How to Honor Rush Limbaugh on International Women’s Day (Video)

Friday, 09 March 2012 03:52 By Jesse Lava and Robert Greenwald, Brave New Foundation | Op-Ed (Video)
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As of this writing, 49 sponsors  have pulled out of the Rush Limbaugh show after his repeated demeaning remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. But of course, this isn’t the first time Rush has slandered women. Or the second. Or the fifth. Or the tenth. He makes a career out of enflaming misogynistic (not to mention xenophobic, racist, and classist) passions.

So with today being International Women’s Day, we at Brave New Foundation are celebrating Rush Limbaugh with a mash-up of some of his greatest hits on women:

Anyone who wants to contact Rush’s dwindling number of sponsors to demand that they withdraw their support can find a good list here. Can each of us put another nail in the coffin of Rush’s career?

Robert Greenwald

Robert Greenwald, president of Brave New Foundation and producer/director of Koch Brothers Exposed, recently launched a blog about the country's notorious one percenter brothers.



Jesse Lava

Jesse Lava runs Beyond Bars, which produces short videos and engages social media to fight mass incarceration. Beyond Bars is a project of Brave New Foundation.

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