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Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse

Drowning the Oil Industry

Are Bee-Killing Pesticides Impacting Our Health?

US 'Complicit' in Afghan Child Soldiers

Elizabeth Warren Blasts a Republican Plan to Protect White-Collar Criminals
 “It’s like you can’t make this stuff up, right? The idea that the Republicans are trying to gut one of the main laws to prevent bank fraud—that’s their response to the 2008 financial crisis.”

Contaminated Water Requires a National Public Health Mobilization

Washington Post’s Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto–Again

Hillary Clinton Will Not Commit to Releasing Transcripts of Her Speeches to Wall Street

Ted Cruz's Logo: Hilariously Appropriate

Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5%

The Dalai Lama’s Hard Hitting Message for World Leaders About The Reality of War

At Least 1 Dead, 12 Hurt in Lower Manhattan Crane Collapse

More Bombs, More Boots: The US War on ISIS Is Heating Up

Clinton Can’t Seem to Outrun the Long Shadow of Wall Street

Two NYPD Officers Shot in the Bronx

Potential diabetes cure to begin human testing

The Demise of the Two-State Solution and Israel’s Culpability

The Water Next Time: Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken

Oregon Standoff Leader Ammon Bundy And Armed Militiamen Indicted

Army of Lobbyists Push LNG Exports, Methane Hydrates, Coal in Senate Energy Bill

Failing Our Youth: An Inadequate Foster Care System

Biggest Israeli demolition in a decade leaves 100 homeless

Let’s Talk About Bernie Sanders and the Middle East
On foreign policy, the Vermont independent's "political revolution" hasn't done much to distinguish itself from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

The Pentagon’s secret pre-crime program to know your thoughts, predict your future

Judges say Black death row inmate is innocent, but he’s still set to be executed

Fracking the Everglades? Many Floridians Recoil as House Approves Bill

Meet the reporting duo helping a mid-size Illinois paper punch above its weight

Scaremongering for the health care status quo

Smirking drug CEO antagonizes lawmakers after pleading the Fifth

What Really Poisoned the Water in Flint, Michigan
-- Jim Hightower for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The 13th Amendment Created Legal Slavery Through Incarceration

Families of police shooting victims form bonds built on loss

Military-Branded Websites Push Veterans to Troubled For-Profit Colleges

Biotech lobby’s push for new GMOs to escape regulation

New Report: The Drone Report

Welfare Rights, Wrongs and Attacks on Women: Michele Rossi speaks with Frances Fox Piven

Dear God Do Not Leave America Alone with Ted Cruz

Judge rules Bill Cosby sexual assault case in Pennsylvania can proceed

Anti-Choice Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Smear Campaign Turns Herself In

Chris Christie's office 'refusing to release Bridgegate emails'
Attorneys say they have discovered that New Jersey governor’s office withheld ‘critical documents’ related to bridge affair as case returns to court

20% of Delhi's lung cancer patients non-smokers: Doctors

Why Are These Male Fish Growing Eggs?

Palestinian families homeless as Israeli military demolishes West Bank houses
Israeli bulldozers destroy 23 houses in two West Bank villages within controversial ‘military’ zone in one of biggest demolitions of recent years

How Chicago's 'Fraternal Order of Propaganda' shapes the story of fatal police shootings

Michigan Governor Says Flint Residents Should Get A Discount On Toxic Water
But critics say it's not nearly enough.

Misogynoir in the Stars: Intersectionality and the World of Sci-Fi Films

The Myth Of Marco Rubio As The ‘Moderate’ Candidate

'The Birth of a Nation': The Biggest Clapback in Hollywood History or Yet Another Slave Movie?
In this point/counterpoint about Nate Parker's buzzy directorial debut, two Black independent filmmakers wrestle with the notion of seeing more chains, whips and nooses on the big screen.

As Countries Line Up to Sign Toxic Deal, Warren Leads Call to Reject TPP

Jimmy Carter calls US campaign finance ruling 'legalized bribery'

Why 11 N.J. cities have more lead-affected kids than Flint, Michigan

Will the Fear-Driven Tyranny of the Right Wing Triumph Over Peace and Pluralism?
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Monsanto’s Glyphosate Most Heavily Used Weed Killer in History
-- Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Mitigating the Harm Done to Children's Health in Flint

Secret US flight flew over Scottish airspace to capture Snowden

Charles P. Pierce: This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted

Judge pleads guilty to ordering defendant to be shocked with 50,000 volts

L.A. prosecutors file criminal charges in methane leak near Los Angeles

Iowa's nightmare revisited: Was correct winner called?

A Virtual Tie in Iowa—and a Win for Sanders’s Ideas

Georgia executes its oldest death row inmate, age 72

Pro-GMO Group Crosses Ethical Line
-- Ken Roseboro of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed

Democratic establishment starts to gang up on Sanders

Cancer Patients Arrested for Protesting TPP's Big Pharma-Favoring Provisions
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Roosh?
Kelly Hayes: "I am not afraid of Roosh Valizadeh. Because to me, he is not the face of rape. I am afraid because most of the women I know who have survived assault have not been abused by blustering creeps like Roosh."

