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Corporations Are Not People

By Thom Hartmann, Truthout | Book Review

How Romney Won, and Lost

By EJ Dionne Jr, The Washington Post Writers Group | Op-Ed

State of the Primary

By Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World | Political Image

Kafka at the Pentagon

By Tom Engelhardt, Truthout | Op-Ed

In a Million-Dollar Minute

By Tom H Hastings, Truthout | Op-Ed

Occupy DC: We're Defending Our Dream (2)

By Isaiah J Poole, Campaign for America's Future |

Why Is Our Nation So Divided? (2)

By Bill Moyers, Moyers & Co. | Video

A New Resolve: Reflections for the New Year

By Camillo Mac Bica, Truthout | Op-Ed

How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat

By Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig, Yes! Magazine | Video

The Party People of Wall Street

By Michael Winship and Bill Moyers, Truthout | Op-Ed