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Militarized cops’ scary new toys: The ugly next frontier in “crowd control”
The horror we saw in Ferguson may be just the start. Here's some other police gear our military is working on...

St. Louis Prosecutor Says Grand Jury Decision Could Take Until October

Move America Forward: Bamboozling the Public in the Name of the Troops
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Brokers Lure Soldiers Out of Low-Fee Federal Retirement Plan

The Media’s Role in Attaining Justice for Black and Missing Persons

Battle Over Postal-Service Cuts Looms in September

World's Aid Agencies Stretched to Their Limits by Simultaneous Crises

Trayvon Martin’s mother sends heartbreaking letter to Michael Brown’s family

Canada’s despicable climate censorship: Government scientists need permission to tweet basic facts

Immigration authorities say deportations of detainees at a temporary New Mexico center have resumed after the quarantine over chickenpox recently was lifted.

I am a 15-year-old immigrant who came to America because gangs murdered my family. All I want to do is stay and learn.
This is what it’s like to be a child detained at a holding facility in the US border crisis.

This is the Story of Power in this Country: Ferguson, Institutionalized Racism and the Militarization of Police

Cop Pointing Rifle at Ferguson Protestors: "I Will F--king Kill You" (VIDEO)

$100 Goes Much Further in Mississippi? Perhaps We Should Consider the Source (Hint: Koch)
The Koch-funded Tax Foundation has lied to us in the past, so why is the media giving them a pass?

US Changing No-Fly List Rules

Supreme Court puts Virginia same-sex marriage ruling on hold

Seven Cynical Ways Police and Media Have Smeared Michael Brown and the Black People of Ferguson

Documenting the Arrests of Journalists in Ferguson
14 journalists arrested.

The US military is banning and blocking employees from visiting The Intercept in an apparent effort to censor news reports that contain leaked government secrets.

Big Rail Cites Bin Laden, Al Qaeda to Fend Off Oil-by-Rail Route Transparency

How Ferguson Highlights the Dangers of For-Profit Policing

Charles Pierce | Another Person Shot in Ferguson

Native Americans Launch ‘Love Water Not Oil’ Ride to Protest Fracking Pipeline

From Ferguson Cop Embroiled in a Brutality Suit to City Councilwoman
In 2009, a man was charged with destruction of property for bleeding on city police officers’ uniforms as they allegedly beat him. Now one of those officers sits on the City Council.

Major Federal Court Ruling Will Help Transition Grid to Renewables

In Ferguson, a protest leader almost by accident
Keith Griffin arrived on a fact-finding mission hours after the shooting. By the next day, he was organizing.

The Neocons’ Grim ‘Victory’ in Iraq

Lac-Megantic oil train disaster inquiry finds string of safety failings
Poor safety culture at train company and lax government supervision blamed for Quebec blast that killed 47.

Spill Some Oil? Magnetize It for Cleanup
A physicist may have dreamed up a new way to clean up oil spills.

New Data Show Police Rarely Arrested for Killings on the Job

Obama denounces killing of James Foley, says US will seek justice

8,000 Gallons of Oil Spill Into Ohio River From Duke Energy Coal Plant

Apocalypse of the "Happy Meal": Worshiping the Golden Calf

New York Fed’s Answer to Cartels Rigging Markets - Form Another Cartel

US sailors prepare for fresh legal challenge over Fukushima radiation
$1 billion lawsuit accuses Tepco of failing to avoid the accident and of lying about radiation levels that have caused health problems to themselves and their families stationed in Japan.

Campaign raises almost $130,000 to feed Ferguson school children
68 percent of the Ferguson-Florissant student body receive reduced-price or free lunches.

How Religion Turned Texas Red

Charity says military use of food pantries has been rising for years

The Tax Dodge That Has Plagued the US for More Than a Decade
And why it keeps resurfacing.

Another coal export terminal bites the dust

Meet the Ordinary People Who Are Mobilizing Around Monetary Policy

Frackers are sending sludge to the Mitten State
High radiation levels mean there aren't many places you can dump your Marcellus Shale fracking waste. Michigan, residents discover, is one of them.

