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40 Percent Of Americans Know Someone Who Was Killed With A Gun

Why Bombing a Hospital Is a War Crime

Flint Officials Are No Longer Saying the Water Is Fine

Under speaker pressure, signs pointing to a reluctant Paul Ryan

GOP Probe Into Planned Parenthood Funding Comes Up Empty

Republicans in disarray as Kevin McCarthy drops out of House speaker race

Bernie Sanders to oppose Obama’s nominee to lead the FDA

Ribble drops out of conservative Freedom Caucus

Administration Ends Pentagon Effort to Train Syrian Rebels
The move by the Obama administration served as an acknowledgement that the beleaguered program had failed to produce any kind of ground combat forces capable of taking on the Islamic State.

The Costs of Border Security

Senators Who Voted Against Background Checks Received More Pro-Gun Contributions

NYT on TPP: Too Secret for Critics to Have a Right to Complain About

Why the US Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster

Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods

Texas Board Of Education Member Dismisses Outrage Over Textbooks Calling Slaves ‘Workers’

Lakota women and ranchers lead charge to break silence against uranium mine

New Novel Explores the Lived History of Palestine's Struggle

VW offices raided in emissions probe

Ohio's Lawmakers pass charter school reform bill

San Francisco’s Approach to HIV Is Working

Activists promise largest climate civil disobedience ever at Paris summit
Thousands expected to take part in ‘red line’ blockades of Paris climate summit, after two weeks of colourful protests that have been dubbed ‘the Climate Games’

Monsanto vs. Freedom of Information Act
-- Ralph Nader for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of House Speaker Race

For the first time, a top coal industry executive faces criminal charges

A Guide to Donald Trump’s Business Career

Help Support Reporting In Ferguson For The Next Year
With your aid, we've uncovered legal cruelty, exposed official indifference and heard new voices. But there's more to do.

The EU Is Using Warships to Target Human Smugglers. What Could Go Wrong?

The Snowden effect: new privacy wins await after data transfer ruling
The recent European Court of Justice ruling, and the coming court cases over the next year or two, promise a second wave of post-Snowden privacy wins.

Owning Up to Failed 'War on Drugs,' DOJ To Release Wave of Nonviolent Offenders
New guidelines will bring clemency to thousands of low-level offenders, but many more still 'trapped' in broken criminal justice system

Armed Anti-Muslim Activists Plan Mosque Protests In 20 Cities This Week

The Dark History Of The Right's Graphic, Misleading Abortion Images

Overnight Health: Dems accuse GOP chair of hiding Planned Parenthood footage

Governor Brown Signs Aggressive Climate Change Bill

The Soft Bigotry of Ben Carson

Why the US Bombing of an Afghan Hospital Is a War Crime​
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

'Polluter Interests Have Been Spending Millions on Disinformation Campaigns'

Scientists say a dramatic worldwide coral bleaching event is now underway

Nato ready to 'defend' Turkey as Russia strikes Syria
Alliance’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, makes comment after violations of Turkish airspace by Russian jets conducting airstrikes in Syria.

Mass Murders are Good for Business

10 Million at Risk of Hunger Due to Climate Change and El Niño, Oxfam Warns

Ben Carson: 'Body With Bullet Holes' Preferable to Gun Control
No, seriously. He said that. On Monday.

5 Indefensible Tweets From The NRA Since The Oregon Gun Massacre

Murder, Incorporated: Guns and the Growing Culture of Violence in the US

11 Trillion Gallons of Water Fell in the Carolinas in the Past Week

This Pennsylvania Community Is Determined to Ban GMOs and Pesticides
-- Ken Roseboro of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Jim Hightower | A Flagrant Liar for President?
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Democrats on Benghazi Committee Release Devastating Fact Sheet on Gowdy

Disaster plan developed for use if St. Louis landfill fire reaches buried nuclear waste

The Meat Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Obama's Massive Trade Deal

House’s Planned Parenthood fight is problem for GOP senators

Donald Trump, American hustler: The frightening fascist tendencies of his GOP rise

The US Massacre in Kunduz Exposes the Bankruptcy of Obama’s National-Security Policy

Bernie Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in California

The TPP Announced Simply Fails to Represent Domestic US Manufacturing Interests

14 Senators Push for Stronger Ethanol Mandate

Baghdad's Green Zone open to public for first time in 12 years
Measure offers limited access to fortified area in Iraqi capital housing political institutions and embassies, with most streets still requiring special badge

