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Stepping Away From Microscopes, Thousands Protest War on Science

Top Democrats: GOP must ‘find some backbone’ to investigate Trump before impeachment can start

Thousands of Dead Bees Are Washing Up on a Florida Beach

Emissions trading reform: romancing the polluters

Latin America Is a Leading Influence in the Global Fight Against Hunger

Environmental Contamination at US Marine Corps Bases on Okinawa

Not Okay: Professor Smeared After Advocating for Election Integrity

Judge denies ACLU’s request to stop encampment sweeps

The Volkswagen Defeat Wasn’t Inevitable—and Labor Can Still Win in the South

The Social Cost of Carbon

EPA Chief Equates Climate Change With ‘Religious Belief’

One Day Without Us: a day to stand up for migrants’ post-Brexit precarity

"Smart Cities," Surveillance, and New Streetlights in San Jose

Should cybersecurity be a human right?

Why Community-Based Senior Villages Are Growing in the US

Science Isn’t Just for Scientists—We Can All Take Part

Trump Administration’s New Health Rule Would Reduce Tax Credits, Raise Costs, For Millions of Moderate-Income Families

New Guide Educates Judges on Debtors’ Prisons

DeVos’s Stumbles Right Out of the Gate Are Nothing to Laugh About

Killer Presidents
From Duterte to Trump, a new crop of populist leaders are reviving a tried and true method of demonstrating leadership — killing people.

The US Military, Like Ancient Rome's, Is Trying to Secure a Dying Empire

Lawsuit ends Georgia's onerous voter registration rules as other states consider them

The ZAD: An Autonomous Zone in the Heart of France

For Families Denied Clemency Under Obama, What Now?

'You can taste it in the air': your stories of life in polluted cities

Sea ice at record low in Arctic and Antarctic
Experts across the world are alarmed at how small the area covered by sea ice has become. They are saying the change is unprecedented - and they're calling for action.

Alabama prisoner dies after being severely beaten

‘That’s how dictators get started’: McCain smacks down Trump for calling media ‘the enemy’

Protesters in Barcelona urge Spain to take in more refugees

Where Trump’s travel ban stands
Trump plans to issue a new executive order on immigration this week that will be “tailored” to address the objections of a federal appeals court. But the legal battle over the controversial policy is far from over.

Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Shows Up in Droves to Town Halls

Trump impeachment rally set for Monday in Atlanta

Mystery Surrounds Guantánamo Detainee's "Suicide"

Explainer: Is the president allowed to mobilize National Guard for immigration raids?

Hundreds Form 'Human Wall' in Mexico to Protest Trump

President Trump’s approval rating is at Barack Obama’s all-time low

Congress Goes Home, and Constituents Fired Up Over Health Care Are Waiting

House Passes NRA-Backed Bill Legalizing the Killing of Bear Cubs in Wildlife Refuges

Divided, unions are falling, as right-to-work laws are gaining ground

Santa Monica, California, Dumps Wells Fargo Over DAPL Funding

An 11-page memo obtained by The Associated Press could have led to the use of the National Guard for "enforcement action" against millions of immigrants.

Consumer protection head in Trump's crosshairs
Richard Cordray is the federal watchdog with the biggest target on his back in President Trump’s Washington.

Here's What the US Would Look Like Without the EPA

The Senate is moving forward with Wilbur Ross's nomination to lead the Commerce Department.

Reports: Petraeus off the list, Trump down to three candidates to replace Flynn

Mike Pence widens US rift with Europe over Nato defence spending

US Border Agents Try to Stop 9 people fleeing US, seek asylum in Canada

Two hunters indicted in friendly-fire shooting they blamed on immigrants

Southern California slammed by torrents of rain in deadly storm

GOP's new health plan: Wealthy people get more help buying insurance, poor people get less help

Even Before Sanctuary Cities, Here's How Black Americans Protected Fugitive Slaves

Staples Removed: How Postal Workers Defeated a Privatization Scheme

Insurance companies take the lead on Obamacare replacement ideas

Army Formally Ends Study of Disputed Dakota Access Pipeline Crossing

Houston Area to Decriminalize Some Low-Level Marijuana Possession

To Save Main Street, Tax Wall Street

Koch Brothers forced to come clean about millions spent attacking Obamacare

Racism played a role in Flint water crisis, says state report

To Resist and Reclaim, Hundreds of Recess Events Planned to Target Lawmakers

Restaurants show diners what a day without immigrants tastes like
Scores of eateries in the Washington region and nationwide closed Thursday for the "Day Without Immigrants" protest. Some owners tried to get the job done anyway, driving home the value of their missing employees.

We're Trashing the Arctic. Literally

Congress explores options for removing an unfit president as Trump's 'disturbing' behavior worries

Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants

A Mother Visits Her Son, Who’s Condemned to Die in April

California bill would make Election Day a state holiday

Moyers and Winship: Republicans, Where’s the Backbone?

