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Chicago Teachers Union Insulted By Punitive Threats As Labor Talks Stall

Interrupting Pride for Black Lives

Kalief Browder’s Life and Death Galvanize Action to End Solitary Confinement

Now We Build A Fair Trade Movement

Stress on water resources threatens lives and livelihoods

Dahr Jamail | Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event Begins; 2015 on Pace to Become Hottest Year on Record

The Road to Majority Conference, and New York’s ‘Enough Is Enough’ Bill

Cruz Says McConnell Misled on Funding Incumbents

Frog die-off in Lake Titicaca puts spotlight on unchecked pollution that threatens livelihoods

Confronting Southern ‘Victimhood’

NBC cuts ties with Trump

The Stunning, Scorching Accusation in Justice Sotomayor’s Death Penalty Dissent

Two Uber Executives Arrested in France

New Tests Find Toxic Cocktail in Santa Barbara Spill

Jeb Bush dogged by decades of questions about business deals

World Environment Day – With Liberty, Justice and Sovereignty for All

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Gives Corporations Special Legal Rights
-- David Sirota for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Justice Delivered: A Week That Changed a Nation

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona's Independent Redistricting Commission

Texas AG: Clerks Can Refuse To Give Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples

The Birds of British Petroleum
Five years after the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, the author of The Tarball Chronicles grabs his binoculars and returns to the scene of the slime.

China's Great Wall 'is disappearing'

String of Nighttime Fires Hit Predominately Black Churches in Four Southern States

Politics shift on ObamaCare

Pope's activism sets stage for awkward visit to Capitol Hill

Republican Religious Fanatics Pose a Much Bigger Threat to Our Country Than ISIS

California oil spill cleanup continues as state may allow expanded production
A month after state’s worst oil leak in decades, the investigation into what went wrong is ongoing. In the meantime, officials are considering a bid to triple output.

Medical marijuana arrives next week in Minnesota – but smoking it is banned

Greek parliament gives green light to Tspiras' bailout referendum
Parliament early Sunday approved prime minister's request for a public referendum on Greece’s debt negotiations.

Peru's Tia Maria Mining Conflict: Another Mega Imposition

Why the Saudis Are Going Solar
The fate of one of the biggest fossil-fuel producers may now depend on its investment in renewable energy.

300+ Wildfires Rage in Alaska

Charleston exposes ugliest truth of our time: Our society places little value on black life

College Is Wildly Exploitative: Why Aren't Students Raising Hell?

Thousands celebrate Dublin Pride after marriage vote

Lawmakers Are Using Trade Rules to Blacklist Critics of Israel

Voting Laws Roundup 2015
As the early stages of the 2016 presidential race begin, state legislatures are already considering hundreds of laws that could determine voters' access to the ballot.

No sanctuary from deportation as migrants stay trapped in a legal limbo

Bernie Sanders’s Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million
The enthusiastic crowds that have been greeting Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail have been matched by online donor excitement.

Leave No One Behind: Gay Marriage, Obergefell v. Hodges and the March Forward

Tunisians rally in Sousse to condemn attack on tourists
Country’s main political groups, including the Islamist Ennahda party, attend official city center march as crowds also gather at scene of massacre.

Thousands march in Honduras to demand resignation of president

A G7 Report Says Climate Change Can Fuel Political Upheaval Like Civil Wars

Fracking Health Complaints Received Little Follow-Up From Pennsylvania Officials

The Anti-Union Bosses’ Group Fighting Fast Food Organizing Is Now Going After Home Care Workers
Can workers centers and unions create a movement strong enough to fight back?

Pennsylvania court shoots down law allowing NRA to sue over local gun laws

A former Keystone XL lobbyist just joined Team Hillary
Clinton's newest hire has environmentalists questioning her commitment to fighting climate change.

"This Flag Comes Down Today": Bree Newsome Scales Flagpole, Removes South Carolina Capitol Confederate Flag

What Happens When Oligarchs and Vigilantes Take Over Public Safety in a Big City
In Detroit, safety is a privilege enjoyed by the white and wealthy.

Why Should We Support the Idea of Universal Basic Income?

Kuwait conducts mass funeral as police question suspects

Tourists stream out of Tunisia after massacre at beach resort

Five Ideas to Ease the Burden of Student Loans

Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine', Israel angered

The More They Dig, the More They Find: DDT Cleanup Continues for Mid-Michigan Town

Conservative Lawmakers and Faith Groups Seek Exemptions After Same-Sex Ruling

Jury finds gay conversion group guilty of fraud
New Jersey nonprofit that offered gay conversion therapy violated state’s consumer fraud act.

An interview with the Baltimore cop who’s revealing all the horrible things he saw on the job

TIMELINE: The rise and fall of the Confederate flag

19 Hysterical Passages From Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Dissenters

Chelsea Manning | Same-sex marriage isn't equality for all LGBT people. Our movement can't end.

New NSA whistleblower suspected behind French president surveillance leak

Neocons Urge Embrace of Al Qaeda

Ken Burns: Confederate flag isn't about heritage. It's about resistance to civil rights.

