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Could Fund Managers Ignoring Climate Risk Face Legal Action?
Pension and investment fund managers have a duty to reduce the risk global warming poses to the world economy, green law firm warns.

How to talk to your kids about Donald Trump

The Executive Pay Cap That Backfired
A while back, Congress voted to curb soaring compensation for corporate officers by limiting tax deductions. Here’s how it went wrong.

You Can't Admire Both Henry Kissinger and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Harmful Lake Erie algal blooms worsened by power plant pollution

Switching on to energy democracy
Popular participation, social ideals and ecological sustainability are key attributes of sustainable systems.

The Pipeline Strikes Back: The Audacity of TransCanada's $15 Billion Suit Against the US
The political saga of the Keystone XL pipeline is like a real-life version of The Force Awakens. So why are we giving the Dark Side even more power?

Why Norway may open up spectacular Lofoten archipelago to oil and gas firm

How the Koch Brothers hijacked the GOP: “I’m not sure they actually could do anything if they wanted to”

How a huge Arizona mining deal was passed - and could be revoked
Pushed through Congress, the Resolution Copper deal could damage sacred Apache sites.

What these Christians are giving up for Lent: Fossil fuels

Just how much money has Clinton taken from oil and gas lobbyists?

 Yes, President Obama Can Still Nominate a Supreme Court Justice
 The Republican presidential candidates are wrong. Supreme Court nominees can and should be confirmed in election years.

Residents of South Baltimore to Sue Over Incinerator

People Are Stopping the TPP; Time to Finish Off Corporate Trade

The roots of the Chicago Freedom Movement

Turkey shells Kurdish positions in Syria for second day

People with disabilities are allowed to work for pennies per hour - but maybe not for much longer

How a Washington Post Writer's Attack on Bernie Sanders' Civil Rights Record Completely Backfired

UN reports stark rise in number of Afghan civilian casualties in 2015

Ralph Nader | Hillary Clinton Is Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record

Five Unhinged Right-Wing Moments This Week: Cruz Embraces His Truly Hateful Supporters

The ‘Clinton Bubble’: How Clinton Democrats Fostered the 2008 Economic Crisis

Landfill with Love Canal legacy still poses danger

Slow Down and Save the Whales

What will it take to get plastics out of the ocean?
From drones to filters to artificial islands, innovators are working to reduce the threat thousands of tons of trash pose to marine ecosystems.

David Swanson | Get Well, Michael Moore

How credit rating agencies are slowly but surely reacting to climate risk

Philippines at risk of ‘full-blown’ HIV epidemic

The Ugliness of Counterterrorism at France’s Borders
Ever since the Paris attacks last November and the state of emergency that followed, France’s borders have been heavily secured, risking abuse by police who have been given carte blanche to "protect the nation."

Supreme Court Contention: It Didn't Start With Bork

Federal investigation: Rubber turf linked to cancer

A Small Island in the Indian Ocean Offers Big Lessons on Clean Power
The Indonesian island Sumba is working to provide 100 percent renewable electricity to all 650,000 residents by 2025.

Say Their Names: 26 Black Unarmed Men Shot by Police in 2015

Assad 'will be removed by force' if peace talks fail, Saudi Foreign Minister says

Special counsel: Manslaughter charge possible in Flint

Juror in NYPD Cop Trial: "They Need to Be Held Accountable"

The Environmental Legacy of the Steel City
A group of photographers documenting environmental issues around air quality control in Pittsburgh hopes their images will spur others to action.

I won’t vote for Bernie Sanders: His feeble position on Israel is a serious progressive problem
Bernie has run a smart campaign and I admire his economic platform. But his foreign policy lacks moral vision.

Who Are the Possible Candidates to Fill Scalia's Seat?

Lacking lethal injection drugs, Virginia might turn to the electric chair

New York City is king of presidential contributions

The GOP just despises science: No, really - why would Trump, Rubio and Cruz rather live in a sizzling hellscape than face reality?

