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Pharma CEO Shkreli failed to respond to Sanders about his drug hike - and Sanders is not happy

Four things to watch for in the first Democratic debate

Paul Buchheit | Five Examples of Glaring United States Hypocrisies
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

2-Year-Old Boy Shoots Grandmother In Back With Unsecured Revolver

Canada's Liberal party within reach of election win going into final stretch

The Right Thinks Paul Ryan Is Too Far Left

Outrage is Boiling Over the Outcome of New Probes Into the Police Shooting of a 12-year-old

Violence mounts during Palestinians’ ‘day of rage’

Hillary Clinton's U-turn on TPP deal has team working overtime ahead of debate

As Cities Give Columbus the Boot, Indigenous Peoples Day Spreads Across US

Children Suffer as World Bank’s Borrowers Upend Their Lives

Hillary’s Wall Street Plan: Worse Than Shuffling Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Safe at last? View from Naraha - the first Fukushima community declared fit for humans

Recording reveals officer telling 911 dispatchers to ignore calls for help from dying man’s family

History Lesson for Columbus Day - Lincoln Signed The Emancipation Proclamation Then Two Days Later Executed 38 Sioux Men

Christopher Columbus was a lost sadist. There shouldn't be a holiday in his name

Communities in the San Joaquin Valley still don’t have clean water. Here’s why

What Federal Drug Offenders Are Saying About Congress Reforming Mandatory Minimums

Native Communities Across North America Lack Access to Clean Water
The Neskantaga First Nations community hasn’t had clean water in 20 years, while the Shoal Lake 40 lost their fresh water to nearby Winnipeg 17 years ago.

TPP Chapter Released by WikiLeaks Would Let Governments Curtail Trials So as to Contain Information

On Police and Stolen Native Lives: A Lakota Mother Speaks

Brazil's brutal prison system in crisis proves a tough cage to rattle

Howard Zinn | The Real Christopher Columbus
There was no heroic adventure, only bloodshed. Columbus Day should not be a celebration.

For US Tribes, a Movement to Revive Native Foods and Lands

Archconservatives' Real Enemy Is Democracy

Exxon Arctic Drilling Benefiting From Global Warming: Oil Company Denied Climate Change Science While Factoring It Into Arctic Operations, Report Shows

Is the Digital Revolution Sowing the Seeds of a Techno-Fascist Future?

In the Land of My Ancestors: Native Woman Stands Her Ground in Ohlone Territory

Ten Questions All Racism-Denying Politicians Must Answer

Oligarchy in Retreat: Guatemala’s Election

The Emperor Has No Clothes, and Neither Do Monsanto's "Scientists"

Redistricting, Obamacare, taxes hang in balance with 2015 state elections
What's at stake in this year's major races.

Fish & Wildlife under the thumb of political influence, a new survey suggests
73 percent of agency scientists say political interference is too high.

Six Takeaways From the New Tamir Rice Investigations

Greenpeace offers to buy coal-based plants to shut them down

The crushing surge of student debt has bred a disturbing new phenomenon

Solar and Wind Just Passed Another Big Turning Point
It has never made less sense to build fossil fuel power plants.

Senate GOP opens door to weakening the filibuster

High Quality Child Care Is Out of Reach for Working Families

Will Sanders challenge Clinton on foreign policy?

US Interventionist Polices in Iraq Unleashed Chaos, Brutality and Death Still Unfolding Today

How California Birthed the Modern Right Wing
Many of 20th-century conservatism's tricks were honed in 1930s agribusiness' fight against farm workers.

Is ecotourism an oxymoron? A new study suggests these ‘green’ vacations might hurt wildlife

Deforestation and Drought
Drought is usually thought of as a natural disaster beyond human control. But as researchers peer deeper into the Earth’s changing bioclimate — the vastly complex global interplay between living organisms and climatic forces — they are better appreciating the crucial role that deforestation plays.

New Jersey judge denies bid by environmental groups to block Exxon settlement

The Nicaragua Canal: Still a Very Bad Plan
Construction of the canal, already delayed by more than a year, will harm the environment and the local community, according to a new environmental impact assessment.

The EPA broke the law when it approved a new pesticide

This Document Reveals Why the House of Representatives Is in Complete Chaos

Only 25 percent of the original habitats in the eastern Himalayas remain intact and hundreds of species in the region face threat to their existence from unbridled developmental activities and climate change, a new study has said.

