Article and Multimedia Submission Guidelines


Truthout welcomes submissions from well-known and beginning authors, video and audio reporters, photographers and artists. We are able to publish only a small portion of these submissions and, in general, respond only to those we plan to use. Any submission that does not conform to the formatting and substantive guidelines below will be subject to rejection. Women and people of color are encouraged to submit.

Truthout is a small nonprofit organization. Unless otherwise stated, it will be assumed that submissions are offered gratis and that Truthout's editors may choose to publish them on Truthout, our sister site BuzzFlash or our blog, SpeakOut. Truthout will not sell any uncompensated writer's work or take any other action that directly results in any private entity or person profiting from contributing writers' work without compensation to the writer.

Please familiarize yourself with Truthout's content before sending us your work. We look for original news stories and news analyses with broad national appeal. We're especially interested in coverage of issues that slip under the radar of the mainstream media.


Human sources must be named and contextualized. If sources do not agree to be named in print, their names must be provided to the editor, and the article must provide a compelling explanation for the sources’ anonymity.

Citations (see below) must be from reliable sources. To expedite fact checking of lengthy source material, please provide page numbers specifying where supporting documentation can be found.

We strongly suggest including external links to substantiate assertions.

  • Please submit this supporting material as embedded hyperlinks in your word processing document.
  • If you are unable to embed the hyperlinks, please list the URL bolded and in brackets immediately following pertinent words. Use [ ] for brackets, never < >. Do not include HTML coding.
  • When creating hyperlinks, set them to open in a new window.


In keeping with journalism standards, we ask that authors eschew footnotes in favor of embedded hyperlinks - except for academic-oriented submissions. Even in academic submissions, if the source is simply a URL, hyperlink; do not footnote. When footnotes are necessary:

  • Do not use auto-linked subscript/anchored footnotes in text. Please only use plain numbers inside brackets.
  • Endnotes should be plain numbers as well, followed by a period.
  • If endnotes contain more than one or two URLs, please make sure there is enough relevant text at the footnote location in which to embed the URLs. (If an endnote consists only of a URL, with no expanded explanation, a hyperlink is the appropriate form of citation, not a footnote.)


It is important that material intended for blockquoting be clearly designated. For example, type BLOCKQUOTE in bold capitals above and below the relevant text.


Please do NOT use HTML coding in your submission.


  • Please use bold subheads to break up longer pieces. These can be phrases or complete sentences, but do not take a period at the end.
  • Please include six to 12 suggested keywords between your byline and the body of your story.
  • Please include a summary of your story – no more than 35 words - between your byline and the body of your story. The summary should briefly synopsize the primary news or opinion of the submission.
  • Please include no more than 3 key search words related to the link whenever you hyperlink.

Truthout strongly prefers stories to be written in the third person. Please avoid "I," "me," "mine," "you, " "we" and other general informalities common to blog posts in all submissions for publication. Exceptions must be approved by Truthout's editors.

Submissions devoted primarily to unsubstantiated opinion are strongly discouraged.

Open letters and rebuttals of original Truthout articles will not be published. Rebuttals may be posted to the comments section of the original article. Press releases and open letters, if published, will appear in SpeakOut only.



Truthout may republish works that have appeared elsewhere, but the author must hold the rights to reprint the work and have permission from all outlets where it has appeared. If you are submitting an article for republication, please follow the formatting suggestions below for reprints.

Please send the original URL with the text of the article in the body of the email to editor[at]truthout[dot]org.

The subject line of your email should begin with "REPRINT:" followed by the author's last name, the name of the publication in which the work originally appeared and the article title.


Please do not submit to Truthout simultaneously with a number of outlets: we want original and exclusive submissions. Articles posted to any other site - including your own personal site - must be submitted as REPRINTS.


Please send your clean final submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in a .doc (never .docx) file - as well as copied into the body of your email. Include your name, contact information and a brief (one- or two-line) biography.

The subject line of your email should begin with "SUBMISSION:" followed by your last name and the article title.

All submissions are subject to an editorial review process, copy editing and possible headline change. Writers will be consulted if major editing is required. The review and publication process may take weeks, longer if the topic is not time-sensitive. If there is a critical time element to the submission, please indicate that prominently in the submission email.


For writers not previously published by Truthout, we suggest opinion submissions be limited to 750 words; news analyses to 1,200 words and straight news stories to 2,000 words. Please send final drafts only. Our staff is small, and revisions are time-consuming. If intervening events between submission and publication necessitate revisions, please resubmit your original text with revisions highlighted or in bold text. Never submit a file with tracked changes.


  • Place only a single space between sentences.
  • Place only a single line break between paragraphs.
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • In your word processing program, turn off "word wrap" and "smart quotes."
  • All dates, times and months must be spelled out, i.e. Tuesday, December 10, 2010, never "last Tuesday," "next week," "tomorrow," etc. Since time of publication may be significantly later than time of submission, this is essential for the story to remain accurate and usable.
  • Please spellcheck your work.

Please note that any work published by Truthout will be copyright Truthout; another site may reprint only with Truthout's permission. You will be able to repost the article to your personal site after it appears on Truthout. Trusted noncommercial outlets will be given permission to reprint your article at no charge. All reprints must indicate "Copyright Reprinted with permission." Our choice to copyright our original material this way reflects our desire to spread reliable information, critical thought and progressive ideas in cooperation with others who share our goals.


It has come to our attention that many articles that appeared originally on Truthout are being poached - republished without permission from or credited to Truthout - which violates our copyright. Because has internal editorial review and copy editing that ensure your work is presented professionally, we require that parties interested in reprinting content from Truthout first receive permission (inquire at editor[at]truthout[dot]org). When a Truthout article is reprinted anywhere, including on a personal blog, it must include the notation, "Copyright Reprinted with permission. " A hyperlink to the original story on Truthout's site must also be included in the notation.


Truthout is on the lookout for online video content, photographs and images that highlight news topics with national appeal.

We are open to republishing work that has appeared elsewhere, as long as you hold the rights to reprint your work.

When sending your multimedia content, do not include attachments. Send us a link - private or password-protected, if necessary - to your content. For example, Flickr offers privacy settings, and allows videos to be password-protected.

If we wish to use your content, we will email you with more information on how to send it to us.

Please use this format to submit video, audio, art content:

  • Videos should not be longer than ten minutes and should be non-compressed and in .MOV or .FLV format.
  • Photos and images should be minimum 490x300 pixels and can be in .PDF, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG or .TIFF format.
  • Audio files should be in .MOV, .FLV, .MPEG-4 or MP3 format.

Send your submissions to the multimedia editors via editor[at]truthout[dot]org with the link and password information to your work. Please include your name, contact information, a brief bio, and proper credits and captions for photos.

Place "Multimedia Submission:" in the subject headline of your email, followed by the title of your work. You must be the sole copyright holder of your submissions, including any images that appear in your videos.

Publication on Truthout is voluntary, and both parties shall hold one another harmless from any damages resulting from said publication

Please do not submit items that:

  • Are not yours (by rights) to submit, post, disseminate or transmit;
  • Are unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, tortuous, libelous or invasive of another's privacy;
  • Infringe or violate any party's copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent or other proprietary right;
  • Contain any viruses, worms or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files, code or programs;
  • Include any unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, spam, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited mass email to people or entities that have not agreed to be part of such mailings.