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How to Create an "Ecology of Change" by Combining Movement Uprisings With Long-Term Organizing

AmeriCorps Becomes New Target for Anti-Abortion Legislators

Story of Incarcerated Teen Shows Injustice of Juvenile Imprisonment

Why the People Picking California's Tomatoes Can't Afford to Eat Them
A new report reveals how farmers in one of California's most bountiful counties struggle to feed themselves.

Searching for Ground Truth in the Kunduz Hospital Bombing

Our gun myths are all wrong: The real history behind the Second Amendment clichés that have sustained our lethal gun culture

Hiding the Indonesia Massacre Files

"Brazil Is One of the Most Unequal Countries in the World"

Panama Papers: capitalism working well for obscenely rich

Clintonism screwed the Democrats: How Bill, Hillary and the Democratic Leadership Council gutted progressivism

The Obama economy on May Day: “It could have been worse” isn’t nearly enough
Irony abounds: The president defends his economic legacy -- on the international workers' holiday the US ignores.

Brendan DeMelle on Exxon’s Climate Cover-Up

Violence Against Women Journalists Threatens Media Freedom

Urban population growth and demand for food could spark global unrest, study shows

Stop calling them conservatives! The new GOP of Trump & Cruz is the party of nihilism

Why we need to stand united against governments cracking down on dissent

Feds Rely on Industry-Funded Study to Push for More Offshore Oil Exploitation

Smearing Three Dead Teenagers
Three Black teenagers are dead in Florida -- and the authorities are trying to blame them for their own deaths.

Whistleblower alleges corruption inside Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia
\"I have a hard time telling families you can`t have an autopsy report if you don`t have $40 when I know we just got paid $6,250 for a brain.\"

Remembering Muhammad Salah
We can best pay homage to the life of Muhammad Salah by continuing to work for justice for the Palestinian people.

Scientists say fracking wastewater spills are releasing toxins into soil and waterways: high levels of lead, ammonium, selenium, and even radium detected

At least 32 people have been killed and up to 75 others wounded in a double car bomb attack claimed by ISIS in Iraq, officials say.

David Swanson | What Is a Global Citizen, and Can It Save Us?

US spy court didn't reject a single government surveillance request in 2015

Letter Details FBI Plan for Secretive Anti-Radicalization Committees

UN Predicts 40 Percent Water Shortfall by 2030

Bernie Sanders supporters strategizing to build a lasting progressive movement

The White House Correspondents' Association preaches transparency -- but doesn't practice it

Sanders on winning nomination: 'It's difficult; it's not impossible'

Greed, inequality, abortion: The powerful take what they can, leave mothers with nothing

Bakken oil field is causing a rise in air pollution, study says
An oil and natural gas field in the western United States is largely responsible for a global uptick of the air pollutant ethane.

A Potent Side Effect to the Flint Water Crisis: Mental Health Problems
Health care workers are scrambling to help the people here cope with what many fear will be chronic consequences of Flint's water contamination crisis: profound stress, worry, depression and guilt.

A Simple Solution to Boost Workers Across the Planet

Poll: Clinton, Sanders in statistical tie in Indiana

TTIP: Chevron Wants Investor "Right" to Challenge Government Laws

Clean water crisis threatens US
The United States is on the verge of a national crisis that could mean the end of clean, cheap water.

Clinton Super PAC Denies Role In Attack On Sanders Facebook Groups - But That Doesn't Resolve Issue

India's drought migrants head to cities in desperate search for water
Parts of India are being parched by a drought that means farmers are unable to irrigate their fields, with some areas even running out of drinking water.

Voting Gets Harder in Kansas
This electoral limbo amounts to crude voter suppression, and no one seems certain whether all qualified citizens in Kansas will be allowed to vote in the primary election in August for state offices and in the November general election.

Bernie is the hero of 2016: Just because he’s losing the nomination doesn’t mean he’s failed

Glenn Greenwald | New Study Shows Mass Surveillance Breeds Meekness, Fear and Self-Censorship

You're more likely to die in a human extinction event than a car crash

A Mockery of Justice for the Poor
Public defenders are starved for resources as they struggle to represent impoverished clients.

Top Berlin officials are becoming less inclined to unconditionally support Israel

Daniel Berrigan Dead at 94
Jesuit priest lived life of peace activism.

LIVE: Clashes erupt at May Day rally in Paris
Trade unions and students march in Paris against labor reforms proposed by the French government and to commemorate International Worker\u2019s Day.

The Incomplete and Wonderful History of May Day

A Native American tribe in South Dakota sued the federal government Thursday over the nearly five-month closure of the only emergency room on its reservation.

Colombia legalizes same-sex marriage

Vietnam Dead Fish Crisis: Critics Blast Formosa Plastics as Environmental Disaster Devastates Region

Larry Wilmore Roasts the Press in White House Correspondents’ Monologue

Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years

Cruz Prevails in Arizona Delegate Fight

DC Train With Hazardous Leak Derails

Donald Trump Leads Cruz by 15 Points in Crucial Indiana Race

Sanders supporters hound FCC with complaints about media bias

The United States' great housing divide: Are you a winner or loser?
The housing market has recovered from the crisis that plunged the country into recession. But the recovery was deeply uneven, creating winners and losers along lines of race, income and geography.

Donald Trump’s bankruptcy dodge: This is how lawyers and regulators helped him fudge solvency and avoid collapse

What Small Farms Need to Compete With Corporate Food

In Detroit, Fighting Hopelessness With a Climate Plan
As the city struggles to emerge from bankruptcy, a citizens group has decided climate change is not a problem that can wait for brighter days.

Too Big to Fail, Too Dangerous to Ignore
Instead of moving forward with breaking up too-big-to-fail banks, we're having a debate over whether \"too big to fail\" is even a thing. If the debate seems complicated, maybe some people want it that way. But it's not.

Bill introduced in Ohio Senate would extend freeze on renewable-energy standards

Sam Brownback gutted Kansas: How the United States' worst governor and an ultra-conservative ideology wrecked an entire state

The Cavity in Health Insurance Coverage: Oral Health
The absence of comprehensive dental care exacts a toll on millions of Americans in terms of poor health, pain and the social stigma associated with bad teeth.

Rebuilding the EU or breaking free from it?
The powers that be continue to defend ferociously a Frankenstein-like creation, a playground for financial vultures.

Thousands plan May 1 marches in US in heated election year

New Hampshire Republicans try to limit Trump's convention influence

Shocking report: Cancer costs are exploding

Barack Obama in surprise swipe at Clinton at final correspondents' dinner

Protesters storm Parliament building in Iraq

Activists Step Up Long-Running Campaign to Hold Oil Industry Accountable for Climate Damages

Clinton’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It

Flooding flushes oil, chemicals into Texas rivers

EU forcing refugees into “concentration camps” as economic crisis fuels far-right, warns Greek ex-finance minister