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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Received More Than $100,000 from Comcast Before Boosting Merger

A Judge’s Status, Robed in Silence
Barry Kamins, a senior New York judge under investigation for ethical misconduct, is back on the bench while his case is handled in secret.

Armed Open-Carry Activists Harrass Protesters at Anti-Gun Violence Rally

ISIS Reportedly Beheads a Second American Journalist

Too Young to Shoot? Why It's Legal for Kids to Handle Uzis

Britain "Deplores" Israel Decision to Claim West Bank Land

Twenty Days of Harassment and Racism as an American Apparel Employee

Home Depot Looking Into Credit Card Hack

The Town Where You Must Own a Gun
It’s the culture — and the law — in Nucla, Colo., where the nearest stop light is two hours away.

Scott Brown Says Out-of-State Voters Should Come to NH Anyway to Vote for Him

New Documents Undermine Walker Statements on Criminal Probe

New Satellite Maps Show World’s Major Ice Caps Melting at Unprecedented Rate

Why Marxist playwright Berthold Brecht is theater’s hottest old name

UN: More Than One Million People Now Displaced Due to Ukraine Conflict

If You're Black and Openly Carry a Gun You Are Gunned Down; If You Are White the Police Consider You a "Good Guy"
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Protecting Abortion Clinics - Without a Buffer Zone
The Supreme Court's decision striking down the Massachusetts 35-foot abortion clinic buffer zone is barely in the rearview mirror, but the effects are being felt around the country.

Will Texas Get Away With Discriminating Against Voters?

Mexican Judge Departs From Script, Turns Monsanto’s Mexican Dream Into Legal Nightmare

Saving America’s Honeybees

Ebola Outbreak: Epidemic Threatens Food Security in West Africa, Says UN Group

California Legislature First State to Ban Disposable Plastic Bags

Police Arrest Young Black Politician for Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets

Climate Change and Food Riots: Learn to Farm
-- Akira Watts for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Washington Post Names Former Reagan Administration Official as New Publisher

Dahr Jamail | Tortured and Raped by Israel, Persecuted by the United States

Why Are Americans Joining ISIS? Ask a Republican.

Fast-Food Workers Are Planning Massive Protests Across the US

Billionaire Threatens Charity Donations if Pope Continues Support for the Poor

The Small Farmer Movement Defines its Position on the Climate and Food Crisis in Central America

Obama to Deliver Warning to Putin on NATO’s Frontier

From Liberia to South Korea, West Africa's Ebola Outbreak Is Met With Ignorance and Paranoia

Erick Erickson and the Bleeding Edge of Purposely Ignorant Climate Change Denialism

Ukraine Warns of Europe’s Worst Conflict Since World War II

Memorandum for Angela Merkel: Beware of Fixed Intelligence on Ukraine - Think WMDs

GOP's Labor Day Scorecard: Here's How They're Flunking and Hurting Us All

Why White Men Hate Unions: The South, the New Workforce and the GOP War on Your Self-Interest

Putin Talks About "Statehood" for Eastern Ukraine

Housing Group: 20 Years to Rebuild Gaza After Fighting With Israel

At Least Five Ferguson Officers Apart From Brown Shooter Have Been Named in Lawsuits

McCain Demands Obama Lays Out Policy to Defeat ISIS, But Can't Give Specifics Himself

Top Ten Working Class Hero Films

Labor History: The First Factory Strike

How Does a 9-Year-Old Come to Shoot a Fully Automatic Weapon?

Inequality: A Broad Middle Class Requires Empowering Workers

California Attorney Specializing in Elder Law Charged With Elder Abuse

UN Considers Emergency Mission to Iraq to Investigate ISIS "War Crimes"

On Labor Day, Watch "Brothers on the Line" About the Reuther Brothers

At Ferguson March, Call to Halt Traffic in Labor Day Highway Protest

Charles Koch Personally Founded a Group Protecting Oil Industry Handouts

This 11-Year-Old Was Locked Up Trying to Cross the Border. Read the Heartfelt Letter She Sent Obama

Six Other Excessive Force Complaints Filed Against Ferguson PD

“I’m not someone who operates in the shadows”: An abortion provider on stigma, safety and “coming out” about her job

LAPD names two sergeants involved in struggle with man who died

Keeping the Police Honest

Indefinite Ceasefire in War-Battered #Gaza

Atlantic City losing 2 casinos, 5K jobs in 3 days

CNN Attempts Actual Journalism–But Reverts to Embedded Reporting

Fast-Food Workers Challenge Stereotypes, Globalize Question of Fairness

Obama Weighing Delay in Action on Immigration

Groups Push President Obama for Accountability in Ferguson

Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female

Palestinian Leaders Want 3-Year Deadline on Israeli Occupation

Doctors Without Borders Says World Is Losing Battle Against Ebola

The True Story of How One Man Shut Down American Commerce to Avoid Paying His Workers a Fair Wage

Officials: 9-Year-Old Girl Who Killed Instructor Said Uzi Was Too Powerful

Do You Know Which Politicians Benefit From Your Grocery Dollars?

