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The Military's Rough Justice on Sexual Assault

Be a Decent Human Being and Don't Go Shopping on Thanksgiving

'No Justice, No Profits': Blacks To Boycott Black Friday

Obama's Immigration Decision Is a Movement Victory

Thanksgiving Day and the Powerful Play

How the Pentagon's Skynet Would Automate War

A New Business Strategy: Treating Employees Well

Ferguson shooting: Governor "rejects calls for second jury"

Explosion, gunfire heard in diplomatic quarter of Afghan capital

Mass Imprisonment and Public Health

How to Deal With Friends’ Racist Reactions to Ferguson

Tamir Rice Video Shows Cop Opening Fire on 12-Year-Old

Americans waste a ridiculous amount of food on Thanksgiving
We trash about 204 million pounds of turkey on this one day alone.

Nation’s Largest Food Bank Reduces Portions, Turns Away Needy After Massive Food Stamp Cuts

Everything the Darren Wilson grand jury got wrong: The lies, errors and mistruths that let Michael Brown’s killer off the hook

Car Plows Through Michael Brown Rally in Minneapolis (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

California bill would require retailers, restaurants to pay their employees double on holidays

The Cruelest Republican in Georgia
Sen. Josh McKoon has sponsored an anti-gay "religious freedom" bill. Now he wants to strip battered women immigrants of drivers licenses.

The 14 Teens Killed by Cops Since Michael Brown

America’s toxic race rule: Why Ferguson protests revive the ugly “twice as good” myth
Police brutality started and escalated this controversy. So why are we spending so much energy warning protesters?

Texas Approves Textbooks With Moses as Honorary Founding Father
New school books claim that Moses influenced the writing of the Constitution.

"I Hate That Oil's Dropping": Why Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Wants High Oil Prices for Fracking

The Myth of Thanksgiving Cannot Erase the Theft of Native American Land Through Decimation
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Proposed Takedown of Our Digital Rights and Freedoms

FAA records show surge in close calls between drones, airliners

Asking for peace and ignoring history in Ferguson

Walmart Still Avoiding Paying $7000 Fine for Worker Killed by Black Friday Shoppers in 2008

Video of Tamir Rice being killed by police to be released

Assange and Chomsky Appear Arm-in-Arm at Ecuadorian Embassy
Scholar and prominent activist pays visit despite heavy police presence.

Anti-Fracking Warriors Sandra Steingraber and Colleen Boland Released From Jail
-- Stefanie Spear of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Illegal Cybercrime Profits From Enormous Trade in Wild Animals

The Rich Are Getting Richer, but It Has Nothing to Do With Their Paychecks

This God-Loving Public Safety Officer Wants Obama Shot
On Rush Limbaugh's Facebook page, a New York state fire chief says the "traitor" president should be killed because of his immigration order.

Rudy Giuliani on Ferguson Decision: I'd Prosecute Witnesses for Lying (VIDEO)

Alabama wants to use Gulf restoration funds to build a $60 million beachfront hotel

Media Must Tell What Happens - and Why - in Ferguson

#NotOneDime: Black Friday Boycotts Planned to Protest Ferguson Decision

United Nations Calls for an End to Industrialized Farming

How Not to Use a Grand Jury
McCulloch gave Wilson’s case special treatment. He turned it over to the grand jury, a rarity itself, and then used the investigation as a document dump, an approach that is virtually without precedent in the law of Missouri or anywhere else.

Rev. Jesse Jackson | We can still get justice for Mike Brown: End the government's reckless 'ghetto' policy

Race to sign Iran nuclear deal before Republican takeover of Congress

Six Revelations from the Michael Brown Grand Jury Documents

Opening stores on Thanksgiving doesn't boost sales

Topaz, the Largest Solar Plant in the World, Is Now Fully Operational
The 550-megawatt project is on-line and sending power to the California grid.

UK Journalists Are Suing the Police for Spying on Them

'Recount' Ahead for Oregon's GMO Ballot Measure
Hand-count of paper ballots likely after computer tallies report margin of fewer than 900 votes out of over 1.5 million cast.

