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Why the Reproductive Rights Movement Must Abandon the Term "Abortion"

By George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling, Truthout | New Analysis

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As the West Burns: Speaking Truth to Fire

By Brian Moench, Truthout | News Analysis

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Kick the Habit: Fund Our Communities, Not War

By Dr Joseph Gerson, Truthout | News Analysis

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Murky Waters: The Education Debate in New Orleans

By Adam Bessie and Dan Archer, Truthout | Comics Series

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Why Are Women and Transgender Comic Creators Getting Less of the Pie?

By Nicole Boyett and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Truthout | Graphic Journalism

Appreciating Undocumented Americans

By George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling, Truthout | News Analysis

Oakland Takes On Goldman Sachs

By David Zlutnick, Truthout | News Analysis

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Declaring Internet Freedom for All

By Staff, Truthout | Editorial

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The Jury Is Still Out on Chief Justice Roberts

By Dr Wilmer J Leon III, Truthout | Op-Ed

Fossil Fuel Industry Uses Other ALECs in Plan to Save Itself

By Peter Montague and Steve Horn, Truthout | News Analysis