"Extraordinary" Levels of Pollution Found in the Deepest Part of the Sea

Trump family's elaborate lifestyle is a logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense

Colorado Attorney General Sues Boulder County to End Fracking Ban
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

The New Patriotism

Dozens Of People Will Work To Preserve Federal Climate Data This Weekend

On eve of confirmation vote, judge orders EPA nominee to release thousands of emails

State Dept. carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s ‘Presidential Lying’ Makes Him the ‘Most Dangerous Enemy of the People’

How a Successful Hunger Strike Is Leading to a National Movement for Better Education

Dysfunction In The White House – An Analysis

The Rise of Crony Appointees and the Inexpert Ruling Class

The little yellow box that’s made thousands of operations safer

Endangered species and habitats threatened by US-Mexico border wall

'Cluster of cold years' behind New Zealand’s surprising glacier growth

Trump Once Told New York City His Net Worth Was Much Lower Than What He Said Publicly

Eating Fish? Then You’re Eating Plastic, Too

Corporate interests continue to dominate key expert groups

Kangaroo care – why keeping baby close is better for everyone

How We Got Our Lead Nurses Back

Pruitt Ignored Cries to Regulate Fracking in Oklahoma. Now Residents Face Big Oil on Their Own

Analysis: How China’s heavy industries became ‘too big to fail’

Why desalination alone won’t water the West

Farewell to Doublespeak: Israel’s Vision for the Future is Terrifying

How listening to the ocean can help reveal environmental damage

FERC Alternative Climate Facts Exposed

Worst Drought in Decades Drives Food Price Spike in East Africa

Authentic Hope in the Twilight of Failed Neoliberal Capitalism

Palestinian was on way to chemotherapy when shot by soldiers

Donald Trump Appears to Make Up Sweden Terror Attack

Yale Finally Renames Racist College. Can These Offensive Names Get Updated Too?

Trump administration exempts three CA oil fields from water protection rule at Jerry Brown's request

White House dismisses NSC aide after harsh criticism of Trump
Official complained about the president at a closed-door think tank gathering.

Australia’s new normal … as city temperatures hit 47C people shelter from the deadly heat

Bannon, Priebus to take the stage together at CPAC

The Veterinary Cooperative Helps Independent Veterinarians Thrive

DHS chief signs sweeping new deportation guidelines

Iraq launches west Mosul offensive as torture videos emerge

President Trump Held a Re-Election Rally After Just a Month on the Job

Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month – almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year

Standing Rock: DoJ steps up aggression against those still battling the pipeline

House Republicans launch latest hit on federal unions

With Mulvaney in Place, Budget Office Preps 'Hit List' on Public Programs
National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities, Office of National Drug Control Policy, and Americorps are among targets meant to showcase 'waste' of taxpayer funds.

Sun, Sand and Influence: For Mar-a-Lago Members, Proximity Is Power

Democrats use obscure 1920s law to try to force Donald Trump to release tax returns

Child’s Play: Team Trump Rewrites a Department of Energy Website for Kids

Supreme Court to Set Guidelines for Trump’s Treatment of Non-Citizens

Trump Completes Pipeline Trifecta, Rubber Stamps Enbridge-Spectra Merger

Donald Trump will use every weapon to stamp out the grassroots resistance
Social movements play a critical role in holding his administration to account. But Trump’s recent executive orders could endanger their survival.

Betsy DeVos being guarded by US Marshals Service

'Psychological warfare': immigrants in America held hostage by fear of raids

Trump Calls Media the 'Enemy of the American People'

Trump is a media troll – so stop feeding him

‘A stone cold racist and white supremacist sympathizer’: Dem Rep. Hakeem Jeffries blasts Steve Bannon

Report: Trump transition ordered government economists to cook up rosy growth forecasts

California School Under Fire After Teachers Mock Students Participating in Immigrants Strike

 What’s Killing the US's Black Infants?
 Racism is fueling a national health crisis.

Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ -- at taxpayer expense

Mass Surveillance and "Smart Totalitarianism"

Seeding the Future Against Destructive Neoliberal Capitalism

Leaked Trump tape: 'You are the special people'
Exclusive audio shows how Trump lets loose at his clubs -- inviting guests to join him on staff interviews

California lawmaker submits bill to create a state-run single-payer healthcare system

Gene Drives: A Scientific Case for a Complete and Perpetual Ban

''Trump Wants to Take an Axe to the Regulatory State'': Amit Narang on the Anti-Regulation Rule

The Government Purged Animal Welfare Data. So This Guy Is Publishing It

Donald Trump overturns law preventing companies dumping coal mining debris in streams and rivers

Patriots player Chris Long fires back over decision to skip White House visit

Texas Radio Host’s Lesson: This Is How Censorship Starts
A misfire at a PBS station showed how the Trump administration’s attempts to intimidate the press could work, and how those attempts could be thwarted.

Hundreds of Events Planned for Friday's 'General Strike'

After bruising battle, climate-change skeptic Scott Pruitt confirmed to lead EPA

Charles P. Pierce: Michael Flynn's Long Fall Continues
As George Costanza Would Say: "It's Not a Lie If You Believe It!"

Iowa House, Senate approve sweeping collective bargaining changes

9/11-Style Commission Into Russia's Election Meddling Gathers Steam

Republicans Move to Expand Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits
In the House, Republicans just voted to repeal a rule limiting a state's ability to drug test workers seeking unemployment benefits.

How Will Native Tribes Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline in Court?

U.S. top court to set guidelines for Trump treatment of non-citizens

Bring On the Special Prosecutor
The administration’s ties with Russia must be investigated immediately and fully.

EPA Employees Trying to Block Pruitt

Mexican Consulates Flooded With Fearful Immigrants

Pence heads to Europe on reassurance tour