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Greece Rejects Austerity With Election of Leftist Government: Syzira

Texas Used Junk Science to Restrict Abortion

Secrets of modern mercenaries: Inside the rise of private armies

A Detainee's Diary
Even with the redactions, 'Guantánamo Diary' is an extraordinary document - 'A vision of hell, beyond Orwell, beyond Kafka,' as John le Carré aptly describes it in a back cover blurb - that every American should read."

Northeast Braces for Massive Snowstorm

US Won’t Admit to Killing a Single Civilian in the ISIS War

Erica Garner-Snipes: ‘I believe in justice. It will take a long time but it’s gonna come’
Eric Garner’s daughter talks of the day her father died, her role in the civil rights movement and how the loss has affected Eric’s granddaughter.

Fiat-Chrysler boss wants wages tied to profits in new auto contract

NSA reform remains cybersecurity legislation's biggest hurdle
By June 1, Congress must reauthorize the sections of the Patriot Act that are the basis for the NSA's most controversial surveillance programs.

Georgia sheriff's department eager to use drones

Deaths Mar Egypt Uprising Commemorations as Toll Exceeds 18

CIA’s Top Spy Steps Down

Will Senator Burr's Attempt to Bury CIA Torture Report Actually Make It More Likely the Report Leaks?

Mass Death of Seabirds in Western US Is 'Unprecedented'
Deaths come as scientists see mass-mortality events in the marine world, from sea urchins to fish and birds. Warmer waters suspected.

Obama Administration to Propose New Wilderness Protections in Arctic Refuge - Alaska Republicans Declare War

New Documents Show FBI Targeted NATO Protesters

Effort to Make the "Right to Vote" a True Constitutional Right

And the Lifetime Award for Shameful Corporate Behavior Goes to... Chevron

The Devastating Impact of Vaccine Deniers, in One Measles Chart

Are Tiny Homes Part of the Solution to Homelessness?

Murder Conviction Reversed After Prosecutor Shows Jury 100 Prejudicial Power Point Slides During Closing Arguments

Border Patrol Agents Shoot and Kill Man Who Drove Through Checkpoint

The Surprising Cost of Growing Up Poor in the Shadow of Wealth

Charles Koch calls on fellow conservative donors to expand their commitment

The Next Big Progressive Battle: A Living Wage

ALEC Forces the Question: Will Labor Really Go Local?

Peter McLaren: Putting Radical Life in Schools

Pentagon dispatches first batch of US forces to train Syrian rebels

iPhone has secret software that can be remotely activated to spy on people, says Snowden

UN slams Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes
Israel displaced 77 Palestinians - mostly children - this week, raising ire from the United Nations.

Syriza and the Greek Elections: The Tough Questions That Must Be Asked

Should Urban Universities Help Their Neighbors?

Students who survived Mexico’s night of bloody horror accuse army and police

US censors make 2,500 cuts to first-ever published diary by Guantanamo detainee

American Sniper: anti-Muslim threats skyrocket in wake of film's release

Yemen crisis disrupts U.S. counterterrorism operations, officials say

California judges barred from Boy Scouts over anti-gay discrimination

Campaigners call for state investigation into fatal New Jersey police shooting

Creating a Safety Net for People With Depression

Why wealthy Americans’ delusions about the poor are so dangerous


"I remain committed to seeing in my lifetime passage of H.R.676, an Improved And Expanded Medicare For All. "

There have been more anti-Muslim incidents recorded in the last two weeks in France than in the whole of 2014.

University of Michigan Frat Suspended And Faces Criminal Investigation After Trashing Hotel

Reposted Because It Is So Despicable: More than half of US public school students live in poverty, report finds

US House Passes Stringent Abortion Restrictions

Citing Proximity Of Israeli Election, Obama Won't Meet With Netanyahu

US Militarization and the "War on Terror" Create a Tinderbox for Violence
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Barrett Brown, Persecuted for Revealing the Truth, Sentenced to Five Additional Years in Jail

The GOP and the Family-Leave Disgrace in the US

The $5 Billion Presidential Campaign in 2016?

