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Clinton Declares Election a ‘Moment of Reckoning’

San Diego Police Shooting: One Officer Killed, One Rushed to Surgery

Trump: Republicans 'have no choice' but to vote for me

Does More Technology Bring Us Better Health Care?

Ending the Unconstitutional Assault on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement: A Call To Action

Still Opposing a Congressional Move to Protect Exxon

The History and Politics of the IMF with Ernst Wolff

A Political Turning Point for Native Americans
Who will be Indian Country’s Obama? Look to the states. Her name will be Paulette, Peggy, or Denise.

Ottawa Approves Controversial Chemical for Ocean Oil Spills

Could Brexiteers Johnson, Gove, Farage be prosecuted for lies?

How Environmental Injustice Connects to Police Violence

Young Boricuas Have Been Camped Out For a Month Protesting PROMESA. Meet the Faces Behind the Movement.

New Pennsylvania Bill Is Just One Step Toward Helping Survivors of Economic Abuse

Poorer Than Their Parents
Young people are set to inherit the unequal economic heritage of their parents.

3 Climate Issues to Watch at This Week’s Democratic National Convention

BMW and Volkswagen Paint Supplier Linked to Child Labor

Trump's Nonvoter Strategy: Will It Work?

What would it Take to mainstream "alternative" agriculture?

Defending No Child Left Behind? Education Reform Hits the DNC

China and Russia to Hold Naval Drills in South China Sea

Delta Tunnels: Restoring An Estuary by Diverting Its Water?

Longread: What happens after Brexit

Corporate interests funding convention festivities, if not the main events

Barroso and Goldman Sachs - a dangerous liaison

How special-interest money took over the party conventions

Voices from the supply chain: an interview

Modern slavery and the gendered paradoxes of labour unfreedom

How the UK government earned £26m for a sanctioned Iranian oil firm

In Brazil, a Pre-Olympics Folly
No one will ever run the 100-meter dash in less than five seconds. And no one, Brazil’s story suggests, will ever end poverty while ignoring grand fortune.

Nepali widows: changing colours, changing mindsets

Infographic: The CIA’s drone war in Pakistan

Interview: Busting the Myths of a Workerless Future

Conservative Organizations Pushing Republican Politicos And Media Outlets To Accept Climate Change As Reality

Slavery, War and Presidential Politics
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Native American teen faces a year in prison for possessing one gram of weed
Devontre Thomas faces a federal trial that advocates say is a waste of resources and a stark reminder that law enforcement continue to target people of color.

US and Mexico's mass deportations have fueled humanitarian crisis, report says

Want to Stop Gentrification? Start a Union.
Like labor unions, neighborhood unions could help residents bargain collectively for affordable housing, housing security, protections for local businesses, and community reconciliation.

US election tracker: Democrats and Republicans on energy and climate

Reducing water pollution with microbes and wood chips

Mike Pence Is a Loyal Friend to Polluters

ALEC 2016 Agenda Boosts Charters, Coal and Other Corporate Funders

The Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Administration Since World War II

William Rivers Pitt | Just a Show: The Calm Sham of the DNC

Trump asks Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s e-mails

Dozens of Sanders Backers Walk Out After Clinton's Nomination

Why "Blue Lives Matter" Bills Are Offensive to People Targeted By State Violence

David Duke’s Remarks on Senate Backing Put Donald Trump’s Camp on the Defensive

Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges, Indefinite Solitary Confinement Related to Suicide Attempt

Lessons in Activism: Middle School Students Advocate for Syrian Refugees

Monofloral and Manuka Honey: Honey-Hunting the Honeybee to its Demise, With Love

Corporate Education Reformers Are Running Scared

Colorado Community Rights Amendment Builds Largest Campaign to Date, But Falls Short of 2016 Ballot

From Divinity to discrimination: the story of Sikhs in the US

‘C is for Corruption’: The Rio Olympics from A to Z

New Report: Problem Care Harms Almost One-Third of Rehab Hospital Patients

Restrictive new law will harm Poland’s wind industry, advocates say

The Trump Campaign Is Paying A Fox News Analyst $13,000 A Month

Who really won the legal battle between Philip Morris and Uruguay?
The tobacco giant has to pay $7m to the small South American nation in a dispute over cigarette adverts. But the case could still set a worrying precedent

Who Would Trayvon Have Been? Becoming a Black Man in the United States

Violence, Counter-Violence, and the Question of the Gun

Political Conflict Triggers Turmoil in South Sudan, Leaving Hundreds Dead

Obama counters Trump 'pessimism'

Mourning and Resistance in Kashmir

Turkey resumes sending aid to Gaza following landmark reconciliation with Israel

History and Madness: Dems Nominate Clinton, Trump Predicted to Win

Denmark: Bernie Sanders for Prime Minister

Pipeline Expansion Threatens U.S. Climate Goals, Study Says

The federal minimum wage has been eroded by decades of inaction

It Doesn’t Have to Be ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’
Not all white working-class voters are ready to blame their neighbors for problems caused by corporations.

Cryptography as Democratic Weapon Against Demagoguery

Industry’s Top Lobbyist: Stop “Assaults” On For-Profit Colleges

Immigrant Detainees Routinely Placed in Solitary Confinement in New Jersey Jail

Pantry on Wheels Enables Indiana Food Bank to Increase Access for Food Insecure

This Popular Insecticide Is Lowering Sperm Count in Honey Bees by 40 Percent
-- Lorraine Chow for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Here’s a problem with the TPP that Hillary Clinton ignores at her peril

Why Black Lives Matter Is Taking On Police Unions

There is No "Honor" In Killing: The Problematic Language Used To Describe Violence Against Women

What $20 Million Buys the Chemical Industry in Washington

Unions want one thing from Hillary tonight: A stake in TPP’s heart

Police Incitement Against Black Lives Matter Is Putting Protesters in Danger

Muslim businessman’s shop covered in Islamophobic slurs

Horrifying: Muslim Detainees Fed Garbage Food at Federal Immigration Facility

A Yellow-Brick Road for Immigrant Women

Police executions push Kenya to dark days

Who are they, these revolutionary Rojava women?

Tim LaHaye, Best-Selling Author of Apocalyptic Novels, Meets His End Times
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

White Supremacy and Sanctioned Violence in the Age of Donald Trump

The Mass Deportation Of Black Immigrants That You Haven’t Heard About

Campaigns End on Election Day; Revolutions Don't
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Do Black Kids Matter in Memphis?

Democrats Make Clinton Historic Nominee
First Woman Picked to Lead Major Party

Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Officers In Remaining Freddie Gray Cases

Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. released to home stay