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Peru: Fishermen Strike Over Benefits for Foreign Companies

Guilty of being black in a white world: The ludicrous reason these women were thrown off of a train last weekend
The Napa Valley Wine Train left a 10-woman book club on the side of the train tracks... and for what?

States Pressed to Increase Efforts to Reduce Drownings

There Is No Reason to Deny Trans People Necessary Medical Care

The Hypocrisy of the US Promoting the "Rule of Law" in Africa

Global Neoliberalism and Wars of Empire Play Roles in Deadly Migrant Efforts to Reach Europe
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Do Unicorns Play Monopoly? Ask Uber and Amazon

Falling oil prices will cost Alaska $400 million

After Ferguson, States Struggle To Crack Down On Court Debt

Home Care Workers' Inclusion in Basic Labor Protections Is Just the Beginning

After 4 States Approved A Big Utility Merger, DC Shocked Everyone By Denying It Over Clean Energy

Hundreds of bogus charges filed against Ferguson protestors almost a year later

Up To 50 Refugees Suffocate In Back Of Truck In Austria, Local Media Says

New Defense Department manual allows for detention of journalists

NASA: World 'Locked Into' at Least 3 Feet of Sea Level Rise
Current satellite data reveals that glaciers 'might not be as stable as we once thought'

Hospitalized Chicago Schools Activist Returns to Continue Hunger Strike for 10th Day

Hawaii Flips Switch on World's Largest Ocean Harvesting Clean Energy Plant
-- Cole Mellino for BuzzFlash at Truthout

WWF to launch legal action against government over pollution in Britain's natural 'national treasures'

Donald Trump wants to deport 11 million migrants: is that even possible?
Removing all the country’s undocumented migrants is easier said than done but the wartime forced relocation of 110,000 Japanese Americans offers some clues

Jeb, get ahold of yourself

Iran and the Third Rail of American Politics

Two US troops killed in apparent ‘insider’ attack by Afghan soldier

Joe Biden not sure he has the "emotional fuel" for a 2016 bid

Marcy Wheeler: Why Did the Feds Take Down RentBoy? Good Question

The Case Against Cash Bail

Are the Promoters of the Devastating War on Drugs Ready to Surrender?

Senator Durbin sent supportive email to Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise over Salaita firing

‘Go Back to Univision!': Trump Has Jorge Ramos Thrown Out of Iowa Press Conference

How Elizabeth Warren Is Pulling The Strings In 2016

Christian Reconstruction: Evangelical Christianity’s Outrageous and Influential Far-Right Fringe
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

How companies make millions off lead-poisoned, poor Blacks

Reporter and cameraman shot dead in Virginia during live broadcast
Suspect is at large after killing reporter Alison Parker, 24, cameraman Adam Ward, 27, and injuring third person on scene of live TV news segment

Jeb Bush's Use of the Offensive Term "Anchor Baby" Adds Fuel to Nativist Fires
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Elizabeth Warren Won’t Say Whether She’ll Run for Senate in 2018

Trump reignites Megyn Kelly feud with 'bimbo' tweet

From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest

The politics of China's market decline are much more worrying than the economics

Ten Years After Katrina, Wealthy Avarice Still Wins Over the Common Good
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Pennsylvania Family Deals With Water Contamination Linked to Fracking Industry

Building Community Safety: Practical Steps Toward Liberatory Transformation

The Same People Who Pushed for the Invasion of Iraq Now Want to Scrap the Iran Deal

David Swanson | The Rise of the Permanent Prisoners of War

State Board receives 3,700 objections to proposed pipeline across Iowa

What The 2016 Candidates Can Learn From Jimmy Carter

I Hung Out With the Prisoners Who Fight California's Wildfires
"It's more unity here than it would be in the yard because we've gotta work together."

Poll Shows GOP Is Rapidly Losing Favor With Voters – Even Republican Voters

Pat Robertson Blames Market Crash On Planned Parenthood

Biden Undeclared Exploratory Bid Barreling Along: Top Democratic fundraisers invited to meet with Joe Biden at Naval Observatory

Which U.S. Senators Really Want War on Iran

Report: South and North Korea Reduce Tensions

Research reveals how a very wealthy—and very white—minority is tilting the political playing field

Puerto Rico Celebrates the First Same-Sex Weddings

Garnishing California’s Future: New Bill Seeks to Curb Wage Seizures

Plant in Chile Opens South America’s Doors to Geothermal Energy

Foes Dive for Discarded Records in Abortion Clinic Dumpsters
Garbage has become an unlikely battleground in the abortion debate, as anti-abortion groups seek evidence of privacy violations in clinics’ trash. “Is it a little bit on the sketchy side?” one activist said of such tactics. “Yeah, maybe.”