If he gets his way, Connecticut State University will be destroyed by Gov. Dannel Malloy

SeaWorld barred from breeding whales in captivity

New California law extends privacy rights to electronic data

The Backstory on Bernie Sanders and Israel-Palestine - Why Is He So Quiet About the Mideast Tragedy?

JPMorgan again wins dismissal of whistleblower lawsuit in US

FBI data shows record number of September gun sales

California oversight of oil well injection sites inadequate: state review

Ex-staffer: Benghazi committee pursuing 'partisan investigation' targeting Hillary Clinton

In Israel/Palestine: Witnessing the End of a Colonial Regime

Obama defends controversial TPP deal and dismisses secrecy concerns

Kevin McCarthy Smear Campaign Was Engineered by Anti-Abortion Zealot Steven Baer

Protesters rally after Michigan man dies in jail of drug withdrawal

Feeding a New Economy: Local Food Systems in the South

Justice Can Be Served Without Putting Kids Behind Bars

Coal, Which Built a Chinese City, Now Threatens to Bury It

Two explosions at a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara have killed at least 95 people and injured 245, according to officials.

Israel’s high court champions revenge against Palestinian families

Benzene in traffic emissions tied to childhood leukemia

Red Cross: 60 million people in sub-Saharan Africa risk famine

Donald Trump and the Republican Descent Into Xenophobia

It Took Me Two Hours to Get My Hands on an AK-47. Welcome to the USA

When We Fumigate Flies and Mosquitoes, Are We Poisoning Ourselves?

Freedom, on the oligarchs’ terms: What a billionaire’s nuisance suit reveals about US plutocracy
A GOP mega-donor's failed attempt to silence the press offers a view behind the curtain of the new Gilded Age.

Flint, Michigan, water tests suggest statewide lead issues

Wildlife federation files suit over pipeline spills

Shell and Exxon's €5 billion problem: gas drilling that sets off earthquakes and wrecks homes

Reports find police shooting of Tamir Rice 'reasonable'

250,000 gather to protest TTIP in Berlin

As Planned Parenthood Reels, Independent Abortion Clinics Also Suffer - Under the Radar

US delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups

What The Big GOP Meltdown Reveals From A Guy Who Saw It All Coming

Former prisoners sue architects of CIA’s brutal interrogation program

How School Shootings Spread
An increasingly ritualized form of violence is attracting unexpected perpetrators.

For-Profit Colleges Accused of Fraud Still Receive US Funds

The GOP’s scariest candidate

Dutch Safety Board: MH17 Was Brought Down By Russian-Made Missile

Under Pressure: Rep. Trey Gowdy (R) Melts Down: Blasts CNN, Calls Ex-Staffer A Liar

Lakota Women and Ranchers Lead Charge to Break Silence Against Uranium Mine

Desperate refugees return to Syria from Jordan

A $60 billion industry is shockingly unregulated

Contaminated Soil Lingers Where Apples Once Grew
At homes and day care centers throughout Central Washington, children play in yards contaminated with lead and arsenic.

Tennessee Bill Would Prohibit Public Schools From Teaching About Islam

Dirty energy plutocrats are trying to buy the presidential election

Bernie Sanders Is Exceeding Obama's Historic 2008 Run in Crowds, Donors and Polling

Ali Al-Nimr’s Father Pleads for Son’s Release and Online Activism Ahead of Crucifixion

GM Crops: An Uneasy Truce Hangs Over Europe

The Refugees at Our Door
We are paying Mexico to keep people from reaching our border, people who are fleeing Central American violence.

UN to investigate plight of US Native Americans for first time
The UN human rights inquiry will focus on the living conditions of the 2.7 million Native Americans living in the US.

Moroccan Government Cracks Down on Journalists and Activists

Gar Alperovitz | Even The Wall Street Journal Is Asking Questions About How Ownership Should Work in a Democracy

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is due in Saudi Arabia Monday on the third leg of a Middle East tour, hoping to secure large sales of French military equipment despite the kingdom’s questionable human rights record.

As Confederate Flags Fall, Columbus Statues Stand Tall

Dean Baker | Getting the Export-Import Bank to Pay Dividends

Payday Lenders Pay Off the System So They Can Keep Ripping Off Borrowers
The industry spent more than $13 million on lobbying and campaign contributions in the 2014 election cycle.

