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One Tweet Exposes the Huge Problem With Floyd Mayweather Everyone Needs to Know About

Twenty-Nine Years After The Chernobyl Disaster, No Solution in Sight

Radioactive water leaked from Fukushima storage tank

Philip Morris International Uses Copyright Claims to Quiet Marlboro Critics

Policing and Profit: Turning the poorest segments of the population into an easy source of revenue

Guna Yala: The indigenous people beyond Panama's tourist paradise

One in Four US Renters Use Half of Income to Pay for Housing
Average hourly wages have risen 2.1 percent, while rental prices have increased 3.7 percent in the past 12 months.

Inside the Military-Police Center That Spies on Baltimore's Protesters

Wells Fargo Is Baltimore’s Real Looter

Oxygen-starved 'dead zones' up to 100-miles long discovered in Atlantic Ocean

New York City Protesters Rally on May Day for Freddie Gray, Police Accountability (PHOTO ESSAY)

Chernobyl Is Burning, but Who's to Blame?

Targeting ISIS, US-Led Strike Kills 52 Civilians, Including Seven Children

The FBI Wants Us to Have Computer Security So Strong That Only They Can Break In…

Land Ownership Lies at the Heart of Deadly Statistics About Environmentalist Killings

2015 “Drug Violence in Mexico” Justice in Mexico Report

Irate Congressman Gives Cops Easy Rule: “Just Follow the Damn Constitution”

States Are Required to Educate Students Behind Bars, but Here's What Really Happens

In Baltimore and Other Cities, Police Have Used “Rough Rides” as Payback in the Past

Would Freddie Gray Be Dead If He Was White? If You’re Black in America, the Rules are Different

Income Inequality: An Existential Threat to the Nation’s Future

US Cities Mirror Baltimore’s Woes

This May Be the Most Effective Anti-Poverty Program in the US

Baltimore Activists Recount How Police Unions Crushed Any Accountability Reforms

My 49 hours in a Baltimore cell – for being a reporter
I was one of hundreds confined in squalid, overcrowded cells with inedible food and rights ignored waiting for a criminal charge that in my case never came.

Baltimore’s new plantations: Race, police and how little things have changed since Frederick Douglass

Fossil-Fuel Industry's Heartland Institute Sending Team to Explain Climate to Pope Francis

Henry A. Giroux: Liberalism's Failures in a Time of Increasing Violence, Racism, Inequality and State Terrorism

Eugene Robinson | Freddie Gray never had a chance

Time to Commemorate Cinco de Mayo With Sobriety Runs

Who Will Succeed Warren Buffett? Will He Commit to Clean Energy?

Military helicopter shot down as drug violence surges in western Mexico

McConnell’s tough choice on Iran

Alaska Bulk Water Shipments to California Proposed

How to Save the Monarch Butterfly

Freddie Gray: six police charged over Baltimore death are released on bail
More than 50 arrested as potesters celebrate charges despite anger that officers’ bail amount is less than that handed to those arrested for rioting.

Pine Ridge Reservation Struggles With Suicides Among Its Young

Bill Cosby accused of sexual assault by 2 more women, including “Cosby Show” actress
Lili Bernard and Sammie Mays came forward this Friday.

Baltimore: Race, Class and Uprisings

It's a princess: Duchess of Cambridge has a baby girl

States Struggle to Pay for Police Body Cameras

Baltimore State's Attorney: "We Have Probable Cause to File Criminal Charges Over Freddie Gray's Death"

Bernie Sanders: Unlike Some Candidates, I Won't Start a Super PAC or Court Millionaires

House Adopts Compromise GOP Budget Targeting "Obamacare"

Thugs in Uniform

Baltimore Public Defender Speaks Out Against Brutal Holding Cell Conditions: "Using Bread as Pillows"

"Policing for Profit" Gone Wild!

The Character Assassination of Freddie Gray

Obama and Democrats Raise Their Minimum Wage Proposal to $12

Fox News Gone Wild: The Ludicrous Stories About How Freddie Gray Injured Himself

Baltimore Police Arrested Man Who Filmed the Freddie Gray Arrest

Someone Isn't Telling the Truth About Freddie Gray's Death

Bernie Sanders Really Matters: He Doesn’t Have to Win to Build a Progressive Movement

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lobbying: The National Petroleum Council

Protests Go Global as Ethiopians March Against Police Brutality in Tel Aviv

Israeli leaders don’t meet with Jimmy Carter during Middle East visit

Everything You Need to Know About Drug Incarceration Rates Across the US

Eighteen black women told decades ago that their babies had died soon after birth at the old Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis are now questioning if their children weren't instead taken from them while alive.

