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The United States Has Allowed South Sudan's Government to Utilize Child Soldiers

Mega-mergers poised to get green light under Trump

Illinois legislators OK corporate tax giveaway amid budget crisis

WATCH: Cops violently arrest black man suspected of stealing car — that turns out to be his own

Gazans Struggle in 10th Year of Israeli Blockade

Complaints Describes Border Agents Interrogating Muslim Americans, Asking for Social Media Accounts

Ringling Bros. Circus 'Finally Bows to Public Opinion,' to End Run in May

Human Rights Watch lists Trump as threat to human rights

Nationwide Rallies Are #OurFirstStand Against GOP Assault on Health Care

What DeVos Might Do to Public Schools

ACA Repeal Would Lavish Medicare Tax Cuts on 400 Highest-Income Households

No Antibiotic in the US Could Save This Woman. We Should All Be Worried.

Amazon sells out of Rep. John Lewis’ biography after Trump attacks him

Pence defends Trump calling John Lewis a failure to Black people

“I will die”: Americans plead with Republican politicians not to repeal Obamacare

Yemen civil war: Widespread starvation forces people to eat food from rubbish dumps

Nearly 70,000 birds killed in New York in attempt to clear safer path for planes

Inauguration Boycott Grows Along With Women's March Momentum
A growing number of Democratic lawmakers say they won't attend President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday.

Solar power to rise from nuclear ashes

Meryl Streep, Listen Up: Disability Shouldn't Be the Only Trump Card You Play

First Bumble Bee in the US Gets Endangered Species Protection

DOJ sues city that has never elected a Black city council member
Trump’s Justice Department is unlikely to continue the fight.

Stopping traffic: Minnesota lawmakers try increase penalties for common protest tactic

How Is It Still Possible for a Jury in South Carolina to Have Just One Black Member?

What Pro-Choice Organizing in the Reagan Years Can Teach Us for the Trump Years

UK air pollution episode linked to 300 premature deaths

Squatters make home in the heart of inequality

Joel Berger on overlooked ‘edge species’ that deserve conservation

CRE Superbug Discovered on US Pig Farm

Afghan Beekeepers Demonstrate the Power of Co-ops to Transform Lives

Puerto Rico Turns to Lewandowski to Lobby Trump on Debt

Meet Cory Booker's Top Donor: A Right-Wing, Islamophobic, Pro-Israel Outfit That Backs Trump’s Extremist Agenda

Precarious migrant motherhood in Lebanon

Welcome to the Trump Era: Time To Rethink the Word "Allies" (Yes, White Women, We Are Looking At You)

Trump Invited Notorious Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay Rev. to Pray at Inauguration

Israel Lobby: Insidious threats should be feared

WhatsApp vulnerability allows snooping on encrypted messages

Breaking the Chains: Can Labor Unions Organize Retail Workers?

Emboldened by President-elect Donald Trump’s call to “drain the swamp,” conservatives on Capitol Hill are renewing their push to impose term limits on members of Congress.

John Lewis’ fifth district residents respond to Trump’s comments with #defendthe5th, photos of neighborhood

Chelsea Manning Describes Bleak Life in a Men’s Prison

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for Canada to phase out its oil sand production

Three Cleveland Police Officers Facing Administrative Charges in Tamir Rice Case

NAACP President Calls on Donald Trump to Apologize to John Lewis

Total Abortion Ban Debuts in Congress

Mosul battle: Iraq forces 'retake' university from IS

Donald Trump open to lifting sanctions on Russia

Arizona Republicans move to ban social justice courses and events at schools
Bill would prohibit courses and activities that promote ethnic studies and advocate ‘solidarity’ based on ethnicity, race, religion or gender

Cancer survivor who once opposed federal health law challenges Ryan on its repeal

Protest shuts down UC Davis event with White Nationalist editor and former pharma exec

Reality Catches Up with Republicans (or Vice Versa); Plus: Larry Flynt vs. Trump and the Media

Loretta Lynch will leave office without Eric Garner case being resolved

Trump blasts Rep. Lewis for saying his election not legitimate

Trump's Scotland golf resort proceeds with expansion despite business pledge
President-elect’s team does not consider multimillion-dollar plans in conflict with written vow to end new foreign investments, which critics call ‘ambiguous’

For the First Time, Lady Liberty Depicted as a Woman of Color on US Currency

Canadian First Nations Sue the Government to Protect Land

Across the US, police contracts shield officers from scrutiny and discipline
Many contracts erase disciplinary records or allow police to forfeit sick leave for suspensions. Meantime, residents face hurdles in pursuing complaints.

