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Vermont Senate Votes 26-2 for GMO Labeling

ABC’s New Right-Wing Hack: Why a Network Is Paying for Laura Ingraham’s Vile Racism

More Than 900 Environmental Advocates Slain In A Decade As Concern For The Planet Grows

The Kansas Shooting and the Ron Paul Factor

Oklahoma Gun Range Applies to Sell Liquor to Shooters

Celebrating Resistance on the Anniversary of South Africa's First Democratic Vote

Matt Taibbi: 'Hands Down' Bush Was Tougher On Corporate America Than Obama

Paul Krugman | The Lack of Courage Among Policymakers

Charles P. Pierce | Perception and Reality and the Death of Journalism

Triumph of the Drill: How Big Oil Clings to Billions in Government Giveaways
Deficit hawks slam them. Execs say they don't need them. So why does petroleum still get big tax breaks?

Eugene Robinson | It's Working: A Victory Lap for Obamacare
-- Eugene Robinson on BuzzFlash at Truthout

"We Are in Great Danger": Ex-Banker Details How Mega-Banks Destroyed America
"The power has only been more consolidated," warns Goldman Sachs veteran Nomi Prins in an interview with Salon

The Atlanta Braves Are Getting Racist Hate Mail About Hank Aaron

Michael Ruppert Kills Self

Mementos of a Tragedy
The memory of those killed and injured in the Boston Marathon bombing seems to demand physical recognition, but there are, as yet, no plans for a permanent memorial.

William Rivers Pitt | "WTF Bombs?": Taking Back the Boston Marathon

Google Knew About Heartbleed and Didn’t Tell the Government

Oklahoma Governor Bans Minimum Wage Increases And Paid Sick Leave Laws

EPA Drastically Underestimates Methane Released at Fracking Drilling Sites

Washington Post, Guardian Win Pulitzers for NSA/Snowden Coverage

Supreme Court Will Decide If Politicians Can Lie

UN Report Spells Out Super-Hard Things We Must Do to Curb Warming

US Press Once Again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism

The Tea Party’s New Koch-Flavored Populism
Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are trying to repurpose the Republicans as the party of the middle class. Can they do that with the Koch brothers’ millions?

Bullets, Blood, Then a Cry of ‘Heil Hitler’

Could A GOP Senate Blockade The Supreme Court Under Obama?

Insiders Tell All: Both the Stock Market and the SEC Are Rigged

For the second time in three weeks, a United Nations panel sent a loud-and-clear message—now is the time to divest from fossil fuels.

Slavery Has Had Four Eras in the United States, And Its Abominable Impact Continues Today
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Long-Term Unemployment Is Elevated Across All Education, Age, Occupation, Industry, Gender, And Racial And Ethnic Groups

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing

Minnesota Becomes Fifth State to Hike Minimum Wage in 2014

Remembering the Genocide in Rwanda, While the US Did Nothing to Stop It

Badger Madness: State GOP To Vote On Affirming Wisconsin's Right To Secede

What You Think You Know About The Midterms Is Wrong

I Served My Country. Then It Kicked Me Out.
I was a veteran, a father and husband and a small-business owner. Then I was deported.

Crews work to remove 1,100 gallons of jet fuel from the San Antonio River

Ukraine Tension Turns Deadly as Russia Seeks UN Meeting

Could Working on Keystone XL Give You Cancer, Asthma?

Pot Vending Machine Introduced in Colorado

For troops, keeping sexual assault a painful secret
Service members who say they were sexually assaulted face agonizing decisions about whether to speak up or stay silent.

Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world

Norman Solomon | Why We Need Media Critics Who Are Fiercely Independent

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) defends blocking equal pay law: GOP ‘led the fight for women’s equality’

The Three Most Sobering Graphics From the UN’s New Climate Report

John Nichols | Bernie Sanders Versus Citizens United

The most important fact we rarely admit in talking about segregation and poverty

Blackwater Guards Finally to be Tried for Killing 14 Iraqi Civilians

Canada adopts housing first strategy to address homelessness

DEA Raided Woman's House After She Shopped at a Garden Store

Report Offers Grim Predictions for South Texas Air Quality Amid Eagle Ford Oil Boom
State-funded study projects dramatic increase in emissions from oil and gas development by 2018.

