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Offshore Wind Powers Ahead in Europe
-- Climate News Network for EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Democrats Set to Nominate Clinton as Dissent Persists
Despite hopes for harmony, there were signs that the discord among supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders would continue.

The World We’re Giving to Future Generations

10,000 March in Philly Calling for a Clean Energy Revolution
-- Sandra Steingraber of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Who Plans the Economy? Imagining Fair and Free Trade

Sanders confronts skeptical delegates with Clinton support

Japan knife attack: stabbing at care centre leaves 19 dead

Up to 17 People Shot in Ft. Meyers FL Nightclub

Deterrents to Terror That Very Rich People Can't Comprehend
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership President Obama's Vietnam?
The quest for "credibility" can have very bad outcomes, as we saw in Vietnam. It's hard to see how we gain credibility by pushing a bad trade deal.

Embattled DNC Chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz Won't Speak at Convention

Will GOP Swing State Governors Strip and Flip Donald Trump Into the White House?
-- Harvey Wasserman for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump Leads Clinton in New CNN Poll

Charles P. Pierce: Even the Smart Reptiles Don't Write This Stuff Down

When Play Is Criminalized: Racial Disparities in Childhood

Warren, Sanders to speak as party tries to move past disarray

Protesters Turn Homan Square, Police 'Black Site,' Into 'Freedom Square'

Case dismissed against activists in Planned Parenthood undercover video lawsuit

Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention: The Struggle Continues
Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention Monday night, but he also pledged to continue his fight to transform the US.

Trump melts down in the Hotel Roanoke, literally

After a hack and its destructive fallout, Democrats fear what’s next

DNC to Sanders: 'We're Sorry'

Shock Poll: Nate Silver’s Election Forecast Now Has Trump Winning

Largest ever map of the universe points to mysterious ‘dark energy’

Michelle Obama's skillful takedown of Trump

New York City police upgrade gear after Texas, Louisiana shootings

Al Gore Endorses Hillary Clinton

Tim LaHaye, Co-Author of the Left Behind Series, Has Died

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Had to Go

Killing with robots increases militarization of police

In Philly, Bernie Sanders Supporters Threaten To Steal Show From Clinton

Wasserman Schultz Booed Off Stage By Florida Delegation . . . But Given Job By Clinton Campaign

Shooting in Florida Kills 2 and Wounds More Than a Dozen

Turkey detains 42 journalists in crackdown as Europe sounds alarm