Boehner and McCarthy Reap What They Sowed

Darrell Issa considers run for House speaker

House Tea Partiers to the World: Burn, Baby, Burn

Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority

Let's Face the Pro-Gun Reality: Mass Murders Are Good for Business
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Officials: 1 dead, 3 wounded in university shooting in Arizona

Both world wars could have been stopped if everyone had guns, says presidential candidate Ben Carson

Republicans to Meet Amid Turmoil After McCarthy’s Exit
The struggle to restore order to the party’s leadership amid rapidly approaching deadlines comes after Kevin McCarthy’s abrupt withdrawal as a candidate for speaker of the House.

In the US, Is God a White Racist?
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

How Ben Carson, Whom Murdoch Calls a “Real Black President,” Will Govern

The Ugly Charter School Scandal Arne Duncan Is Leaving Behind

Ben Carson: Arrogant, Ignorant Victim Blamer

Tennessee’s First Year Of Drug Testing Welfare Applicants Didn’t Go Very Well

Mark Ruffalo Urges Pennsylvania Governor to Enact Immediate Fracking Moratorium

Five Indefensible Tweets From The NRA Since The Oregon Gun Massacre

Valeant Leads Big Pharma Trend of Skyrocketing Drug Prices

New Billboards Bring Messages to Empower and Inspire Black Community

US Mass-Shooting Capital Is Chicago

D.C. Workers Could Soon Get 16 Weeks of Paid Family and Medical Leave

William Rivers Pitt | The Deadly Fraud of "American Exceptionalism"

Autopsy Shows Oklahoma Used Wrong Drug to Execute Man in January

As UT prepares for campus carry, professor to leave 'out of self-protection'

To save chocolate, big food companies have started collaborating

How Putin will Win in Syria

How Did the Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?

‘Bruised and battered’ activists demand government do more to stop violence against women in Mexico

Swing Asks EU to Respect Rights of Vulnerable Migrants Arriving on its Shores

Catholic Priest Blames Children For Seducing Pedophiles

Shredding the NRA's 'Good Guy With a Gun' Myth

Hillary Clinton to Propose High-Frequency Trading Tax, Volcker Rule Changes
Former New York senator taking aim at dark pools, bank investing in hedge funds.

Right-wing House Freedom Caucus endorses Rep. Daniel Webster for Speaker

The prisoners who kicked Harvard’s ass: Only people who think Ivy Leaguers are smarter than felons were surprised
The response to Eastern New York Correctional Facility's victory says a lot about class and race prejudices.

The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade

CA Governor Signs Landmark Assisted Reproduction Law

Bill Would Allow Texas Teachers To Kill Students

Hillary Clinton announces opposition to Pacific trade pact

With his son terribly ill, a top scientist takes on chronic fatigue syndrome

Palestinian free speech champion forcibly disappeared in Syria

North Korea could hit US homeland with nuclear weapon, says top admiral
Bill Gortney says US prepared to respond if Kim Jong-un were to use nuclear force.

Hillary Clinton says she does not support Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Cult Of The Second Amendment

A Look at Mexico's Armed Conflict Through a Lens of Drug War Capitalism

Charles P. Pierce | The US Military Is Determined to Dodge Responsibility for the Afghan Airstrike

How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies

The Corporate-Friendly World of the TPP

Keep the guns away from campus cops

Living Without a Net: Nearly 50 Percent of Americans Don't Have Any Savings
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

If Apple didn’t hold $181B overseas, it would owe $59B in US taxes

The Huffington Post Union Campaign Has Officially Begun
Last week, news leaked that writers at The Huffington Post had formed a committee to unionize. This morning, the campaign began in earnest.

With Renewables on the Rise, Dirty Fuels Losing Competitive Edge

Doctors Without Borders seeks possible war crime charges after US airstrike in Afghanistan
The charity said they want to form an independent international commission that would investigate the bombing that killed 22 people.

Bernie Sanders launches pro-union bill as battle for organized labor intensifies

11-year-old Ohio boy fatally shoots his 12-year-old brother

Monthly drone report: Total drone strikes under Obama in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen now 491 after September attacks

US, Australia Agree on Complicated Compromise on Biologic Drugs