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Charles P. Pierce | The Country Is Broken, the Kids Are Alright
The Parkland shooting may be a sea change moment after all.

Dominionists Head To Trump's DC Hotel To Bring "Heaven's Rule" To America

The 2018 Election Started Tuesday With One Jaw-Dropping Stat

Theory That Parkland Survivors Are Part of Leftist Conspiracy Creeps Closer to Inevitable President Trump Endorsement

Top GOP Senator: Trump Could Prompt "One of the Worst Catastrophic Events in the History of Our Civilization"

Billy Graham was on the wrong side of history

Donald Trump Jr.: No One Ever Mentions All the Sacrifices We've Made

Marco Rubio becomes 'the face of congressional inaction' on guns

Trump Sets Deadly Precedent by Hiding Rationale for Bombing Syria

Fighting for Puerto Rico: The Struggle Against Post-Hurricane Privatization

Guns Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg When It Comes to US Violence
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

'Dirty meat': Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants

Neo-Nazi Groups Great Again Under Trump, Southern Poverty Law Center Finds

Wisconsin Voters Find They Were Removed From Rolls

Hundreds of students walk out of class, march to US Capitol to demand action on gun control

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Drone Over Every School

Why Syria's messy war keeps escalating

Rev. Billy Graham Is Dead at 99

One of Netanyahu's Closest Aides "Will Testify Against Him"

NRA to participate in CNN town hall on Parkland school shooting

New book by Sen. Bernie Sanders coming in November

Pretending to care about climate change has never been so easy for House Republicans

Kentucky Democrat Wins Special Election To Reclaim Seat After Lawmaker's Suicide

"Black Panther": Rip Off the Racial Mask

Trump to take steps to ban bump stocks

Countries made only modest climate-change promises in Paris. They’re falling short anyway.

Alaska's Bering Sea Lost a Third of Its Ice in Just 8 Days

'Sloppy and careless': courts call out Trump blitzkrieg on environmental rules

With Haley and Kushner Watching, Abbas Tears Into Trump's 'Unlawful' Jerusalem Move

Why ‘Cloud Seeding’ is Increasingly Attractive to the Thirsty West

Trump’s Budget Cuts Are Forcing Teachers and Nurses to Work as Federal Prison Guards

Dahr Jamail | The Pentagon Is Using an Environmental Law Meant to Protect Us, Against Us

Dallas official asks NRA to consider another city for annual convention

Trump Can’t "Save Coal": More Capacity Closed Already in 2018 Than in Obama’s Entire First Term

The military, flush with cash, is asking lawmakers for more time to spend it all

'It's not a war. It's a massacre': scores killed in Syrian enclave

Gavel Drop: Whew, Bader Ginsburg Plans to Stick Around on the Court

Dems in Congress Demand Hearings for Trump's Sexual Harassment Accusers

New House map in Pennsylvania is a big win for Dems

Florida shooting survivors are fighting back. Here's what they need to know about gun control
The current battle to reshape gun laws can feel like a stalemate, but there have been victories too. This is what the landscape looks like right now

Vietnam’s Lessons and the U.S. Culture of Violence

Puerto Rico Seeks $300M Loan, Warns of Power Shutdown

HUD agrees to implement rule to help low-income residents

NYPD Case Calls Attention to 'Consent Defense' That Can Be Used by Officers Accused of Rape in 35 States

Democratic and Republican candidates in Pennsylvania House race oppose weapons ban

The Senate Failed To Save DACA. What Happens Now?

Dean Baker | A Note to Media: Don't Tell Us Republicans Care About Deficits

Why Are More Cities Divesting From Big Oil? It's Moral -- and Practical

How Trump's Medicaid Restrictions Will Stop People From Voting

Steve Bannon could go to jail if he won’t talk to Congress about Russia

Dennis Kucinich Vows to End All Oil and Gas Drilling in Ohio If Elected Governor, and Then Take the Industry to Court

Five Activism Suggestions That Worked: When Your Representatives Don't Listen

“Shut up and dribble,” Fox News’ Laura Ingraham commands LeBron James and Kevin Durant

ICE Allegedly Puts Woman in Solitary Confinement to Get Her to Recant Claims of Sexual Assault

Trump Budget Would Undo Gains From Conservation Programs on Farms and Ranches

Ballot box battle over clean energy is brewing in three states
Campaigners prepare for fight against Koch-funded groups.

