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Appeals Court Rules Against Obama on Immigration

Why the GOP Primary Debates Will Be an Absolute Disaster (again)
The Republican Party is trying hard to avoid another embarrassing primary season. Instead, they made things worse

The Duggar Family and the Christian Right’s War on Transgender People
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Ira Glass Lamentably Believes NPR Should Embrace Capitalism and Advertising
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Paul Krugman | Lies, Not Mistakes, Led to Invasion of Iraq

Volcano Erupts in Galapagos Islands, Home to Unique Pink Iguanas

TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline Network Under Investigation by Federal Regulators

California Is Giving Free Solar Panels to the Poor

Charles P. Pierce | Jive Talking: Bob Woodward's Credibility Finally Hits the Ocean Floor

The Fire This Time: Black Youth and the Spectacle of Postracial Violence

This Is What Energy Democracy Looks Like

Supreme Court to Hear Case That Could Change How Voting Districts Are Drawn

Obama's Plan to Save the Monarch Butterflies' Epic Migration

George Pataki to Announce Presidential Bid Thursday

Tornado Kills 10 in Mexican Border City of Ciudad Acuna

What a waste ... Memorial Day (a short story)

Charter Communications nears deal to buy Time Warner Cable for $55 billion

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Racking Up Legal Bills. He Wants You to Help Pay Them.

More Than 40 People Shot in Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend, Including a 4-Year-Old Girl

Texas governor declares states of emergency, more severe weather expected

The FBI's Response to Another Killer Cop Set Free? More Surveillance of Protestors
FBI gives ominous press conference detailing their monitoring of #BlackLivesMatter.

How Our War on Terror Continues to Crush Families and Destroy Charities

The CIA Is Shuttering a Secretive Climate Research Program
Scientists used the Medea program to study how global warming could worsen conflict. Now that project has come to an end.

Did the Mexican Army Just Massacre 42 People?

BP would need to bring equipment from Texas to contain South Australia oil spill

Man who forced French supermarkets to donate food wants to take law global

Spain's indignados could rule Barcelona and Madrid after local election success

Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

County sheriff has used stingray over 300 times with no warrant
San Bernardino Sheriff's Department doesn't tell judges it's using spy device.

Navy's new laser weapon: Hype or reality?

A Fossil-Fueled Fantasy
Coal-burning power plants that capture carbon aren’t worth the expense.

In Myanmar, Muslims Arrested for Joining Terror Group That Doesn’t Exist

Myanmar Muslim migrants abandoned at sea have been 'drinking their own urine' to survive after Thailand refuses boat entry

Utah is winning the war on chronic homelessness with 'Housing First' program

Dean Baker | Bernie Sanders Takes It to Wall Street With Financial Transactions Tax

EU dropped plans for safer pesticides because of TTIP and pressure from US
Despite repeated promises that the US trade agreement would not lower EU standards.

Punish US Generals for Mismanaging Afghan War Funds, Says Inspector General

"Incommunicado" Forever: Gitmo Detainee's Case Stalled for 2,477 Days and Counting

How to Honor Memorial Day
Of all the world’s holidays commemorating wars, Memorial Day should be one of sober reflection on war’s horrible costs, surely not a moment to glorify warfare or lust for more wars. But many pols and pundits can’t resist the opportunity.

Nature faces off against politics in North Carolina
As local politicians underestimate rising sea levels, coastal communities are coming up with their own plans.

Tornado Watches Issued; Major Flood Wave Rolls Downstream in Texas

Veteran trade warriors watch Warren take the spotlight

Hobby Lobby billionaire behind the Christian counseling center that treated Josh Duggar

"I Think We've Got a Shot": Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Bid in Vermont

Bill Clinton Paid Through Shell Company While Wife Was SecState

Deadly Flooding in Texas Latest Example of Extreme Weather
-- John Queally of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

An Open Letter to Obama: If You Want Money for the Climate, Tax Wall Street

Senate Moves to Check Executive Spying Power
The Senate effectively allowed portions of the Patriot Act to expire - the first time Congress has meaningfully restrained the national security agencies since 2001.

Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick to Challenge McCain in Arizona

JPMorgan Chase Writes Arrogant Letter to Its Swindled Forex Customers

Jeb Bush’s Favorite Author Rejects Democracy, Says the Hyper-Rich Should Seize Power

18 Shot This Weekend in Baltimore

This Is What Happens When You Slash Funding for Public Universities
Like other struggling schools, the University of Arizona is raising out-of-state tuition—and courting the affluent students who can afford to pay it.

50,000 Americans Rush Into Cuba

Bernie Sanders: "Don't Underestimate Me"

Nancy Reagan Endorses Hillary Clinton

Texas Storms: Flooding Had "Tsunami-Type Power," Says Governor
Three reported dead as Texas and Oklahoma battered by storms

Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Handed 8 Months in Jail
Ehud Olmert was found guilty in March of unlawfully accepting money from American supporter Moshe Talansky.

Dallas Police Releases Pathetic Right-To-Record Policy

I didn't serve in Vietnam for freedom...

Memorial Day 2015: Praying for Peace While Waging Permanent War?
-- Bill Quigley for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Nepal one month on: UN calls for more aid

Migrants Flooding Into Malaysia and Indonesia Trade One Nightmare for Another

The right’s big history lie: Reagan, Disney, Vietnam and the war to redefine America

Protesters warn against using chemicals in Santa Barbara County oil spill clean-up

Israel Seeks Surge in US Security Support

The GOP and ALEC’s War on Cities
The Right has hijacked Congress and State Houses. Now it’s coming for the cities.

Pope’s Focus on Poor Revives Scorned Theology

Switzerland has begun online publication of names of foreigners and foreign firms wanted in tax probes by their countries of origin, including Germany. American citizens are identified only by their initials.

After Ireland's citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of marriage equality in a historic referendum, members of Germany's Green party have called for the recognition of same-sex marriage in Germany as well.

Transforming the Wounds of War: A Veterans' Retreat With Claude AnShin Thomas

Don’t Blame the Poor for the Faults of Our Economy

While at War, Female Soldiers Fight to Belong

US military and civilians are increasingly divided

The US Military Euthanized or Abandoned Thousands of Their Own Canine Soldiers at the End of the Vietnam War

Why the last of the JFK files could embarrass the CIA
Among the 40,000 documents are roughly 3,600 that have never been seen by the public.

The most expensive wars in US history

Malaysia migrant mass graves: police reveal 139 sites, some with multiple corpses
Dozens of suspected people-smuggling camps also discovered in north of the country on border with Thailand.

Not Counting Mexicans and Indians, Part II: Recognizing Genocide and Moving Toward Liberation

The Pentagon Conned Washington … Again
Budget gimmicks stymie real military reforms.

Can the warrior spirit find new expression?

The Insurance Scam That’s Fleecing Low-Income Drivers - And How Police Are Making It Worse

ISIS Claims Responsibility in Suicide Bombing in Shia Mosque in Qatif Killing 21 Worshippers

Obama to mark Memorial Day but questions linger over Afghanistan troops

Once Solid Peninsula in Antarctica Begins to Melt

Multiple arrests as dozens rally in Oakland against police brutality