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Koch Brother Claims He Is a Libertarian, but He Wants to Control a Lot of Our Choices
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

California agrees to move thousands of inmates out of solitary confinement

Ex-Fukushima nuke worker sues Tepco over cancer

Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

Zimmerman brags about killing Trayvon Martin: ‘We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me’

Ohio Republicans Are Freaking Out About the Denali Name Change

Unsettling Video Shows Oakland Cop Spit on a Man for Filming Him

China’s economic downturn raises concerns about political instability

AFL-CIO President Trumka: GOP Candidates’ Immigration Comments Are Racist

US Military Setting Up Shop in Niger

H&R Block's Push to Make Tax Forms Harder for Low-Income People
Tax preparers stand to benefit from the change the company promoted.

Sanctions for China, Islamic State’s path of destruction, K-Pop for North Korea, and border walls everywhere

1200 Metal Trades Workers Strike At Nuclear Weapons Facility

Will Grassroots Movements Change the Political Discourse in Iowa?

Massive Bankruptcy Tests Texas Utility Regulators

India To Replace 20 Million Streetlights With LEDs In 2 Years

Hawaii Sees 10 Fold Increase in Birth Defects After Becoming GM Corn Testing Grounds

Police in San Antonio fatally shot man with hands up, unaware they were being filmed

Bleeding Wounds and Breastfeeding Hell: The Costs of No Paid Maternity Leave in America

ISIS damages Bel, Syria's 'most important temple,' rights group says

The Turning Point Towards a Low-Carbon Future
-- Bill McKibben for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Alison Parker's parents on gun-control fight: 'We cannot be intimidated'

He took them by surprise: 3 dead, 2 hurt in shooting spree

Scott Walker says building Canada border wall is a 'legitimate issue'
The GOP candidate said voters have raised concerns to him about terrorists entering US from north, as immigration has become hot-button Republican topic.

California court to consider if delays on death row violate US constitution
More prisoners have died of natural causes on death row than have perished in the death chamber, which some say amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

Dominican Republic-Haiti Crisis Simmers as the OAS Comes Down Hard on the D. R.
Dominican leaders are defensive and in denial, as investigators document 'forced' migration of Haitians out of the DR.

Hard Graft: The Wasteful War in Afghanistan

Escape casts spotlight on Washington use of juvenile inmates to fight wildfires
Teen survives and state suspends decades-old firefighting program

MI6 spy who was found dead in locked bag had 'hacked secrets files about US president'

Nestlé Under Fire For Drawing Tens of Millions of Gallons Of Water For Sale While Paying Only $524 Under An Expired Permit

Why border walls – even with Canada – are not the Republicans' Trump card
The frontrunner says Mexico must pay for a wall. A challenger says a northern barrier is ‘a legitimate issue’. Cost, practicalities and history say otherwise.

Behind Deadly Tianjin Blast, Shortcuts and Lax Rules

Colombia to End Coca Farm Glyphosate Sprayings

''Guantánamo Diary'' Reveals How US Empire Can Capture, Torture and Imprison With Impunity

We're better at tracking the deaths of bees than people who die in police custody

It can definitely happen here: Trump's proto-fascist vision of the US and Europe's wrenching migrant crisis

Dick Cheney’s staggering Iran hypocrisy: Why we need to ignore his sinister war games at all costs

Report: North Dakota to use police drones with non-lethal weapons

More than 1,100 union workers to strike at Texas nuclear weapons plant

Anger builds at EPA over radioactive landfill
Leaders in a St. Louis suburb are urgently calling on top Obama administration officials to quickly clean up a landfill with radioactive waste that they believe could catch fire.

Federal employees and contractors face danger, even death, just doing their jobs

How Americans actually feel about stronger gun laws

Tens of thousands of Japanese protest against 'war law'
Protesters rally outside parliament to oppose new laws that could see troops engage in combat for first time since WWII.

Iowa Poll: Clinton leads, but Sanders draws near

Puerto Rico: The Financial Implications of Dependency

Male Fish in North Carolina Rivers Found to Have Female Parts

How Seattle Made Dark Alleys Safer - by Throwing Parties in Them

UT-Austin removes Jefferson Davis statue

Remembering Thurgood Marshall and fighting to ensure the future of the Supreme Court

After a Disaster Like Katrina, Water, Food and Shelter Are Not Enough

Oliver Sacks, eminent neurologist and author, dies aged 82

Self-Plagiarism and the Politics of Character Assassination: The Case of Zygmunt Bauman

NYPD undercover cop fires at suspect armed with fake gun, fatally shoots bystander

A Toxic Chemical Ruined the Lives of These People and It's Probably in Your Blood
DuPont literally poisoned the world and is still trying to cover it up.

Refugees are human. This simple fact seems to have been forgotten.
It is horrific that people are drowning and suffocating to reach safety. These stories should be a reminder that migrants are not just statistics.

