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The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) - the think-tank at the heart of the Neocon movement - held a presentation Friday on what should be the foundation of the new Iraq strategy President Bush is expected to unveil next week. Sens. Joe Lieberman and John McCain will also speak at the event on the topic.


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1//China Daily, China

Government officials are being urged to fully cooperate with foreign journalists, who are flooding in to quench the thirst for information on China with the Beijing Olympics round the corner. Compared to the longstanding practice of "managing the media", governments at various levels are preparing to serve, instead of shying away from, journalists, following a new regulation which took effect on Monday. The message was delivered by Wang Guoqing, vice-minister of the State Council Information Office, the chief information office of the Chinese Cabinet. "In the relationship between government and the media, we are promoting a shift from managing the press to serving it, treating reporters as 'clients'," Wang told China Daily. ... Wang, who was a reporter himself for 25 years, said he has instructed spokespersons mostly government officials never to treat reporters as subordinates or adversaries, but as partners who will often challenge with pointed questions. There are perhaps "100 advantages and not a single disadvantage" in dealing with the press in a friendly and frank manner, meeting their demands by providing authoritative information, he said. "Besides informing the public, the media act as a watchdog of government activities," he said.

Just who in hell believes that Bush and the neo-cons, the same guys who didn't listen to the Generals in the very beginning and got us into this mess in Iraq, are again not going to listen to the Generals and get us out of this mess??? Bush and the same bunch of chicken-hawks, sitting behind their desks pushing easy buttons, have never carried a rifle; much less faced the serious end of that rifle! Remember, these are the same guys who promised "flowers and song", a "cakewalk" prior to invading Iraq! These same guys think they know how to wage war, and are now pushing for more troops! For God's sake, wake up, they screwed up in the beginning and they are screwing up now! This is not a game of winners and losers -- this is DEATH and DESTRUCTION! And it's way past time for it to come to an end!

Friday, 05 January 2007 01:28

Ellie Remore: The Butcher's Apron

by Ellie Remore

Like millions of my fellow Baby Boomers, I am the grandchild of super-patriotic Americans who became Americans via the daunting gauntlet of Ellis Island. My own old folks emigrated from Ireland, in that era, a world leader in potatoes and poverty. They spent their lives exhorting their progeny to thank Jesus and Mary for the Blessed Land that gave them succor, citizenship, and the undreamt-of luxury of a row house in Queens.

Thursday, 04 January 2007 22:07

Dave Lindorff: Feeling the Heat

by Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"

Things are getting hotter in 2007.

I just returned from a canoe trip in the Everglades National Park, and the picture there is not pretty, even if the park is. Not only was this the last wet season the driest in memory for this unique ecological gem, but the rangers say it's only a matter of time -- and not that much time at that -- before rising seawater drowns the entire park (and much of southern Florida along with it). The rangers say these kinds of things under their breaths these days because their employer, the Bush administration, doesn't like science mixing with park business. It's not even permissible for rangers at the Grand Canyon National Park to respond if visitors ask them how old the ancient gorge is, for fear the scientific answer might offend some yahoo who thinks the park was carved by the retreating waters of Noah's flood a few thousand years ago.

Thursday, 04 January 2007 21:45

Will Durst: 2007 Resolutions

Written by

Usually you make it to January 1, take a deep breath, look back on the old year and realize there was a fairly equal balance of what you call your good and your bad. The last couple of years (6- to be exact) have tilted a bit towards the latter. But 2006? Holy moley catfish. Subtract the single sublime 24 hour period of time that was November 7th from the other 8,736 hours we slogged through, and you got yourself a awfully grisly swamp of an annum. 2006 was to years what OJ Simpson is to manners and propriety seminars. Like Paris Hilton and advanced trigonometry texts. Michael Richards and Martin Luther King Dinner Keynote Speeches. I could go on.


Pelosi Becomes First Woman House Speaker

by Tony Peyser

In this photograph, John Boehner seemed
Reluctant to hand over the gavel
No doubt distraught over new restrictions
On earmarks, lobbying and travel.

Thursday, 04 January 2007 06:27

Bastards! Ms. Smith Goes To Washington



It's coming to light that last November didn't make any impression on these GOP bastards at all. We need a real meltdown in this government. They just want to control other people's lives according to their beliefs. Haven't we had enough of this so-called type of fundamentalism to last another 100 years? If people don't get damn tough with these bastards, they are going to turn this country into nothing more than another nation no better than Germany was and no better than Russia was ... nothing. Americans are going to have to do more than vote.

Thursday, 04 January 2007 06:15

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 4, 2007


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Subject: How To Defund the War and Truly Support Our Troops

Unlike many right-wingers, my family IS sacrificing for this illegal war. I have two little brothers, Matt and Steven, who are both in the Marine Corps. Matt is an officer and currently not "in country," but Steve is stationed in Iraq. Now that Democrats have some control over this Imperial President it has been said that, aside from Impeachment (which a majority of Americans DO support), the only way to put an end to the disaster Bush has created is to "defund" the war. Obviously by doing so the Democrats put themselves in a position where Rove and the Right can say they are not supporting our troops.

I have a better idea... Defund the war profiteers! Why not, as has been done in the past, put a "war profit" tax on companies like Halliburton, KBR, Carlyle, Crescent, Wackenhut, Blackwater, etc, etc? Tax their profits and use the tax revenues for Veteran's benefits and healthcare.

by Carol Davidek-Waller

Bush wants to escalate his bloody little enterprise in Iraq. Except for Harry Reid, who backed down when his office was deluged with mail protesting his support for the "surge," and veteran turncoat Joe Lieberman, the early votes are encouraging.

The man who presided over the faux hearings that put the congressional stamp of approval on Bush's Iraqi enterprise, Joe Biden, is putting his well-shod foot down.

Democratic rock star Barack Obama says no.

The tattered remnants of GOP moderation are lining up against more troops.

But Bush is determined.

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