How California’s pesticide regulator spun a concerned community

Target ‘Screened Out’ Black, Asian, and Women Job Applicants

Duke Students’ Objections to Reading ‘Fun Home’ Aren’t About Trigger Warnings

LA Landlords Seek to Put Tenants on the Hook for Water Bills

36,000 in Indiana could lose food stamps

White House Fires Back at Charles Koch
-- Cole Mellino for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Ten Years After Katrina, Will California’s Capital Be The Next New Orleans?

"Grandma" Is Not Your Grandma's Abortion Movie

Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail

Pollsters dumbfounded by Trump

Wal-Mart to stop selling AR-15, other semi-automatic rifles

North Dakota Allows Cops To Arm Their Drones With Tasers And Tear Gas

Tortured in Guantánamo, Uncharged Prisoner Details a US-Created Hell

Black Lives Matter Calls Attention To Killed Black Trans Women On National Day of Action
“For the first time, we were able to center black trans women’s concerns and make them a vital part of the conversation,” said an organizer for a New York rally on Tuesday.

As pesticides wipe out Monarch butterflies in the US, illegal logging is doing the same in Mexico.

Virginia shooting: family and colleagues mourn WDBJ7 journalists
Tributes paid to two TV news journalists who were shot live on air by a disgruntled former colleague.

Bernie Sanders Gets Stamp of Approval From Cornel West

NASA: Rising Sea Levels More Dangerous Than Thought

Challenges of the COP21 Paris and Climate Movements

Swedish Coast Guard Finds 50 Dead in Migrants’ Boat Off Libyan Coast

People With Disabilities Are Telling Their Own Stories

One Planet: Even the Magnificence of the Grand Canyon Can't Escape Toxic Pollution
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Everything is on fire and no one cares

Activists Take to the Sea to Demand an End to Offshore Drilling
-- Cole Mellino of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Cuba Suffers Through The Worst Drought Of ‘The Last Century’

Can the Republican Party Survive Trump?

JPMorgan Sheds $27.18 Billion in Market Cap in Three Trading Sessions

Happy 99th Birthday National Park Service
Michael Saintano of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Stock Market’s Dive Is Global and Rational
Global stock markets, which had risen sharply during a prolonged period of easy money, needed to fall to reflect reality.

Marcy Borders, 9/11's 'dust lady', dies of stomach cancer
Bank worker who survived World Trade Centre terror attack dies at 42 after year-long battle with cancer

Saudis Ignore Qaeda Gains in Yemen

This map shows how enormous US military spending really is

The Illusion of Online Privacy

US and Russia Can't Even Agree on How to Handle Astronaut Pee

How AP Got the Iran Inspections Story Wrong

Surviving Violence Is Not a Crime: Justice for Cierra Finkley

Koch Industries Draws on Big Tobacco for New PR Hires
Behind the new Koch spin is a growing list of well-connected PR staff and lobbyists, many with extensive ties to the tobacco industry or the Republican Party or both.

Scott Walker Falls Flat on His Face

Mass Shootings Dubbed the 'Dark Side of American Exceptionalism'

NRA sues over Seattle's adoption of 'gun violence tax'

Barack Obama singles out Koch brothers over fossil fuel lobbying
US president says conservative politicians and businesspeople are ‘standing in the way of the future’ by opposing his clean energy measures

US stocks surge after days of turmoil

What If We Reported On Poverty The Way We Report On The Stock Market?

Ferguson judge withdraws all arrest warrants before 2015

The Evidence Keeps Pouring In: Capitalism Just Isn't Working
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

White House won't rule out Obama primary endorsement

Scott Walker on birthright citizenship: 3 positions, 7 days

New Anti-Austerity Party Will Have Chance to Form Government in Greece

At least 12 people were killed and 66 others wounded in a suicide attack in Afghanistan’s capital

Study Suggests Trauma’s Effects Can Register Across Generations

On the Lighter Side: "Deez Nuts endorses Sanders in Dem primary"