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The Sarah Palin Internet channel: Niche 'news' for her supporters

GAO Report: Drinking Water at Risk From Underground Fracking Waste Injection
EcoWatch Staff on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Moscow may walk out of nuclear treaty after US accusations of breach

The Spread of Electronic Monitoring: No Quick Fix for Mass Incarceration

US economy bounces back in second quarter

Federal review exposes two decades of FBI forensic errors
Review of lab unit involved in 45 death-row cases stalled after errors in pre-DNA convictions came to light.

Report: World faces water crises by 2040
Wind, solar power increase needed to avoid global drought.

The Language of Expulsion
Whether the long-term unemployed in the global North or the long-term displaced in the global South, people are being expelled from economy, society and nation in increasing numbers.

Cambodia court begins genocide trial of Khmer Rouge leaders
Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan accused of overseeing mass killings of up to 500,000 people in the 1970s.

Is Netanyahu Coordinating With American Right-Wingers to Prolong Gaza War?

Senator Denies Climate Change on Senate Floor and Gets a Science Lesson From His Colleague

A National Disgrace: Violence Against Native Women

Watching the Sarah Palin Channel
What does Palin, unshackled and generally gone rogue, sound like?

Glenn Greenwald | Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on Gaza

Gaza: at least 19 killed and 90 injured as another UN school is hit
UN official condemns ‘in the strongest possible terms this serious violation of international law by Israeli forces’.

The “restroom row” in Miami is the latest attempt to make it harder for minorities to vote
The Florida county – pivotal in the 2000 Bush-Gore battle – has backtracked on a policy that would have meant polling stations didn’t have disabled toilets.

Australian govt blindfolds citizens with ‘unprecedented’ media gag - WikiLeaks

Armed Militias Massing at Border to 'Protect' America From Small Children

"Israel unleashed its heaviest air and artillery assault of the Gaza war on Tuesday, destroying key symbols of Hamas control, shutting down the territory's only power plant and leaving at least 128 Palestinians dead on the bloodiest day of the 22-day conflict."

Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired Employee Due to Pregnancy

Campus Sexual Assault: What Are Colleges Doing Wrong?

Topless Texan Explains Why She Plans to Keep Confronting Gun Activists

Is the FBI Creating Terrorists to Pad Counterterrorism Conviction Rates?
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

McDonald's: Regulator Says It's a "Joint Employer"

"Are We Going to Be Afraid of Children?"
The mayor of Syracuse, N.Y., told President Obama she wanted to help undocumented immigrant kids. She didn’t expect the reaction she got.

GOP Laughs At Impeachment — But Here's How It Could Get Real

Wall Street Journal Reporter: “The Entire United States Market Has Become One Vast Dark Pool”

Margot Adler, an NPR Journalist for Three Decades, Dies

Obama’s Coal-Leasing Program Is Costing Taxpayers More Than $50 Billion

Leading Gun Zealot Wants Guns to Scare Members of Congress to Death
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

William Rivers Pitt | All the Blood in Your Body

Liberia Suspends Football Games to Contain Ebola Outbreak

We Can’t Stomach the Real Cost of Food

Ominous Drying Up of Groundwater that Supplies Nine States

The Senate Has a New Plot to Thwart NSA Spying

US Is No Safer After 13 Years of War, a Top Pentagon Official Says

Eugene Robinson | Time for Republicans to Put Up or Shut Up on Immigration Reform
-- Eugene Robinson on BuzzFlash at Truthout

The IRS Says It Will Finally Enforce the Rules Barring Pastors Endorsing Candidates From the Pulpit

White House: EU, US to Impose New Russia Sanctions

The NRA's Murder Mystery
His Murder Conviction Was Tossed Over Bad Police Work. Now He's the NRA's Top Lawyer.

SATIRE: Osama bin Laden Brought Back to Life (to Boost GOP's Sagging Polls)

Court Upholds Florida Law That Punishes Doctors for Talking About Guns, Because Florida

Two Billion Poor, One Billion Hungry

Official: Over 100 Palestinians Killed On Tuesday in Gaza

Market Basket Revolt A Sign of Fed-Up Times
Make no mistake about it. What’s happening at Market Basket’s 71 stores throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine the past several days is nothing short of remarkable.

