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The Last Reindeer of Norway
In the most remote corner of the country, the Sámi people draw their life and their identity from husbanding reindeer. That lifestyle and identity are now disappearing.

In Her Name: Marisela Escobedo Ortiz

After Mosque Arson, This Synagogue Opened Its Doors to Muslims in Need of a Place to Pray

The NSA's bulk metadata collection authority just expired. What now?

France puts climate activists under house arrest

In Mexico's Guerrero state, priests are a prime target for drug gangs

States Grapple with Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

The people of northern Manhattan are fighting climate change on their own terms

Dean Baker | The Federal Reserve Board's 8 Percent Hike in the Social Security Tax

Hearts, Minds and Body Counts: The Politics of El Salvador's Security Crisis

Anti-Choice Leaders’ Response to Colorado Violence Reveals Tension Between Rhetoric and Actions

Art Activists Stage Mass Takeover of Paris advertising to challenge corporate influence in climate talks

Hong Kong's dolphins at risk of disappearing

From ‘Her’ to ‘Bitch’: How Gendered Language Teaches Us Women Are Objects To Be Controlled

Black Oakland residents stopped, searched with vague legal tactic

Chicago teachers get fired up in the cold

How Gaddafi’s Ouster Unleashed Terror

Seven Critical Reforms Needed on Wall Street to Prevent Another Bust

The Paris climate summit can deliver progress – if national legislators lead the way
Country ‘commitments’ put forward in Paris will be more credible – and durable beyond the next election – if they are backed up by national legislation

Students Protest the University of California’s War on Agroecology

Earth is a wilder, warmer place since last climate deal made

Planned Parenthood officials: 'These doors stay open' after Colorado shooting
Contrary to speculation, clinics are not built like ‘fortresses’, leaders say.

From Papua New Guinea, a Climate Migrant’s Story

Alan Gross's Improbable Tales on 60 Minutes

How to bake up a climate treaty, in 25 easy steps

Saudi Arabian Woman Sentenced To Be Stoned To Death . . . Male Lover To Be Given 100 Lashes

Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Mining Industry

The Bush presidency was my fault: I am so sorry my work stopped the Florida recount
Fifteen years ago, a Florida judge cited my stats theory and the recount ended. The Iraq War still torments me

Searching for Answers and Comfort After Killings at Planned Parenthood

Pounding the Table, Israeli Officials Malign International Criminal Court

A Peace Community in Colombia: “The resistance to the armed conflict forced us to think about self-sufficiency”

Interesting Events You Won’t Want to Miss at the Paris COP21 Climate Conference

Syngenta lawsuit pits thousands of Indiana farmers against Swiss biotechnology company.

The growing problem of food insecurity

Air Force hires civilian drone pilots for combat patrols; critics question legality

Saudi Arabia Plans to Behead More Than 50 People in a Single Day

Trump, Carson and NRA Stoke Domestic Terror

VIDEOS: Unprecedented Mining Disaster in Brazil Devastates Village, Wildlife, Fishing Economy

Trump says won't take back remark on Muslims 'cheering' 9/11 attacks

Hundreds of residents of the communities next to the abandoned Union Carbide factory in Bhopal on Thursday demonstrated at the JLN Hospital demanding free medical treatment, clean drinking water and exemption from paying water bills.

Israel using Dutch dogs to terrorize Palestinians

Laos counts the cost of climate change: record floods, drought and landslides

As Brazil's Largest City Struggles With Drought, Residents Are Leaving

In Somaliland, climate change is now a life-or-death challenge
Pastoralists long accustomed to a harsh environment are reeling as drought and cyclones lay waste to their herds and leave families weak from thirst and hunger.

Dallas Mayor Says He's More Fearful of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees

In Chicago shooting, Rahm Emanuel should be charged as accomplice

Chicago police and prosecutors caught lying as they cover up their murder of Darius Pinex

The deep, ugly, and nearly unbelievable rabbit hole of violence and corruption within the Chicago PD

Another Victim in ICE's Ongoing War

LIVE UPDATES: Global climate march 2015 - Paris police use teargas

Eating less meat isn’t just good for you, it could save the planet

France Uses Emergency Laws to Place Climate Activists Under House Arrest

Americans Don't Disagree on Politics as Much as You Might Think

Our culture and laws enabled the Colorado shooter, whatever his motive

Ben Carson meets Syrian refugees in Jordan but says none should come to US

When Surgeons Multitask: The Little-Known Practice of Concurrent Surgeries

GOP's hell-bent on tearing us apart: A decades-long strategy to win by divisiveness now leads to President Donald Trump

A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois
Unprecedented political spending helped elect Bruce Rauner, a fresh-faced financier. But his ideological vision has unsettled many in the state.

Cleveland police shooting of Tamir Rice was unjustified, experts conclude

Two prominent journalists in Turkey are facing charges of espionage after publishing video that allegedly showed trucks, belonging to the state intelligence agency, carrying ammunition to Syrian militants.

