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A Look at Mexico's Armed Conflict Through a Lens of Drug War Capitalism

Charles P. Pierce | The US Military Is Determined to Dodge Responsibility for the Afghan Airstrike

How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies

The Corporate-Friendly World of the TPP

Keep the guns away from campus cops

Living Without a Net: Nearly 50 Percent of Americans Don't Have Any Savings
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

If Apple didn’t hold $181B overseas, it would owe $59B in US taxes

Fortune 500 firms hold $2.1 trillion overseas to avoid taxes: study

The Huffington Post Union Campaign Has Officially Begun
Last week, news leaked that writers at The Huffington Post had formed a committee to unionize. This morning, the campaign began in earnest.

With Renewables on the Rise, Dirty Fuels Losing Competitive Edge

Doctors Without Borders seeks possible war crime charges after US airstrike in Afghanistan
The charity said they want to form an independent international commission that would investigate the bombing that killed 22 people.

Justice Department set to free 6,000 prisoners, largest one-time release

Bernie Sanders launches pro-union bill as battle for organized labor intensifies

11-year-old Ohio boy fatally shoots his 12-year-old brother

Doctors Without Borders airstrike: US alters story for fourth time in four days

Gov. Brown signs bill aimed at eliminating gender wage gap

Breast Cancer Patient Arrested for Protesting TPP: "This Is Price Gouging at the Cost of Lives"

Gun Sales Soar After Surge In US Mass Shootings

US Accepts Blame for Afghan Hospital Attack

Quietly, Congress extends a ban on CDC research on gun violence

Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

The New World Disorder

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Opposed Aid for New Jersey After Hurricane Sandy but Wants Federal Aid in South Carolina, Because Of Course He Does

Will a killer cop go free in Texas?

High school football reels from fourth player death in a month

Monsanto and Syngenta Tighten Stranglehold on Global Food Supply

South Carolina flooding: 18 dams breached, more trouble ahead

Senate Democrats Nearly Run Table in Recruitment

The TPP Announced Simply Fails to Represent Domestic US Manufacturing Interests

People die because of this man: The real reason we never get gun control, no matter how many people get gunned down
Wayne LaPierre is the NRA's hit man -- and his target is any sensible gun control, no matter the death toll

Edward Snowden's ready to go to prison, waiting on answer from U.S.

Rubio vs. Bush Is Going to Be Nasty, Brutish, and Long

If These Men Aren’t Guilty, Why Can’t They Go Free?
A major investigation says these four men convicted of murder are probably innocent. But prosecutors say that doesn’t matter — and the report should remain secret.

U.S. Steel Canada should stop paying retiree benefits: restructuring monitor

Australian Group Calls For Boycott Of US Until America Fixes Its Gun Laws

Majority of EU nations seek opt-out from growing GM crops

Bernie Sanders admits he initially mishandled Black Lives Matter: “I plead guilty — I should have been more sensitive”
And four more revelations from a new in-depth New Yorker profile on the surging Democratic presidential contender

G20 Energy Ministers Heart Renewables, Squash “Energy Poverty” Case For Fossil Fuels

Gov. Brown signs controversial end-of-life bill

Asian haze set to become worst on record

Boehner sets Oct. 29 floor speaker vote, delays other leadership elections

Can Cities Desegregate? Some Show How It’s Done

Respecting the Laws (of Nature)

GOP New Mexico Secretary Of State Now Faces 65 Corruption Charges

"Economic Migrants" Getting Bad Rap in Refugee Debate

Republican Student Loan Bill Is A Handout To The Loan Industry

Top US general: Afghan forces requested airstrike that hit hospital in Kunduz

SunEdison Announces Massive Layoffs

Tar Sands Mining Makes Leap from Canada to Utah

Iowa's new anti-bullying office raises questions

California shoots down drone bills

Lyme Disease Guidelines Panelists Engage in Coordinated Propaganda Campaign

Chaffetz won’t rule out future shutdowns

South Carolina Mom Shows Homophobic Sex Education Isn’t a Thing of the Past

This is the smart Bush?
Jeb Bush's statement on the Washington football team show his cloistered ignorance.

Inside the NRA's money: 10 things we know

How Many “Biblical” Floods Will It Take For the World to Address Climate Change?

US, Australia Agree on Complicated Compromise on Biologic Drugs

ISIS Destroys Another Ancient Landmark: 'We’re Going to Lose Palmyra,' Syrian Director Says

Why San Francisco's last gun store is shuttering for good
High Bridge Arms, the last gun shop in San Francisco, has thrown in the towel in the face of mounting restrictions imposed by local lawmakers and voters and organized campaigns calling for its closure.

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff cuts her salary by 10% to aid economy
Rousseff also slashed eight ministries and reshuffled her cabinet on Friday, in an attempt to ward off an escalating political and economic crisis.

How Hydroelectric Power May Undermine Brazil's Pledge to Slash Greenhouse Gases

California woman suing city after video captures cop slugging her in face during arrest

“Mercedes, BMW and Peugeot models consume 50% more fuel than official results”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership charade: TPP isn’t about ‘free’ trade at all

Why Bernie and Hillary Must Address America’s Dying Nuke Reactors

Hillary Clinton unveils plan for tougher checks in bid to reduce gun violence
The Democratic presidential candidate says she would also roll back legal immunity for the gun industry as she attempts to seize the policy initiative.

