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Stop and Frisk Has Not Been Ruled Unconstitutional Except in a Limited Sense

Trump and Putin are using the same tactic to deflect questions about the DNC hack

Charlotte Police Foment Unrest And Attempt To Use Marijuana To Justify Killing Keith Lamont Scott

Clinton Toned Down Her Hawkishness

I have been terrified of an active shooter situation since I was 11 years old.

200+ Environmental Groups Call on EPA to Correct and Clarify Unsupported Top Claim in Major Fracking Study

Humanity may not be hardwired for violence, after all

Mylan CEO misled lawmakers about EpiPen profits—they’re 66% higher

Brewing up a Local, Sustainable Cup of Tea

Farmed fish could solve pending population crisis, food experts say

With poll numbers stagnant, Stein and Johnson spend big in August

The five things no one will tell you about why colleges don’t hire more faculty of color

5 Star on the Rise: Italy's First Crowd-Sourced Party Delivers Direct Democracy In Action

FirstEnergy could make millions in profits from its energy efficiency plan

'A Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply': Experts Describe Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Report Exposes Anti-Union Practices and Poor Labor Conditions in Mexico’s Electronics Industry

2016 Election Lawsuit Tracker: The New Election Laws and the Suits Challenging Them

Study Links Texas Earthquakes to Wastewater Injection From Fracking
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Colombia peace deal officially ends Western Hemisphere's longest war

Eleven Times Trump Said 'Climate Change Is a Hoax'

The Tracks of John Boehner’s Tears

FPPC launches probe into Democratic Party in response to Consumer Watchdog report

Michigan Student Takes Picture Of Tainted Water In School . . . School Suspends Student

More than 100 earthquakes hit Salton Sea amid quake swarm

Guards Join Striking Prisoners In Alabama, Organizers Say

Trump and Clinton Clash on Terrorism, Jobs and Race NYT Now

Are Most Public Polls Garbage?

Charles P. Pierce | I Came Dangerously Close to a Bullsh*t Singularity This Weekend
Up close and personal with Ken Starr.

Dahr Jamail | Our Changing World: Readers Share Their Climate Stories

Millions in U.S. Are Climbing Out of Poverty, Data Show

Wash. mall shooting suspect had multiple arrests, disputes

Sweden attack: Explosion rocks city of Malmo hours after gun attack

Latest Crime Statistics Released

It’s Time to Ban and Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
More than 15,000 nuclear weapons, most an order of magnitude more powerful than the bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, continue to pose an intolerable threat to humanity.

The International Criminal Court Will Start Prosecuting People Who Commit Crimes Against the Environment

Trump picks top skeptic to lead EPA transition

NY Times Ed. Board: Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President

George Lakoff: What's in the Sound of the Name "Donald Trump"?
-- George Lakoff for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Jill Stein is going to protest outside the Clinton-Trump debate

William Rivers Pitt | A Sad and Shabby Thing: Here Comes Debate #1

Puerto Rico: Years After FBI Murder, Ojeda Rios' Legacy Lives

Campaign mega-donors spill on why they open their wallets

American Geophysical Union Again Agrees to Continue Accepting Exxon Money

Back to School in the World’s Murder Capital

Dave Zirin |  Bigots Beware: White Athletes Are Becoming Sympathetic to Anthem Protests

Trump vs. Clinton: Debate of the century gets wilder

Poll: Clinton, Trump in virtual dead heat on eve of first debate

The EpiPen’s public flogging: A congressional committee condemned EpiPen maker Mylan -- but took no action

Help Stop Attacks on Soup Kitchen Staff and Migrants at Risk

David Swanson | Turn the Pentagon Into a Hospital

Cops are raiding the homes of innocent people based only on IP addresses

Joining Trend, New York Suspends Review of Oil Train Terminal Permit
Another fight over energy infrastructure ramps up, as state regulators require company to address environmental justice, safety and climate change concerns.

Deadly pathogens repeatedly dispatched by US labs to unsecure sites

US Blockade on Cuba Is 'Genocidal'

Far-Right Runs With ‘Outside Agitator’ Lie Spread by CNN

Enterprise car rental company leaves ALEC after public outcry

The lie of white “economic insecurity”: Race, class and the rise of Donald Trump

Despite Severe Climate Warnings, Pakistan Presses Ahead Full Scale With Coal

Black Protesters Shame 'Bigot' David Duke Until He Flees Anti-Confederate Protest

1 dead, 6 wounded in shootings near Illinois university campus

Five Signs Electing Trump Could End Legal Abortion

Zika didn't drive her from Miami Beach -- but questions about the pesticide being used to stop it did

Standing Firm in the Face of Violence
With police killings of unarmed Black men almost a weekly occurrence in the US, we must not let our trauma weaken our resolve to insist on -- and organize for -- racial justice.

A trail of contracting fiascos
How a company using a rented mailbox in Chicago got millions of dollars from international agencies and the US government, despite official allegations of lying and repeated sanctions.

Twelve Ways Gary Johnson Is a Hardcore Right-Winger

Police: 8 People Shot in East Baltimore, Including 3-Year-Old

Texas Defied a Court's Voting Rights Order, and the Court's Not Happy

A Great Month for Impunity in US Courts

Here's Everything Donald Trump Has Promised to Do on His First Day as President

The Heavy and Unsustainable Price of Chile's Privatized Water

Trump’s racist ruse: His farcical outreach to Black voters is just white supremacy in disguise

The United Nations just declared antibiotic resistance “the greatest and most urgent global risk.”