Report: US and NATO "Anxious" About Corbyn's Anti-Nuke Pledge

Here Are the 7 Worst Things Antonin Scalia Has Said or Written About Homosexuality

Election fraud Chicago style: Illinois’ decades-old notoriety for election corruption is legendary

The criminalization of protest: Radicals and unionists persecuted in Mexico and Costa Rica

Time Spent in Guantánamo Is Time No One Gets Back - Whether Soldier or Prisoner

This is how the CIA botched Iraq post-9/11: Bob Gates, careerist sycophancy, and the real history of the Deep State

The Top Five Moments From the Republican Debate

Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere: Recarbonizing the Earth's Soils

More than 5,000 pregnant women in Colombia have Zika virus: government

Five UN peackeepers killed by truck bomb, mortar fire in Mali

What Happens to the Big Supreme Court Cases After Scalia's Death?

Smoldering fire stokes concerns about Illinois coal mine

New GOP Plans for Torture
President Obama's failure to prosecute Bush-era torturers created an impunity that has encouraged some Republican presidential candidates to tout new plans for more torture if they reach the White House, a grotesque example of "American exceptionalism."

George W. Bush's Presidential Library Is a Fraud: He Was Installed in a Right Wing Putsch Enabled by Scalia
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Scalia Ruled That the Constitution Doesn't Prohibit Executing an Innocent Man in Troy Davis Case
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Death of Justice Scalia: Reactions and Analysis

Why I Choose Optimism Over Despair: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Critics Say Proposed Sulfide Mine in Minnesota Threatens State's Watersheds

The Supreme Court’s decision this week to halt President Obama’s sweeping climate change regulation for power plants is causing environmentalists and experts to wonder whether they need a backup plan.

Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, has confirmed that the country’s forces have struck Kurdish YPG militia targets in northern Syria, and have demanded the group withdraws from the area it has recently captured.

The Alliance for Prosperity: Solution to the Central American Migrant Crisis or Déjà Vu?

How the United States' Two Major Parties Helped Destroy Democracy

John Kasich Is a Right-Wing Trojan Horse: Why the GOP Establishment’s Newest Pick Should Make Everybody Worried

Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: It's Personal. Very Personal.
The Clintons and the Kissingers regularly spend holidays together at a beachfront villa.

Why Is SEIU Backing Hillary Clinton When Only Bernie Sanders Backs the Fight for 15 Campaign?

Utility Dumps Over 30 Million Gallons of Coal Waste Water Into Virginia Creek

The Sandra Bland case hasn’t gone away: What you need to know about the ongoing legal battles

Extractivist Malice in Peru

Another journalist murdered in Mexico; officials impugn victim’s character

A Kentucky Domestic Violence Shelter Helps Women Grow Food - and Confidence
Many survivors of domestic violence have had their attempts at work and creativity sabotaged for years. On these 40 acres of rolling farmland, they're being restored.

Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons

Petition to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder approved by state board

Primer: Iran’s Upcoming Elections

Thousands Rally in North Carolina for 'Moral Imperative' of Voting Rights

“They think the system’s rigged”: Why millennials love Bernie Sanders (and hate Donald Trump)

Climate Science Education in the US is Pretty Crappy, Survey Finds
At least one in three teachers bring climate change denial into the classroom.

Obama Keeps Public in Dark About 'Black Budget' Requests

Speaker Fees: Hillary v. Nobel Laureates
Clinton’s Wall Street speaking fees are even more massive when compared to those of Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Congress encouraging US states to “combat BDS”
Pro-Israel bills would seek to authorize violations of US constitutional rights.

Bank of America CEO gets a potential pay increase of 23 percent

Sanders and Clinton Disagree on Climate. Why Won't Debate Moderators Ask Them About It?

Air Pollution Is Fourth Leading Cause of Death Worldwide: Polluted Air Claims 5.5 Million Lives Per Year

Washington Post's Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto - Again

The Koch Brothers' Dirty War on Solar Power

Teen girl sent by Boko Haram rips off suicide vest, refuses to bomb refugee camp

Saudi Arabia official: If all else fails, remove Syria's Assad by force

EU Is Poised to Restrict Passport-Free Travel
European Union countries are poised to restrict passport-free travel by invoking an emergency rule to keep some border controls for two more years because of the migration crisis and Greece's troubles in controlling its border.

Nevada will move all solar customers to new rates

Amid federal gridlock, lobbying rises in the states
Special interests outnumber state lawmakers 6-to-1.

