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Alabama Democrats Describe Doug Jones' Win As 'Euphoria'

Roy Moore Won’t Accept Reality, Asks Supporters to Donate to ‘Election Integrity Fund’

These States Are Taking Medicaid Expansion Question to Voters in 2018

Jeff Sessions Isn’t Giving up on Weed. He’s Doubling Down.

New Austrian Government Will Have A Far-Right Tilt

Trump officials decline to extend ObamaCare sign-up deadline

Bernie Sanders: Trump tax cuts a barely disguised reward for billionaire donors
The Vermont senator tells the Guardian why the tax bill – which could become law next week – is the result of 40 years’ scheming by the Kochs and others

Flush with momentum, GOP speeds toward tax votes

Cell Phone Radiation Risks: California Issues Groundbreaking Guidelines

Charles P. Pierce | Maybe Talk-Radio Shock Jocks Shouldn't Work for the White House

Trump's Darkest Fantasy: His Own Global Private Spy Team, Courtesy of Erik Prince
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Charles Barkley to DNC: "We're black 365 days of the year"

Under Threat of Regulation, Profiteers Blame Each Other for High Drug Prices
The industries benefiting from rising drug prices are once again pointing fingers at each other as members of Congress threaten them with "reforms."

Joe Biden says he owes Anita Hill an apology

GOP Adjusts Tax Plan In Bid to Win Over Rubio

Roy Moore 2.0: This Arizona Republican Could Cost the GOP the Senate

Prestige Predators: Private Equity Cashes In On Payday Lending

A Journey Through a Land of Extreme Poverty: Welcome to the United States of America

GOP tax plan on shaky ground: Rubio announces he's a no

Congo child soldiers awarded $10M compensation in landmark ruling

Net neutrality supporters vow lawsuits in resistance to FCC vote

Welfare reform moving to center of Republican agenda

Bloomberg goes off on GOP tax bill: We CEOs "don’t need the money"

Roy Moore accusers feel vindicated by his Senate defeat

Late night hosts address 'absolutely despicable' FCC vote to end net neutrality

For-Profit Colleges That Dupe Students Find a Sympathetic Trump Administration
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

After Alabama: A Fierce, Strategic and Organized Hope Is the Only Way Forward

Graphic Journalists and Illustrators Draw Alternative Narratives in Syria

Guatemalan women take on Canada's mining giants over 'horrific human rights abuses'
A group of indigenous Maya Q’eqchi’ women has launched a precedent-setting legal challenge that could cast a chill over Canada’s vast mining interests

The Republican Tax Plan Is a Recession Waiting to Happen

Ahead of net neutrality vote, FCC chairman stars in video with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist

The Taking: How the federal government abused its power to seize property for a border fence

Mario Batali and the Appetites of Men

Republicans bury anti-LGBTQ provisions in massive higher education bill

Dismissed, Disrespected, Disenfranchised: Indiana Grad Students Protesting Tax Bill Get a Lesson in Democracy for the Rich

Unable to Celebrate "RonnieMan" Johnson's 29th Birthday, His Family Remembers the Life Taken by Chicago Police

Fracking Study Finds Low Birth Weights Near Natural Gas Drilling Sites

One Planet Summit: World Bank to Stop Financing Oil, Gas Projects
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Abortion Rights Foes Flail, Finger Point, Mourn as Roy Moore Falls in Alabama

A killer cop gets away with an execution

Peace on the Far Side of Nuclear Weapons
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

This Chart Breaks Down How Women Experience Discrimination in America

Six Anti-Choice, Anti-LGBTQ Doozies From Disgraced GOP Representative Trent Franks

2 independent studies say climate change worsened Hurricane Harvey’s rains.

Alabama earthquake shakes up political landscape

Brexit: UK will retain EU rules during transition, says Hammond

Trump's Naming of Jerusalem Capital Brings Anger and Despair: An Interview With Richard Falk

Everyone's missing the other part of the net neutrality debate — Big Tech is poised to become even more powerful

Tillerson urges long halt to North Korea weapons tests before any talks

Just Say No Thanks to #ThanksAlabama and ‘Magical Negro’ Narratives

After California's most destructive fire season, a debate over where to rebuild homes

William Rivers Pitt | Dig in: This Must Be the Winter of Our Discontent

Not Just Toxic Masculinity: Income Inequality Also Drives Sexual Abuse in the Workplace

The EPA Hired a Major Republican Opposition Research Firm to Track Press Activity

On His Way to Speak At FBI, Trump Slams The Bureau And Opens Door To Pardoning Flynn

Why Roy Moore just won't concede

Medics, Observers and a Journalist Face 50 Years in Prison in First Trial of J20 Inauguration Protests

Trump's Labor Department Says Employees Don't Own Their Tips

The Koch Brothers Think It's Time to Enter the Media Arena
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Facing Senate rejection, controversial pick to head EPA chemical office bows out

Responding to Trump, Turkey says it will open an embassy in East Jerusalem - in support of Palestinians

Top conservative activist calls for Congress to investigate Trump sexual misconduct allegations

Suspect in Deadly Charlottesville Car Attack to Face First Degree Murder Charges

The US Is Heading for an Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis

Official: Tillerson "not really speaking" for Trump anymore

This isn't what's wrong with America; this is what's wrong with Evangelicals

These states could be the next Alabama

Pregnant Women Who Live Near Fracking Sites More Likely To Have Underweight Babies

Video shows one of Trump's judicial nominees struggling to answer basic legal questions during a Senate hearing

Why did the Justice Department selectively release anti-Trump texts that fueled outrage at Mueller?

India's first transgender school opens its doors

Women’s theater in Gaza breaks new ground

Omarosa: I saw things in Trump White House 'I was very uncomfortable with'

"Being Detained Feels Like the Abuse I Tried to Escape": A Korean Survivor Speaks Out From Immigration Detention

Military Not Doing Enough to Prepare Bases for Climate Change, GAO Warns

Trans People Don't Need to Be "Cured," Despite What Discredited Studies Claim

Hawaii’s mayors pledge 100 percent renewable energy vehicles by 2045

Rubio to vote 'no' on tax bill unless child tax credit is expanded

Historian Nancy MacLean on the right’s ultimate goal: Rolling back the 20th century

After FCC Vote, Net Neutrality Fight Moves to Courts, Congress

US death penalty: 23 people executed and 39 sentenced to death in 2017
Executions and death sentences in the US remained at historic lows this year, with only a few counties and states continuing to back capital punishment

Pence Delays Trip to Preside Over Senate Tax Vote

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on movie theaters and this director says it's about time

US Solar Installs Fall to Their Lowest Level Since 2015, as Uncertainty Swirls and Prices Rise

U.S. Rep. Farenthold of Texas to retire amid sexual harassment scandal

Fueling dissent: how the oil industry set out to undercut clean air
After casting doubt on climate change for decades, skeptic consultants have turned their attention to air pollution

Moore Still Won’t Concede Alabama Senate Race: ‘The Battle Rages On’

An FCC vote to dismantle net neutrality is expected this week. Here’s what that means.

Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.

The end of American prison visits: jails end face-to-face contact – and families suffer
It’s been described as ‘Skype for the jailed’ and is being sold as safer and more convenient. But it begs the question: are in-person visits a human right?