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Rick Perry to Donald Trump: You, me, pull-up contest

State asks that scrapper be ordered to comply with air rules or close

Californians saved huge amounts of water in June

Alabama governor names public school-hating Christian fundamentalist to oversee public education

Construction Begins On China's Biggest Solar Project

10 Stunning Photos of 13 Climbers Suspended From Bridge Blocking Shell Oil Vessel From Heading to Arctic

The Faces and Fake Names of People Behind Planned Parenthood Attack Videos

States Rethink Restrictions on Food Stamps, Welfare for Drug Felons

What Conservatives Really Think of Women: ‘Female Animals’ Without Rights

What you need to know about antibiotics in livestock

The Purpose of Police in Many Communities of Color Is to Destroy, Not Protect and Serve
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Rikers killed Kalief Browder

Senate approves six-year highway bill

Viet Nam a Half Century Later

Greenpeace Activists Suspend Themselves From Portland Bridge To Stop Shell Ship Headed To Arctic For Oil Drill

World's Largest Rooftop Greenhouse Coming to Chicago
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

To sort or not to sort? That is the recycling question

Colorado Ed Board Members Who Pushed AP History Changes May Face Recall

It’s worse than Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion: Inside the sick, bizarre world of trophy hunting
When clients pay thousands to kill exotic species, guides face pressure to deliver the goods--even breaking the law.

Mother of eight dies in jail waiting to be arraigned for shoplifting

Germany Just Got 78 Percent Of Its Electricity From Renewable Sources

Samuel DuBose video appears to show two officers reinforced false account of police killing
Analysis of Cincinnati shooting’s aftermath reveals how multiple officers discussed claim – disputed as the basis of a murder charge – that Ray Tensing was ‘dragged’ by unarmed black man’s car.

Clinton’s habit of dodging key issues draws Democrats’ fire

Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos

Revealed: Private firms at heart of US drone warfare
Corporate staff are reviewing top-secret data and helping uniformed colleagues decide whether people under surveillance are enemies or civilians.

At Least 5 Black Women Found Dead In Jail Since Mid-July

Israel intentionally killed civilians after soldier’s capture in Gaza — Amnesty

University of Cincinnati Officer Indicted in Shooting Death of Samuel Dubose

Central America Fails to Take Advantage of Energy from Sun, Wind and Earth

Radical Anti-Abortion Activists Descend on Alabama

Series of Earthquakes Strikes Oklahoma Near Wastewater Disposal Wells

Turkey Is Bombing Both Sides in the Same War

Migrants Storm Eurotunnel Terminal in Bid to Reach Britain

Wall Street’s Secret Dividend from the Fed May Go to Fixing Potholes

Police Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Native American Man

Mass Die-Off of Fish Underscores Dangers of Palm Oil Industry in Guatemala

The Pro-Israel Lobby Battles ‘Voice of God’ Morgan Freeman Over Iran

Black Love Matters
 A dispatch from the inaugural gathering of a proudly diffuse, rapidly growing, hyper-local movement for black lives.

Only 100 Tigers Left in Bangladesh After Last Count Got It Wrong

When the Gun Lobby Tries to Justify Firearms Everywhere, It Turns to This Guy
Once mired in controversy, John Lott has reemerged as the pro-gun movement's go-to wonk.

Zimbabwe: Minnesota Man Being Sought for Lion Poaching

Vulture Hedge Funds Want Education Slashed in Puerto Rico as Condition of Predatory Debt Relief
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Watch What Happens When Regular People Try to Use Handguns in Self-Defense

House Republicans Ask One of the Architects of the Financial Crisis How to Kill Wall Street Reform

Twenty-Five Years After Exxon Valdez, Kayaks Charge Against Arctic Drilling and Climate Change

Huckabee Plays Holocaust Card in Describing Iranian Nuclear Deal
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Inside the Right-Wing Freak Show: What Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum Say When Only the Freakishly Faithful Are Listening
"For Moses. For God. For Jesus." Behind the scenes with the 2016 candidates as they court the wingnut GOP fringe

ALEC Confidential: Tales From the Supply-Side

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Take a Position on the Keystone Pipeline

Congress Seeks to Lift Gun Ban at Military Outposts Despite Army's Concerns
Republican lawmakers cite fears of lone wolf attacks like the Chattanooga shooting even as military leaders warn against ‘over-arming ourselves’

The search for sustainable plastics

UN urges Dominican Republic to stop deportations of Haitians

Uber drivers attacked outside Mexico City airport as taxi drivers demonstrate
Protests are clear signal that regulations designed to create a legal framework for app-based ride services have not put an end to city’s simmering dispute.