New Report Shows Devastating Impact of Solitary Confinement on Incarcerated People with Physical Disabilities

"I will give you everything": 282 of Trump’s campaign promises

Ecuador has begun drilling for oil in the world’s richest rainforest

The Trump Administration May Evict the Press from the White House

Protesters against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline have expressed dismay at a new slate of bills proposed this week by North Dakota's Republican-led and largely oil-friendly state legislature that, if passed, could potentially upend their months-long protest movement.

Repealing Obamacare could be a matter of life or death for many Americans. Here are their voices

For-profit college industry slips through cracks of accountability

Deconstructing Hierarchies: On the Paradox of Contrived Leadership and Arbitrary Positions of Power

The US Dropped Bombs Every Three Hours in 2016

Death toll rises to six in unrelenting ice storms
Damaging ice storms continued their deadly march Sunday through much of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa as winter storm watches and warnings stretched across much of the nation's storm-weary midsection.

How Betsy DeVos Used God and Amway to Take Over Michigan Politics
With her nomination as education secretary, a powerful political clan will bring its overtly Christian agenda to Washington.

Why Trump’s Contempt for the Emoluments Clause Matters

US Agrees to Pay Billions to Marines Affected by Toxic Water

A Japanese ship has been caught with a slaughtered whale in the Antarctic in defiance of an international court decision against Tokyo's hunts, activist group Sea Shepherd said Sunday.

While Oil Front Group Touts Cheap Fossil Fuel to Low-Income Families, Industry Negotiates Deal to Drive World Oil Prices Up

More Than 1 Million People Urge Obama to Pardon Snowden

Inside Basmane
Basmane is a district within the city of Izmir (western Turkey), where due to its multicultural heritage and solidarity, many refugees have found safe haven.

FEC is after Trump and his JFCs for anonymous donations, other violations

A tale of two states (and what it tells us about so-called “right-to-work” laws)

The Rights of Nature: Indigenous Philosophies Reframing Law

Trump Somehow Found Time Today to Meet With Monsanto Execs

Interior cancels oil and gas leases in Montana’s Badger-Two Medicine

Affirmative action = class solidarity

The untold story of how the killing of Abdul Fattah al-Shareef was filmed

Trump's Lesser-Known Homeland Security Adviser Espouses Anti-Muslim Policing

State minimum wage increases helped 4.3 million workers, but federal inaction has left many more behind

‘Day of Terror’: Munduruku village attacked by Brazil’s Federal Police

False hope, broken promises: Obama’s belligerent legacy

The pursuit of happiness: The American cultural case for a universal basic income

The Peak Oil President?

Something Better to Offer Trump Voters Tired of Waiting for Their Turn

King’s Dream Still Isn’t Reality
Housing was a key part of King's vision for economic justice, but most black Americans don't own homes.

Gadget mountain rising in Asia threatens health, environment

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s E.P.A. Pick, Backed Industry Donors Over Regulators

The Convoluted Process for Dismantling Obamacare
Budget reconciliaton, explained

With days left in office, Obama ushers in dozens of policies. But will they survive?

Democrats Should Follow John Lewis’ Lead
He questioned Trump’s legitimacy, but for too many others the forms of democracy seem to matter more than the thing itself.

Democrat Lobbyist's Latest Special Interest: Jared Kushner

Protests escalate over Louisiana pipeline by company behind Dakota Access

Obama expands the NSA's ability to share data with other agencies
The NSA can more easily disseminate "raw signals intelligence information" among the CIA, FBI and others.

Three Times as Many Bus Permits Have Been Requested for the Women’s March Than for Inauguration

After years-long anti-soring campaign, USDA bans torture of walking horses

GOP's Go-Slow 'Rescue Mission' Plan To Replace Obamacare

Administrative charge letters released for officers involved in Tamir Rice shooting

Trump's Suppression of Climate Science Echoes Restrictions Under Stalin

The Crimes of SEAL Team 6

CNN in Trump’s crosshairs

Smooth-Talking Jeff Sessions Can't Hide Disturbing Record

Women Visiting Loved Ones Jailed at Rikers Describe Years of Invasive Searches by Guards

Trump taps Steve Harvey to bring change to Chicago, other cities

The biggest threat to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago? Climate change

North Dakota Governor: DAPL Likely to Get Easement Once Trump Is President