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"Living in the Crosshairs" Details History of Harassment and Targeting of Abortion Providers

San Francisco Music Venue Struggles to Stay Open as Rents Rise

State water board issues revised drought regulations

Sardine Season Has Been Canceled

Ten Novel, Absurd, And Irrelevant Arguments Made In Supreme Court Briefs Against Marriage Equality

Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen, alarming US officials

Former Prosecutor Teaches You How to Protect Your Phone From Police, In Less than 2 Minutes

School Kids Weigh in on Helping the Planet at Earth Day Festivities in DC

How You Can Go Solar Without Even Owning a Single Panel

Jeb Bush and Martin O’Malley’s dangerous disregard for democracy: Why they’re wrong about public opinion
Disregarding public opinion may be perceived as a sign of resolve, but its implications are troubling

Ferguson protesters referred to as “enemy forces” by Missouri National guard
A spokesman said the Guard used "generic military" terms, even though it lumped "General Protesters" in with KKK.

Jon Stewart: why I quit The Daily Show
Stewart’s decision to retire as host of the satirical news show after 16 years has left liberal America in mourning. So why is he leaving just before an election – and what will happen when he steps out from behind the desk?

Portland torn over $500m terminal: could fracking creep into a 'green' city?
Plan to export gas pumped from fracking in Canada has some wondering whether it’s the problem or solution in reducing carbon emissions.

Missouri National Guard's Term for Ferguson Protesters: "Enemy Forces"

Mike Huckabee to Make Presidential Campaign Announcement on Fox News

Bleeding in Yemen: The Looming Humanitarian Crisis

This Is Where White People Live

Minimum Wage Increases Reduce Economic Inequality Gap, Study Shows
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Pact

Bachmann: End Times Are Here, Thanks Obama

Jeb Bush's Elephant in the Room: Role in "Bush v. Gore" Recount

Killing Africa
An international movement to address the needs of the African diaspora is crucial - not only to address police violence, but to confront imperialism and economic oppression as well.

We Have a Supreme Court that Comforts the Comfortable and Afflicts the Afflicted

As Cities Raise Their Minimum Wage, Where's the Economic Collapse the Right Predicted?

Hillary Clinton Calls for Greater Military Assistance and Financial Aid For Ukraine

Hackable With a Smartphone: Virginia Finally Dumps 100% Unverifiable "AVS WINVote" System

Flint High School Students Take College Tour, Get an Unfortunate Lesson on Racism

Petcoke in Chicago: a Toxic Gift From the Koch Brothers
-- Georgia Kraff for Buzzflash at Truthout

Senate Passes Medicare ‘Doc Fix’ Bill, Including Anti-Choice Language

Why We've Decided to Organize

New Bill Would Help Domestic Violence Survivors Find Shelter for Their Pets Too

Mexico's changing drug war: Can activism succeed where the army can't?

Whitney Museum Protested Over Gas Pipeline Under Building

Wall Street Republicans' dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016

Minnesota Orchestra returns to Cuba — 85 years later

Chef ticketed, facing $2,000 fine for feeding homeless in San Antonio

Is Bob Menendez the type of public servant we want?

BuzzFeed’s censorship problem

How to Reform the IMF Now

Path Forward on Lynch Nomination Tied to Abortion Language

Black Teen Hangs, Cops Shrug: No Evidence Collected on Lennon Lacy

Supervisors told to falsify reserve deputy's training records; department announces internal review

Fight for $15 swells into largest protest by low-wage workers in US history
Workers in more than 200 cities walked out on jobs or joined protests bankrolled by organized labor on Wednesday in latest bid to raise minimum wage

Small Aircraft Lands On Capitol Hill Lawn, Pilot Taken Into Custody

How “Genetic Surveillance” Will Reveal Your Personal Details

We need to see realistic LGBT people on our screens, not toxic caricatures

South Africa police fire rubber bullets and teargas on anti-immigrant protest
Police disperse 200 protesters in Johannesburg after at least four people killed in xenophobic violence that started two weeks ago in Durban.

Schumer may shatter fundraising records for Democrats

Top US lawmakers to discuss police killings as reform momentum builds
Recent video of police killings of black men galvanises lawmakers into tackling issue as New York congressman asks: ‘What more does Congress need to see?’

Haifa Bay may be declared air pollution-stricken

America’s over-criminalization epidemic: How the prosecution of Atlanta teachers exposes a broken system
The threat of over-criminalization is a nationwide problem with no easy fix, law professor Angela Davis tells Salon.