US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths

DOE says Congress is wasting funds on a South Carolina nuclear plant

Activists warn SB 350 won't address California oil and gas drilling

Protests Continue as UK Stumbles, Trying to Find Footing in Refugee Crisis

Groups sue Wyoming over "data trespassing" law
The laws make it a crime to collect data on open land if the collector lacks certain permissions.

Split-second flash of a gun still resonates 52 years later
Henry Montgomery is at center of this week's Supreme Court case on life sentences for juveniles.

El Niño could leave 4 million people in Pacific without food or drinking water

In Bel-Air, California, someone is using 1,300 gallons of water - per hour

30 Years on Death Row
In an incredible miscarriage of justice, a prosecutor admits his cowardice and indifference led to the wrongful murder conviction of a man sentenced to death.

This Is What a Mass Die-off of Earth's Coral Reefs Looks Like

Watts Bar Unit 2, last old reactor of the 20th century: a cautionary tale

The Fight for $15 Is Raising Wages. Now It’s Time for Step 2: Unions

Private Developers Cash in on Delaware's Only National Park

Peru: The "Poster Child" for the World Bank in Latin America

“We are suffering in here”: Inside the hidden world of a Greek detention center

Record Surge of Child Refugees in Europe

A $200 Million Shell Game in Seychelles
One of the world’s richer men allegedly used bankruptcy for fun and profit.

Thirty orphanages run by the group founded by Mother Teresa have decided to shutter their adoption services in India rather than comply with a new government system that makes it easier for single and divorced people to adopt children.

Toxic road runoff kills adult coho salmon in hours, study finds

A Student Loan System Stacked Against the Borrower

Laws help enforce some environmental treaties - but not on climate

Judge approves $338 million settlement for Quebec train derailment victims

WATCH: Unarmed Black Woman Beaten and Tackled by Florida Cops for Filming Arrest of Her Husband

It’s Getting Harder To Move Beyond A Minimum-Wage Job

BP oil spill in Great Australian Bight would be catastrophic, modelling shows

Police crack down on mourners after bomb blasts rock Turkish capital

California voters to be automatically registered at DMV

Monsanto's Stock Is Tanking. Is the Company's Own Excitement About GMOs Backfiring?

Education for Refugees Can Help Save Syria's Lost Generation

Pinochet Directly Ordered Killing on US Soil of Chilean Diplomat, Papers Reveal

Honduran Fishing Village Says "Adios" to Candles and Dirty Energy

Lawmaker Says GE Told Him to Lie to Obscure Layoffs and Protect Subsidies

Port Chicago 50: kin of segregated Black sailors call on Obama for exoneration
On July 17, 1944, explosions killed 320 people but members of the segregated navy were ordered back to work, yet 50 men refused and were convicted of mutiny – families say pardon not enough and ‘exoneration is a necessary step.’

Here's What Happens When You Complain to Cops About Cops

Inglis, Florida: home to the 1,000th US mass shooting since Sandy Hook

Israel kills six in Gaza, tear gasses funeral tent in Jerusalem

Pentagon: US to make ‘condolence payments’ to compensate Kunduz hospital bombing victims’ families

Researchers raise alarms about environmental toxins that 'pre-pollute' babies

Your organic cotton tee-shirt probably poisoned a river in Asia

Ozone, Mercury, Ash, CO2: Regulations Take on Coal’s Dirty Underside
The industry complains about the constant stream of regulations, but others say the Obama administration’s focus on public health is long overdue.

Palestine: The Month in Pictures - September

High temperatures are the driving factor behind massive dengue outbreaks in Southeast Asia, researchers have found.

Southeast Asia, Choking on Haze, Struggles for a Solution

A new study has found there is a link between the academic performance of primary school students in mining towns in Australia and their exposure to environmental contamination.

DuPont found liable in Teflon trial

I went broke teaching your kid: The real story about life on a teacher’s salary

"Government of the people"? Which people? Nearly half the cash poured (so far) into "our" next presidential race comes from 158 families.

Colombia: Indigenous Peoples of Yaigojé Apaporis Victorious as Court Ousts Canadian Mining Company

Female migrants coming to Europe are exposed to physical and sexual violence while living in cramped shelters with other refugees. But cultural prejudices and trauma make it difficult for them to talk about abuse.