Video: Hunger striker on brink of death remains defiant

Israel’s “excessive force” kills two more children
United Nations investigator calls on Israel to probe its use of deadly force against Palestinians.

Twenty years after Montserrat volcano eruption, many still in shelter housing

People today are still dying early from high 1970s air pollution
Lungs have long memories. People who inhaled urban smoke and toxic fumes decades ago are still more likely to die of respiratory and heart disease, according to the most detailed study yet of the impact of past air pollution on recent death rates.

AUDIO: Robert Scheer Speaks With Nomi Prins About the Connection Between Washington and Wall Street

How Kissinger spied on MLK to undermine the Black antiwar movement

Poor, heavily Hispanic neighborhoods shoulder a disproportionate fracking wastewater burden in Texas' booming Eagle Ford

Un-Democratic Party: DNC chair says superdelegates ensure elites don’t have to run “against grassroots activists”

Hillary Is a High-Ranking Member of the DC Power Elite - and That's Why She Can't Comprehend Bernie's "Revolution"

Why are volunteers being treating like criminals in Greece?

ESPN Does Not Want You To Know How Great 'Medicare for All' Could Be

A family affair: Jeb and Hillary's Election 2016 fundraising, mapped

Eight Things California Gov. Brown Doesn’t Want You to Know

The Pentagon’s secret pre-crime program to know your thoughts, predict your future
US military contractors are mining social media to influence your ‘cognitive behavior’ when you get angry at the state.

Are You Ready to Power Your Car With the Sun?

Despite making token claims to protecting protesters’ First Amendment rights, a leaked manual reveals how Denver police pick out perceived movement leaders for targeted arrests.

Black Power Is Not the Same as White Supremacy

White House Peace Vigil Will Keep Going, Activist Vows

How the US Came to Recognize Black History Month

Japan: Fukushima clean-up may take up to 40 years, plant's operator says

Bernie Sanders Won the Most Votes Ever in a New Hampshire Presidential Primary

Henry Kissinger’s War Crimes Are Central to the Divide Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

These Senior Citizens Are Destined to Die in Prison - For Marijuana

These are the key cases facing the Supreme Court after Scalia’s death

What Antonin Scalia Thought About Politicizing the Supreme Court Nomination Process
Scalia himself called the process "absurd political theater."

A Real ‘Political Revolution’ Would End the War in Iraq
Taking the diplomatic road on Iraq and Syria would let Sanders get back to the business he started in 2002 — making space between himself and Hillary Clinton on the Middle East.

Lima’s ‘Wall of Shame’ and the gated communities that build poverty into Peru

The Sepur Zarco Case: Maya Q’eqchi’ Women Survivors of Sexual Violence in Guatemala Demand Justice

Pope presses Mexican president on corruption and drugs

Margaret Flowers and Jill Stein | Here's a Way to Hold Wall Street Accountable

The Toxic Work Environments That Produce Your Pots and Pans
Multinational corporations are once again profiting off of China’s dismal labor conditions.

The EPA Fails to Address Environmental Racism

Michigan lawmakers promised firefighters cancer coverage. But a year later, they still haven't funded it

Ferguson, Missouri, which challenged parts of a pact to overhaul its police and court system, faces a lengthy, costly legal battle now that the Department of Justice has filed a civil rights suit against the municipality.

Obama urges Russia to stop bombing "moderate" Syria rebels

Those Photographs of Bernie Sanders Are Real Despite What You've Heard

The Long, Ugly History of the Politics of Lead Poisoning
Or, why the longest-lasting childhood epidemic in US history wasn’t ever treated like one.

Canadians crack down on guns, alarmed by flow from US

Women on the frontlines of Kurdish struggles: An interview with JİNHA women's news agency

The forgotten abolitionists
The story of abolition - and the role Black people played in the movement - often gets short shrift.

Is it Time to Rethink Recycling?
The ultimate solution is better design of products and packaging further upstream to plan better for end of life and avoid the waste issue altogether.

Carl Bernstein | How the United States' Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up

“They’re all corruptions of American democracy”: Race, vote buying and the insidious new assault on the poor

The world’s forests will collapse if we don’t learn to say ‘no’

Latino Celebs Plead: Don't Vote for Trump, Cruz or Rubio

East of Flint, One Company Defiantly Continues to Produce Lead Pigments

Haiti Finally Gets an Interim President

Police and Media Agree: Cops Just Need to Be Nicer

David Swanson | Is This an Uprising?

