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On Christmas, It Is Hypocritical for the US to Close Its Borders to Migrants in Need of Shelter

White Christmas, Black Christmas

How Torture Physically Changes The Brain Forever

Video Games Gave Cultural Cachet – so Recognize Their Place in Society and History

90-Year-Old Vet Arrested For Feeding Homeless Will Be Allowed To Hand Out Christmas Eve Dinner

Protecting Our Waterways When Disaster Strikes

Plaintiffs in suit striking down state’s same-sex marriage ban named ‘Utahns of the Year’

Protests erupt in Nicaragua over interoceanic canal

Pope Singles Out Refugees, Hostages In Christmas Message

Oil’s Swift Fall Raises Fortunes of U.S. Abroad

P.U.-litzer Prizes: The Stinkiest Reporting From the Year

Skirting 'Halliburton Loophole,' EPA Slams Exxon with Fracking Fine

After Living Next to Drilling Activity, 100 West Virginia Residents Sue Companies

Christmas Day truce 1914: Letter from trenches shows football match through soldier's eyes for first time

Grand Jury Clears Houston Officer in Shooting of Unarmed Black Man, Jordan Baker

“It May Out-Ferguson Ferguson”: Why Milwaukee’s Police Violence Will Horrify You

White House Proposes Vetting Projects for Climate Change

Cliff Sloan, Guantánamo Envoy, Quits Amid Delays in Prisoner Releases

Leave No Civilian Behind
Members of the military and veterans shouldn’t experience poverty because no one should live in poverty.

China to send 700 combat troops to South Sudan
Deployment marks shift in Africa policy and will be first Chinese infantry battalion to take part in a UN peacekeeping mission.

One Worker Dead Every Two Days in Qatar

Records: Phoenix VA chief took gifts in secret

Medicare: Nine Myths, Misconceptions and Costly Mistakes

How CIA Torture Spread Like Wildfire Throughout the US Military

Nine Signs the Kochs Have Created Their Own National Political Party

Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change

Late season tornadoes slam into Mississippi, killing at least four

UN Disaster Chief Warns of More Natural Catastrophes to Come

Living Dangerously: What It’s Like to Be Gay in Iran

Heralded by Human Rights Groups, Global Arms Trade Treaty Goes Into Force

Native American Man Who Attended Anti-Police Brutality Rally Is Killed By Police Next Day

Texas Weakens Chemical Exposure Guidelines, Opens Doors for Polluters

Fact Not Fiction: The Unending Korean War

The Inside Story of How Sony’s “The Interview” Finally Made It to Theaters

Bin Laden “Shooter” Under Investigation for Leaking Secrets

Irony 101: Study Ethics With Legal Ace Who Sanctioned NSA Wiretapping, CIA Torture

A Vote for "Draft Warren" Is a Vote for a Democratic Primary

WTF: Shocking Racist Song About Michael Brown Sung at Party Thrown by Ex-Cop

Netanyahu Hires Republican Strategist John McLaughlin Ahead of Israel’s March Elections

Julian Assange: Why I Founded Wikileaks

US to send more private contractors to Iraq

Walmart to adjust base salaries in 1,400 stores

Pentagon Uses ISIS as Excuse to Keep Prisoner Abuse Photos Secret

The Military Wants Smarter Insect Spy Drones

Stopping Imperialistic Wars Could Radically Reduce Terrorism
-- Niall McLaren for BuzzFlash at Truthout

If you’re poor, your mortgage rate can depend on the color of your skin
A new study finds that black borrowers were 50 percent more likely to have overpaid for their mortgages between 2004-2008​. Here's why.

Israel police reveal huge political corruption investigation
Police announce ongoing covert operation involving 30 unnamed public figures over suspected nepotism and transfer of funds.

Alan Gross to receive $3.2 million settlement from US over Cuba detention ordeal
Payment to USAid contractor who was released after five years in Cuban jail is part of legal settlement with his employer.

Delta Baggage Handler Arrested for Gun Smuggling

When Soldiers Say No to War

St. Louis police release footage of fatal Berkeley shooting

Obama Just Blew A Chance to Crack Down on Coal
The disposal of cancer-causing coal ash will be lightly regulated, the EPA decided.