Accounts of Shooting Differ; Holder Is Set to Visit Ferguson

No One Wants You to Know How Bad Fukushima Might Still Be

City of Ferguson Pledges to Outfit Officers With Vest Cameras

'I Could Have Stopped Them': Ex-CIA Lawyer Defends Waterboarding Decision
In an interview, former top CIA lawyer John Rizzo says the US' waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation methods" for terror suspects had "deep trouble" written all over them. But he doesn't regret his decision to approve the measures.

Reporting on Ebola: An Abandoned 10-Year-Old, a Nervous Neighborhood

Five Things You Didn't Know About Human Trafficking
With 21 million people around the world in forced labor, what can we do?

Chicago Protester Discusses Ferguson Arrest
Musician turns protester spends night in Ferguson jail.

Why are white people scared of black people's rage at Mike Brown's death?
Because ‘working together’ on Ferguson means nothing unless white privilege gets used for change - and defers to the black experience.

Ferguson, Uncensored: The images the police on the ground don't want you to see

Understanding the Ferguson Riots as a Symptom of Violence

Earth sliding into ‘ecological debt’ earlier and earlier, campaigners warn
World has already exhausted a year’s supply of natural resources in less than eight months, Global Footprint Network says.

Changes to Australian Security Laws Will Make Illegally Obtained Evidence Permisable in Court

A Tale of Two Alleged Iran Nuke Leakers

Police shoot Hartford, Connecticut, teen with Taser. Family, witnesses and video dispute officer's version of events.

LA schools to end zero-tolerance policies and criminalization of students
Critics say policy created 'school-to-prison pipeline' that unfairly targeted minorities, lessened chances of graduation.

The Con Artistry of Charter Schools
Once an effort to improve public education, the charter school movement has transformed into a money-making venture.

Will Obama's Commutation Allow Grandma Hardy and Thousands of Drug War Prisoners to Finally Go Home?

New Police Hacking Technologies Raise Familiar Questions About Civil Liberties

LAPD chief faces tense crowd over shooting of mentally ill man

Mark Morford | Tear gas for the huddled masses

Committee to Protect Journalists condemns killing of American journalist James Foley

Texas Gov. Perry turns himself in on felony charges

France seeks international meeting on ISIL, urges Gaza truce

James Foley, Missing American Photojournalist, Executed (Beheaded) By ISIS In Syria

Most Whites Still Don't Understand the Dangers of Being a Black Man in the US
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

NY Prosecutor Opens Grand Jury Probe of Police Choking Death

Henry A. Giroux on "The Violence of Organized Forgetting"

Ferguson Protester: "If I Got To Die Tonight, I Don’t Mind"

Bernie Sanders Has a Brilliant Idea: Instead of Giving Police Tanks, Let’s Create Jobs

What Combat Veterans See in Ferguson, Missouri

Defense Contractors' Funds Fuel Vote To Keep Dept. Of Defense's Police Militarization Program Funded

Israeli Ship Remains at Sea as Thousands of Protesters Gather in Oakland
Blockade delayed as word spreads that ship is off the coast of California, closer to Santa Cruz, and won’t be docking that day

Attorney for Ferguson Market: NO ONE From His Store Called 911 to Report Cigar Theft

Five Children Murdered After They Were Deported Back to Honduras

Study Finds 8 Fracking Chemicals Toxic to Humans

In Iraq, US Is Spending Millions to Blow Up Captured American War Machines

Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006

More Vendors Cut Ties With Market Basket

78 Arrested in Ferguson Overnight, Most From Missouri, Arrest Records Show

How America's Largest Worker Owned Co-Op Lifts People Out of Poverty

Eugene Robinson | The Rage in Ferguson Comes From the Ones Left Behind
-- Eugene Robinson on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Georgia County Won't Pay Medical Bills for Toddler Critically Injured by Flash Bang Grenade During Drug Raid

Guns Now Kill More in the US Than Cars - Why Don't Corporations Speak Out?

New Orleans Police Officer Turns Off Body Camera Minutes Before Shooting Suspect in Forehead

The Economics of Ebola
What will persuade pharmaceutical companies to develop necessary but unprofitable drugs?

Intercept Reporter Detained While Covering Ferguson Protests
"We haven’t been able to reach officials with the St. Louis County Police Department or Ferguson Police Department to find out if Ryan has been arrested or charged, or under what pretext he was detained."

Obama Loses His Voice in Ferguson
The president seems increasingly uncomfortable with the role of healer-in-chief. What happened to that hopeful, eloquent man we elected in 2008?