Natural Gas Becomes a Fracking Mess

Justice Scalia's legacy: blistering zingers and a more partisan US
The US supreme court justice will be remembered more for his dissents than legal opinions that changed lives. Given his analyses, that may be for the best.

My Donald Trump rally nightmare: Inside the reality TV spectacle and hellscape of our sad new politics
I went to South Carolina to see Donald Trump in action. It was more manipulative and cynical than you'd imagine.

People Are Happier in States That Allow Ballot Initiatives

After Antonin Scalia’s Death, What’s Next for the Supreme Court?

Ohio House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

Humans May Have Inadvertently Helped Spread a Bee Killing Virus

"Insidious, Invisible" Impacts on Baby Health: Toxic Exposure and Preterm Births

Does anyone understand what happened at the Republican debate?

Antonin Scalia and Glenn Beck: Just Two Degrees of Radical Separation
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Why Wall Street Won Round One and We Might Win the Next

No running water and no solutions as California’s driest county despairs

Speaker Ryan: Not enough votes for TPP trade deal

The death of Scalia changes everything: The future of the Supreme Court now hangs in the balance

Obama says he’ll nominate a replacement for Scalia

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia should not be replaced until after the presidential election.

Richard D. Wolff | On the Meaning of Capitalism, We Don't Agree

UN: Number of migrant children fleeing to Europe escalating

Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record

Clipping the United States' Hedge Funds
Activists are taking on the billionaire financiers who are driving inequality and corrupting our politics.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies at 79

David Swanson | How to Counter Recruitment and De-Militarize Schools

Police Documents Reveal Why Dashcam Video of Laquan McDonald Shooting Was Missing Audio

On Bill and Hillary Clinton’s First Date in 1971, They Crossed a Picket Line

The lead pipe infrastructure of Flint is corroded, poisonous and old; the public health and environmental protection infrastructure is equally corroded and old.
I know something about bureaucracies. I worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency for 25 years.

Once Again, the VA Turns Down Navy Vets for Agent Orange Benefits
A federal court had ordered the VA to reassess its policy denying Agent Orange benefits to Navy sailors who served in the Vietnam War. The VA’s conclusion: They still don’t qualify.

A political movement is rising from the mud in Calais

2,054 Days of Solitary Confinement: A punishment that’s cruel, but not unusual

‘This “Independent” Academic Is Promoting Public Policy Issues for a Private Corporation’

Snyder will testify to Congress over Flint water crisis, releases 20,000 emails

Attacks on Medical Workers in War Zones Under Fire

The Not-So-Hidden Fracking Money Fueling the 2016 Elections

New York Police Have Used Stingrays Widely, New Documents Show

17 House Democrats Introduce ‘Keep It In the Ground Act’ to Prohibit New Fossil Fuel Extraction on Public Lands

John Kasich and the Clintons Collaborated on Law That Helped Double Extreme Poverty

How Police Use a Dangerous Anti-Terrorism Tactic to End Pursuits

Bernie Sanders Unveils Moving New Ad With Eric Garner's Daughter

Why Maryland Could Become One of the United States' Leading Centers for Drug Reform Overnight

France prepares to bulldoze half of Jungle migrant camp

Ohio Police Officer Suspended After Celebrating Black Lives Matter Activist's Suicide

Top UK court: GCHQ hacking phones and computers is legal
The ruling includes remotely activating microphones and cameras on electronic devices without the owner’s knowledge.

New York City Waters Are Teeming With Plastic Particles, Study Finds

Magnitude-5.1 earthquake shakes Kansas, Oklahoma
Largest earthquake in region in nearly five years

Eight days before the Flint water treatment plant began pumping water from the Flint River for citizens to drink, a city official complained he was being rushed into starting up the plant too quickly.

The Community Solar Industry Gets a Voice of Its Own
A new national organization will push to make it easier to get solar power when it can’t go on your own roof.

A bipartisan group of four congressmen introduced a bill Thursday that would abolish the Selective Service System, more commonly known as the draft.

Hawaii declares health emergency to fight mosquitoes carrying Zika, dengue fever

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