Queensland solar farm faces legal challenge from sugar cane proponents
Planning minister, Jackie Trad, considers using ‘call-in’ power that would give her final approval which could not be challenged.

Don’t turn shark encounter into an excuse to kill more sharks

El Salvador's Draconian Abortion Laws: a Miscarriage of Justice

Ahead of Paris, Russia becomes a climate policy wallflower

Communities struggling against mining win major victory in Guatemala

Trump’s presence in first GOP debate makes prep challenging for candidates

Watching Sandra Bland

Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare! Next Steps in the Fight for Universal Health Care

Wisconsin Republicans Push to Ban Fetal Tissue Donation, Require Aborted Fetuses Be Buried or Cremated

Faced with Defunding Threat from Senate, Planned Parenthood Fights Back

Migrants Are Drowning as They Flee War and Poverty; Will Europe Continue Its Sea Rescues?

Are the youth of Seattle more afraid of an earthquake or climate change?

Poetry Can Inspire Resistance to Plundering, Exploitation and Injustice
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

“I don’t strive to be offensive”: Trevor Noah tells Salon how his “Daily Show” will be different from — and similar to — Jon Stewart’s
Trevor Noah is comfortable talking—and laughing—about race. How will that shape the future of "The Daily Show"?

Jehovah’s Witnesses cover up child sex abuse and oust a victim

FBI: Child Abuse ‘Almost at an Epidemic Level’ in US

More 2016 Candidates Embrace the Trump Zeitgeist
-- David Sirota for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Women Are at the Forefront of the Zapatista Revolution

Washington Is Finally Getting What It Deserves As It Sinks Into The Sea

MH370: aircraft debris in Réunion almost certainly from a Boeing 777
Aircraft wing section found on island in Indian Ocean being shipped to France for verification, raising hopes of discovering fate of missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

AP Investigation: Filthy Rio water a threat at 2016 Olympics

Why Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of Salmon Dying In The Northwest?

People who should be released from jail are dying there instead

Minnesota man who killed lion keeps low profile amid outrage

Georgia is Segregating Troublesome Kids in Schools Used During Jim Crow
A Department of Justice investigation found that Georgia is giving thousands of kids with behavioral issues a subpar education and putting them in the same run-down buildings that served black children decades ago.

People Who Should Be Released From Jail Are Dying There Instead

The Military Will Test a New Terrifyingly Loud Noise Gun

Bernie Sanders’ House Parties Expected to Draw Tens of Thousands
-- Dierdre Fulton of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Tom Brady Railroad

Immigrants, Poor Fish for Their Dinner, Unaware of Mercury

Iranian Critics of Deal on the Defensive

The Rise of the Underground Economy
The underground economy more than doubled between 1970 and 2000, and spiked following the 2008 recession. It is characterized by significant lower wages than the formal economy.

Get Ready for Ugly as Markets Begin to Deal With Climate Crisis
-- Carl Pope of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

A Supreme Threat to US Democracy

Dylann Roof Is Not a “Terrorist” - but Animal Rights Activists Who Free Minks From Slaughter Are

"Why Not Do the Right Thing?" Renewed Gun Control Push Targets Firearm Dealers
Thirteen Democrats sent letter imploring three major firearms dealers to refrain from selling guns without complete and thorough background checks of buyers

Republican Congressman Files Motion to Remove John Boehner as House Speaker

Jamestown Excavation Unearths Four Bodies - And a Mystery in a Small Box

Convicted Spy Pollard to Be Paroled Nov. 21

Two-Thirds of US Voters Still Want to Fund Planned Parenthood After Sting Videos

Fetal Research Both Saves and Betters Lives

Does the Supreme Court Need a Code of Conduct?

Three in Five Americans Have Experienced Poverty-Level Incomes

Group Behind Planned Parenthood Attack Videos Sees Scrutiny From California Attorney General

Dreams Deported: Immigrant Youth and Families Resist Deportation

Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Leaders