Dozens Dead After Ukraine Convoy Attacked

Obama: Time to Review Local Police Militarization

WHO Says Ebola has Killed More Than 1,200

Monday Evening: Israel, Palestinians extend Gaza truce by 24 hours

Major Florida Wastewater Violators Go Unpunished

Police Officer Threatens To Shoot Reporter in Ferguson

Mexico minister says Grupo Mexico account of toxic spill 'totally false'

ACLU: Officer Who Threatened to 'F*cking Kill' Ferguson Protesters Taken Off Duty

House Committee: No Benghazi Scandal
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

New York City Will Pay $10 Million to Settle Wrongful Conviction Case

When the Sun Comes Up: The Inspiring Story of Ferguson You Haven’t Heard

Feds boosting oil spill liability limits
The Coast Guard moved Tuesday to boost the liability limits capping how much companies must pay for oil spills that foul US waters.

We know very little about when and why police use their weapons

Ebola is draining African governments' budgets

ACLU: First Amendment ‘suspended in Ferguson’

There is so much wrong with this cop’s victim-blaming screed
Cop Sunil Dutta exemplifies what is wrong with police in the US.

Court: Key Environmental Law Doesn't Apply to Part of Enbridge Keystone XL "Clone"

Why You Shouldn't Trust Right-Wingers' Sudden Concern About the Police
Although the left and the right are in agreement when it comes to civil liberties, their agendas are different.

Israelis and Palestinians Join Forces in Inspiring New Campaign for Peace

A 10-year-old vanishes during a raid
A Honduran family thought they understood the risks as they tried to migrate to the US. But they never thought their daughter would be lost in the chaos of deportation.

Open Letter to Israel’s Supporters: Where Do You Draw the Line Between 'Defense' and Atrocities?
As a human being, where do you draw the line?

Robert Reich: American Democracy Is Diseased

Transcript: President Obama’s remarks on the execution of journalist James Foley by Islamic State

Even Turkish Soccer Fans Are Protesting With Ferguson

San Francisco Taxi Workers Vote to Unionize

US officials: Military mulling more troops to Iraq

Australia Looks to Dump Renewable Energy Target

Four Years of Police Records in Boston Show That Domestic Violence Is Still a Silent Epidemic
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Student Loan Crusader: How Elizabeth Warren Wants to Reduce Debt
First-term senator from Massachusetts has a plan to help middle-class families: Tax the rich.

British ISIS militant in James Foley video 'guards foreign hostages in Syria'
Former hostage says 'John' is one of three British Islamic State jihadists who guard western captives in Raqqa.

Michelle Duggar Warns Arkansas Community That Transgender People Are Child Predators

Indictments Handed Down in California Cancer-Cow Meat Recall

The media descended on Ferguson looking for the same thing that had led protesters to take to the streets: the truth.

James Foley and the Last Journalists in Syria
"It's part of the problem with these conflicts," Foley said. "We're not close enough to it."

Oklahoma Gets Hit With 20 Earthquakes in One Day

Hillary Clinton Would Be "Inclined" to Improve Keystone XL Northern Pipeline

How Facebook and Twitter control what you see about Ferguson

Idaho’s sewer system is the Snake River
As Big Ag flourishes, this massive waterway suffers.

What the World Sees in Ferguson; UN Secretary General Urges Restraint

Video: Watch 4 Billion Gallons of Mining Waste Pour Into Pristine B.C. Waterways

Liberian police fire tear gas to disperse protest over Ebola quarantine

Angelenos Take to the Streets for Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego and Ferguson Solidarity

West Virginia Senate test: Which candidate can cozy up closest to coal?

The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race
Ferguson is not just about systemic racism — it's about class warfare and how America's poor are held back, says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

California counties cope with released prisoners, many homeless

The American Police State Has Arrested a Third of Us

Kinloch connection: Ferguson fueled by razing of historic black town

CNN Anchor: National Guard in Ferguson Used the N-Word (VIDEO)

Meet the climate deniers who want to be president

Rush Limbaugh Links the Feds and Ferguson to Benghazi!
Are you shocked that Rush Limbaugh just compared the Michael Brown shooting and the kerfuffle that's happening in Ferguson to the FBI not investigating Benghazi?

Pentagon: Military arms transfers to police not ‘program run amok’

A decade of drones
US drones in Pakistan have killed thousands since 2004. How have leaders defended or decried these deadly planes?