Behind Every Bullied Woman Is a Man Yelling About Free Speech

Another US Doctor Infected by Ebola in Liberia

How the US Made ISIS: Their Videos and Ours, Their "Caliphate" and Ours

Are American Troops Already Fighting on the Front Lines in Iraq?
The Pentagon is denying that US troops are fighting ISIS on the ground in Iraq—but eyewitness accounts and Kurdish officials tell a different story.

Thanks to Fracking, There's Something in the Water in Pennsylvania
Now that we have 243 pieces of evidence that fracking is not GREAT for the people who live near it, can we stop pretending otherwise?

Halliburton to Settle US Gulf Spill Claims for $1.1 Billion

Why The Republicans Actually Like Big Government
-- Steven Jonas MD, MPH for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Fox Guest: Feminists Are "Cave Women" Keeping Us in the Stone Age

When Four Jobs Aren't Enough: Why We Need a Living Wage
No person should die because they were too exhausted to leave the car after working multiple shifts just to make ends meet.

Top Gun Rights Group Backs White Supremacist's Supreme Court Case
Gun Owners of America is weighing in on the side of a neo-Nazi accused of plotting to attack a Mexican consulate.

Where Right-Wing Lies Are Born: The Wingnut Web, WorldNetDaily and How Conservative Nonsense Infects America

Radioactive Wild Boars Still Run Wild in Germany, 28 Years After Chernobyl

Years of Rape and ‘Utter Contempt’ in Britain

ISIL’s Rise Highlights Afghan War’s Shaky Premise

New York Set to Accuse Evans Bank of Redlining

Art After War
The arts are moving center stage as providers brace for the coming tidal wave of war-related post-traumatic stress disorders in troops and veterans.

SCOTUS Relies on Facts That "Wouldn't Pass Muster in a High School Paper"

US Reach Grows in Africa With New Drone Base

"Pompous Blowhard" Stephen Colbert Continues to Annoy Howard Kurtz

Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager Resigns Over Bribery Scandal

DNA Evidence Could Exonerate Two in North Carolina Death Row Case
Henry McCollum faces execution, Leon Brown serving life; new evidence in 1983 murder suggests false confessions; lawyers allege police withheld evidence and added details.

Morality Spill on Aisle 6: Saudi Religious Police Beat Husband After He and His Wife Use a Women-Only Checkout Line at Supermarket

Partial Victory for New Mexico's Chileros
It has taken almost a year of emails, letters and pressure, but at least some of New Mexico's contratistas (farm labor contractors) are finally paying farmworkers the minimum wage they're entitled to.

Wages Dropped for Almost All American Workers in First Half of 2014

The Right's Food Stamp Embarrassment: A History Lesson for the Haters
While conservatives love to beat up on the SNAP program, there's an awkward little fact that might horrify them

Eric Cantor Joins Wall Street Investment Firm, Will Open Washington Office

Pennsylvania Makes Public 243 Cases of Fracking Contaminated Water

Guantanamo Defense Lawyer Resigns, Says US Case Is "Stacked"

Study: Citizens United Elected More Republicans

The True Meaning of Labor Day

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Says UK Rogue State, Danger to World

Lawmakers Profit From Stock Boom

Restaurant Industry's Low Wages Leave 40 Percent of Workers in Near-Poverty

Rubio's New Tune on Immigration

The Vilification of Teachers

US Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order on Anti-Abortion Law

Back to School, and to Widening Inequality

As Bombs Go Silent, Testimonies Mount That Israeli Soldiers Used Gazans as Human Shields

US Urges Israel to Reverse Appropriation of Land for West Bank Settlement

Russian Foreign Minister Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Ukraine

Three killed as police battle anti-government protesters in Pakistan

Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.

Impending casino closures foreground Atlantic City’s great divide

Colorado Town to Ask Higher Court to Uphold Its Fracking Ban

India’s Living Bridges: A fascinating Look At Sustainability

Iraqi forces break two-month siege of Amerli - officials

NYPD under investigation for another restraint-related death

This Is What a Farmer Looks Like

Islamic State militants behead captive Lebanese soldier

California lawmakers send governor a ban on single-use plastic bags

Inequality and the USA: A Nation in Denial?

Ellis Island in reverse: Where deportees go when they get home to Guatemala

US operations in Iraq costing $7.5m a day as Obama deliberates strategy