please include your email address on your check.)

You can also call in your donation:

Thank you so much to all who have already donated and to all of our readers!

Maya Schenwar, Executive Director and Matt Renner, Director of Development

Matt Renner

Matt Renner is Director of Development and Communications at Truthout.

Maya Schenwar

Maya Schenwar is Truthout’s Editor-in-Chief. Her book, Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do Better, will be out from Berrett-Koehler Publishers in November. Follow her on Twitter: @mayaschenwar

Previously, she was a senior editor and reporter at Truthout, writing on US defense policy, the criminal justice system, campaign politics, and immigration reform. Prior to her work at Truthout, Maya was contributing editor at Punk Planet magazine. She has also written for the Guardian, In These Times, Ms. Magazine, AlterNet, Z Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Common Dreams, the New Jersey Star-Ledger and others. She also served as a publicity coordinator for Voices for Creative Nonviolence. Maya is on the Board of Advisors at Waging Nonviolence.

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