A USS Liberty's Hero's Passing

Afghanistan gives NYT reporter 24 hours to leave country

Fast Food Worker to US Labor Secretary: 'Either I Feed Myself or I Feed My Son'

'Energy East Pipeline': A Ticking Bomb That Threatens Canada's Precious Waterways

Long a Force for Progress, a Freedom Summer Legend Looks Back
Rep. John Lewis is the most iconic living veteran of the Civil Rights Movement and is the only speaker left from the pivotal 1963 March on Washington.

#ISISMediaBlackout goes viral following purported execution of James Foley

When You're Transgender, Strangers Think It's OK to Ask Intimate Questions - It's Not

Police to Al Jazeera journalist near Ferguson: 'I'll bust your head'

Eric Garner's chokehold death could lead to charges against the NYPD, Staten Island DA says

Trauma Kits and Body Bags Now Fill Aleppo School

Father of kid that killed four people in "affluenza" case arrested for impersonating a police officer

Pay to Play: NFL Shakes Down Artists Who Want to Perform for Free at Superbowl

The Head of The Missouri GOP Thinks Voter Registration Drives in Ferguson Are "Disgusting"
"I'd rather they vote than riot," counters another Republican.

UK 'urgently investigates' suspected British executioner in Foley video

With Alaska results, stage set for fall elections

Another American Hostage at Risk by Islamic State

Dennis Kucinich: Militarized Police and the Threat to Democracy

Here's What Happens to Police Officers Who Shoot Unarmed Black Men
History appears to be in Darren Wilson's favor.

Ship targeted by protesters makes U-turn, heads back to Oakland

Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief

Three of Pope Francis' Family Members Die in Argentina Car Crash

Details on Ferguson Shooting May Be Withheld for Weeks
St. Louis County investigators will not release details about the shooting of Michael Brown until the information is presented to a grand jury, a process that could take months

Man Dead After Officer Shoots Suspect in St. Louis

To the Cop Who Told Me Not to Resist: Go F*ck Yourself

Two California Universities Move to Drop Insurance Coverage of Abortion

German Journalists Arrested in Ferguson - Cop Says His Name Is "Donald Duck"

Ferguson Hires All-White PR Firm to Help Deal With Black Uprising

Why Michael Brown Had the Right to Stand His Ground
Black people are tired of moving -- tired of being told where they can live, work, play, swim and even where they can walk.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Versus Paul Krugman on Too Big to Fail

July Ocean Temperature Hits Record High - Again
Last month, Earth’s ocean surfaces tied the previous record for the hottest July during the 130 years the U.S. government has been compiling data.

Fears Grow as California Water Crisis Intensifies

Police in Ferguson Are Firing Tear Gas Canisters Manufactured During the Cold War Era
Weapons deployed against residents of Ferguson may pose health risks to the community.

Gruesome Tales Surface of Israeli Massacres Against Families in Gaza Neighborhood

The West Bank May Be on the Verge of Exploding

Compton School Police to Soon Be Armed With AR-15s

Stock Market Bubble Warnings Grow Louder

US, UK Leadership Warn Iraq Mission Won't be Quick; US Escalates Air Offensive

Police in the US: Preserving and Protecting Disorder
-- Akira Watts for BuzzFlash at Truthout

US Bans Flights Over Syria as Report Warns of Threat to Airliners
Federal Aviation Administration and Swiss-based researchers say rebels have assortment of anti-aircraft missiles

Falling Stars: GOP's Top 2016 Hopefuls Embroiled in Scandal

Rockets Disrupt Gaza Cease-Fire

Alaska Ballots Fraught with Issues for Yup’ik Speakers

In Ferguson, the Violence of the State Created the Violence of the Street
Nobody in their right mind wants more violent protests. But, as Martin Luther King said, "A riot is the language of the unheard"

Nigerian Preachers Responds To Ebola Outbreak By Sending 4000 Bottles of His Patented Holy Water

Willie Nelson, Neil Young to Help Raise Money for Anti-Keystone Fight

Israel Bars Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch from Entering Gaza, Hindering Investigations

Israel bars Amnesty, Human Rights Watch workers from Gaza

Michael Brown autopsy: No signs of struggle in fatal shooting

36% of adults lack retirement savings -- 14% of them 65 or over

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