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LIVE: Democracy Now! Special Broadcast from the March for Science

Cybersecurity for the People: How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest

‘Abortion Reversal’ Proponents Just Got Bad News in Louisiana

Twenty-five million reasons the U.S. hasn’t struck North Korea

Why March for Science? Because when it is attacked, only the elite benefit

More Than 100 Killed Or Injured in Taliban Attack On Afghan Military Base

Some Republicans Think They May Have A Health Care Deal

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Fawning Praise of Bush’s Veteran Art Ignores Iraqi Victims

The first vote Trump's Supreme Court Justice made was to hasten an Arkansas execution

Judge sentences Volkswagen to $2.8B criminal fine for emissions cheating

The GOP’s Attacks on the Poor Are About to Get Stealthier

Dow Chemical Pushes Trump Administration to Scrap Pesticide Study
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

After MOAB, More Afghans Unite to Resist US War and Occupation

Advocates To Protest Trumps Proposed Budget Cuts To Science

The GOP’s latest health-care plan is comically bad

Gerrymander Test Heads to Court in ‘Pivotal’ Moment
Supreme Court justices have long said that drawing districts based on extreme partisanship is unconstitutional, but haven’t found a way to decide when lines are crossed.

Trump: Attack in Paris will have 'big effect' on their election

Ellison: Obama deserves blame for Democratic losses

Two Abortion Restrictions Blocked in Missouri

Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and the Emergence of New Right-Wing Movements

D.C. March for Science: ‘The oceans are rising, and so are we’

Governor Declares State of Emergency to Save Louisiana Coast

The Looming Neocon Invasion of Trumpland

Trump says 'massive tax cut' plan coming as soon as Wednesday

Is France the next domino to fall in the far right populist movement?

NC considers ending policy that funnels minors into adult prisons

One Community’s Fight for Clean Air in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

Fired acting AG Yates will testify on Russia during an open congressional hearing

Trump's Sexism Provokes New Effort to Pass the ERA

U.S. Will Seek Arrest of WikiLeaks Founder Assange

Nearly 200,000 Individuals Have Driver's Licenses Suspended for Drug Offenses Yearly
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

EPA Considers Gutting Lead Regulations While Scott Pruitt Visits East Chicago

Fear, anxiety and sleepless nights. The cold war terrors have returned

Slaughter of the Osage, Betrayal of the Sioux
How Standing Rock is connected to a series of brutal century-old murders.

DOJ official leading Trump-Russia probe to step down

Hawaii fires back at Jeff Sessions after he called the state 'an island in the Pacific Ocean'