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El Salvador Ruling Offers a Reminder of Why the TPP Must Be Defeated

Scientists Warn Federal Agency's Plan Would 'Result in Extinction of Red Wolves in the Wild'
-- Dan Zukowski of Ecowatch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Politics New Accuser Tearfully Alleges Trump Assaulted Her at U.S. Open: He Said, ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’

Q&A: Journalist who broke Trump groping story on why others were slow to follow Why did the story finally gain traction? "Because a man said it."

Opinion: The sharing economy is creating a Dickensian world

Future Generations Lose Again at Third Presidential Debate

A Pipeline Leak Just Killed a Man in Nebraska

France Warns Up to 1 Million Could Flee Mosul

Indigenous Land Rights Bring Economic, not just Environmental Benefits

"From campaign finance reform to gun violence to poverty to education to LGBTQ rights, lots of important subjects were ignored by corporate media debate moderators in the presidential (and vice-presidential) debates."

How the final presidential debate highlights the madness of Trump's ideas

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head in Nevada for the third and final presidential debate, clashing on topics including immigration and Iraq

Conservative Legal Scholars Decide Trump Isn't Worth It

Calling All Climate Activists: "Go Out and Get Yourself in Some Holy Trouble"

When Your Existence Is Up for Debate

Christie's approval rating hits an all-time low

10,000 Critically Endangered Frogs Have Suddenly Died In Peru’s Lake Titicaca

"Put on your big-boy pants," Elizabeth Warren tells Donald Trump

Judge revives Kansas voting citizenship case

Bad Blood? Donald Trump and Roger Ailes Reportedly No Longer Speak

Two Americans killed in attack on base in Afghanistan
Another two were hurt when a gunman — reportedly in an Afghan army uniform — opened fire on foreign troops in Kabul.

Court mandates new recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves

'Wall' of Taco Trucks to Line Up at Trump's Las Vegas Hotel in Protest

Charles P. Pierce: All I Want for Christmas Is for Curt Schilling to Run for Senate

Donald Trump Is Bringing President Obama’s Half-Brother to the Third Debate
... why?

The Kids Are Alright: A Legendary Feminist on Feminism’s Future

Elizabeth Warren: Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did

$4 a month? Social Security recipients to get tiny increase

Czech Police Arrest Russian Suspected of Hacking US Targets

"Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio, whose get-tough policies to fight illegal immigration and praise of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought him nationwide attention, trails his opponent in this year's election by nearly 15 percentage points"

Transit police in Washington, D.C., violently arrested a young black woman on Tuesday night because she was carrying snacks.

The GOP candidate vowed to overturn Roe v. Wade and drummed up ghastly images of babies ripped from wombs—peddling in the worst kind of anti-abortion myths.

The Many Pernicious Myths About Native Americans That Need to Be Uprooted Now

Three States to Watch if You Care About the Death Penalty

America's Lead Crisis Continues: Chicago Parks Shut Off Drinking Fountains After Tests Find High Levels of Lead

The third debate settles it: He’s not just cynical. He’s paranoid.

Misogynist Redux: For Trump, the Election Is Rigged If a “Nasty Woman” Can Win

Changing Climate Threatens World’s Smallholder Farmers

The Many Costs of Open Carrying of Guns on Some Campuses

Air pollution more deadly in Africa than malnutrition or dirty water, study warns

At Final Debate, Trump Refuses to Say He Will Honor Election Results

How to Support Standing Rock and Confront What It Means to Live on Stolen Land

The United States' War on Youth: From Schools to Debtors' Prisons

Tribe offers pipeline protesters a place to overwinter

Palestinians urge UN to adopt resolution against settlements

If Clinton Elected, John McCain Says GOP Will Prevent Approval of Supreme Court Justices
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Lawyers for officer charged with murder of Walter Scott want trial moved

Marco Rubio Once Again Denies Climate Change as Florida's King Tides Inundate Streets
-- Dan Zukowski of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Exxon and ALEC Running Illegal Lobbying Scheme, Watchdog Groups Charge in IRS Complaint

Retaking Mosul From ISIS May Pale to What Comes Next
If the campaigns to recapture Ramadi, Tikrit and Falluja are a guide, Iraqi officials will confront devastation and unexploded bombs in trying to reclaim Mosul from the Islamic State.

When the Election Is Over, It Will Not Be Done
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Kansas Nationalist Extremists: "The Only Good Muslim Is a Dead Muslim"

Forty Police in Riot Gear Order Five Unarmed Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters to Stop Praying and Leave or Face Arrest

Michael Moore in TrumpLand review – part dingus, part holy roller aiming to help Clinton

Donald Trump Is Completely Obsessed With Revenge
The debate tonight could be all about payback.

Can you rig a U.S. presidential election? Experts say it’s basically impossible.
Donald Trump has claimed that the election will be stolen from him because it is “rigged.” But ensuring a particular outcome would require the two major parties to collude at every level.

Voter registration system crashes in Va., preventing some from signing up in time

Revealed: How dirty production of NHS drugs helps create superbugs