Fracking Permit Issued in Louisiana's St. Tammany Parish

I Have Same-Sex Parents, and Everything Is Fine

The Deaths of Two NYPD Officers Is Tragic, but Not an Indictment of the Anti-Brutality Movement
No one should have to bury a loved one because of violence.

Spanish Government Strips Away Protesting Rights
Spain is showing signs of fascism with its new anti-protest legislation nicknamed the "Gag Law."

Marjorie Cohn on Drone Warfare: Illegal, Immoral and Ineffective

Activists Reject NY Mayor's Plea to Pause Protests Over Police

FDA Lifting Ban on Gay Blood Donors

Paul Krugman | Raising Rates Too Early Could Be Disastrous

Eric Cantor Latest Politician to Move to Wall Street
...try to contain your shock.

Obama Sounds Like He’s About to Reject the Keystone Pipeline
The president said surprisingly smart things about the proposed pipeline at a news conference last week.

A Lump of Coal for Fossil Fuels

How the Murdoch Gang Got Away

Monopoly Was Designed to Teach the 99% About Income Inequality

Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys in Front of Their Mothers

Charles P. Pierce | The CIA and NYPD: Perilous Insubordination in Our Democracy

Warming Oceans Are Bleaching Coral Reefs, Putting Ecosystems at Risk
Increase in ocean temperatures 'may not seem like a lot but it makes a big difference to corals,' scientists say

The Felon Who Wouldn’t Leave Congress
Staten Island Republican Michael Grimm is pleading guilty to tax evasion Tuesday afternoon, but he doesn’t appear to think that should keep him from serving his constituents.

Eugene Robinson | Protesters Aren’t to Blame for NYPD Officers’ Execution

Progressives: Stop Blaming Fox News and Stop Hoping Elizabeth Warren Will Save Us
Progressives have no power in a corporate, focus-grouped, Wall Street-leaning party. But we are the change we need

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Police Aren’t Under Attack. Institutionalized Racism Is.

Report: New Congress Dumping CBO Chief to Clear Way for Special GOP Budget Math

Mexicans fight back over their missing

Santa's real workshop: the town in China that makes the world's Christmas decorations

Engineering Chestnut Trees? Biotechnology Takes a Walk in the Woods

Bill O’Reilly ruined Christmas

America Needs Another Civil Rights Movement

George H.W. Bush remains hospitalized

Saudi terrorism court 'to try women drivers'

Islamic State Captures Pilot After Warplane Crashes in Syria

After Sony's about-face, 'The Interview' sells out in many U.S. cinemas

Police officer kills black man near Ferguson; video captured incident

Report: In 'Deadliest Time Ever' For Journalists, Local Reporters Face Greatest Danger
From Iraq to Syria to Gaza, domestic reporters, whose names may never be known to the world, face highest death rate.

Top Firms' Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise, Despite Call for Cuts

On Christmas, It Is Hypocritical for the US to Close Its Borders to Migrants in Need of Shelter
-- Michael Seifert for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Districts Most Endangered by Climate Change Still Represented by Science Deniers

LAPD Body Camera Footage Won’t Be Released to the Public

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Seven Elves Arrested Blocking Gas Storage Facility

"Citizenfour" Producers Sued for 'Aiding' Edward Snowden

Fighting Anti-Semitism and Jim Crow: "Negro-Jewish Unity" in the International Workers Order

Jeb Bush emails offer a look at the Republican’s style as governor

Ukraine temporarily cuts off power supplies to Crimea

Sony Hack Re-ignites Questions About Michael Jackson's Banned Song "They Don't Care About Us"

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Top 25 "Christmas Gifts" Cops Took From You or Bought With Your Money

Who Gives the Orders? Oakland Police, City Hall and Occupy

New York City Sends $30 Million a Year to School With History of Giving Kids Electric Shocks

The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin

Protester Confronts Fox Affiliate That Deceptively Edited 'Kill a Cop' Chant

A Field General in the War on Christmas
Outraged when his first-grader came home from school talking about a ‘holiday tree,’ Texas lawmaker Dwayne Bohac vowed to bring back ‘Christmas freedom.’ And he’s succeeding.