Man who smashed police car faces higher bail than cop who allegedly murdered Freddie Gray

Report: Saudi Arabia used US-supplied cluster bombs in Yemen

Protesters in NYC Call for Legal Marijuana in New York

Baltimore mayor lifts curfew after dozens arrested overnight
A day of prayer and healing has been planned for Sunday.

Bryan Stevenson on Mass Incarceration, Racial Injustice: "We All Need Mercy; We All Need Justice"

Latin American Organizations Campaign to Ban Monsanto

AFL-CIO Report: The High Toll of Job Injuries and Deaths

VIDEO: Sadistic California Cops Use Suspect as Training Dummy, Snap His Arm in Two

Want to Help Nepal Recover From the Quake? Cancel Its Debt

Back Door Searching the Data Coming into FBI’s Front Door

Falling Through the Cracks: My Struggle to Survive as a Homeless Youth

Infographics Highlight Tragedy of War in Yemen

What Happens After You’re Arrested at a Protest in New York

Broke Cities and Broken Bodies - It's Time to Make the Connections

The Problem With the Police Is the System

DNC Uses Bernie Sanders to Hit New Low in Sleazy, Misleading Grab for Money

We're Entering a Dangerous Era Where Companies Are Going to Offer You Discounts for Your Most Private Info

Fighting for Our Oceans

Cut Pesticide Use to Boost Yields? It's Worked for Millions of Farmers in Asia and Africa

Thousands of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean as weekend operations continue
More than 3,400 people rescued so far off the coast of Libya on Saturday and early Sunday in more than a dozen separate operations led by the Italian navy.

Freddie Gray: legal volunteers arrested after defying Baltimore curfew

From Ferguson to Baltimore: The consequences of government-sponsored segregation

"Because I Was a Painter" Showcases Art Created in Concentration Camps

As Israel Lobby Pushes Full-Access Inspections, US Makes False Claims on Iran Nuclear Deal

How To Keep Beloved Kentucky Derby Winners From Ending Up As Dog Food
Too often, retired thoroughbreds are sold to brutal ‘kill buyers’ after their stud careers are over. A new law plans to stop that.

Everything following Freddie Gray’s death could have been prevented.

'We Have Each Other's Backs': May Day Rallies Highlight Black Lives Matter Movement
'It's not just one of us, it's all of us.'

Sen. Warren Backs Plan for Working Families To Overthrow Corporate Rule

Nepal customs holding up relief efforts, says United Nations
UN Nepal representative Jamie McGoldrick says material is piling up at Kathmandu airport instead of being distributed, as death toll reaches 6,621.

Meet Marilyn Mosby, the badass prosecutor fighting for justice in Baltimore

Climate-denying House Republicans are trying to destroy NASA’s Earth science budget

Jordan Squeezes Syrian Refugees, Pushing Them Back Toward Hell

Obama’s difficult legacy on race

Baltimore Police Union Calls on Prosecutor to Recuse Herself, Defends Officers

Freddie Gray Solidarity Protesters Clash With Cops in Philly, Push Through the Police Line

Baltimore Police Officers to Face Criminal Charges for Death of Freddie Gray: "Mr. Gray's Death Was a Homicide"

"Same Story Every Time": Baltimore Solidarity Actions Sweep US

Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn's Death Ruled a Suicide - Mother Threw Away Handwritten Note

Air Pollution Makes It "Dangerous to Breathe" in Many US Cities: Report

California Judge Orders Google to Turn Over Data on Gov. Scott's G-mail Account

LA Port Police Chief Indicted in Alleged Fraud Scheme

Media's Baltimore "Teen Purge" Narrative Falling Apart

Bill Clinton: Mass Incarceration on My Watch "Put Too Many People in Prison"

GOP Prepares List of Demands if Justices Rule Against "Obamacare"

Freddie Gray Protests: Second Prisoner in Baltimore Police Van Comes Forward

Internet Racists Pose as Looting Black Protesters on Twitter to Smear the Baltimore Uprising