Julian Assange told Edward Snowden not to seek asylum in Latin America
WikiLeaks founder says he told the NSA whistleblower he could be kidnapped or killed, and that he was better off sheltering in Russia despite negative PR.

Death of man with mental illness in Virginia jail prompts police probe
Jailed for petty theft, Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, was never moved to mental hospital despite a judge's order.

Fight for $15: The strategist going to war to make McDonald's pay

There Aren't Enough Firefighters to Stop the Western US From Burning
An unprecedented 32,000 men and women are fighting blazes in what could be the most destructive fire season in history.

Charles P. Pierce: West Point Official Advocates Targeting Law Professors With Drone Strikes

California climate researchers sound the alarm at symposium: ‘There’s no way out’

SEIU Backs Fort Lauderdale Airport Workers In Rally For Living Wage

Murder Rates Are Sharply Rising in Many US Cities
Cities across the nation are seeing a startling rise in murders this year

Kentucky clerk continues to deny gay-marriage licenses, ‘under God’s authority’

FBI Had 12-Page File On George Carlin Because He Made Jokes About Government
Anyone that speaks out against the injustices of the world, whether they are a dangerous terrorist or a harmless comedian, will receive unwanted attention from government.

'Blind Spot': Progressives Demand Stronger Sanders Stance on Endless War, Pentagon Largesse
Something is seriously missing, say campaigners, when a candidate denounces corporate power and oligarchy without emphasizing militarism and perpetual war.

Over 200 immigrants arrested in four-day sweep across Southern California

Making the connections on tar-sands pollution, racism, and sexism

Personal Housing Expenses See Biggest Jump in 8 Years

In Appalachia, the coal industry is in collapse, but the mountains aren’t coming back

Elizabeth Warren Announces First Campaign Stop Of 2016 Election Cycle

Dean Baker | The China Syndrome: Bubble Trouble

Sticking It to the Man at the Minnesota State Fair

Plaintiffs seek to block Mississippi ban on gay couples adopting

Conservatives Try to Dehumanize Immigrant Women, Trans People

Sanders: I wouldn’t end drone program

Energy storage megashift ahead, battery costs set to fall 60% by 2020

Indonesia May Increase Its Emissions Cut Pledge Ahead of Paris

Dahr Jamail | The World on Fire: Record-Breaking Wildfires, Greenland Melting and the Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

Grenade explodes during Ukraine clashes; 1 officer killed

Refugees Stranded at Hungarian Border as Austria Steps Up Checks

EPA Urged by Nearly 100,000 Americans to Redo Highly Controversial Fracking Study
-- Cole Mellino for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump: Women (Who Love Their Husbands) Can’t be Trusted to Keep National Security Secrets

China and Russia are cross-indexing hacked data to target US spies, officials say

Brazil's economy enters recession

Nicki Minaj has something serious to say about race. We should listen to her

VMAs 2015: Kanye West reveals plan for 2020 presidential run

Legendary Horror Director Wes Craven Dead At 76

Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush

NT Health finds 'higher than expected' blood lead levels in remote Indigenous children

Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali

In the Execution Business, Missouri Is Surging
Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it’s just doing its job.

Corporate Developers Seize Indigenous Lands in Brazil and Hire Hit Men to Murder Residents

Regulator in Canada's Alberta shuts in 95 Nexen pipelines over "noncompliance"

Video Shows Texas Police Shoot Man With His Hands Up

Leaked report cites design flaws in plant built to treat nuclear waste

Federal Court Ruling Supports NSA's Phone Data Collection

Black Communities Destroyed By Publicly Funded Stadium Swindles Are Fighting Back in a New Era of Redevelopment

Study: Long exposure to tiny amounts of Monsanto's Roundup may damage liver, kidneys

As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger refugee crisis looms in the Middle East

"I knew this was a bullsh*t story, but I went along with it": Police violence after Katrina and how it was covered up

Conservationists appalled at illegal killing of 25 million birds a year in the Mediterranean

The busboy who cradled a dying RFK has finally stepped out of the past

Trump's deportation idea similar to 1930s mass removals

Dick Cheney Never Disappoints

Young Hands in Mexico Feed Growing US Demand for Heroin

Wall Street is wooing black lawmakers as part of their effort to block a controversial rule championed by President Obama that would change the way financial advisers operate.

Study: 13,000 become homeless every month in Los Angeles County
Chronic homelessness, especially among children and youth, is overwhelming public assistance efforts, report finds.

Setting Aside Half the Earth for "Rewilding": The Ethical Dimension

Chris Christie: Let's Track Immigrants Like FedEx Tracks Packages

The US is now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015

US considered nuking Afghanistan after 9/11, says German diplomat

When Mexicans crossed our border to feed Americans in need

Middle East faces water shortages for the next 25 years, study says

Documenting change in the Lower Ninth Ward

"Illegal" mass protest across Malaysia calling for prime minister's resignation and fair elections after revelation he took $700 million in state funds

West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror

Citizens Taking Video of Police See Themselves Facing Arrest