Religious right’s pope problem: Why Rick Santorum & co. are so desperately confused

Sheldon Silver, one of NY's most powerful politicians, arrested on public corruption charges

The narcissistic fantasy of Mitt Romney 2016

Sustainable Energy Starts With the Sun

New Jersey Officers Shoot And Kill Unarmed Man Who Disobeyed Commands And Exited Car With Hands In Air

US Senate fails to accept humanity's role in climate change, again

Toxic Tanneries Poisoning Workers in Bangladesh

US Shooting Gallery: Two-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Self With Father's Gun in Florida

Dahr Jamail | Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process

'A Form of Permanent Wage Theft': When the Soaring Price of College Isn’t Worth It

Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys

Rupert Murdoch and the police treat journalists like terrorists

Even plutocrats can see profound inequality isn’t in their interests
As the smartest of the super-rich now understand, income inequality must be addressed before it tears societies apart.

‘Hottest Year’ Story Obscures Bigger News: Ocean Warming Now Off the Charts

Where's the Empathy?

A user's guide to President Obama's new economic promises

Labor union membership falls in US in 2014

The Ambiguity of Charlie Hebdo: France Under the Influence

Obama, Modi Move Closer With Nuclear Liability Breakthrough

Serious Ethical Questions Arising From Journalist’s Participation in Koch Event

Greek exit polls suggest Syriza win

Cop beat man with flashlight and lied on reports, feds say: Police officer Domenico Lillo was charged with the deprivation of civil rights under color of law and falsification of records

With Syriza, the Greek People Can Revive Hope in Europe

15 Health Problems Linked to Monsanto’s Roundup

The Kochs Call in Their Chips

Federal Court Order: Explosive DOT-111 "Bomb Train" Oil Tank Cars Can Continue to Roll

Offshore Wind Beats Drilling for Jobs and Energy in the Southeast

NRC: We're Keeping Fukushima-Style Nuclear Reactors Going

To Make Up for His Massive Tax Cuts, Kansas Governor Proposes Cutting Schools

Less Money, More Problems: Tax Codes Handcuff States Facing Budget Crises

Why Campaign Finance Reform Is the First Issue That We Must Address

Eighty People Control Half of the World's Wealth and All of the Elected Officials

Let’s not morph Obama into Elizabeth Warren quite yet
Populist State of the Union with a fiery tone has liberals excited. They'd be wise to remember Obama's true nature.

Who Can Control NSA Surveillance?
The government has made some moves toward transparency, but it has enacted few substantial reforms.

David Swanson | Distrust but Verify
What the US government does openly is many times worse than anything it can be doing secretly, and yet the secrets fascinate us.

European Commission's Clever Ruse To Introduce Corporate Sovereignty Regardless Of Ratification Votes In EU

GOP drops ‘civil rights and human rights’ from subcommittee name

Boko Haram attack key Nigerian city hours ahead of John Kerry arrival

France Sees As Many Anti-Muslim Acts In January As All Of 2014

In Ferguson

The true cost of Citizens United: The Roberts Court’s darkest hour revisited

AirAsia flight QZ8501: Bid to raise fuselage begins

Japan investigating reports of hostage killed by ISIL

Obama, world leaders head to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences

War Is Exploding Anew in Ukraine; Rebels Vow More

Why Is It Legal to Cause Fracking Earthquakes In Colorado?
-- Gary Wockner of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Senator to Hospitals: Stop Suing Poor Patients

MN Rep. Keith Ellison Pens Letter To Head Of Family Research Council, Who Claims Minneapolis Has ‘Sharia No-Go Zones

As Disneyland measles outbreak spreads, O.C. bars students lacking proof of shots

Mike Huckabee Falsely Claims Ted Nugent Changed The Lyrics To Sexually Explicit Song They Performed Together

Michael Brown's family considers suing Darren Wilson in absence of charges

King Dies, New Tyrannical Leader for Saudi Arabia

Obama Says Treating Drug Use As a Criminal Problem Is "Counterproductive"

Joni Ernst’s family received nearly half a million dollars in federal farm subsidies

Suicide or Murder in Argentina? There are International Ramifications to the Answer

Jeb Bush’s Family Hydra: When One Head Disappears, Another One Pops Up
-- Jacqueline Marcus for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Governmental Chaos in Yemen

Diplomats from the United States and Cuba were sitting down Thursday for a second day of historic talks in Havana

The Davos Oligarchs Are Right to Fear the World They've Made

Supreme Court Upholds Auto Stop With No Traffic Violation

Justice Department Will Not Charge Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s Death

Trading Away Our Environmental Future: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Watch Out! Supreme Court hears arguments on housing discrimination

Maureen Dowd's Clueless White Gaze: The “Selma” Backlash

Behind Obama's back: How Netanyahu's US trip was cooked up by the GOP

Pollution Is the Leading Cause of Death in Poorer Countries

Inequality in the Air We Breathe