The NYPD is Kicking People Out of Their Homes, Even If They Haven’t Committed a Crime

New Poll Shows Sanders Obliterating Clinton's 31-Point National Lead

Grand jury indicts 16 people for Oregon wildlife refuge occupation

Why Ted Cruz Won Iowa
While the attention of political pundits has already moved on to next week's New Hampshire primary, the outcome in Iowa provides an interesting preview of the road ahead. Cruz's win provides a clearer picture of GOP voters.

Charles P. Pierce: Here's What Happens When Hillary and Bernie Try to Out-Progressive Each Other
Even if you don't like Bernie, you must respect that he's making Hillary defend her record.​

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: “Congress should drop Planned Parenthood witch hunt”

America isn't more racist. It's just shouting it instead of whispering

Sanders, Clinton exhibit new ferocity before N.H. vote

Hillary Is a Member of the 1%; That's the Real Wall Street Connection
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

George W. Bush to Appear in Ad Supporting Brother

Flint Inmates Lied To About Water Crisis, Forced To Drink Lead Water

Scientist says lead exposure in Flint comparable to post-war Iraq

Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing?

To Prevent Teen Dating Violence, Some States Push Education

Surely Hillary Clinton Knows Why Wall Street Pays Her

Hillary Clinton’s Own Petard

Koch-Fueled Playbook against WV Working Families Exposed by CMD

As Much as Media Would Like Them to, Trump’s Supporters Are Unlikely to Evaporate

Dahr Jamail | Israel-Backed Group Sues Food Co-op for Boycotting Israeli Products

Eagle Ford, Bakken shale production on the decline

Why Is My Kindergartner Being Groomed for the Military at School?

What Is The Sanders Foreign Policy Doctrine?

Did FOX News Help The GOP Establishment Get Its Groove Back?

As Madoff Airs on TV, Two Anonymous Whistleblowers Are Pounding on the SEC’s Door Again

Signing Polluter-Friendly TPP Trade Deal Is Gambling Away Our Future
-- Michael Brune for BuzzFlash at Truthout

How Ljubljana turned itself into Europe's ‘green capital’

Humans Caused a Major Shift in Earth's Ecosystems 6,000 Years Ago

New Cloud over Clinical Trial Led by FDA Nominee

Super PACs allow Wall Street to dominate presidential giving in 2015

Reparations: Guess Who Didn’t Come to the Iowa Caucus

These people donated to Donald Trump even though he said not to

Senators Introduce “Merchants of Doubt” Amendment Into Energy Bill, Call On Fossil Fuel Industry To End Climate Denial and Deception

Obama Is Pressed to Open Military Front Against ISIS in Libya

ENVIRONMENT Could a Legal Case Save Humanity From Climate Disaster? Exxon Could Face a Big Comeuppance

Ford finds contaminated groundwater near Livonia plant

Zika is the latest example of how hard it is to be a woman in Latin America

Flint Water Crisis Keeps Getting Bigger and More Shocking Each Day

Europe’s colonial amnesia and its repercussions for the migrant and refugee crisis

Is the F-35 our Death Star?

Rising Ire, Rising Tides: FL Mayors Slam Rubio on Climate Flip-Flop; Cruz Accused of 'Fraud' in IA

Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson runs to be Baltimore mayor
Campaign comes amid trials of officers charged over death of Freddie Gray, with city at the center of the debate about policing in the US

Maine Considering Legislation Increasing Penalties for Drug Possession, Escalating Drug War as Rest of Country Adopts Reforms

WikiLeaks' Assange 'unlawfully detained' in Ecuador embassy, U.N. panel to rule, BBC says

Not Your Grandfather’s Black Freedom Movement: An Interview with BYP100’s Charlene Carruthers

Decrying anti-Muslim bias, Obama pays 1st visit to US mosque

Rick Santorum Suspending Presidential Campaign

FBI is Now Involved in the Investigation Into the Flint Water Crisis

Birthers Fantasize Obama Born in Kenya, But Cruz Was Actually Born in Canada? I'm Confused!
-- Jane Stillwater for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The "State" of Health-Care Reform: Activists Push for Universal Primary Care in Vermont

Bush Pressured to Do Well in New Hampshire or Drop Out

Scientists in Germany Switch on Nuclear Fusion Experiment

Rand Paul Suspends Campaign

Military Leaders: Register Women for Draft

Trump Accuses Cruz Of 'Fraud,' Calls For Iowa Caucus To Be 'Nullified'

Thurgood Marshall in Harlem
He became the country’s first black Supreme Court justice in 1967. But five years before that, he made his way to St. Philip’s Protestant Episcopal Church.

Melissa Harris-Perry Narrowly Escapes Attack During Iowa Caucuses