Trump’s Budget Cuts Are Forcing Teachers and Nurses to Work as Federal Prison Guards

White House: Trump supports efforts to improve background check system

FERC Commissioner Rob Powelson Spent Much of His First Months in Office Meeting With the Fossil Fuel Industry

Parkland shooting survivors on potential collision course with Trump; nationwide demonstrations planned

Missouri Third-Graders Selling AR-15 Raffle Tickets For Their Baseball Team

Education secretary Betsy DeVos owns a fleet of 12 private jets and 4 helicopters

Four people shot, including 6-year-old, at Texas Roadhouse in San Antonio

A Pound of Flesh: The Criminalization of Private Debt

Lawsuits challenge Electoral College system in four U.S. states

The Peace Symbol at Sixty

Supreme Court limits protections for corporate whistleblowers

Family, Police Desperately Search for CDC Employee Who Vanished Without a Trace

One Million Trees Pledged to Offset Trump's Anti-Climate Agenda
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg expected to meet with special counsel team

Fresh U.S. criminal charges filed in special counsel's Manafort case

Momentum Is Building Across the South to End Money Bail

Research Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industry's Predatory Marketing Practices
The industry spends billions of dollars convincing Americans that bottled water is safer than tap -- even though more than two-thirds of it comes from municipal water sources.

"Patriotic" Trump Supporter Finds Out She Was Tricked By Russian Trolls And Her Reaction Is Hilarious

Making America Toxic Again

Trump challenges Sessions to investigate Obama, Democrats on Russia

Charter schools and the future of Puerto Rico

Texas school district threatens to suspend students who protest gun violence

Climate Change, Conflict Leave 224 Million Undernourished in Africa
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Florida House declares porn a public health risk shortly after denying assault rifle ban

FCC to officially rescind net neutrality rules on Thursday
Here come the lawsuits ...

Twitter just purged Russian bots, and Trump fans are crying as their followers vanish

GOP Challenge of Pennsylvania Map Not Likely to Succeed

Poll: Few voters report seeing bigger paychecks after tax changes

Donald Trump Jr.’s Indian vacation: The family cash-grab continues

How rightwing media is already attacking Florida teens speaking out
As students rise up to demand gun control the right aims to take them down, along with anyone who offers them support

Report Detailing Harassment At NPR Cites 'High Level Of Distrust' Of Management

Dems seek reversal of nursing home regulatory rollback

St. Paul Teachers Score a Win for Kids Over Big Money

Millions of Americans Are Among the Poorest People in the World

Trump begins to face the truth on Russia — with a new round of lies

All eyes on Minnesota as state readies fight against 3M in water pollution trial

The "Alt-Right" Is Building a White Nationalist Mass Movement With "Operation Homeland"

Trump to Pa. GOP: Challenge congressional map all the way to Supreme Court

Two Years After Rule Change, NYC Issues First Fines Against Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics

Poll: Most say Trump, Congress could do more to stop mass shootings

Ohio bill would relax wind setbacks, but rule change could derail process

War and Poverty: How the Spending Budget Puts the Military Over People
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout


Mueller charges lawyer tied to Richard Gates with lying in Russia probe

Assessing Trump's impeachment odds through a historic lens

In Blow to Monsanto, Arkansas Ban on Controversial Herbicide to Remain
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Seismic Surveys Planned Off U.S. Coast Pose Risk To Marine Life

For Homeless High Schoolers in Rural Kentucky, Escape Route Is Elusive

The GOP Is Conducting Cyber Warfare Against Political Opponents

Instability Mounts in Puerto Rico Amid Privatization Efforts and Power Authority's Cash Shortfall

Facebook exec apologizes for claim that Russian goal wasn’t to sway election: report

Anti-Choice Protesters Bullied, ‘Buttonholed’ Abortion Patients at New York Clinic

Dems ponder gender politics of 2020 nominee

Calls mount from Dems to give platform to Trump accusers

Trump’s former deputy campaign manager Richard Gates will plead guilty to fraud-related charges within days and has made clear to prosecutors that he would testify against onetime campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Mexico: 6.0-Magnitude Quake Cause Panic Among Residents

State-Level Republicans Pour Taxpayer Money Into Fake Clinics at an Unprecedented Pace

''The US's Culture of Violence Contributes to the Sanctification of the Second Amendment'': An Interview With Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Amid Criticism Over First Class Flights, Pruitt Cancels Trip, Faces Calls for Accountability

Department of Education Will No Longer Protect Trans Students Denied Bathroom Access

Net Neutrality and the Danger of a Corporatized Democracy

The US Is Set to Execute Three People in a Single Day
One has terminal cancer.

''Violence Is in the DNA of American Society'': Henry Giroux on Gun Violence and Administration Agendas

Berkeley declares itself a sanctuary city for recreational cannabis -- and it may be the first to do so

George Monbiot | Resist a US trade deal. Your life may depend on it

Trump administration is calling for elimination of program that heats homes of low-income families

We’re witnessing the fastest decline in Arctic sea ice in at least 1,500 years

Florida shooting: Muslim groups raise thousands to help victims and their families

Alabama sheriffs pocket tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars allocated to feed prisoners