Oklahoma says it has obtained secret supply of execution drugs

Greenwald, Poitras Enter US Freely, But This Is No Time to Celebrate

The NSA's Heartbleed Problem Is the Problem With the NSA

Violent Crime Drops Where People Have Access to Marijuana, Study Suggests
Two scientific papers suggest the dire warnings we've heard about marijuana for decades don't hold water.

Americans Are Still Blind to Israel's Domination of Palestinians

The ‘Real Racists’ Have Always Worn Suits

Justice John Paul Stevens | The Five Extra Words That Can Fix the Second Amendment

The Wall Street second-chances rule: scandal makes the rich grow stronger

Wife of Fox News chief Roger Ailes threatens to sue woman over sharing a Facebook post

Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Government

Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers' Goals
There is a lot of talk about the Kochs and how much they spend to influence elections. But what do they expect for their investment?

The likely targets of a climate boycott
Southern energy giants are among the companies that could feel the heat.

Nevada Rancher Threatens 'Range War' Against Feds

Case Studies Show How Shale Boom Hurt Health and Infrastructure of Four Communities

Revolution Against Corporate Education Targets Achilles Heel

Say NO to the Comcast takeover

In Chicago: 18 shot, 2 fatally, since Saturday afternoon

Why Do Bosses Want Their Employees’ Salaries to Be Secret?

Prison Reform is Bigger in Texas
The Lone Star State has led a surprisingly progressive overhaul of its incarceration system.

Fed-Up Eric Holder Rips Congress: ‘Unprecedented, Unwarranted, Ugly and Divisive’

Congressional Black Caucus Urges Rethink Of Army Hair Rules

If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk
When researchers observed young people's behavior in bars, they found that the man's aggressiveness didn't match his level of intoxication. Instead, men targeted women who were intoxicated.

Report: NSA Exploited Heartbleed to Siphon Passwords for Two Years

South Carolina Legislators Want 'Stand Your Ground' Expanded To Fetuses

Objectively Bad: Ezra Klein, Nate Silver, Jonathan Chait and Return of the “View From Nowhere”

Muslim, Gay, and Making No Apologies

Religious Right Fears the GOP Can't Handle a National Convention in Las Vegas

Walmart Prices Would Rise By Pennies If It Paid Workers More Than Poverty Wages

O'Reilly, Moses and the Decline of America
In yet another "get off my lawn" rant, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly broke down why America is just not such a great place anymore.

You Pay Higher Taxes Than Boeing (and GE, Verizon & 23 More U.S. Corporations)
Feeling the sting of Tax Day today? Prepare to feel even worse—with a look at the 26 U.S. corporations who pay no federal corporate income tax at all.

Can White People Be Terrorists?
How media label Kansas shooting suspect

Uranium Workers Dying After Time at Namibia Mine, Report Warns
Miners who dug ore to supply the military found to be dying of cancers and other illnesses at Rio Tinto's Rössing mine

GE, Original Political Sponsor of Reagan, Built Fukushima Plant Responsible for Radiation Illnesses of Sailors on USS Reagan: The Gipper Legacy
-- Jacqueline Marcus for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Why Ordinary Citizens Have No Say

Iraq Says Abu Ghraib Prison Is Closed

Distinguished Medical Journal: Marriage Equality Makes Families Healthier

Pot Economics: What's the Future of the American Marijuana Market?

Paying Employees With Gift Cards That Have Fees Is a Deplorable Economic Injustice
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

UN Climate Report Was Censored
A major climate report presented to the world was censored by the very governments who requested it, frustrating and angering some of its lead authors.

CBO Lowers Obamacare's Price Tag By $104 Billion Over 10 Years

China's Air Pollution Leading to More Erratic Climate for US, Say Scientists

City of Detroit Close to Pension Deal, Which Could Pave Way for Bankruptcy Exit

Central Ohio Mumps Outbreak Tops 200 Cases

Hillary Clinton Makes Money for Boeing

Political Divide Slows US Action on Climate Laws

Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen

WANTED: Hospitals That Fully Serve Their Communities

Judge: Feds Can Hide Rationale for Killing US Citizen

SATIRE: Earth's Atmophere Boils Away, Unemployment Way Up

Christie Disussed Wildstein Claims About Bridge Tie-Ups

University of California Unionized Grad-Student Instructors Lead Higher-Ed Fight for Fair Treatment

What’s the Matter with John Kerry?