Can Democrats Keep the White House in 2016?

WHO Honors Bolivia’s Work to Reduce Child Malnutrition

Dahr Jamail | From Rising Seas to Walruses, the Arctic's Endangerment Affects Us All

“Historic” Ruling Says Abortion Law In Northern Ireland Breaches Human Rights

Chicago Teachers Union plans strike vote on Dec. 9

The People Called "Lazy" by the Rich Work the Hardest
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Israel DM Rejects Calls for Assassinating Palestinians

How Should Uber Be Regulated?

Publicly Funded Clinical Trials Would Disclose Data on Gender Differences

Glenn Greenwald Stands by the Official Narrative

NSA to shut down bulk phone surveillance program today

Use of Banned Pesticide Not Isolated Event in US Territories

Northern China is suffering under a cloud of heavy pollution that is bigger than Spain

McCarthy predicts no Republican government shutdown over GOP hate of Planned Parenthood

You Are More Than 7 Times As Likely To Be Killed By A Right-Wing Extremist Than By Muslim Terrorists

Before Shooting, Cruz Touted Endorsement From Activist Who Called For Execution Of Abortion Doctors

Another Earthquake Hits Oklahoma: Officials Worry Stronger Quake Could Threaten National Security

The real reason for Turkey's shoot-down of the Russian jet

Domestic Terrorists Gunning for Planned Parenthood
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Sanders campaign says it has more women donors than Clinton

Hispanic Republican leaders shun Donald Trump

President Obama and Bill Gates to announce historic investment in clean energy research

Vote backing boycott challenges feminists to take clear stand on Palestine

Kurdish fighters say US special forces have been fighting Isis for months
US denies peshmerga claims after Obama last year announced redeployment of 300 military advisers to Iraq, saying US combat troops would ‘not be fighting.’

COP21: Paris conference could be climate turning point, says Obama

Before Bernie Sanders: A 19th Century Populist’s Run for the Presidency

Employer Political Coercion: A Growing Threat
Since Citizens United, companies can legally require workers to participate in politics—and fire them if they refuse.

Trump campaign forced to cancel press conference with black pastors after they shred him in the press

Bearing Witness: North Dakota oil industry increases violence against Native women

The NRA Is Getting Its Ass Kicked and Here's the Proof

Coal CEO Thanks Lamar Smith, Asks Him to Expand Probe of Climate Scientists

Stung by Keystone reversal, Canadian province doubles down on renewable energy

For their second act, Keystone killers tackle Exxon

Vandalized Mosques, Threats of Violence - Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes on the Rise

EPA Asks Court to Revoke Approval of New Weed Killer for Genetically Engineered Crops

A ground zero forgotten
The Marshall Islands, once a US nuclear test site, face oblivion again.

Four Ways Exxon Stopped Action on Climate Change

Glenn Greenwald | What Foreign Policy “Debate” Means on “Face the Nation”

More rural water wells polluted in Barnett Shale
As Texas oil and gas regulators continue to deny any link between drilling and underground water contamination, more families' water supplies turn up polluted.

South Sudan food team finds risk of 'widespread catastrophe'

Seven Ways People Are Fighting Back Against Islamophobia - and How You Can, Too

Hypocrisy: Democrats Criticize Trump but Not a Peep Against Emanuel

Study: Half of Amazon Tree Species Could Become Extinct

Western State Regulators Struggling to Keep Up With Radioactive Fracking and Drilling Waste

'Don't Bomb Syria': Protests Across the UK as Syria Vote Looms

“The pigs were glowing deep gold”: The amazing experience that ended my life as a pig farmer

No cop left behind
''It seems that being a law enforcement officer is another way - besides being rich or a bank or a government-paid torturer - to enjoy a separate and privileged system of American justice."

Criminalizing Our People: Social Impacts of the PKK Ban

"Spotlight" Celebrates Heroes of Investigative Reporting - and Democracy

Remember the Oceans!
The most important consequence of the Paris climate talks will be the fate of the oceans.

The Bush presidency was my fault: I am so sorry my work stopped the Florida recount

Edward Snowden meets Arundhati Roy and John Cusack: "He was small and lithe, like a house cat"
The Indian novelist recalls an extraordinary encounter in a Moscow hotel with the NSA whistleblower.

Everything went wrong in the Ebola outbreak. We’re still not ready if it happens again.

India approves sale of generic Hepatitis C drugs

Global Warming's Unacknowledged Threat: The Pentagon

Funding for lawmakers' portraits under fire
The portraits - reserved for the vice president, cabinet officials, committee chairmen and congressional leadership - cost anywhere from roughly $20,000 to $50,000 apiece, with the money coming from private and public sources.

Security Culture and Xenophobia in the Wake of Terror: What We Have to Lose

Burger King manager: Chicago cops erased Laquan McDonald shooting video

Turkish human rights lawyer shot dead during press conference

Laquan McDonald Protesters Look to Disrupt Black Friday in Chicago