Three Black Churches burnt in North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina in the past five days

Health Care Stocks Soar After Obamacare Victory in Supreme Court

NBC to Donald Trump: You're Fired

US supreme court refuses to let Texas close 10 abortion clinics
Justices rule 5-4 to grant emergency appeal from clinics that will now prevent state from enforcing restrictions that would have caused clinics to close

America’s Got War

Dean Baker | Federal Reserve Board, Jobs and the Rewriting of Economic History

10 Coastal Destinations Most at Risk From Sea Level Rise

Israel seizes Gaza-bound boat in “act of piracy”

Draining of Folsom Lake forces evacuation of Nimbus and American River Hatcheries

Americans Are on the Move — Again

Sensors in wearables will help runners find less polluted routes, US start-up claims

Confederate Flag Parade goes hysterically wrong.

Dalai Lama Endorses Pope Francis's Encyclical on Climate Change
-- Cole Mellino for BuzzFlash at Truthout

In a Brave, Powerful Dissent, Justice Breyer Calls for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

Innocent man who spent 30 years on death row died hours before Supreme Court justices cited him

Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism
4chan’s trolling culture didn’t just birth Guy Fawkes hacktivism—it also inspired the racist and neo-fascist sites where the Charleston terrorist lurked.

Both sides of the Pacific- Via Campesina members oppose TPP

States Seeking Voter Citizenship Proof Denied by U.S. Supreme Court

Joseph Stiglitz to Greece’s Creditors: Abandon Austerity Or Face Global Fallout

Supreme Court Rejects Obama's Drive To Cut Power Plant Emissions

Supreme Court OKs Midazolam Use, Death Penalty Drug
Supreme Court upholds use of controversial sedative implicated in botched executions.

With Summer Sun Come Signs of Danger

Charleston exposes ugliest truth of our time: Our society places little value on black life
Let's harness the sadness, outrage and feelings of unity, and use that energy to force more than symbolic action.

Puerto Rico in crisis: weighed down by $73bn debt as unemployment hits 14%
Violent crime is surging, schools are closing and physicians are leaving in droves – but on the mainland, there is little awareness of the island’s struggles

New York prison escapee David Sweat shot and in custody after long manhunt
Fugitive in critical condition after being shot twice in woodlands in upstate New York, close to where other escapee Richard Matt was shot dead.

Greece debt crisis: vote yes to stay in the euro, says Juncker - live updates

Native Children Are Facing a 'National Emergency.' Now Congress Is Pushing to Address It.

Women's Prisons as Sites of Resistance: An Interview With Victoria Law

String of Nighttime Fires Hit Predominately Black Churches in Four Southern States

The Sixth Mass Extinction: We Aren’t The Dinosaurs, We’re The Asteroid

Istanbul police use teargas to break up Gay Pride parade

Another Industry-Backed Effort to Delay Crucial Safeguards and Undermine the Regulatory Process

Walton family spends big to make US education more like Walmart

Samar Yazbek: ‘Syria has been hung, drawn and quartered’
From exile in Paris, Samar Yazbek has written a powerful and moving account of her devastated homeland. Here, she tells how she risked her life to cross illegally back into Syria.

“No Boots on the Ground” and Other Fairy Tales

Congressional Letter Puts Spotlight on Abuse of Palestinian Children

GOP battles to defund work of Obama labor board

CIA photos of ‘black sites’ could complicate Guantanamo trials

Julian Assange: US a surveillance superpower spying on foes and allies alike

For Families of People Living With Mental Illness, Police "Support" Is Not the Solution

White supremacist calls Charleston 'a preview of coming attractions'

Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed

IMF and Germany Are Hell-Bent on Finishing Off Even a Moderate Left in Greece

NPR Celebrates Fast-Track Victory With an All-Corporate Lobbyist Segment

Which States Are Leaking Natural Gas at the Expense of Their Taxpayers?

Obama and Brazilian President Rousseff to Talk Climate Change Next Week

Is Georgia Covering Up This Student’s Jailhouse Death?

Scott Walker’s Gun Bill Is Based on a Lie
A week after the Charleston gun massacre, the governor signed a bill ending Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period to buy a handgun—and the falsehood at its heart is even worse.

Israel's Total Assault on Palestinian Life - Latest Crackdown Is an Attempt to Wipe Out Their Culture

Escaped prisoner shot and killed in upstate New York, second still loose

Donald Trump is even more of a monster than you think: Why his golf courses are environmental disasters

The Blight of the Honey Bee

France on edge day after second terror attack in six months

Australia Weighs Tax Penalty Attack on Environmental Advocacy Groups

Police in China's financial hub Shanghai took away at least three busloads of environmental protesters outside the municipal government Saturday, preventing the latest rally that started with a rumor that a petrochemical plant could move into the area.

Greece to hold referendum on bailout

Australian Government Contractors Will Now Go to Jail for Reporting Child Abuse in Detention Centers

Political Profiteers Push Ohio's Pot Vote

In Pursuit of Human Rights: Thirteen Personal Stories

Our 18th Century Bill of Rights Needs Revising
While European countries have updated their constitutions to include economic, social and cultural rights, the US has lagged behind.

Rise in Carbon Dioxide Could Restrict Growing Days for Crops

Military Sexual Assault Reform Stalls Again

Richard D. Wolff | Socialism Means Abolishing the Distinction Between Bosses and Employees

States Struggle With 'Hidden' Rural Homelessness

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tells agencies to prioritize religious freedom in wake of same-sex ruling

Ted Cruz on marriage equality: 'Some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation's history'

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Israel dropped by almost 50 percent last year in comparison to the year before as the country continues to feel the effects of last summer's Gaza conflict, a new UN report has revealed.

Obama's reply to a trans woman proves LGBT advocacy stops at gay marriage