Hollywood’s race problem: An insular industry struggles to change

Jordan using new antiterror law to stifle dissent, democracy activists say

“Ya’ll Ain’t Hearing Me”: White Liberalism and the Killing of Aura Rosser

Off Duty, Black Cops in New York Feel Threatened by Fellow Police Officers

The NRA finally lost one when the Senate confirmed the surgeon general, but the group has a long and creepy wish list for Christmas.

Report: The US Prison Population Is Growing Again

How to Fix Poverty: Write Every Family a Basic Income Check

Malala, Obama, Socialism: Nobel Laureate’s Political Views Are Complex

“I Have Never Known a Cuba That Wasn't Blockaded”

“I Am Personally Fed Up”: How Military Culture Induces Military Suicide

Is Sony's Crackdown a Bigger Threat to Western Free Speech Than North Korea?

Inquiry Into IRS Lapses Shows No Links to White House

Why Incendiary Weapons Are Here to Stay

EPA Staff Cut to Smallest Number in 25 Years

Throwing Tax Breaks at AT&T and Verizon Shockingly Not Creating Promised Jobs, Investment

US testing GPS-enabled ankle bracelets to track undocumented migrants
Immigration officials have launched a program in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley to give GPS devices to parents caught crossing the Mexican border with their children.

In Ferguson
The Ferguson movement has promised that the situation cannot go back to normal, to the way things have been.

North Dakota Moves to Ease Oil-and-Gas Radioactive Waste Rules Dramatically
New standard would be 10 times current limits in a state whose economy is fueled by the fracking boom.

Shining Light Into the Dark World of US Drone Warfare

Cuba and the United States: Political Realism's Triumph

Thank Postal Workers by Fighting to Save the Postal Service

Federal officials may use little-known civil rights statute in police shooting cases

George H.W. Bush taken to hospital by ambulance

A scary culture change: What new law enforcement rhetoric reveals about the US
Cops all over the country are demanding "unequivocal support." Here's why an obsession with order is to blame.

Ayn Rand Helped the FBI Investigate Whether "It’s A Wonderful Life" Was Commie Propaganda

NYPD Police: Who Do You Work For?

David Swanson | Resolved: To Stop Imagining that Anything’s Been Resolved

Sean Hannity Has Epic Twitter Meltdown After His Colleagues Name Him "Worst of Fox"

Despite Enduring a Lifetime of Violence, Kelly Savage Emerges as an In-Prison Activist

Some Theaters Agree to Show Sony Film "The Interview" Despite Threat
The comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s ruler, which stars Seth Rogen, at right, and James Franco, will be shown in a small number of theaters on Christmas Day

GOP Governor Refuses to Release Evidence on Botched Execution of Clayton Lockett

The Price of Private Prison

Is A Citizens’ Awakening The Cure For Mexico's “Cancer”?

2014 was Stuffed With Good Food News That You Never Heard About

Irony of Christmas: Obama Is Santa Claus to the Rich, and They Call Him Marxist
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

A Look Back at 'Marjoe,' the 1972 Documentary About Evangelical Con Men

Animals of the Sea Forced to Flee Their Homes Thanks to Humans

US Corps Claim Billions in Assets In Cuba and Now They'll Want It Back

$14 Million An Hour: War Costs Top $1.6 Trillion Since 9/11, Say Congressional Researchers

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama...Bush? Here We Go Again
-- Will Durst for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Joe Conason: Ending a Cuba Policy That's Failed for 50 Years
-- Joe Conason on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Corporate America’s 5 Most Despicable and Cowardly Acts of 2014
You just can't make this stuff up.

After Major Stroke, Gordie Howe's Stem Cell Treatment Brings "Miraculous" Results

US Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in a Decade

Marathon Bombing Suspect's Lawyers Invoke McVeigh

Let Us Speak! Let Us Speak! Let Us Speak! Voices From Ferguson to Sharpton