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Thursday, 01 March 2007 03:49

DNC Calls on McCain to Apologize to Troops


Washington, DC - The Democratic National Committee called on John McCain to apologize to American troops and their families who've served in Iraq for telling David Letterman on the Late Show last night that "American lives" are being "wasted" there. [CBS Late Show, 2/28/07]

In a cynical photo-op in New Orleans, today, President Bush will use the backdrop of a local charter school to promote his "No Child Left Behind" policy.

Once again the president's found
Himself being criticized roundly:


Last week, Marine Captain Jennifer Harris was buried in her hometown of Swampscott, MA. She was killed when her helicopter was shot down in Iraq.

Though the loss of all human life throughout this war - American, Coalition, and Iraqi civilian - is equally tragic, Harris' death is a reminder that our losses have come from across the demographic spectrum.

Jack should never have to spend more time behind bars
Which could badly damage both his reputation and health
But instead become a Marianas Islands garment worker
Which, you may know, is part of the U.S. Commonwealth.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007 01:22

BuzzFlash Mailbag for February 28, 2007

by George Lakoff

"The elimination of Natanz would be a major setback for Iran's nuclear ambitions, but the conventional weapons in the American arsenal could not insure the destruction of facilities under seventy-five feet of earth and rock, especially if they are reinforced with concrete."


"Peace not war" is still the only way to save the world in which we live! A cabinet level Department of Peace is overdue; I nominate Rep. Jim McDermott for Secretary of Peace! The Department of Peace would be a welcome development since there has been a "shadow" Department of Intimidation and Revenge, operating behind the scenes from the very beginning of the Bush administration. Revenge and intimidation are the only things George Bush excels at; so the bully in chief himself is the CEO with Karl Rove and Dick Cheney being his strong-arm enforcers! Americans have not had an iota of peaceful serenity since these chickenhawk war-mongers arrived on the political landscape! Backed by their "brownshirts" and the Repuglico-fascists it's been one nasty battle after the other, and one great big aggressive, illegal, preemptive, unnecessary war! Time for a change! 


Summaries are excerpted from the source articles; the featured article follows the summary section. A recommended "site of the day" will also appear occasionally following the summaries.

The CheneyBush War Policy is becoming curiouser and curiouser. "Things are getting better in Iraq," they say, when they are clearly getting worse. "We must fight on 'victory' " they say, without ever defining what they mean by "victory," and when virtually every other military and political authority on the matter says that no matter how you define it, "victory" is impossible. They and their surrogates in the Congress and the Privatized Ministry of Propaganda label any critics of their policies as traitors. (Yes, "aiding and abetting the enemy" is one of the components of "treason.") So the conclusion that most observers come to is that they are in la-la land, that they are totally delusional. Well, there is another possible explanation: things in Iraq are going exactly the way they planned them to go. Let's connect the dots.

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