An Open Letter to John Boehner and House Republicans

Unist’ot’en Camp Evicted a Fracked Gas Pipeline Crew from their Territories

US Surveillance Programs Threaten Freedom of Press, Report Says

How Capitalism Is Cheating Young Americans
Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Creationist group to ask Kentucky taxpayers for help building Noah’s ark theme park

Does the Powerful Paul Ryan Feel Empathy?

Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza - Debunked

California relies on thousands of prisoners paid dollars a day to fight raging wildfires

Average US Household Now Worth a Third Less, While Assets of the 1% Soar
Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

The South's child well-being crisis
A new report looks at the well-being of children by state and finds those living in Appalachia, the South, and the Southwest are facing especially difficult conditions that put them at a disadvantage compared to their peers in other regions.

Qatar World Cup: migrants wait a year to be paid for building offices

Two Tiers of College Tuition? Not on This Campus
A two-tiered pricing system would create dramatic inequality of access to a college education.

GOP to America: Rich Kids Are Worth More Than Poor Kids

Deputies: Pregnant Woman Killed While Admiring Gun Collection

BREAKING: US court finds Virginia gay marriage ban unconstitutional

CEO says Boeing plans to keep its workers “cowering”

The Top 10 Reasons Why Some Folks Claim We Don't Need Unions Anymore. Bless Their Hearts

Industrial Plastic Pellets Pollute Lake Erie

Top Journalists and Lawyers: NSA Surveillance Threatens Press Freedom and Right to Counsel

Satanists Demand Religious Exemption From Abortion Restrictions, Cite Hobby Lobby Ruling

Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue
Our divisions are phony: There's broad agreement on more issues. Here's how we convert the Tea Party.

GOP’s 30-year spin job is over: Why we are not a center-right nation
From minimum wage to the environment to abortion, America is far more liberal than the media or the right admit.

‘Earth Focus’ Documents How a New Jersey Town Reclaimed Its Water Supply After Decades of Chemical Pollution

Investigators cancel visit to site of possible ‘war crime’ MH17 downing

Blasts rock major hospital, street in Gaza; at least 7 children killed

Why Voters Aren’t Angrier About Economic Inequality

The four basic American reactions to record inequality

As the Gaza crisis deepens, boycotts can raise the price of Israel’s impunity

A Belief in ‘Oneness’ Is Equated With Pro-Environment Behavior

What is climate change doing to our mental health?

Thank You for Your Service: How One Company Sues Soldiers Worldwide

British Doctors Vote To Divest From Fossil Fuels

Japanese monkeys' abnormal blood linked to Fukushima disaster – study

Exposing Monsanto: Herbicide Linked to Birth Defects - the Vitamin A Connection

What if 35 Palestinians had died, and 800 Israelis?
Many hundreds of thousands of people – I wish I could say millions – around the world want an end to this impunity.

The New Scramble for Africa
Caught between competing powers to the West and East, how can Africa emerge from the race for its riches?

My party has lost its soul: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats

As fighting continues in east Ukraine, US releases images said to implicate Russia

Not in my backyard: US sending 'dirty' coal overseas
Energy companies have been sending more of America's unwanted energy leftovers to other parts of the world where they could create even more pollution.

Corporate Profit Margins Are Getting Ever Fatter

Public Citizen Launches Radio Ad Criticizing Murray Energy Lawsuit Against Clean Air Safeguards

At The Border, Migrant Crisis Tests Whether Politicians Can Translate Compassion Into Action

Afghanistan’s gun problem: Too many weapons, not enough oversight
Government watchdog: US provided Afghan forces with more guns than necessary and failed to keep track of the weapons.

French environmentalists used the Tour de France to protest plans of Australian chemical manufacturer Orica to ship dangerous waste to Europe from Sydney, where it's been for three decades, raising questions of just where it will end up.

The Silent Anguish of Pregnant Women Who Struggle With Addiction

Defense: Government suppressed evidence in Blackwater
Lawyers for Blackwater security guards argued Monday that the government has suppressed evidence favorable to defendants who are on trial in the killings of 14 Iraqis in Nisoor Square in Baghdad.