Scope of Trump's falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate

Alarming Levels of Mercury Contamination Found Across Western North America
-- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Lynn Redwood

The banning of books in prisons: 'It's like living in the dark ages'

Donald Trump Takes Pride in Not Paying Taxes, Betrays Hard-Working Americans
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Aviation Industry Plans to Cheat the Climate with Offsets

Why won’t Norway theater apologize for embracing Israel’s war crimes?

Facebook apologizes for disabling Palestinian journalists’ accounts

DOJ Is Assessing Size Of Criminal Penalty It Can Levy On Volkswagen "Without Putting Company Out Of Business"

Migrant Arrivals in Mediterranean Reach 302,149; Deaths at Sea: 3,501

Trump picks top skeptic to lead EPA transition

Transgender unit, guaranteed revenue deal raise questions about new Alvarado immigrant-detention center

Debunking the Right-Wing's Favorite Abortion Propaganda Techniques

Guatemala’s chief Human Rights Prosecutor Arrested on Baseless Charges

Myth and Reason on the Mexican Border

In Fukushima, A Bitter Legacy Of Radiation, Trauma and Fear

The Flint water crisis, a year on

Harry Reid Blocks Bipartisan Animal Cruelty Bill Over Political Nonsense

Larry Lessig takes his plan to Congress

Thurston Moore on Chelsea Manning: whistleblowers want to protect the US
Sonic Youth co-founder says he’s been fascinated with the struggle faced by Manning and admires her as a ‘punk princess’ stepping up for what’s right

Deutsche Bank shares fall to lowest level since mid-1980s
Mounting fears over troubled German bank’s ability to pay large potential fines drive down share price to one-third less than financial crisis

Donald Trump's Unreal Debate

The link between uranium from the Congo and Hiroshima: a story of twin tragedies

'The Most Audacious Political Heist of Our Time'

Debate of century lives up to its billing

Hillary Clinton stays calm while Trump loses cool during first presidential debate

Which Voters Show Up When States Allow Early Voting?

WATCH HERE: Clinton v. Trump Debate #1, 9:00pm - 10:30pm EST

Readers Want News, Not Fluff
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Anti-gay Alabama Chief Justice Moore heads to court this week

Donald Trump's Cruel Streak

For the first time, it looks like Maine’s electoral votes will be split

Cruz Is Making A Buck Off Trump By Renting Out His Donor Email List

Time to Treat Bank CEOs Like Adults
Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf was aware of the widespread abuses at the bank, yet he nonetheless left in place the incentive structure that caused them. In the adult world this should mean being held accountable.

Sam Brownback kills report that would show how his Tea Party policies destroyed the Kansas economy

Outgunned and Outmanned: The nation's top gun cops are buried in bureacracy -- just the way the NRA wants them.

Houston police say ‘several people’ shot by active shooter

Henry Rollins: White America Couldn't Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day

Why Democrats Will Never Pass a Government Funding Bill That Leaves Flint Behind

Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected as Leader of Britain’s Labour Party

"We No Longer Live in a Democracy": Henry Giroux on a United States at War With Itself

Wells Fargo's Predatory Practices Are More Than Petty Frauds

Lawsuit claims Dalton, Georgia, carpet companies polluted Alabama drinking water with chemical linked to cancer

Inside DuPont and Monsanto's Migrant Labor Camps

Women missing from North Carolina's county commissions

Doctor Confesses: I Lied to Protect Colleague in Malpractice Suit

Donald Trump's Week of Misrepresentations, Exaggerations and Half-Truths
Trump averaged one falsehood every 3 minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks.

‘We will give him a family’: A 6-year-old boy writes Obama about having a refugee ‘brother’

This guy googled ‘Teflon’ when his dad died. Now his town’s a toxic water contamination site

Our Economy Is Booming, So Why Are Kids Still Going to Bed Hungry?

Who is the Wet Prince of Bel Air? Here are the likely culprits

US Military Uses Skin-Eating White Phosphorus in Iraq, Again

Former employees file class action against Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Shows Exactly How Structural Racism Works
The company’s history offers a glimpse into the gears of structural racism and the broader culture of corruption within the banking industry.

In the US, gun rights are for whites only

Greenland ice loss 40 trillion pounds bigger than thought

Report slams EPA civil rights compliance

How Libyan ‘Regime Change’ Lies Echo in Syria

Cherry-Picking Trade Polls to Pave Way for a TPP Flip-Flop

Drone Video Exposes Illegal Burning of Land on Palm Oil Plantations in Indonesia

Miami Marlins cancel game after star pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in early morning boating accident

Donald Trump said seven false things on Saturday

Wall Street economists: Trump presidency could trigger recession

Facebook disables accounts of Palestinian editors

Search Results Thousands of Girls Are Locked Up for Talking Back or Staying Out Late
Will Congress do anything to stop it?

New attack on free speech: Pro-Israel groups wage war on campus freedom

UN: River pollution puts 323 million at risk from life-threatening diseases

This might be the last police video from North Carolina you'll ever see

Eligible but Got Nothing: Hundreds of Thousands of People With Disabilities Blocked From College Aid

It's Time for Cops to Break the Blue Code of Silence

Truthdigger of the Week: CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, in Prison and Fighting for His Life

Pressure Mounts Against Aging Enbridge Oil and Gas Pipeline Through Great Lakes

No touching. No human contact. The hidden toll on prisoners who spend months or years alone in a 7x9 foot cell

Canadian town steams over Nestlé bid to control local spring water well

High-Income Voters Favor the Democratic Nominee for First Time in Decades