Federal, civil avenues remain for pursuing action against Darren Wilson

Study: Over 1.2 million veterans lack health insurance
Study says vets earned too much for VA benefits; many live in states refusing ACA funding to expand Medicaid.

Groups Sue US Government to Stop Coal Industry's Pillage of Public Lands

Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions

KKK Leader Meets With Anonymous After Group Hijacks Twitter Account

Mexican President Burned in Effigy as Tens of Thousands Mark Day of Protest

Darren Wilson Prosecutor Was Biased From the Get-Go in the Middle of a Racist Cauldron
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Officer Darren Wilson's Story Is Unbelievable. Literally.

With Impunity and Justice For Cops

How Oil Ate the Heart of North Dakota

Obama's Feet to the Fire? Not Likely. Not Ever

Thousands Protest Peacfully Around The Nation Following Ferguson Grand Jury Decision, More Protests Planned

Paul Krugman | Still Waiting for the Collapse

Ferguson Protests to #FergusonNext: 5 Paths to Progress After Non-Indictment
A grand jury has confirmed America’s addiction to violence and racism. It’s time to go beyond one officer and one place. Here is how the healing might begin

Tamir Rice, Boy Shot Dead By Cleveland Police, Did Not Point Replica Gun at Officer

The Police Have Choices. Why Do They So Often Choose So Poorly?
-- Akira Watts for BuzzFlash at Truthout

If You're a Rotten Employer, the Internet Will Find You
It's the only weapon we have left, but it's a damned good one.

La Via Campesina: Day of Action Against Violence Towards Women

No Justice in America: Why Promises of Change Were Too Slow for Mike Brown
Like so many others before them, Mike Brown's family was denied not just justice -- but fairness

Protests Flare After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision
The town is reeling from a chaotic night of demonstrations after it was announced that a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager would not be charged.

Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch Gives Bizarre Press Conference

The Democratic Party Must Find Its Core Values in Order to Become Relevant Again

Sleep Is the Enemy of Capital

Holiday Shopping Ads Are Geared Toward Brain's Reward Center

#Ferguson Thanksgiving: A Former Slave Proposed the Holiday 55 Years Before Lincoln. Why His Version Matters Today

Show Up on Thanksgiving or Get Fired

Israeli occupation stoking 'holy war' in Jerusalem

California Case Could Be A Pivotal Moment In Ending The War On Marijuana

Thomas Piketty is right: Income inequality is holding us back

Obama's Thanksgiving Amnesty

Lawmakers Urge Calm, Offer Few Policy Prescriptions in Wake of Ferguson

Video shows Cleveland officer shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice within seconds

Mexican Activist Who Fed Train-Hopping Immigrants Is Slain

Michelle Alexander | Telling My Son About Ferguson

Major victory for the bees: Ontario moves to restrict neonicotinoids
The Canadian province plans to phase out 80 percent of the bee-killing pesticides by 2017.

Racism: It's the Law
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Congress Poised to Eliminate Key Tax Breaks for Middle Class, Provide Permanent Tax Breaks for Corporations

Bob McCulloch’s pathetic prosecution of Darren Wilson

"Prosecutor Bob McCulloch asked a poorly understood, secretive institution to decide Wilson's case. he public doesn't know how they work, and they don't offer a transparent presentation of the evidence."

Black Friday is America’s premier gun-buying day

“We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a vast cemetery”: Pope Francis champions migrant rights in Europe

Sovereign Citizens Are America’s Top Cop-Killers

How the Obama administration gives away military-grade weapons to local police

St. Louis Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Rampant Corruption Within the Department

Robert Reich | Why College Is Necessary but Gets You Nowhere

Is Walmart the World's Worst Corporation?

Yes, the US can reduce emissions 80 percent by 2050 - in six graphs

Judge: FEC improperly narrowed disclosure rules

From Buy Nothing Day to Independence Day
Let's highlight the importance of framing and narratives, and the power of including the Global South, in a global day of boycott against multinational corporations.

Is Spate of Texas Earthquakes Connected to Nearby Fracking Operations?

