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Mar 27

There Is a Deeper Wave Than This

By David Swanson, War Is A Crime | Op-Ed

A wave of action is coming on April 4, the date they killed MLK, the date Cindy Sheehan lost her son, the date cherry blossoms and resisters to fascism begin to show after an endless winter of many, many years.  Take a look at Wave of Action.

Electing a different president six years ago was not a partial step, a failed attempt, a warm-up round. It was a halftime show of circus clowns and cheerleaders.  The partial step, the failed attempt, the warm up, the ground work, the base of experience and training and testing was Occupy.

Mar 27

Supreme Court Keeps Guns Away From Domestic Violence Abusers

By Staff, National Network to End Domestic Violence | Press Release

Washington DC (March 26, 2014) – “Victims of domestic violence and their advocates are breathing easier today, since the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that convicted domestic violence abusers will be prohibited from possessing firearms,” said Kim Gandy, President and CEO of the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), which celebrated today’s significant decision in U.S. vs. Castleman.

“A contrary decision would have eroded the very heart of the long-standing federal protections that prohibit abusers from possessing firearms,” said Gandy. “Frankly, we were terrified that a decision would re-arm thousands of abusers -- the very people who are most likely to murder their intimate partners – which would have been tragic beyond measure.  We are delighted that the Court upheld this vital law.” 

Jubilee USA Network, a religious anti-poverty coalition, along with 78 other religious and development groups filed with the US Supreme Court in the case between Argentina and NML Capital. The Amicus Curiae brief takes the side of Argentina because the precedent of the case impacts predatory behavior on vulnerable populations. The friend-of-the-court brief argues that the case will have a detrimental impact on the poor, undo bipartisan United States debt policy and cause global financial instability. Filers joining Jubilee USA include: American Jewish World Service, Church World Service, Action Aid USA, numerous synagogues and churches across the US and a deluge of Catholic religious orders of nuns and priests. Read the full list of the 79 groups and Jubilee USA's Amicus Curiae.
"At the end of the day, this case is about a precedent that could expose developing economies to extreme predatory behavior," noted Kent Spriggs the attorney representing the 79 groups "The Supreme Court's decision will affirm or harm current bipartisan US debt policy." 
Mar 25

The People's Hearing? Why It Matters to All of Us

By Jennifer Pacanowski, SpeakOut | Op-Ed

We are still in Iraq. The veterans, the deployed and the surviving Iraqi people. The war is raging inside the hearts and minds of an entire generation of military members, veterans and Iraqi civilians. The veterans are praised with, "Thank you for your service" and baited by "Excellence in Healthcare." Mainstream society and media are scarred from previous forgotten wars such as Korea and Vietnam and cover their asses with slogans. However, compensation and reconciliation are elude most Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who arrive in their communities unable to transition and find peace.

After years of the US government failing veterans, military members and civilians of the occupied countries, "The right to Heal" campaign started on the tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion to hold the USA accountable for the violations of the rights to life and health of war-torn peoples and veterans. Since then, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Organization of Women's Freedom of Iraq and Federation of Workers Councils and Unions of Iraq have been working together to improve the state of affairs for veterans and the civilian populations in these occupied countries.

Mar 25

An Unconscious Truth Lurking in Ukraine

By Frank Smecker, SpeakOut | Op-Ed

Last November, when Washington and Brussels dismissed President Vladimir Putin's proposal to help lift Ukraine out of its economic malaise by way of a trilateral agreement, the universe pulled a fast one on NASA. What was originally thought to be a single galaxy located 100-million light years away, once presumed to be a unified collection of celestial bodies, turned out to be two galaxies masquerading as one. Initial radio images of these two galaxies appeared as "one fuzzy blob," duping astronomers into thinking they were observing a single galaxy. But more recent observations have identified a new structure emerging from this distorted appearance, revealing a separate galaxy that was there all along, one that had simply been obscured by the dominant, prevailing image.

SOIL is proud to announce that SOIL’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Sasha Kramer, was selected as a 2014 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Every year the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship selects 20-25 social entrepreneurs achieving transformative social and/or environmental change through the application of innovative and practical approaches to benefit society in general, with an emphasis on underserved populations.

In recognition of Sasha’s groundbreaking work developing new social business models for the ecological and financially sustainable provision of sanitation services in some of the world’s most impoverished communities, Sasha was selected to join a global network of Schwab Social Entrepreneurs.

Medford, OR – Today the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) took the long-expected step of granting a conditional export license to the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Oregon, a move that carries little meaning without more detailed environmental reviews from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and multiple Oregon state agencies.

The Jordan Cove project calls for building an export terminal at Coos Bay on the Oregon coast, which would allow liquefied natural gas to be exported overseas. The terminal would be supplied by a proposed 235-mile-long pipeline, called the Pacific Connector, which would cross privately and publicly owned lands in southern Oregon and connect to existing pipelines running north-south from British Columbia to California.

Mar 24

What Comes After Capitalism?

By Dennis Trainor Jr, Acronym TV | Video Report

What comes after Capitalism? Identifying the correct answer to that question, one I do not pretend to know, in addition to facing the fact that the question is a life or death one- on a global scale, is a basic requirement for the life, liberty, and happiness of the human race.

The financial system is nearing another crash, like the sub-prime mortgage crash of 2007 and 2008, writes Steve Rushton at in his report summarizing a recently published European Green Party paper, The Price of Doing Too Little Too Late.

Mar 24

Obama's "Humane Deportation" Policy Review Lacks Humanity

By Maunica Sthanki, SpeakOut | Op-Ed

When people find out I work in the area of immigrants rights, I am often asked to provide my opinion or "sound bite" on US immigration policy. Usually the question is "Why should I care about US immigration policy?" or "Tell me what I need to know." Depending on my mood, my response is either, "It's complicated," or I launch into a 30 minute tirade about the injustices of the US detention and deportation system. I have never actually been able to fulfill a request for a sound bite, but I think I may have an abbreviated answer.

The US immigration system, in particular the detention and deportation system, does not treat immigrants with humanity, dignity and respect. From the moment an individual encounters the US detention and deportation system, they are stripped of their identity. Their belongings, clothes, documents, money - literally everything they have - is taken from them. They often are transferred to prisons and prison-like facilities in remote and rural locations without being able to notify their families or loved ones. They are strip searched and given an "alien number" which will identify them until their removal from the United States. This 9 digit number replaces their name, their face, their nationality, their gender. Immigrant detainees are referred to by their "number" by prison guards, by government attorneys and by Immigration Judges.

As an outside observer, one is easily frustrated by the way American mainstream media depicts European politics, or more specifically; how it deals with the concept of the Welfare state. This apparatus of misinformation would be awe-inspiring were it not such a threat to the dynamics of democracy. Even some otherwise well-informed people still grapple with myths and half-truths about the European welfare state, and what is sometimes labeled European socialism.

For many Europeans, it is mindboggling to hear American media refer to Greece as a failed welfare state. The tragic fate of this country has become a mantra-like warning among the neoconservatives. The truth is almost the opposite. Greece has been plagued by an epidemic of tax evasion, cronyism and corruption for so many years that many Greeks themselves refer to corruption as their national sport. Non-governmental organizations like Transparency International have pointed to these problems for years and their reports are widely available on the web.