Colorado Communities Battle Energy Industry to Build Community Rights

America’s new cycle of partisan hatred

Largest Australian Utility Polluter AGL Set To Decarbonize By 2050

2 Cuban Dissidents Up for Election in Unprecedented Vote

Why These Victims’ Parents Don’t Want The Death Penalty For The Boston Bomber

The Grand Canyon Is Getting A Mall
Investment interests want to build a multi-tier mall at the Grand Canyon, and they’re paying off Navajo leaders—at least one who years ago resigned in disgrace—to do so.

Shriveled grapes, shriveled liberty

Thousands of Iraqis flee as Islamic State makes gains in Sunni heartland

#ReadyForHillary? The case is remarkably thin
A Clinton presidency would be a perfect embodiment of the polarization and rot of the US political system.

Three dead in Mexican border city Reynosa after gang arrest sparks violence
Gunfights broke out and vehicles were set ablaze in the city of 600,000 people, which lies across the Rio Grande from McAllen, Texas.

Republican Congress moves into deal-making mode

Walker's One-Dollar Sweater

To End the Anguish, Drop the Death Penalty
In their own words, Bill and Denise Richard - parents of 8-year-old Michael Richard, who was killed - explain their reasoning behind opposing the death penalty in the Marathon bombing case.

GOP Files Bill to Privatize Air Traffic Control

WikiLeaks Creates Searchable Sony Leak Database

Hillary Clinton Said to Hire Former Wall Street Cop as Campaign CFO

Agency Overseeing Obama Trade Deals Filled With Former Trade Lobbyists

Laws Banning Abortion Procedure "Substituting Political Decisions for Medical Decisions"

Scott Walker vs. The World
While the rest of the GOP field plays nice, Scott Walker is very much on the attack—and he’s not making many friends in the process.

Divest From Fossil Fuels Movement Explodes Across the US
-- Cole Mellino of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Food Safety Scientists Have Ties to Big Tobacco

Sick and Tired Workers: An Epidemic of Corporate Greed
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Unprecedented Effect on Children When Wounded Parents Return From War
In households nationwide, hundreds of thousands of wounded parents have come home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the everyday toll on children is unprecedented, advocates say.

Right-Wing Group Blamed in Leak of Home Addresses Of "DHS-CIA-FBI Traitors"

US House Passes Estate Tax Repeal Despite Veto Threat

Martin O'Malley Takes Shot at Clinton Over Gay Marriage and Immigration
‘I’m glad Secretary Clinton’s come around to the right positions on these issues,’ top potential challenger says in response to Guardian question

Paul Krugman | That Old-Time Economics

Fighting a Low-Intensity War, Indigenous Tupinamba Recover Their Land in Brazil

A Fourth of Part-Time College Instructors Require Government Financial Aid
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Lawmakers reach deal to move Obama trade agenda

Anti-Choicers Are Going to Take Away Second-Trimester Abortion Without Much Notice

City Of Chicago Moves Forward With $5.5 Million Reparations Package For Jon Burge Torture Victims

Jordan Downs: Toxic Cleanups Underway, but Many Fear It's Too Little, Too Late

Mayor de Blasio, on Midwest Trip, Seeks to Lead a National Shift to the Left

Leading House Democrat Will Oppose TPP Fast Track

Hillary Clinton hires Google executive to be chief technology officer

Beware of keylogging

Overfished Stocks at All-Time Low
-- Anastasia Pantsios for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Marines set for new mission in troubled Central America

House votes to repeal estate tax

Search area for Flight 370 to be doubled if plane not found

Clinton Foundation to Keep Foreign Donors
Board’s decision to continue accepting funding from some countries could become 2016 campaign issue.

Hillary Clinton Lauds Elizabeth Warren’s Efforts at 'Taming' Wall Street

Anti-Semitic violence surged 40% worldwide last year

Minimum Wage Protest Shuts Down McDonald’s

NYPD Arrest 42, Plainclothes Officer Draws Weapon On Protesters

New investigation reveals 3.4M Displaced by World Bank

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Sewer Water Beer Wins Oregon Regulators' Approval

Loretta Lynch supporters stage hunger strike to urge confirmation

Indisputable proof that Republicans are warriors for the aristocracy
GOP contenders are pretending to care about inequality. But it's all for show — and Congress is about to prove it.