The Mystery of a Ukrainian Army "Defector"

When Media Mergers Limit More Than Competition

Pentagon security clearance holders owe $730 million in taxes

The problem with the Koch brothers isn't their politics. It's their copycats.
Billionaire mega-donors care less about funding parties than enacting policies. Others are following suit.

Obama-backed surveillance reform bill introduced in Senate

Rojava Revolution: Building Autonomy in the Middle East

George Zimmerman resurfaces in Florida, again in ‘security’ mode

Collective Punishment in Gaza
Israeli attack "is about Israel’s permanent control over Palestinian land and Palestinian lives."

Why "Can't Make Ends Meet" Trumps "Poverty"

GOP to deny bulk of Obama request for increased funds for migrant crisis

The World's Tigers - There Are Only 3,200 Left in the Wild

'Milestone' for child malaria vaccine: Experts say the world's first malaria vaccine could be approved for use in 2015.

Israel bombs another UN school despite them telling Israel 17 times that the school housed civilians

Nine things the new VA secretary promised for his first 90 days

US utility PG&E charged with obstructing justice over gas disaster
Grand jury indictment over the 2010 explosion which killed eight people follows launching of class action by investors.

Journalist Jason Rezaian’s Mother Pleads for Her Son’s Release by Iran

Leaked Docs: How a Secret FreedomWorks Donor Sought a Return on Its "Investments"
Internal records show how a Switzerland-based businesman oversaw millions in contributions to the Tea Party group.

Erin Currier: Art Is a Necessary Element of Every Revolution

The GOP’s Audacious Impeachment Spin Job
Somehow, they convinced the Beltway media that their party’s constant impeachment talk is just a scare story whipped up by Democrats to raise money.

'Humanitarian window' under way in Gaza after UN facility hit

Private militias patrolling US-Mexico border raise concerns

Fox News' "War on Christianity": How Right-Wing Hacks Created a Sect of Victims

Poor Baby: Ted Nugent Lashes Out at "Unclean Vermin" After Idaho Native American Tribe Cancels His Concert

Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence
With the July 17 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine turning a local civil war into a U.S. confrontation with Russia, former U.S. intelligence veterans urge President Obama to release what evidence he has about the tragedy and silence the hyperbole.

Charles P. Pierce | The Snowden Effect: This Is Still Not America

Appeals Court Strikes Down Law, Saves Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic

Detroit Water Department Placed in Mayor's Hands

Hundreds of Thousands of US-Supplied Weapons Missing in Afghanistan

The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests
The costs of criminalization: billions of dollars spent on law enforcement and lives destroyed by harsh penalties.

The Centerpiece of Obama’s Energy Policy Will Actually Make Climate Change Worse

Louie Gohmert Joins Ranks of Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists

George Zimmerman "Patrolling" Central Florida Shop After Gun Theft

California Passes Bill to Legalize Complementary Currencies

Alabama Officials: Pray That EPA Doesn't Disrupt God's Coal Industry

Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk Democratic "Scam"

NSA Surveillance Causes Journalists to Have to Act Like Drug Dealers to Protect Sources

Donors Pay to Test Seawater for Traces of Fukushima Radiation

The Children of War: A Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolds in Gaza

The Shadow Banking System Is a Great Big Ticking Time Bomb

Iraq Is Already Splitting Into Three States

Grieving Parents Hit With $200,000 in Student Loans After Daughter's Death

How to Read a Government Commission Report: An Inquiry Into the 9/11 Commission's 10th Anniversary Report

A Bill to Get the Labor Movement Back on Offense
Representative Keith Ellison wants to make forming a union a civil right.

Fox Cheerleads US Companies Moving Overseas - Because Obama

Bomb Trains: The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail

Iran Leader Calls for Arming Gaza to Fight Israel

North Carolina Republicans Let People Die to Prove a Point
GOP opposition to Obamacare puts ideology above saving lives.

Lack of Oversight, Damaged Tankers Caused West Virginia Chemical Spill

Greenpeace Report: Obama Administration Exporting Climate Change by Exporting Coal

Inside the Kerry-Israel Meltdown
The Secretary of State has been furiously working on a Mideast ceasefire, but his ad hoc efforts were dealt another blow Monday when Israel rejected his latest peacemaking plan.

