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AP Calls Virginia For Webb; Democrats Also Take Senate

by Tony Peyser

On Air America, a well known pollster
Told Al Franken what he was thinking:
"The Democrats will win both houses"
I thought Larry Sabato had been drinking.

Thursday, 09 November 2006 02:36

Michael Winship: Enter the Age of Reason?

by Michael Winship

LONDON -- In this capital city along the Thames, it was as if you could hear the sigh of relief from all the way across the Atlantic.

Actually, the British were breathing that sigh, too. As was much of the rest of the world.

Senator Allen Should Concede To Jim Webb Now. Democratic Congress Should End Election Fraud For Good. Progressives Should Turn Up The Heat.

by Brent Budowsky


How do you have a "fresh start" and a "fresh perspective" when using recycled left-overs again? Bob Gates, is a former CIA chief, another "left over" from Poppy's era that included the Iran-Contra affair! "Questions and doubts about his role in the Iran-Contra Affair and in providing military intelligence to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war; and questions and doubts about whether he will be able to remove the ideological blinders reflected in his writings and speeches or whether Mr. Gates is so rooted in the past, that he will not be able to lead the Agency into the post-cold war era. Because of these concerns, I have concluded that Mr. Gates is not the right person for the important job of overseeing our intelligence operations in this New World." Could these questions and doubts also question and doubt his nomination for Secretary of Defense in this even more Dangerous World of today???


As the country, the Constitution, the checks and balances seemed on their deathbed, a last breath away from tyranny, from the institutionalization of fear and propaganda as an accepted means of governance, our Democratic Republic exhaled what might have been its final breath and said instead, "Thomas Jefferson lives."

Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

As we now move into the post-election season, we may not know for certain who will control the Congress, but we do know who the Chief Executioner, I mean Executive, is. We also know that he will continue to wage his "War on Terror" regardless of politics, because he is a man of principle. Therefore, to know what we can expect him to do about it in his remaining (at least) two years in office, it will be instructive to understand how he has gone about this task in the past. Since George Bush is a man of simplicity itself, we will present his Guide in the simplest of terms. And so:


The incoming Senate has the power to confirm or reject judicial nominations from the president. Currently, there are 51 vacancies to be filled across the nation, with 29 nominees pending.


Rumsfeld Is Fired (I Mean "Rumsfeld Quits")

by Tony Peyser

The timing is massive misdirection
To distract from yesterday's election.



I think it was in the Mailbag one day that I read where a woman said that Ford was not her favorite because of what he was running on (paraphrasing).

This is an interesting article because Tennessee does have some racial problems, but I really do believe that what this article has to say pertains, too, to losses past. Democrats need to take a closer look -- and look to the future of cleaning up this party, so that people can recognize the Democrats for who they are and what this party has always stood for, and not for those who want to be Republicans but just don't have the courage to do so.


Karl Rove is a smart guy. He got a much dumber man into the White House - twice - while securing several Republican Congresses. For years, his strategy of appealing only to the most zealous right-wingers while ignoring everyone else won elections. However, the results of the 2006 midterms have proven that this "divide and conquer" approach will only work for so long.

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