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They’re trying to deify Ronald Reagan: Inside the right-wing plot to turn the Gipper into a modern-day God
Grover Norquist wants an ode to Reagan in all 3,000 US counties. Then just wait until he targets our currency

In NH Debate, Hillary Clinton Touted Henry Kissinger, War Criminal, as Character Reference
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Iowa Democratic party altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night
Shift of one delegate from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton raises questions about Iowa Democratic party’s management of first-in-the-nation vote.

Palestinian youths slain in deadly attack on Israeli police

The Day Casco’s Workers Sat Down on the Job

Israeli court “freezes” dying journalist’s detention

Residents of minority communities decry dumping of toxic coal ash

Revealing the Fallacy of White Knight Philanthropic Salvation in an Urban Public School

Union membership creeps upward in the South

Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse
Court ruling forces Pentagon to release photos after 12-year legal battle over abuse at military sites around Iraq and Afghanistan

I Am A Feminist, So I Will Not Be Voting for Hillary

GOP wants end to pro-Bush attacks on Rubio

Longest-serving woman in the House makes her case for Bernie Sanders

White Nationalists Make Calls For Donald Trump In New Hampshire

Sanders campaign says it was denied paper records of Iowa caucus vote

Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse

Drowning the Oil Industry

Are Bee-Killing Pesticides Impacting Our Health?

US 'Complicit' in Afghan Child Soldiers

Elizabeth Warren Blasts a Republican Plan to Protect White-Collar Criminals
 “It’s like you can’t make this stuff up, right? The idea that the Republicans are trying to gut one of the main laws to prevent bank fraud—that’s their response to the 2008 financial crisis.”

Contaminated Water Requires a National Public Health Mobilization

Washington Post’s Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto–Again

Hillary Clinton Will Not Commit to Releasing Transcripts of Her Speeches to Wall Street

Ted Cruz's Logo: Hilariously Appropriate

Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5%

The Dalai Lama’s Hard Hitting Message for World Leaders About The Reality of War

At Least 1 Dead, 12 Hurt in Lower Manhattan Crane Collapse

More Bombs, More Boots: The US War on ISIS Is Heating Up

Clinton Can’t Seem to Outrun the Long Shadow of Wall Street

George W. Bush to Appear in Ad Supporting Brother

Judges say Black death row inmate is innocent, but he’s still set to be executed

Iowa's nightmare revisited: Was correct winner called?

Iowa Democratic Party reviewing results in caucuses

Is the US ready for a socialist president? Sanders might be about to find out

Bankers, Preachers, and Fear of President Sanders

Black Box Voting's Bev Harris on the IA Caucus Mess and NH Concerns

Not Your Grandfather’s Black Freedom Movement: An Interview with BYP100’s Charlene Carruthers
The 30-year-old radical black queer feminist who’s Rahm Emanuel’s worst nightmare

Spike Lee’s New Michael Jackson Movie Honors the Artistry of the King of Pop

Taiwan earthquake: dozens trapped in toppled building
Rescuers were fighting to reach 35 people trapped under a collapsed building with at least seven people dead and 150 hospitalised

UN Group Calls for Slavery Reparations, but Few in Media Are Listening

In Pivot to Asia, US Military Reinforces Its Foothold in the Pacific

S.C. cleanup results show there's hope after coal ash contamination

'Progress' v. 'Revolution': Bernie and Hillary's Lively NH Debate

Videos Made by Civilians Fleeing Aleppo Show Scenes of Devastation

Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speech transcripts are now a campaign issue. Why weren’t they before?

New Campaign Launched To Unionize Uber Drivers

Pro-GMO Group Crosses Ethical Line
-- Ken Roseboro of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed

Democratic establishment starts to gang up on Sanders

Cancer Patients Arrested for Protesting TPP's Big Pharma-Favoring Provisions
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Roosh?
Kelly Hayes: "I am not afraid of Roosh Valizadeh. Because to me, he is not the face of rape. I am afraid because most of the women I know who have survived assault have not been abused by blustering creeps like Roosh."

The NYPD is Kicking People Out of Their Homes, Even If They Haven’t Committed a Crime

New Poll Shows Sanders Obliterating Clinton's 31-Point National Lead

Grand jury indicts 16 people for Oregon wildlife refuge occupation

Why Ted Cruz Won Iowa
While the attention of political pundits has already moved on to next week's New Hampshire primary, the outcome in Iowa provides an interesting preview of the road ahead. Cruz's win provides a clearer picture of GOP voters.

Charles P. Pierce: Here's What Happens When Hillary and Bernie Try to Out-Progressive Each Other
Even if you don't like Bernie, you must respect that he's making Hillary defend her record.​

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: “Congress should drop Planned Parenthood witch hunt”

America isn't more racist. It's just shouting it instead of whispering

Sanders, Clinton exhibit new ferocity before N.H. vote

Two NYPD Officers Shot in the Bronx

Potential diabetes cure to begin human testing