Accusation of FBI Spying Stalls 9/11 Hearing

Ukraine Says It Has Begun Military Push in Insurgent East

Greed at a Glance

Why you should be skeptical of Walmart’s cheap organic food

Just Say No to Tasering Students and Militarizing Our Schools
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Despite cuts, US remains world's largest single military spender, with more than a third of total global expenditures

CIA's Pakistan drone strikes carried out by regular US air force personnel

"This Award Is for Snowden": Greenwald, Poitras Accept Polk Honor for Exposing NSA Surveillance


New Yorker: The Importance of Elizabeth Warren

Jewish Community Center Shooting Suspect Was Ku Klux Klan Leader

"Feds Turn From Landlords To Warlords": Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Gov't

Nevada rancher, armed militias win standoff with Feds, govt returns cattle

Moroccan women take to street, demand constitutional guarantee of gender equality

Abunimah: Justice in Palestine Is Fundamental to Global Struggle Against Racial, Economic Domination

The not-so-natural causes of a natural disaster
The facts about the deadly mudslide in Washington state.

Two dead, one injured in shootings in Kansas Jewish communities
Police take one person into custody on grounds of nearby school.

The Government Listens To Lobbyists And The Wealthy, Not You And Me

Window Opens on Secret Camp Within Guantanamo

7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes off Solomon islands, second big one in hours

California drought spawns well drilling boom

About the Judge who issued latest Cliven Bundy Order

Charles Pierce | The Federal Bureau of Incompetence

How Heartbleed Broke the Internet - and Why It Can Happen Again

Inside the FBI's Secret Relationship With the Military's Special Operations

Climate Panel Stunner: Avoiding Climate Catastrophe Is Super Cheap - But Only If We Act Now

Creationists refute evolutionary ‘myths’ in PBS’s documentary series ‘Your Inner Fish’

Why you should be skeptical of Walmart’s cheap organic food

GMO labeling would be outlawed by new bill in Congress

Agenda 21: The UN Conspiracy That Just Won’t Die

Canadian Corporation Plans Tar Sands Strip Mining in Trinidad and Tobago


Fox News hates science: How the media misrepresents “authority”

Yes, California, Your Prison Conditions Are Still Unconstitutional

Meet the spiritual forefather of conservatives’ War on Women

Higher Education Financing Needs a Better Deal Than This
Bipartisan budget proposals seek to address the debt-burden on students, yet merely underscore the need for a drastic overhaul of post-secondary education financing.

Meet the Republican Who Thinks His Party Has Failed on Women's Issues

Is Obama enforcing the law?
Republicans are ratcheting up accusations that President Obama is playing fast and loose with enforcing federal statutes.

US Blasted on Failure to Ratify IMF Reforms

Richard D. Wolff | Why No Sustained Protests (Yet)?

Social Change: We Are the Problem We Are Seeking to Solve

Connecticut Senate Preemptively Bans GE Grass Seed

Truthout Interviews John Pilger on Aborigine Assimilation by Abduction in Australia

Connecticut estate sells for $120 million, a US record

Ruptured Michigan Pipeline to Restart, Now New and Double the Capacity
Enbridge is weeks away from starting its replacement of 6B, the line that ruptured in 2010 and spilled a million-plus gallons of Canadian tar sands.

Stuck in Tijuana Hoping for a Miracle: the Deportees With Nowhere to Go

Obama Lets N.S.A. Exploit Some Internet Flaws, Officials Say

Let them eat McMansions! The 1 percent, income inequality, and new-fashioned American excess

Mother Haunted by Video of Son's Arrest by Santa Ana School Officer
The video, which has gone viral, shows police officer holding down a 14-year-old boy. It has triggered an investigation into the officer's handling of the arrest.

Fear of Becoming a Racial Minority Makes White Americans More Conservative: Study

Social Movement and Electoral Movements, Not One or the Other

Report: CIA ‘Trying to Minimize the Damage’ Surrounding Senate Report on Interrogations

It’s Not About You, White Liberals: Why Attacks on Radical People of Color are So Misguided

Watching the Watchmen: Are Police Officers' Body-Worn Cameras a Win for Accountability?

Torturing Children at School
Federal investigators have opened an inquiry into the tragic case of a high school student in Texas who suffered severe brain damage after a deputy sheriff shocked him with a Taser.

DEA Raided This Woman's House After She Shopped At A Garden Store

Ohio Geologists Link Small Earthquakes to Fracking