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The Ferguson next door in Missouri holds powerful lesson
Years after their own horrific shooting and conversations about race, the residents of Kirkwood say: Keep talking.

Utah Land Defenders Stand Up to Dirty Politics

Hollywood, the Police and the Poor

From the ER to the Courtroom: How Nonprofit Hospitals Are Seizing Patients' Wages
One Missouri hospital has sued thousands of uninsured patients who couldn’t pay for their care, then grabbed a hefty portion of their paychecks to cover the bills. “We will be paying them off until we die,” one debtor said.

While Congress Fails on Syringe Exchange Funding, Activism Fills the Gap

The great American rip-off: How big-money corruption fuels racial inequality

Things Could Get Much Worse For Russia

Your Holiday Guide to Avoiding Slave Labor

CEO Says Sony Pictures 'Did Not Capitulate,' Is Exploring Options

The Beginning of the End of the Cold War

Texas Payday Lenders and Prosecutors Team Up to Criminally Pursue Borrowers

Columbia Sustainability Alum Transforms Vacant Lots Into Urban Gardens

Former Federal Prosecutor: McCulloch Violated Rules Of Professional Conduct In Brown Case

Witnesses Lied Under Oath In Ferguson Grand Jury, Prosecutor Says

North Korea, Angrily Denying Sony Attack, Proposes Joint Investigation With US

Obama Just Made History by Ignoring Men for an Entire Press Conference

US Delays Release Of Study on 1953 Iran Coup

Inside Obama's Family Deportation Mill
Immigration officials are opening new lockups for moms and kids seeking refuge from violent homelands. So much for compassion.

Obama Praises LeBron James for Wearing "I Can't Breathe" Protest Shirt

Indiana Church That Fired Gay Employee to Close After Falling Attendance
First United Methodist Church is shutting down following the forced resignation of its gay choir director.

Why Police Unions Are Lashing Out Against Cop Critics Like Never Before

Murder of LGBTQ Activist Renews Venezuela’s Human Rights Debate

EPA Expected to Issue New Regulations for the Disposal of Coal Ash
Friday’s announcement will provide the first controls for the handling and storage of the toxic waste left behind at coal-burning power plants

Mall of America protest attracts thousands on busy shopping day

Ferguson Reverberates Around the World

Police Union President Blames Protesters for Murder of Two New York City Police Officers

Rory Fanning: "We Have to Make It Cool to Be a War Resister Again"

School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson
ichael Brown beat the odds by graduating from high school before his death — odds that remain stacked against black students in St. Louis and the rest of the country.

Darren Wilson Wasn't the First: A Short History of Killer Cops Let Off the Hook

The Palestinian who won't give up on the power of nonviolence

Los Angeles Neighborhood of Highland Park Hosts Vigil For Those Who Lost Affordable Housing To Gentrification

“All our homes are mourning”: The aftermath of the Peshawar tragedy

Turn Up: 21st-Century Black Millennials Are Bringing Direct Action Back

Outspoken about Ferguson, Jesse Williams may be this generation’s Harry Belafonte

US Supreme Court denies stay; same-sex marriage in Florida begins Jan. 6

Put the evil bastards on trial: The case for trying Bush, Cheney and more for war crimes

US sends four Guantanamo prisoners home to Afghanistan

Wrongfully convicted inmates fight for compensation

The Right-Wing Billionaire Who Bowed to North Korea Over "The Interview"

What "The Colbert Report" Taught Us About the Psychology of Conservatives

If Torture Was Categorically Wrong When Hitler Did It, Then Why Is the CIA Excused When They Do It?
-- Jacqueline Marcus for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Chevron Halts Arctic Drilling Plans "Indefinitely"

"The Last Nail in His Coffin": How America Deluded Itself About Cuba for 50 Years

Paul Krugman | Putin’s Bubble Bursts

Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Sony Pictures cancels Christmas Day release of 'The Interview'