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Democrats Embrace Citizens United in Defense of Clinton
-- David Sirota on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Baltimore Seeks Justice Dept. Inquiry Into Its Police Practices

Baltimore Mayor Seeks DOJ Probe of Police, Promises Body Cameras

Death for Drug Dealers and Quarantines for AIDS Victims: The Mike Huckabee You May Not Remember
What the presidential candidate's first campaign says about his current one.

Nebraska Woman Files Suit Against All Homosexuals

Surveillance Planes Secretly Monitored Uprising in Baltimore
The ACLU is demanding answers about the previously secret nighttime aerial surveillance by city and federal authorities in the wake of protests and unrest over the death of Freddie Gray.

Alito and Scalia: Have You No Sense of Decency, Sirs?
-- Bill Quigley for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Drive to Drill: Energy Lobbyists Behind Governors' Crusade for Atlantic Oil

The Irish Are Fighting Back

Elizabeth Warren Welcomes Wall Street’s Hatred

Sex Workers Say A&E Show Lied to Them About Providing Resources and Protecting Their Privacy

What Do We Know About the Torture Photos Obama Refuses to Release?

For US Women, Inequality Takes Many Forms

Investors Flee US Stocks at Financial-Crisis Levels

"The Game Done Changed": Reconsidering "The Wire" Amidst the Baltimore Uprising

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think Mass Incarceration is a Real Thing

How to Truly Eradicate Poverty

Carly Fiorina Is Running to Be 2016’s Sarah Palin

How Republican Presidential Candidates Are Getting Away With Denying Evolution

The Thin White Line: Most Cops Don't Look Like the Residents They Serve

Garland, Texas—Scene of Last Night's Shootings—Is a Hotbed for Anti-Muslim Bigotry
The narrative being told about Sunday night's shootings is woefully incomplete.

Grits for Breakfast
Welcome to Texas justice: You might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride.

What Does Cleavage Censorship Have to Do With Hong Kong's Electoral Policy?

The APA Relied on the CIA for Ethical Guidance

5 Points On How Americans View Hillary Clinton

Dean Baker | Celebrating the Flash Crash With a Wall Street Sales Tax

‘Wounded Warrior’ Charity Unleashes Hell—On Other Veteran Groups
What happens when a non-profit that was started to help veterans becomes the neighborhood bully?

Eco-Adventure Novel Inspires Kids to Get Outside

When Will We Demand Justice for Natasha McKenna?

A Novel Dutch Lawsuit Demands Government Cut Carbon Emissions

N.J. would drastically increase solar, wind power under proposed law

SeaWorld Barbie quits her job

Carly Fiorina declares bid for Republican presidential nomination
Former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard becomes first woman to seek party’s nod for White House in crowded 2016 race.

Ben Carson: ‘I’m announcing my candidacy for president of the United States of America’

Inside the Military-Police Center That Spies on Baltimore's Rioters

Israeli soldiers cast doubt on legality of Gaza military tactics
Testimonies of Israeli combatants about last year’s war show apparent disregard for safety of civilians.

Ghosts of Iguala Mexico: Case Unravels in Disappearance of 43 students

Central Valley's growing concern: Crops raised with oil field water

A healthful legacy: Michelle Obama looks to the future of ‘Let’s Move’

Before We Can Make American Education New, We Must Master What Made It Great

As Black And Brown People Protest Cop Killings, Whites Don't See Institutional Racism
Institutional racism has replaced Jim Crow and segregation.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Accuses Pentagon Of Withholding Information About Sex Crimes In Military Communities

Mediterranean migrant crisis: Thousands of migrants rescued at sea

Feds: VA Official Stole Cash for Stripper Sex, Gambling

75 Ways Socialism Has Improved the US

Sheriffs Threaten to Cut Off Prisoner Phone Calls If They Can’t Get Kickbacks

Britain and NATO Launch Biggest War Games on Russia's Doorstep as Tensions Grow

The Computers Are Listening: How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text

A Massacre Site in Iraq Becomes a Memorial

Paul Krugman | Telling Billionaires What They Want to Hear

Fifty-Seven Percent of Republicans Want to Undo the American Revolution

Mexico: Case Unravels in Disappearance of 43 Students

Farmers Are Watering Your Food With Fracking Chemicals

Secret Battles Behind the GOP Freak Show: The Backroom Struggles for Republican Domination

The Wars Come Home: A Five-Step Guide to the Police Repression of Protest

Don't Call It a Curfew: Martial Law in the United States
Being Black in Baltimore in recent days meant being imprisoned in your home: another example of communities of color being subject to an unequal criminal legal system.

William Rivers Pitt | How to Run for President for Fun and Profit: 2016 Edition

Pentagon: No, We Are Not Taking Over Texas

As McDonald's Announces Corporate Shake-Up, Workers Vow to Rise Up

The Real Reason Inequality Is Widening and Average Working Americans Can’t Gain Ground

David Swanson | Watching Shadows of Liberty

Pentagon Admits Anti-ISIS Strikes Killed Civilians

The Clintons, a luxury jet and their $100 million donor from Canada

Scott Walker celebrates Star Wars Day by being creepy on the internet

The Political Roots of Widening Inequality
The key to understanding the rise in inequality isn’t technology or globalization. It’s the power of the moneyed interests to shape the underlying rules of the market.

Drones, Cops and the Unaccountable Machinery of Death
From signature strikes in Pakistan to police violence in Baltimore, the state is seemingly uninterested in even counting how many people it kills.

Make the Rich Panic

FBI had known about suspected Texas shooter for years

Plastic Pollution = Cancer of Our Oceans: What Is the Cure?

William Rivers Pitt | Trading Paradise for a Pipeline

Ethiopian-Israelis' protest against police violence is met with police violence

Pakistan pushes to put stalled climate policy into action

How Much Trouble Is Richard Burr in?

EPA delays prompt $13.7 billion shortfall in biofuels investment: report

Nan-Hui Jo’s Case Shows How the System Fails Immigrant Abuse Survivors

What’s the greenest megacity? Hint: Not NYC

Can Pope Francis Save the Day on Global Warming?
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

New York state police handcuff and shackle 'combative' five-year-old
Officers arrived after school reported boy was disruptive and uncontrollable

The Five-Step Process to Privatize Everything
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Ghosts of Iguala Mexico: How 43 Students Disappeared in the Night

Gunmen shot dead in Texas after opening fire outside prophet Muhammad cartoon show

As Baltimore mayor lifts curfew, National Guard begins pullout

The painful price of aging in prison
Even as harsh sentences are reconsidered, the financial — and human — tolls mount

Conservative Voters' Climate Denial Could Ruin GOP Presidential Bid
To win the party nomination, a GOP hopeful must deny manmade climate change. But that stance could very well deny him the White House.

Halley's Eclipse: a coup for Newtonian prediction and the selling of science
300 years ago, on the 3rd of May 1715, a rare solar eclipse occurred over England. It was an opportunity too good to miss for those promoting new astronomical theories – and their own careers.