Ebola Outbreak: Liberia Shuts Most Border Points

Obama Mulls Massive Move on Immigration

​Gun Guys Are Into Racial Provocation​
Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

CIA Intercepted Whistleblower Communications Related to Senate Investigation Into Torture

Fifteen Funniest Twitter Suggestions for Shows on New Sarah Palin TV Channel

The right’s dinosaur fetish: Why the Koch brothers are obsessed with paleontology
Why would climate denialists and Tea Partyers like paleontology? Because dinosaurs are layered with symbolic weight.

Legislators, Corporations Gather for Secret Meeting Against Clean Energy and You’re Not Invited

The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts

US lawmakers expand probe of federal biolab mishaps

The money behind Big Oil's win on Atlantic drilling

Charges in Campus Handgun Cases Could Change in Wake of DC Handgun Ruling

Notorious 'Neonics' Pervasive in Midwest Waters: Study
Researchers from the US Geological Survey found the insecticides in waterways of nation's corn, soy region.

$17 billion deal reached on veterans bill

Juan Cole | Gaza: Why a 'Cease-Fire' Is Not Enough

Cop Shoots Drunk Man to Death After Forcing Him to Drive a Car [Video]
50 cameras captured the scene but the cop wasn't punished. Now the victim's family is suing.

With Judges Overriding Death Penalty Cases, Alabama Is an Outlier

“God doesn’t live here”: A year in the murder capital of the world
We moved to Honduras for an escape -- and entered a minefield of illness, violence and death.

University of Colorado Boulder Scientists Link 10,800-Foot-Deep Fracking Wastewater Well to More Than 200 Earthquakes

Ten Young People Changing the Food System

Big Polluters Cry Wolf Over EPA Plan to Fight Climate Change and Protect Human Health

Whiteness Is Still a Proxy for Being American
Florida Representative Curt Clawson mistook two Indian-American officials for Indians, a silly gaffe that's revealing of today's society.

Canadians deliver water to protest Detroit shutoffs

Lawmakers Reach Deal Intended to Fix VA System in Crisis

Why Do Other Rich Nations Spend So Much Less on Healthcare?

Your chicken is about to get more full of feces...
Obama is letting the poultry industry run wild.

Ex-US Treasury official: Obama could curb corporate 'inversions' on his own

False Convictions: Did the Chicago police coerce witnesses into pinpointing the wrong man for murder?

Songbirds dying from DDT in Michigan yards; Superfund site blamed

California Passes Bill to Legalize Complementary Currencies

Climate Change: If we pretend it isn’t happening, will it go away?

Satellites and seafood: China keeps fishing fleet connected in disputed waters

A 'Dumpcano' in the Canadian Arctic Has Been Burning for Eight Weeks

Japanese get anti-radiation pills ahead of nuclear restart

Fear of Ebola Breeds a Terror of Physicians

Religion Remains a Strong Marker of Political Identity in US

Outside Money Drives a Deluge of Political Ads

Oil depot catches fire amid clashes in Tripoli

When Robots Come for Our Jobs, Will We Be Ready to Outsmart Them?

America's Gun Violence Epidemic: Readers Share Their Stories
First-person accounts and opinions about one of our most divisive political issues.

Corporate funding from pesticide manufacturers threatens to contaminate research into the impact of agricultural chemicals on the declining bee population.

The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less

Gaza in critical condition, says UN's Ban Ki-moon

The Australian environment minister has approved a $16.5 billion resources project that will lead to the creation of the largest coal mine in Australia, sparking fears for the Great Barrier Reef.

Word Salad on Demand: What's on The Sarah Palin Channel?
Sarah Palin promises that her new subscription TV channel will talk about "the issues that the mainstream media won't talk about." The $9.95 per month online Sarah Palin Channel debuted Sunday.

New York Debates Whether Housing Counts as Health Care

Cause Found for Large Chemical Spill in West Virginia
Two holes in a chemical storage tank, and no formal inspections, left the city of Charleston without drinking water, the US Chemical Safety Board reports.

Narcissists Gone Wild!
Excessive compensation can ruin a CEO's judgment.

Paul Krugman | Corporate Artful Dodgers: Tax Avoidance du Jour - Inversion

Open Carry Coming to Washington, DC - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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