Murder, Incorporated: Guns and the Growing Culture of Violence in the US

11 Trillion Gallons of Water Fell in the Carolinas in the Past Week

This Pennsylvania Community Is Determined to Ban GMOs and Pesticides
-- Ken Roseboro of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Jim Hightower | A Flagrant Liar for President?
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Democrats on Benghazi Committee Release Devastating Fact Sheet on Gowdy

Disaster plan developed for use if St. Louis landfill fire reaches buried nuclear waste

The Meat Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Obama's Massive Trade Deal

NBC’s Andy Lack to Meet with Keith Olbermann on Possible MSNBC Return

House’s Planned Parenthood fight is problem for GOP senators

Donald Trump, American hustler: The frightening fascist tendencies of his GOP rise

The US Massacre in Kunduz Exposes the Bankruptcy of Obama’s National-Security Policy

The Cult Of The Second Amendment

Bernie Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in California

Yes, Jeb, "Stuff Happens" Because the Bush Family Embraces the Violence of Empire, Racism and Guns
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Fiat Chrysler Workers Could Go On Strike Wednesday Night

Environmental Activists Continue to Face Interrogations at US-Canada Border

The Price of an Oil Spill

Millions Wasted Building Oversized Prisons in Navajo Nation

Sovereign Citizens' Movement May Be Biggest Domestic Terrorist Threat
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Bernie Sanders campaign says pro-Palestine activists should never have been kicked out of Boston rally

The Neoconservatives' Fairy Tales about Syria

Confirmed: American Academy of Pediatrics Cuts Ties With Monsanto
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Boy, 11, charged with murdering 8-year-old girl after argument about puppies

Kim Davis And Her Law Firm Just Got Some Very, Very Bad News

Congress Lets Sun Set on Land and Water Conservation Fund

Police Respond To Reported Gunman At Philadelphia Community College

The Conservative Evasion on Guns

Rupert Murdoch: Propaganda Recruit
Journalistic objectivity was never high on Rupert Murdoch’s ethics list, but “secret” records from the 1980s show how far the media magnate went to ingratiate himself with President Reagan by collaborating with U.S. propaganda operations

David Swanson | The Incomprehensible Idea: What Opposing All Wars Means

U.S. trade deficit widens as exports sag, imports from China surge

Top General In Afghanistan: Deadly Airstrike On Hospital Was Mistake

Pentagon Struggles to Explain Afghan Hospital Bombing
New details of the strike contradicted earlier statements from military officials about how a U.S. aircraft wound up attacking and killing 22 people at a Doctors Without Borders facility in Kunduz.

Workers removing Ten Commandments from Oklahoma Capitol

Ten questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Does this end NAFTA? Is it more important that CETA? What does it actually do? Now that the TPP is signed, here's what we know

Sanders Blasts The Trans-Pacific Partnership
A TPP agreement reached over the weekend draws a vow of action in the Senate from the populist presidential hopeful.

Video shows negligence by Indianapolis police as handcuffed teenager has a heart attack

Monthly drone report: Total drone strikes under Obama in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen now 491 after September attacks

The Rise of Buffy Studies
Scholarly interest in Joss Whedon’s cult classic points to the growing belief that TV shows deserve to be studied as literature.

That Stinky Cheese Is a Result of Evolutionary Overdrive

Fighting West Nile Virus Shouldn’t Mean Poisoning People

The Prominence and Plight Of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Girls, many of whom have suffered a range of trauma at home, make up a growing share of children arrested and detained across the country.

Is Social Justice Unionism Going to Save Public Education in Philadelphia?

Why The Alabama DMV Closures Struck Such A Nerve With Voting Rights Activists

Carson Has Been Promoting a Fraudulent Nutrition Company: WSJ Exposes Him

In Search of Our First Trillionaire
No 13-digit fortune has yet appeared on the horizon. But if we wait until we get close enough to see one, warns wealth analyst Bob Lord, we may find our plutocracy set eternally in concrete.

ETUC Opposes Austerity, But Divided On Tactics

14 Senators Push for Stronger Ethanol Mandate

Meet the drought-stricken communities of California’s San Joaquin Valley

Dean Baker | Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve Board

When Residents Clash with Homeowner Associations, Some States Step In

The Populist Prophet

The Institutionalization of Abortion Stigma: What Care at an Ambulatory Surgical Center Can Look Like

Police Commission must stop stonewalling activists

60 Minutes: Patrick Kennedy Breaks The Silence On Mental Health And Addiction

Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up

Somalia Ratifies Rights of Children Treaty, Leaving United States as only Holdout

Today's Poor Kids Are 'Alone And Unsupported'

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan is running for the US Senate

Pope Francis Is Right, Climate Change Is a Moral Imperative
-- Robert Redford for BuzzFlash at Truthout

October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month

US Charges Top Former Venezuelan Officials With Drug Trafficking
Indictments unsealed without fanfare against two former high-ranking police figures.

Two Companies Get License to Legally Cultivate Marijuana in Uruguay

Three Strikes and You’re Out? The False Promise of Aerial Policing

The Many Ways Women Are Still Mistreated in a Patriarchal US Society
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Officials Reach Deal On Trans-Pacific Partnership

William C Campbell, Satoshi Ōmura and Youyou Tu win Nobel prize in medicine
Campbell and Ōmura win for their work on a therapy against roundworm, sharing the prize with Tu for her work on a therapy against malaria

Baghdad's Green Zone open to public for first time in 12 years
Measure offers limited access to fortified area in Iraqi capital housing political institutions and embassies, with most streets still requiring special badge