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Number of young homeless people in Britain is 'more than three times the official figures'

What Frederick Douglass, Lincoln's thorn and partner, said in Rochester on the fifth of July, 1852

A looming debt crisis in Puerto Rico is setting off a fresh fight in Congress, where lawmakers are debating a statutory fix that could allow the island territory to declare bankruptcy.

Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016

Greek debt crisis: The photograph that conveys the despair of Greece's elderly

Adidas Has Created a Shoe Made Entirely From Ocean Trash

Lawsuit filed against US over protections for rare wolf

The Anti-Confederate Flag Flurry and the Prospects for Lasting Change

New Revelations Confirm UK Spied on Amnesty International

How the South Skews the US

How new drugs helping millions of Americans live longer are also making them go broke
Half a million Americans now take $50,000 in prescription drugs per year. Who ultimately pays the cost?

“No one knows if New Orleans will live again”: A digital diary of Hurricane Katrina, 10 years later

The next crippling drought: Why California is our apocalyptic future

Corrupted Idealism: Bolivia's Compromise Between Development and the Environment

A year on, children caught on border struggle to stay, adapt

Argentina indigenous chieftain leads fight to reclaim ancestral land

Feds Awarded Colorado Charter Schools $46 Million Because of "Hiring and Firing" Rules

Secrecy over fracking chemicals clouds environmental risks, advocates say
Despite a report that links practice to contaminated drinking water, list of more than 1,076 chemicals used during fracking process remains unknown to public.

California’s Santa Cruz County: Punishing Felonious Banks

Ecuador's Opposition and Right-Wing Strategies in the Region

UN human rights body backs call for accountability in Gaza war

Watching Fireworks on Independence Day Is Not Enough: Action for Freedom Is Necessary
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

How Black Lives Matter Has Spread Into a Global Movement to End Racist Policing

William Rivers Pitt | When the Night Erupts in Brilliance

Record-Breaking Solar Flight Lands in Hawaii Demonstrating Potential of Carbon-Free Travel

Obama Plans Broader Use of Clemency to Free Nonviolent Drug Offenders

LGBT activists call for new focus on violence against transgender community
While the supreme court victory on gay marriage sparked celebrations, the lives of transgender individuals – particularly black trans women – remain in danger

Greek debt crisis: Yanis Varoufakis accuses Europe of terrorism - live
Greek banks deny plan to raid depositors’ savings

Coal Is No Longer King in America, Says EIA Report

The Political One Percent of the One Percent in 2014: Mega Donors Fuel Rising Cost of Elections

ObamaCare win turns up heat on GOP presidential field

US Caravan to Cuba Carries on History of Solidarity Across the Black Diaspora

Fifteen of the world's largest banks are under investigation on suspicion of rigging the Brazilian currency, antitrust watchdog Cade said on Thursday, the first such probe in one of the busiest foreign exchange markets globally.

"With more than three quarters of votes counted, around 62% of Greeks have voted No, or Oxi – stunning the eurozone, and opening up another chapter in this long crisis."

5,000 Evacuated in Tennessee Toxic Train Derailment

Tunisians Point Fingers at Government Security Failures After Resort Attack

Oakland police, FBI teaming up to solve homicides

Report: After Spying Operation in Germany, CIA Outed Suspected Leaker to Retaliate Against Journalists

Wisconsin Republicans Want to End Open Records Laws - Or Do They?

NSA’s Top Brazilian Political and Financial Targets Revealed by New WikiLeaks Disclosure

‘No’ has edge in too-close-to-call Greek voting

Melting Arctic Ice Is a Warning, but Oil Companies See It as a Chance to Drill

The 8 worst economic proposals GOP candidates are considering

Greek referendum: EU may grant more emergency aid - Live updates

Delivering on Housing Vouchers' Potential to Give Families Real Choice

How a Dogged L.A. DEA Agent Unraveled the CIA's Alleged Role in the Murder of Kiki Camarena

US-led air strikes on ISIS stronghold leave dozens dead, including civilians

"Against All Odds": Raising Iraqi Voices of Grassroots Resistance

US Policy Driving Militarization in Guatemala

A Fourth of People Killed by Police in 2015 Were Mentally Ill

Spain’s New Gag Law: Covering the News Could Be Costly

'Yes' or 'No': Greece votes in crucial bailout referendum

Uncontacted Tribes Don't Need the "Protection" of Western Anthropologists

Under Obama US More Popular Abroad

GOP punts on Confederate symbolism in Capitol

Donald Trump links shooting death in San Francisco with border control
Presidential candidate says death of Kathryn Steinle in what police say seems like a random attack is ‘yet another example’ of need for better border security.

Global Warming Threatens Colder Climate for Europe

Before It All Goes Up in Smoke

Lessons for LatAm from Colombia's Extrajudicial Killings

These isolated towns in dangerous El Salvador are murder-free zones

The Chinese military has a new secret weapon: Lightning-fast trains

Tentative agreement on Iran sanctions relief