Mississippi Schools Sue State for More Money

Fox News and the American Family Association May Own It, but Henry Ford and the John Birch Society Started the "War on Christmas"
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Ferguson Isn’t Just About Race - It’s About Guns, Too
These charts show just how bad gun violence is in the US, compared to developed peers.

Free Marissa and All Black People
Marissa Alexander made a decision for herself and her family to accelerate the (un-free) freedom that all who live black in the United States have when we aren't formally caged.

Should We Impeach Chief Justice John Roberts?

Bangladesh farmers turn back the clock to combat climate stresses

Obama Threatens to Veto $440 Billion Tax Deal

Drone pilot wanted: Starting salary $100,000

United Technologies' CEO Leaves With $172 Million Pay Package

In week before Ferguson verdict, 12 killed by law enforcement across US
Advocates say data on law enforcement-caused homicides is incomplete and the actual numbers may be higher than believed.

US judges overturn same-sex marriage bans in Mississippi and Arkansas

Ferguson files show unorthodox police practices

Feds Tell Nation's Cops to Stop Illegally Seizing Motorists' Property ... but Only if They Want to

Who’s still being held at Guantánamo? Here is a list of 142 detainees.

New Sanctuary Movement Seeks to Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Meet the Taliban's psychiatrist

New bill would allow the VA to recommend medical marijuana for patients

Rep. Hank Johnson: Why does Ferguson still look like Iraq? Congress can stop the military police

Dozens arrested, traffic blocked in 170 cities on Day 2 of Ferguson protests

The right’s vile Ferguson ploy: Why they really want to focus on “riots”
Supporters of Darren Wilson and apologists for Ferguson officials are desperate to change the subject. Here's why.

Glenn Greenwald | The US/UK Campaign to Demonize Social Media Companies as Terrorist Allies

Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Is Just the Latest to Go Unprosecuted for a Fatal Shooting
Since 2004, St. Louis County police officers have killed people in at least 14 cases. Few faced grand juries, and none was charged.

Charles P. Pierce | The Day After In Ferguson: There Is Always a Reason

Four Reasons Keystone Really Matters
Pipeline apologists tell us the president’s decision isn’t that important for the climate—the dirty oil will flow anyway. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Most White People in America Are Completely Oblivious
Black people have to learn everything about white people just to stay alive. White people just don't get that.

The National Bar Association Takes Public Issue With Ferguson Grand Jury Decision
"The National Bar Association is questioning how Darren Wilson, a Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri, was not indicted and tried for the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown."

"Monster" Fracking Wells Guzzle Water in Drought-Stricken Regions

Ferguson Public Library Sees "Staggering" Spike in Donations After Grand Jury Decision

Senate Report: Scale of Wall Street Holdings Are “Unprecedented in US History”

Darren Wilson Wasn’t Indicted - the System Was
The St. Louis County prosecutor seemed to blame society more than the cop who shot Michael Brown, but he didn’t address the race and class issues that set the tone of life in Ferguson.

Gulf-Bound Tar Sands for Export? Follow the Oiltanking Trail

New York Fed, Goldman in Criminal Investigation for Sharing Confidential Information

Warning to Ferguson Police: Protesters Win Millions for Police Misconduct
-- Bill Quigley for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Monsanto Pays $2.4 Million Fine for Wrecking Pacific NW Wheat

Ferguson: Police Mole Helping Anonymous Identify KKK Link With Darren Wilson
A mole within the St Louis County Police Department is feeding information to Anonymous hacktivists trying to prove a link between Darren Wilson and the Ku Klux Klan.

How to Talk About Climate Change on Thanksgiving

Senate Torture Investigation Fails to Interview Key Torture Victims

Obama's New Leader at the Pentagon Will Mean More War – not Less

Media Goes Wild Over Hagel Firing But Not Obama's Secret Afghanistan Reversal

VA Ousts Hospital Chief in Phoenix Scandal

I Went to UVA and I Hope They Sue the Everloving Crap Out of It

The Real Cost of Fracking: How America’s Shale Gas Boom Is Threatening Our Families, Pets, and Food

Grand Jury Led by Pro-Police Prosecutor Decides Cops Have License to Kill